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    Just wondering ; at what age does a child suddenly stop infecting others? I think its a valid question since we all see how only children can carry diseases, so whats the cut-off date? Would my doctor know the answer?


    Skripka: Why would you take out your vaccinated child from school? I guess you dont really believe that vaccines work.

    I actually know they dont work because my vaccinated child got a ” vaccine preventable disease”. I wonder what he will come down with next. I guess vaccines only work in peoples mind.

    Anyways , all of you adult are not vaccinated with all the lovely vaccines, so roll up your sleeve.

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    “Chance -“And of course, they are causing most of the leukemia children are suffering with.”

    I honestly don’t know how posters here take this person seriously. Her conspiracy theories go so far to blame leukemia on the medical providers. This reminds me of the theory spreading around a certain community where they blamed the Jewish Doctors for giving “their” babies AIDS.”

    Why don’t you check the National cancer institute website, on formaldehyde and cancer. They clearly state that formaldehyde is causing several cancers including leukemia. Well , you child get formaldehyde injected into them every time they get a vaccine, do you wonder why so many children have cancer?

    And about the HPV vaccine which is for cervical cancer. this is a STD that a girl cannot get. so why are “frum” doctors giving them to their patients? I know many 9 year olds that got the vaccine. Not only are jewish girls getting destroyed by this vaccine, but check the VAERS database and you will see how many girls and boys died from the vaccine, and how many thousands were injured. between 1-10% of adverse reactions are reported.

    Don’t be blinded by the medical doctor, they don’t know any more than they were taught, I don’t blame them , they are as blind as you. Any doctor who has done their homework will see the problem with vaccines. Of course, some will say that they never saw an adverse reaction, because they will blame the parent or the child for their adverse reaction.

    “Doctors turn out to be dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sick, poorly educated, and downright stupid more often than the rest of society. When I meet a doctor, I generally figure I’m meeting a person who is narrow-minded, prejudiced, and fairly incapable of reasoning and deliberation. Few of the doctors I meet prove my prediction wrong.” _Dr Robert Mendelsohn

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    secondly, what’s up with HPV? some posters mention rabbonim, well, this is where perhaps rabbonim SHOULD BE informed, and PROTEST AGAINST its use for our frum B.Y. girls and frum communities. anyone have a response to this particular vaccine? im all ears.

    I am working on something for the HPV vaccine. Jewish girls are having terrible side effects like seizures. I am in touch with some drs. will keep you posted.

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    With so many people being misguided by their doctors, and all of you just parrot everything they say, lets set some things straight:

    1. no one has to have their child vaccinated in order to attend school, its a law, as it was quoted earlier. There is no such a thing as a jew must vaccinate, because the religious belief has to be a personal religious belief, nothing to do with your jewish religion.

    2. If the vaccine really worked , your child shouldn’t catch anything from the unvaccinated , but I guess most of you really don’t believe that it works at all. What would happen if a vaccinated child does get the “disease”, you will always blame unvaccinated people.

    3. Its really interesting that people who vaccinate don’t have to give any reference to anything real. They can make up anything and it will be believed. If I don’t vaccinate , I have to bring “proof” for everything I say. Just check your inserts of the vaccine and you will see how many children died during the trial. I don’t need my kids to be the guinea pigs, too.

    4. It is so sad that the jews who vaccinate hate jews who don’t vaccinate, but it isn’t the other way around. I don’t care if you vaccinate or not, and I am not mad at you if you harm your kids with vaccines, I feel sorry for them, but will never yell and berate you. its only the vaccinated who are afraid of everything in this world, they may catch everything because of the “unvaccinated”. You people don’t want to take responsibility for anything.

    5. I do not care if Me and my children get these diseases. They had a place in our childhood and there is nothing wrong if my children get it too.

    6. You all remind me of the tower in Bavel, you are all trying to fight God, but you will never win, you can never destroy his creations, so good luck on trying.

    7. The ones that are sacrificing their kids for the Molech , are the people who vaccinate, they listen blindly to ridiculous reasons to vaccinate , to keep their kids “healthy” but you are putting them on the alter and destroying them, vaccines kill, maim, and destroys the immune system. Again ,read the insert created by the manufacturer.

    Doctors see many adverse reactions to vaccines, but don’t report it, unfortunately, I have heard from many pediatricians that they never saw an adverse reaction. Shame on them ,they look the other way and will blame the parent, the child or anyone else for the child getting sick. And of course, they are causing most of the leukemia children are suffering with. So be scared of a virus , but not from cancer. I feel so sorry for all the children who have been killed by the vaccine. Its the same like taking a loaded gun and shooting your child. Unfortunately , many uninformed parents who went to give their 6 month old children the MMR vaccine, may see the terrible results in the years to come.

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    To Nechoma You said There is no vaccine for scarlet fever because it is not a virus. It is a regular Streptococcus bacterial infection that happens to affect the entire body, resulting in a red rash and giving the body a reddish appearance.

    Just for your info, the whooping cough is also caused by bacteria.

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    To ubiquitin “And besides dont you believe that God created vaccines”, God created the virus , people created the vaccines, I would rather take a chance with Gods creations, than with man made dangerous concoction of chemicals.

