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    Seems that almost all newspapers and sites carried tremendous coverage of this historic visit. Interesting that Hamodia didn’t find it newsworthy and carried nothing at all. No pictures, no articles, nothing at all – zilcho. Are they a newspaper covering the news or are they a political entity? Over 25,000 Yidden found it important enough to attend many of the Tri-state shiurim and events. That doesn’t make it newsworthy? Just scanned the entire weekly edition today. Not a word. Not a picture. No mention.
    Do they have an agenda? What do you think?


    The Yated has two full pages, the Mishpacha has a huge spread. YWN was the forefront.

    Hamodia is a die-hard Gerrer Chosid.

    But let it be known that she does not represent all Jews from now on. She (rightfully) published about the Chabad Kinnus last week, but not a word that a Gadol came from Eretz Yisroel, was greeted by 15K people, throngs flocked to him wherever he went, and he raised tens of millions of dollars.


    Not newsworthy.

    Other newspapers and magazines were paid tens of thousands of dollars not to cover Reb Shaul.



    Are Roster

    Why don’t non-Gur Rabbanim speak out against the Gerrer Rebbe? What are they afraid of?


    C’mon. What did you expect? You really thought that they would discuss it? It is, for them, up close and personal, and there can also be repercussions. Give them a break just this once.

    Did you really expect Chris Cuomo to cover his brother’s story nonchalantly? I didn’t. For you this might be fun and exciting, for others it hurts.


    Are R: Because when there’s a machlokes between Gedolei Yisroel, normal people are smart to keep their heads out of the machlokes.


    does the Yid cover R Aron? does the Blatt cover R Zalman Leib? Does the Algerminger cover Satmar?
    get over it

    Are Roster

    Even if we,’d agree to consider both parties Gedolei Yisrael, when there was a fight between Rav Yehonasan Eibishitz and Rav Yaakov Emden, “A majority of the Rabbanim in Europe publicly expressed support for Rav Eibishitz in letters that they wrote to him, and in many of the cities excommunications were announced against all who support the machlokes or who maintain in their homes literature which defames Rav Eibishitz. Rav Eibishitz even sent copies of his amulets to many respected kabbalists (including Rav Eliyahu of Vilna), who all confirmed that the content of the amulets is kabbalistically comprehensible and there is no basis for the interpretations of those who are against Rav Eibishitz” (Rav Yonasan Eibishitz, Hebrew Wikipedia).

    There is a right and wrong. There is a mitzvah d’oraissa to be moicheh when wrong is taking place. The fact that people will be offended etc. is irrelevant. This isn’t the avaira of supporting machlokes. To the contrary, it is the mitzvah of tochacha.


    Way to go. Want to use the greatest Chilul Hashem of the last few centuries at your inspiration!


    Are R: Another example you might have considered using is that a great many Gedolim wrote condemnations against the Rambam and ordered the burning of the Rambam’s Seforim.

    Should we emulate that now, too?


    Lubavitchers are probably just as surprised that almost no frum newspapers had any stories about the Chabad Kinus other than a handful of pictures. Yidden have different priorities as to what constitutes “historic” and “important”. A Chassidishe rov who is very involved of what many consider a major issue and Chilul Hashem won’t merit much talk in a circles that don’t care about internal Chassidish rifts or those on “the other side”.


    Hamodia is owned by Ger established by Ger Just like the Yid is owned by Satmar (zalman Leib). They try to be neutral except when it comes to Ger. The current Gerrer Rebbe is the one who encouraged Hamodia to come out with a daily edition. Ger supports Hamodia financially. It is general knowledge that Chasidic papers tow their party line. For that matter Litvish papers such as Yated also tow their party line, they are pro “Gedolim” Degel Hatorah. Whoever is the current Litvish Gadol Hador according to Degel Hatorah. Hamodia is Pro- Aguda the Yid is Anti- Aguda Nobody is neutral! There is no such thing as a purely journalistic paper that covers newsworthy Jewish new!s its always according to party lines! Anyone who does not know this was born yesterday.


    Is the American Hamodia completely different than the Israeli Hamodia, in the same way that the American Yated is completely and radically different than the Israeli Yated (to the point that they have extreme disagreements and different viewpoints in virtually every subject)?


    It does not share ownership but it is just as much part of Ger.

    Frankly, the best coverage they could have given was no coverage.


    > its always according to party lines!

    indeed, when Agudah was forming after numerous other Jewish parties were formed, Chofetz Chaim was skeptical: even if party consists of only Talmidei Chochamim, the power will anyway belong to the Party Secretary.


    I think several of the above posts stated it very clearly. Given Hamodia’s ownership, no coverage was better than a series of personal attacks and hyperbole.


    There is no reason that Hamodia couldn’t have published some pictures and simply captioned it “Rav Shaul Alter visits America”.

    The omission of this whole visit was noticeable.


    I dont think it was on purpos they usualy post honestly
    And loshon hora free

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