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    Some reporter from the Christian Science Monitor wrote a slanted article about what she perceives as discriminatory tzniyus practices on the streets of Jerusalem, and she quoted an excerpt from a conversation in the Coffee Room. The convo includes Yummy Cupcake, Stuck, and Sam2.

    The article is called “Jerusalem life: ‘Are you aware? Women should not be strolling outdoors'”.

    Just a reminder to be careful what you post online as you could make a chillul Hashem.


    Wow, curiosity. How did you manage to find that mention?


    The CS Monitor is one of the best places online to find unbiased news reports. I don’t spend too much time on the opinion page there.


    Well, I don’t think my post there made a bad impression. Anyone who understood it would see that it’s quite a normal opinion.


    Congrats to the CR!!

    CNN, Fox, NYTimes, WSJ-

    Look out! We’re coming…..!


    Lol! Ultimaterocker- I tend to click on articles that mention Israel just to see the secular media’s perspective. This one happened to be on the front page for some reason.

    Sam2 – I don’t think this excerpt was a chillul Hashem, but I’m just saying it should be a wake up call, and we shouldn’t become complacent, or think that the CR is some safe-haven, nestled away in some quiet cul-de-sac on the internet. It’s not!


    I remember a while ago people on here (including me) were quoted in Country Yossi’s magazine… not quite the same though :).

    Shopping613 🌠

    It could be a chillul hashem….depending…OMG that would be SOOOOO coolalisious to be on the news, even if I was anonymous….


    Wow…. I don’t like the idea of being misquoted or quoted out of context to promote an agenda. For example, I wouldn’t want the rebuttal I posted on my Government Shutdown thread to be misused by some goyish “Palestinian” trying to put down Israel.

    But it is true, we do have our own online community here, but we’re on the worldwide web. We can’t control who visits this site, and there’s no guarantee that it’s always Yidden.

    PS. If I’m ever mentioned anywhere, someone PLEASE let me know!! 😀


    that is so cool!! and I think Sam2 came out looking really good in that quote cause he got the last line lol

    Oh Shreck!

    and I didn’t make it on?? (sob)


    A reminder of how high YWN is on google search results, also.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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