    A parent doesn’t have to vaccinate their child in order to go to school.

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    Thank you Dr for opening this thread. I know you feel very strongly about this issue, but the first sentence in the second paragraph states “The problem is that there is nothing to discuss”, wow , why is there nothing to discuss? I know why , because if there would be something to discuss you would be afraid of the outcome. Too many people would become educated and find out that G-d did create our body in the most marvelous way.

    We make the blessing ” asher Yotar es ha’adam b’chochmah”, don’t you believe that our body is created perfectly?

    “The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization…..There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease.”–Dr Robert Mendelsohn,

    read his book called “Male Practice, how doctors manipulate women”. It will hopefully break your belief in the religion of modern medicine.

    The herd immunity theory was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher called Hedrich. He had been studying measles patterns in the US between 1900-1931 (years before any vaccine was ever invented for measles) and he observed that epidemics of the illness only occurred when less than 68% of children had developed a natural immunity to it. This was based upon the principle that children build their own immunity after suffering with or being exposed to the disease. So the herd immunity theory was, in fact, about natural disease processes and nothing to do with vaccination. If 68% of the population were allowed to build their own natural defenses, there would be no raging epidemic.

    (MONTHLY ESTIMATES OF THE CHILD POPULATION “SUSCEPTIBLE’ TO MEASLES, 1900-1931, BALTIMORE, MD, AW HEDRICH, American Journal of Epidemiology, May 1933 – Oxford University Press).

    One more thing Doc, did you get the fifth disease vaccine or the scarlet fever vaccine, no? you must be carrying it and can infect others, so I don’t want to be around you. Oh, I did forget that the vaccines are not available yet, so there is no need to scare anyone yet because we cant do anything about it anyways, but as soon as a vaccine is on the market, don’t worry , we will hear all about the people who died from fifth disease. Fear sells, and your doing a great job selling fear, but educated people don’t fear G-ds creations called viruses, because we know they have a place in this world.

    I will end with this quote from Dr Mendelsohn:

    “There are significant risks associated with every immunization and numerous contraindictions that may make it dangerous for the shots to be given to your child….There is growing suspicion that immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases since mass inoculations were introduced. These are fearful diseases such as cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, lupus erthematosus, and the Guillain-Barre syndrome.” Dr Mendelsohn, M.D.

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    TO HEalth : Don’t know why you use the word health, when you clearly have no understanding of health issues. And why is it a conspiracy, when someone says the truth? the people who say its a conspiracy dont want to know the truth therefore saying everything is a conspiracy.

    I will answer the question who killed Kennedy, watch the original film that was done that day , and you will see the driver turning around and holding a gun and shooting JFK. As he shoots , you see JFKs head going back and the wound is in the front of his head. CHeck it out. People who say things are controversial say it to protect their position, like on vaccines. THey are not controversial to me or to many Rabbanim here in the USA and in EY. They have told people not to take the vaccines that their Drs were telling them to take, because ” the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease” and this is a quote from a gadol hador.

    If something is against the way the Torah states, how does it make it right for a country with freedom of religion to ban it ,or force you to do something wrong? WOuld you give your children treif if its mandatory for them to enter school with a week of eating treif? come on. You stick to the Torah and you will be okay. Once you start bending one law, you will see that more laws will be forced upon us.

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    Didnt you see it coming? This is happening with every aspect of our life.

    Colorado homeschoolers have to keep vaccination records that can be audited. In California, if AB 2109 is signed by Governor Brown, the new requirements will apply to all homeschools. We don’t lose our rights overnight, they are taken away gradually. Too many people sit back, do nothing and say “that won’t affect me” or “I’ll just move to another state.” We are seeing new bills and rules to restrict exemptions in many states.

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    And by the way there is no benefit to vaccinate with HEP B , it was given to the babies because the adults who were the ones at risk didnt want to take it , so congress said give it to th babies. YOur child isnt at risk for a STD , sorry folks. They are also coming out with a AIDS vaccine. Do you believe now that your child will get aids? just think about it, and oh,one more , they are giving the GARDASIL vaccine for boys. It was meant to protect from cervical cancer, HUH? to boys? go figure. If it doesnt make sense then do your research and you will be shocked at what you will find.

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    So, finally something is waking the people up to whats going on!! What a relief ! I knew this was coming, but unfortunately jews are in denial until something happens to them. What am I talking about? This is what Ron Paul has been trying to tell you all along. The government is taking over every aspect of your life. You dont believe it, well now you will see it. I have been trying to tell people about this, since they are doing the same thing with vaccines. Just by the way, many non jewish babies died after birth and they call it SIDS. check the insert. The DTP vaccine insrt states that SIDS can be followed by the vaccine. SO now instead of blaming the vaccine they blame the parents for shaking the baby, but better yet , blame the Mohel, who just did a bris on a baby that got the HEP b vaccine at birth, and now the hep b virus is transfered to the mohel, so the mohel is causing the baby to die. WOw! great , when the non jewish baby dies from the HEP b vaccine, they say its sids, eventhough the brain gets inflamed from the vaccine. WHen will people see the truth about whats going on? My guess, is never, because people are ridiculous and think that the US government is here to protect you. wake up real fast. ANd thanks to this forum, I cant even let you know about this , since the moderator will delete anything they think is not to their liking. I am sick and tired of people living in a daze, not seeing what is coming. Then they have all the problems. SO start doing your research now.

