Spreading sad news is foolish according to Chazal, YWN should be more positive.

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    The Chayei Adam (63:4) says that a person should not tell his friend that there is a rainbow in the sky because someone who is a bearer of bad news is considered a “ksil” (fool.) The Mishna Berurah (229:1) concurs with the Chayei Adam.
    I don’t understand why YWN reports about tragedies in the frum community on a daily basis to the point that us readers are becoming numb to the pain of others as well as being quite depressing. At least there should be more positive stories to balance the reporting. Stories of new medical breakthroughs, new Yeshivos & shuls opening, etc.
    How do other readers feel about this?

    How do other


    haimy, I
    agreevwihbyou. i dont like it either but the truth is, if you reall dont like it, try a different news sight.


    I agree! Yeshiva World News would be much improved by fewer reports of bad news and more emphasis on good news.


    Just to start this trend, which is a great idea, I wanted to report that my next door neighbor just had a baby boy! Mazal Tov!! Also a friend of a friend recently won a large jackpot in the lottery. Hatzlacha!


    Another News site? Like there are so many kosher sites to choose from. Daily reports of terrible tragedies often accompanied by graphic photos like a totaled car or face of a bachur that fell to his death R”L, photo of a disfigured child, is horrible & unnatural. It creates feelings of anxiety, numbness, leaves us with questions about Hashem’s kindness, & leaves us feeling insecure. I’m sure tragedies always existed throughout our golus but we didn’t know of most of them. Not a day goes by where I don’t read about another appalling & sickening story on YWN, I think this needs to be more balanced. Studies show that initially people actually feel good reading about other people’s troubles because they feel grateful they were spared the tzaros, but this is not a healthy thing over time. Unless you work for Misaskim, you’re not mentally trained to deal with non-stop tragedy.
    I thank the moderators for allowing this topic to be posted (after a 36-hour review) though it’s critical about your reporting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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