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    To mom -12 you dont have to vaccinate your kids to get into school. its the law that you can get a waiver. I send them a religious waiver, and dont vaccinate anymore. There are many people waking up to the vaccine problems, but its usually once their child is damaged.

    We are told we must vaccinate , since its a money making business. If anyone understands the connections between the fda and the vacine industry , understands the corruption in our country.

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    I dont think these children wake up one day and decide not to be frum and blame everything on religion. If anyone has seen Bill Gates speak about giving a vaccine to people that will make them despise religion. ( check it out on you tube ) Unfortunately , this is one of the side effects that we see from vaccination. It may sound far fetched, but know this is true. Vaccines do cause chemical inbalances in the brain and do lots of harm. The insert itself sayss it very clearly. So parents, do your research and dont yell at people who dont vaccinate anymore when they have issues with their kids. They are doing the right thing for their child since they saw the dark side of vaccination.

    I actually did help someone to become frum again( someone that was mechalel shabbos and ate treif, ) with supplements, which got the brain to function again, so ther is definately hope for these kids, you just have to know where to look.

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    Yungerman: Why would snyone vote for ROn Paul? Because if you are looking for a communist government , then vote for Obama , the Kenyan Citizen, ( which has been proven over again and again) His biographies on the things he wrote in college all say , born in Kenya, his wife said it too, 2 times during the presidential campaign,)

    Mitt ROmney will also be a puppet, and Ron Paul had a great chance of winning unti BEn Benake had a talk with him. He was definately threatened and now he has no chance of winning.

    We dont live in a free country, the elections are rigged, they do whatever they want , and you , like a bunch of sheeple , will just listen. Its amazing how the outside world sees whats coming so clearly ,and the jewish people still think they live in a medinah shel chesed. Wake up folks before its too late.

    If you dont believe me check out you tube on Michelle Obama saying that he is born in kenya.

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    In reply to :

    “BRAINFREEZE- thanks for your input, however I don’t think my son is bipolar. My son’s feeling that his RY hates him is based on negative interactions that have taken place, and not on paranoia. I also don’t think that bipolar is “borne out of the urge to rebel”. From my uderstanding, it is due to a chemical imbalance, and that is why the only effective treatment is medication. That said, it is possible that my son may be struggling with feeling depressed at times. And I would be thrilled if he would consider talking to someone for a multiple of reasons. However, I don’t think the solution is a psychiatrist/medication.”

    Medication is so toxic, that the side effects do the same thing as the problem we are trying to treat. I worked with people who were severely depressed and had OCD ,and after 10 years of being in and out of a hospital, and being on medication, I helped her get off meds, and got her to be a normal human being again that functions in society and can hold down a job.

    I really feel sorry for so many people who are experiencing this problem. It can be corrected, and the cause in many of these kids are the same. I wont write the cause since my post will be removed. SOrry to see so many suffer. I hope one day more people will be open to listening to what I have to say ( and whoever does listen, is thankful for saving their children for many problems they would have had.) I guess it will take time , but until then, I have pain every time I hear these things.

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    I think that giving these kids a reason to live , by making them responsible for someone, let it be a special needs child, or any other person will make them feel needed, and will be helpful for their self esteem.

    I also know that juicing (using organic) fruits and veggies make people connect to Hashem. I have seen it happen and I know that when people are full of toxicity, there is no room for kedusha. Detox is very important. I have done this for someone and it worked really well.

    Detox can be done by juicing and then coffee enemas, by using supplements, eating healthy food, not junk. This will reconnect a person to Hashem. There are many other ways to detox, but its too many to name. I always wanted to create a program for these kids, but have other projects I am working on, but this is a very important part that I would work with.

    We cant figure out why so many kids are OTD, but we are putting too much garbage in them and them their brains dont function correctly.

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    Ron Paul. The only person that says the truth. Romney and Obama are the same people with a different name.

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    I am very happy that I had a home birth , since I would have had a C-section in the hospital. My baby was breeched, and wouldnt come down since the cord was tied around him. BH , with some exercise, the cord was released and the baby was born breeched. Doctors do C-sections for their own convenience. And in the hospital, with all the monitors attached to you , something at some point will show, that there is something “wrong ” with the baby.

    Having a baby at home is not a sakana, like the doctors want you to believe, just like not vaccinating isnt either a sakana. Big Pharma wants you to believe that from the moment you arrive on this earth ,to the moment you die, your life depends on them. Vitamin k shot ,the moment you are born, to the hep b vaccine? Yikes. Never knew babies are doing drugs and immoral acts that they need a Hep B vaccines. Just live the way Hashem wants you to live, and dont be fooled into the lies we are brainwashed to believe, that we need all this intervention in our lives in order to be able to survive. Good luck to all those who leave the cult of modern medicine, where there is a pill for every ill, and a vaccine for everything under the sun. Comming up next is the HIV/aids vaccine. Just wait until they convince you that your child will get AIDS,(of course ,its only the kids that need all these vaccines, they are the ones make everyone sick.)

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    Just read the book by Dr Robert Mendelsohn, Confessions of a medical heredic, and you will never want to step into a hospital again.

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    I have a girl with an eating disorder living by me. She is in a program, and BH she is doing really well. She has been in and out of hospitals for more than 12 years. The longer it takes to get help, the worse it gets. So far this is the only program that has helped her on the road to recovery.

    Hope you find the right program to get you through this because its a hard one. The people I know who had an ED did not recover. You must get professional help.

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    My son was on the spectrum and had sensory processing problems. Touch was painful to him, did not like when people hugged him and would yell all the time . He also would walk right into people and walls , not being able to calculate the distance between things.

    Reading the book “the out of sync Child” helped me understand what was going on with him.

    B”H , he no longer has the problem with his eyes ( he also could not focus ,so he couldnt read) He reads well and most of his sensory problems are gone. he is also not spaced out anymore and understands social cues.

    Most of these kids problem start with the digestive system. That is what I fixed for him first and eventually built up his brain with nutrition. Just like we dont give a diabetic person occupational therapy, autistic kids need the underlying problem fixxed. There has been a lot of success like I had with my 7 year old. But many people will say it is too hard.

    Sean Ben Noach- I started to put together a website but do not have too much knowledge about building a website and it did not work out . if you would like to help I would really appreciate it.

    The website is basically on how to live a healthier life and avoid all of these problems and how to fix them. We want to have a forum for all different disorders and what people have done to fix them.If you are interested , let me know. We can definately use some more help.

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    Regarding the women that miscarried due to the swine flu vaccine, I think people should start thinking for themselves and educating themselves because many more tragedies can be avoided if you read the insert ofthe vaccine. It said Do not give to pregnant women , but it was given anyways.

    The WHO will make anothere pandemic so that they can have more people vaccinated this year. and by the way 2 people in the WHO resigned after the european countries saw what a scam this was.

    Just be aware for the new scare this year.

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    To ramateshkolian, I have done hundreds of hours of research and the vaccines are not always there for the childrens good..

    The Hep B vaccine is given to newborns when it is an adult disease.

    There is no safe vaccine and with the studies I have done there is more of a risk than a benefit.

    Barbara Lou Fischer has a great website she put together to push for safer vaccines but the FDA and the CDC are the ones that are benefitting monetarily, too. The problem is that this government body is basically regulating themselves. The people that work for these agencies usually end up working for a phamaceutical company. They are the benefactors of these drugs and vaccines being given.

    Dr Hillman who manufactured many of the original vaccines said himself that there is no safe vaccine and they are all contaminated.( THe polio vaccine was contaminated with sv40 and caused brain cancer and non hodgkins disease)

    The phamaceutical industry runs on greed, pushing meds that are not safe ( like VIOXX) there is plenty of proof that they arent safe , read the insert.

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    To Charliehall:

    First of all the measels is not dangerous at all, it just depletes the Vitamin A, So if you get the measels just add Vit A. The Medical doctors try to scare everyone into vaccinating by telling them that the kids will die.

    When a baby is born They inject babies with vaccines thaT are supposed to stimulate the immune system, well, the baby has no immune system so why exactly are they injecting deadly toxins into healthy newborns?

    Well, if you follow the money trail you will see that they want to make sure everyone gets into the clutches of the vaccines and tells them that these vaccines(deadly toxins) will keep them healthy. This keeps the the pharma pockets big while you are sacrificing your child. Just by the way health comes from building a good immune system, and not by injecting toxins in your system. And Dr Hilman who made many vaccines said himself that there is no vaccine that is not contaminated. Look at the SV-40 which caused cancer in the people who took them.I would not inject this into my kids.

    Are YOU going to take responsibility when these kids die or get illnesses from vaccines? Dont tell me its not true, I know afew kids who died right after they were vaccinated with these deadly vaccines.

    To HEALTH: Didnt know that only meds can cure, like you say,which by the way is false but is what they want you to believe. A vitamin cannot say that it cures because they will dig into the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry, because people wont medicate when a natural thing can cure.

    How do you think the Rambam cured people,by running to the pharmaceutical industry and getting meds or by using natural things found in this world.

    The medication will only suppress symptoms but will not cure anything, it just gets people onto more meds.

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    Wonder why these homeopath, alternative med and regular doctors dont believe in medicine either..

    to me Quacks are doctors who get some pills that were made in a lab and they tell you that these chemicals will heal you. The body cannot get chemicals to do what nutrition does.

    Dont you think that HAshem in his infinate wisdom made food and nutrition to heal the body, never saw anywhere that you should go to greedy pharmaceutical companies who produce chemicals that will destroy you. And of course they will tell you that it will make you better.

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    Well , the real research is in the simponwood reports, where the pharmaceutical industry saw for themselves that the vaccines cause the neurologiccal damage, but tried to cover it up. I wouldn’t trust these people when they are trying to hide the truth so people will continue to destroy their own children.

    How many meds were pulled off the market after thousands died from it. Obviously they were not safe. Wouldn’t trust them for anything since greed and scare tactics is how they play their game. Wonder which pharmaceutical industry pays you off to brainwash innocent people to believe their lies.

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    The Blaylock Wellness Report targeted this very subject. It reveals:

    Why the “supposed” dangers of dietary cholesterol have been vastly exaggerated (Hint: there’s big money involved!).

    How having low cholesterol is not only bad for you. . . but can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than having elevated cholesterol levels.

    The real reason why your doctors know so little about nutrition, vitamins and alternative medicine . . . and who they mistakenly look to for advice (at the expense of your health).

    Which vitamins and nutritional supplements provide the most solid protection for your heart and blood vessels . . . and which are just a big waste of your money.

    Why cholesterol is only “bad” if it becomes oxidized . . . and how to prevent this dangerous reaction from happening in your bloodstream.

    How simple changes to your diet can protect your heart . . . just as much as expensive statin drugs (and discover who doesn’t want you to have this information).

    You can always go to his website, he is very knowledgeable and will make you understand what is wrong with vaccines, why they destroy the brain and how they are connected to Autism and other health problems.

    I hope Health will start seeing the truth about the pharmaceutical industry.

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    To Charliehall: YOu are very naive to think that the vaccines actually lowered the death rate and even eradicated the disease. Sorry but that was not the case. Do some research and let me know what you have come up with.

    As to anyone who is running to get theselves on meds, this is from Dr Russel blaylock, a neurosergeon, from his website:

    My name is Dr. Russell Blaylock. The editors at Newsmax asked me to write you today because there are important facts you haven’t been told about cholesterol, heart disease and commonly prescribed cholesterol-reducing drugs.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock

    Respected Doctor,


    FACT: Yes, it’s true that heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States. And men over 40 are particularly vulnerable. But, who else will tell you that 50% of all strokes and heart attacks have absolutely nothing to do with elevated cholesterol levels?

    Certainly not the big drug companies.

    And probably not even your own doctor . . .

    So why are cholesterol-reducing drugs (or statins, as they’re called) becoming as common as aspirin, with commercials running non-stop on primetime TV?

    How many of the 12 million Americans now taking these drugs for their heart health understand that they are (often dangerously) treating the symptoms and not the cause of high cholesterol?

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    I never knew that Halacha allows us to inject ourselves with poison(vaccines) and kill ourselves with these meds. These doctors are taught by the pharmaceutical industry, which promotes putting chemicals into your body ,never knew the body is made up of chemicals. i would like to see how long these people last on chemicals before they realize they are killing themselves..

    The Rambam was a doctor who did NOT use chemicals to improve the immune system. He used Herbs and food. These cannot be patented and you cant make a lot of money off it so the pharmaceutical industry will say they are dangerous, but the dangerous chemicals will help you (get very sick).

    Yes you will die from disease if you keep on eating the way you do and dont change your lifestyle, but of course its too hard so keep on taking the meds that can kill you anyways, read the warning on the meds, it doesnt hide anything.

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    Health I figured you were in the medical field and not in the health field because you dont know too much about health. You just go by the books, and always recommend meds. Stop defending these greedy pharmaceutical companies and realize that the meds never cure anything, they just keep suppressing the problem and as soon as you get off meds the problems come back. Why not address the underlying issue.

    Perfect example: my sister-in -law called me that her baby has a rash by her neck. I told her its yeast or bacteria and her daugther needs acidopholus. She went to the doctor, the doctor went to get her textbook and told her its yeast or a bacteria. Wow i never went to medical school but with my experience I was able to tell her on the spot what it is. The doc neded her book to check it out and came to the same conclusion. Of course she was given an antibiotic and a cream. I told her forget about them because the underlying issue is too much sugar and that is why she has the rash. So by getting rid of the underlying issues the rash will dissapear. Dont have to go to medical school to figure this out.

    This is the same with any problem. look at the underlying issue.

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    To hereorthere:

    It seems to me that people are not interested in seeing how the government is controling peoples lives by not allowing chemicals like MSG and nutrasweet to be used all the time and will ban items like vitamins which is what the body need to live on. I wonder when our community will start realizing that the health does not come through a needle , it comes when you put the right things into your body.

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    To Health :

    Seems like you still did not do your research and you dont realize that the FDA doesnt do what you think they are doing. They are there to protect the pharmaceutical companies therefore they ban things that will cut into their profit. WAKE UP! Look at that happened with tylenol and benedryl. They recalled it years after they knew it causes problems just like all other drugs that cause death. And they all have side effects. Noone should think that if they listen to the pharmaceutical industry they will be helped, you are just suppressing the symptoms.

    Explain to me how Chemicals make a body work when the body runs on food (vitamins and minerals) dont you think you need to see what vitamins and minerals are missing from your diet and add them , not adding chemicals to artificially lower the cholesterol.

    You seem to be coming straight out of medical school where they teach you that you know best and noone knows anything, boy did they do a good job brainwashing you to think that meds are the answers to everything but they are so wrong and they know it because all their tests show that meds dont cure anything, it only suppresses symptoms.

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    Just remember that you are not drug deficient and therefore need medication your body is missing nutrients therefore the body doesnt function properly. You need to put better nutrients because that is what cells are made of, they are not made of chemicals therefore dont put these chemicals into the body.

    Unfortunately a lot of important info is being suppressed by the govt because they want you to be sick and keep the pharmacuetical industry alive. There are plenty of info on the internet like I like this site the best since he is in the same line as me which is educating people what is healthy and how to live healthy without medication.

    Herbert Lay former FDA commissioner said” the things that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isnt. What the FDA is doing and what the people think its doing are as different as night and day.”

    Remember Vioxx, they knew it will kill people but let the pharmaceutical companies make money first. All medication causes kidney damage so be careful.

    in reply to: High Cholesterol #713931

    The problem is not so much the high cholesterol, but the cholesterol that will stick the the arteries and clog it up. To get rid of cholesterol on the arteries, you can take fish oil which makes the cholesterol slippery and lecitin which will attach itself to the cholesterol and pull it into the blood and eventually out of your system. B complex also plays a roll in lowering the cholesterol.

    Red rice yeast is a natural lowering cholesterol pill but you will not find this on the bottle because the FDA does not allow it to written.They cannot patent a natural item and charge you a fortune. They want you to take medication so you will be a cash cow for the phamaceutical industry, because that is how they make money. If everyone is healthy and does not need medication the pharmaceutical industry will go bankrupt, therefore they need people to get sick so they can keep on making money.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979378

    You can all go to and put into search box ” how to halt diabetes” and you will see how this person Mike Adams got rid of his diabetes.

    Hope this helps. There is a lot of info on how to keep yourself healthy.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979371

    I wont respond to this forum since you dont seem interested in taking any action, but only interested in proving that you are right. You can go to DR Palevsky speech “rethinking illness,a new approach on keeping children healthy” on Wednesday April 28,2010 at 6:30 the location in Manhattan is 5 west 63 street.

    I think Health should definately attend since you seem to know a lot about medicine but not about the other side of the story. (problems with over the counter medication, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines)This should really be an eye opener for you. Check out his website for more info.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979369

    To Health: If it was genetic like they would love you to believe them why isnt there any autistic people in Mosh3 family besides the kids(no grand parents or parents are autistic) so please do your homework. All these kids become autistic after vaccination , doesnt that make more sense than genetics? There arent thousands of 50 year old with autism and look at when the autism rate went up, the same time the vaccine schedule increased. And yes there are DRs getting money from Pharma companies look at their quarterly report, it is accessible online.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979364

    I guess you cant believe that people get sick from vaccines, but you just like to argue without looking into the matter. Juvenile diabetes is definately linked to vaccines, and autism is not genetic, otherewise you would be autistic or the grandparents of this child should be autistic. If this is not true then its not genetic. These are fabricated lies so you should not look into the cause and keep on vaccinating.

    About the Dr getting paid from the Pharmaceutical companies, well they actually post the list of drs they paid online, so who are you kidding?

    People in Europe did get vaccinated, so I dont know where you get your info. You dont seem to do to much research and dont plan to either, you just want to argue to feel good about the fact you dont do anything to help your kids. Just start with the book called natural cures they dont want you to know about and you will get plenty of shocking info that you dont want to believe.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979360

    TO HEalth,

    Since when has genetics played a role in autism? The phamaceutical companies will do everything to make you think the way they want you to. If it did play a role , then why arent there the same amount of autistic kids who are 50 years old as 15 year old or even 5 year olds? The autism rate jumped when they added additional vaccines to the schedule. You are a product of the pharmaceutical companies, the medical schools are sponsored by them so you learn what they want you to know. These Drs that are paid by big pharma are pushing vaccines and medication, so I am not sure what you meant.

    I wonder if you even bothered to do your own research, but I guess not. You are the perfect Dr for the phama companies because you believe them. Check the Simpsonwood report- they saw there are problems with vaccines and covered it up. Its all about Money.

    Also what is the problem of sending unvaccinated kids to school? They have a strong immune system and if they get sick nothing will happen. These vaccines are not protecting them anyways and most of the diseases are regular childhood illnesses, nothing dangerous.

    I will NOT vaccinate after my research.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979356

    The reason why noone told you vaccines cause problems is because you would stop vaccinating your children. Read the insert for each vaccine. They actually have some side effects written right there, did you ever open any of the vaccine inserts and check what the side effects are? And I am not so sure that you did not vaccinate your son and became autistic at 9 months?

    The bigger Drs have bigger connections to the Pharmaceutical companies so of course they will say it is not true. But the head of the CDC, who now works for Merck said herself that when there are underlying issues and kids get vaccinated yes they will get autism “like” symptoms, which is autism.

    Autism is not a sickness, because it is not a virus, and no medication will take it away. You have to detoxify the body from all these heavy metals for them to reverse this. Any stomach issue that persist for a while will affect the brain. This is what happens with autistic kids, and I am sure your children had diarea or some sort of stomach issue.

    If you take a look at Dr Russels Blaylock speeches about the connection between the vaccines and brain function you may start to understand. I think you are upset because you could have prevented your childrens situation, but its never too late to try to reverse their problem, but first you have to realize the source. Do your research and dont give up. Any references you need dont hesitate to ask.

    And yes I stopped vaccinating my kids after they were all having problems and my youngest child who was never vaccinated is brilliant, has no need for OT,pT, speech, special ed or counseling like my other kids. People are amazed at this child. He was also never sick like my other kids ,no ear infections or any problem.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979354

    Anyone who wants to hear how vaccines causes childhood diabetes you can watch Dr Russel Blaylock, a neurosergeon on youtube ,” vaccines and brain development”. he explains it very well.

    in reply to: Mental Health #687515

    Thanks for putting 100% (almost) wrong in parenthasis. because your 100 percent wrong! Where is the science you have? Listen to Dr Russel BLaylock, Dr Palevsky, Dr Eisenstein, Dr Tenpenny. They did the research. You did not. Look at the medications that are pulled from the market after thousand of people died. They know that these medications are dangerous but will push it onto the market anyways. Look at VIOXX, good example, they got sued and then put Gardasil ,a vaccine on the market which has caused over 50 deaths and more than 9,000 adverse reactions.

    And by the way, when my father went the dr to complain about heartburn there were thousand of explainations for this but was never linked to the medication. Drs dont know everything. They just treat the problem they see.

    I dont know what you wrote originallly, but I am okay with any kind of attack since you did not educate yourself yet about these danger. I hope that you will start doing some research and I am sure you will be shocked that I am right on target. I hope this will open peoples eyes to get educated.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979353

    To mod 80: Your guess about how mercury works is wrong, do your homework and see how deadly it really is.

    To Health: Go to the DAN website and you can see videos of autistic shildren before and after, on Gary Nulls documentary, Autism:made in the USA has some unbelieveable testimonials. It will also give you an idea how the brain works when vaccines are injected.

    I personally know someone who is helping a child reverse the autism. I hope you realize that Autism is caused by problems in the Gut. Basically all problems start in the gut. The Rambam has said this years ago. A good example is when people get athletes foot or when babies get thrush, we should treat the problem of too much yeast in the gut instead of putting on creams externally.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979352

    It is so interesting how all of you are saying it has no effect of that vaccines dont kill when they do. Not every child dies from the vaccines, some become disabled, autistic, have autoimmune disorders, infertility, ADD.

    I would like to see you drink all the additives from all vaccines that are given to children and see what would happen, well Jack Doubleday offered $20,000 to the first licensed medical dr or pharma CEO to drink it in public. the offer was increased in August 2007 to $90,000, so far noone came forward to drink this dose of chemicals.

    Read the Simpsonwood reports which had people from the WHO, pharmaceutical companies, vaccine compansation program and scientists who looked at data proving that vaccines cause neurological disorders. They altered the data so that noone should see the info because they would be in trouble. The original data was finally extracted and everyone saw how the data was altered.

    There is aluminum and MSG in vaccines. the MSG destroys the blood brain barrier and the aluminum will make the mercury more toxic. I dont know if you realize they give multiple vaccines at a time, some contain mercury and they all contain aluminum.

    Why dont the Amish people have autistic kids? They dont vaccinate, eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. There are actually 4 children with autism among them, 3 were adopted after being fully vaccinated and 1 was living next to a power plant.

    Since the vaccine scedule increased we went from 1 out of 10,000 autistic kids in 1983 to 1 out of 98 in 2008. Doesnt anyone connect the dots?

    There are plenty of Drs out there that are speaking out about the dangers of vaccines.

    Dr Russel Blaylock is great, he is a neurosurgeon, who wrote a book Excitotoxins: the taste that kills. He spoke about this too, and can get his speech online. He also has great articles on his website explaining how autism is caused by vaccines. At the end he writes how his friend was speaking to scientists and health officals in Italy when he was told, We all know that vaccines can cause neurological damage, but we must keep this from the public because it might endanger the vaccine program.

    It sickens me to see how parents hold down their children so that deadly poison can be injected into them,R”L, causing them all kinds of problems. Dr who dont educate themselves about the dangers of vaccines and continue to tell people that they are safe are basically killing our children. Noone would want to harm their own child so start Educating yourself about the dangers. There are plenty great sources to go to.

    Gary null has great documentaries, Autism :made in the USA, the drugging of our children, and vaccine nation- which is about someone who was put in jail because of shaken baby syndrome, but finally got out because there was proof that the vaccine killed the child.

    The Hep B vaccine causes autoimmune disorders like diabetes.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979346

    I was talking about juvenile diabetes, but okay you want to know what other diseases are caused by vaccines, here they are:

    The most frequently reported autoimmune disorder from various vaccines were:

    Hepetitus B: arthritis, vasculitis, encephalitis, neuropathy, thrombocytopenia

    MMR: acute and chroic arthritis, thrombocytopenia, hearing loss

    Influenza: Gullian-Barre syndrome, vasculitis,

    Polio: Gullian-Barre syndrome

    Varicella: mostly neurological syndromes

    The H1N1 vaccine: misscariages, and in the insert it also says it may cause infertility

    DPT & Hep B- I know people whose babies died within 2 days of recieving these vaccines, of course its called SIDS and they dont know why children are dying of SIDS. When they took an autopsy of children who died of SIDS their brain was inflammed and full of mercury. Hmm. But of course there is no connection.

    These vaccines contain MSG,aluminum,formoldehyde,mercury, antifreeze, cells from animals. Dont tell me that it would be safe to have any of these inserted into your bloodstream.

    Ask anyone if they would take a sip from a broken thermometer that contains mercury ,of course not, but its put into our childrens bloodstream eventhough the amount a baby gets by the time they turn 2 is the amount that a 250 LB person can withstand. THe aluminum makes the mixture even more toxic. Children who are Autistic cannot get rid of the heavy metals and therefore become autistic. By removing the heavy metals from their system and putting them on a gluten free and casein free diet they can recover. I think you should take a look at the documentary called Autism:made in the USA by Gary Null.

    You will see whatelse vaccines can cause.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979344

    How many people died from H1N1? Compare this to the hundred of children that were killed before they were born because the mother did take the vaccine without even taking a look at the insert which says it should NOT be given to pregnant women. And the long term results will be unknown until the people who did take it will start having symptoms. The benefit does not outweigh the risk. If people would take care of their health they would be able to fight off these viruses, but because our immune system is so weak we cant fight it. It was proven in a study that vitimin D3 is much better at fighting the flu than a vaccine.

    An interesting book to read would be 1. overdose america:the broken promise of american medicine ,by john Abramson and 2. Selling sickness by ray Moynihan. These books may open your eyes.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979341

    Well I would love to know what you will say when in 10 years from now our children are given 50 vaccines. Dont you all see the rate that these childr en are getting destroyed? Anyone is scared to get the mumps? They scare you that you should take the vaccine. I got the mumps and guess what, I was fully vaccinated. Didnt we all get the chicken pox? so whats wrong if our kids get these childhood diseases that Hashem created to strenghten our immune system. By the way ,my friend went to R’ Chaim Kanievsky in E”Y, to find out if she should take the H1N1 vaccine since she is expecting. He said “it is more dangerous to get the shot than not to get it” and that R’ Steinman has the same views as him.

    Well many women have miscarried in the 5 or 6 month because of this vaccine.

    To Mosh3 , take your children to Dr Palevsky in Manhattan who is an excellent pediatrician and ask him how your kids were affected be the vaccine. I guess none of you went to his speech in Manhattan a few weeks ago about how vaccines work and how the affect the brain.

    To Rebitzen,

    If you will do some research and even read the insert of the vaccines you will see that 1. they are not safe

    2. The side effects are written on the insert, like the side effect ofthe H1N1 vaccine is asthma.

    I guss most of you are shocked, I guess we are so sheltered and so obidient to do what

    our Dr tells us that we neverdo our own research.

    in reply to: Mental Health #687507

    To Health,

    This is not a conspiracy theory. Drugs and vaccines are pushed way to hard on people, and people can do something about it. Drugs will always have a side effect and you dont realize this and go to the doctor and get another perscription. An example is ritalin, which causes depression so you go get an antidepresant which causes sleeping problems so you get a sleeping pill. This is a cycle that can be broken when we treatthe UNderlying problem. My father was taking a cholesterol lowering medication and then he started getting acid reflux. He went to the doctor who gave him a medication for the reflux. I told my father that calcium takes away the acid reflux but the cholesterol medication was causing his reflux. He said he will listen to me and take fiber to lower the cholesterol and get rid of the meds which are causing too many problems.

    All medication and vaccines have side effects ,you can check for proof by going to Dr tenpennys website, and start doing your homework. Gary null has great documentaries about this too.

    in reply to: Diabetes Support Group #979331

    Diabetes is not hereditary. It is actually caused by us. The websites that people mentioned like are really pharmaceutical websites and they want you to medicate to treat your diabetes. These are medication you will never get off of, and will cause other side effects that you take another medication for, and the chain will continue as long as you live. Ask your grandparents if they ever heard of diabetes, ADD, autism, etc. they did not because these are man made diseases.

    To mosh3 : you mentioned that you have 1 child with diabetes and 2 with autism. I bet you that your Dr said these are not vaccine related ,this is absolutely not true.

    Your children can be helped from their autism. Your children can use .There is a court case right now that they actually said that yes it is related, but will keep this very quiet since they dont want people to know about this. Everyone do yourself a favor and read the vaccine insert before you vaccinate your child. It says the side effects right there. If the H1N1 vaccine says it causes asthma, dont wonder why your child got asthma. Interestingly enough ,the company that makes the medication for the diabetes is the same company that makes the vaccine that causes diabetes.

    If you want normal healthy children sstop vaccinating and filling your child up with chemical foods. Look around and you will see more kids than ever are sick. Kids on medication is NOT normal. go to dr tenpennys website, and start your research there. Great info about the misinformation you are told.

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