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    ha ha very good… that could be true???

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    some people do get lucky…. and who says there marriage is happy? bc they are still married? that proves nothing… the divorce rate isnt as high in the frum community bc ppl are afraid of what they will be looked as if they get divorced… therfore they fight and disagree for there whole life… how about u go interview all these “happily married” couples??

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    ill go out with him… for 2k?

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    Does anyone listen to rabbi walerstein??? his last 3 weeks have been amazing about hakros hatov!!!

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    i heard some yeshivos in israel are starting to wear colored shirts..??? are tides changing?

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    Any new updates?

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    Ok.. im gonna stop this now… If someone for some reason dosent like the way i post… PLEASE bring that up with me!! there should be no reason why people who try to defend should get bashed! I do not live close or even know ” more” so to start posting that were the same ppl is SHEKAR and totally not needed here in YWCR!!

    Also if there are that many ppl that feel what i say is trolling and only there to cause problem then i if thats the concensee unfourtanelty do to those ppl i will stop…. Its sad something like this could come out, but if majority feel that way then there is nothing else i can do.

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    Yeah when “people” in klal yisroel post lashon hara about you berabim it’s only common to try to defend yourself and set it straight… personally I dont want to become a regular…. I have a life outside yeshivah world CR and would like to keep it… Its still hard to belive the mods allowed this thread to be posted.. There so so so careful about maybe mentioning something assur but to say lashon hara about another poster gets through ?? Idk maybe im missing something?

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    So DaasYochid your saying that its mutar to copy something you already own? How far does that extend? Can only your immediate family use it? How about friends? What about if ts for a music video? can you post it to a site where everyone will be able to copy it?

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    If so many ppl feel that wearing white shirts is just fine… How come most yeshivahs only allow white shirts as a policy.???

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    Thank you more_2 its so nice to see that not everyone is so critical about other posters. And do ppl really giggle at what they post? Why would anyone ever post… I assumed until now that people ask questions they are serious about… I would never have assumed ppl make latzanos about a jewish site…

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    Thanks for your support far east!

    in reply to: CoreyToTheTroll #860810

    IM Sorry Far east….. I Felt that was also negative….I Dont start controversial topics on purpose..there all legitimate questions i have and im interested on what people think? Im sorry for making a “pun” on ur name… didn’t mean to personally offend you.. But i still dont get how mods allow threads like this to go through and cause such sinas chinam?

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    Wow….. This is really impressive that people use YWNCR as a place to speak lashon hara and give there bias opinion about others?? really Moderators? is this why YWCR was created? No one ever told you that you have a chiyuv to comment!!! if you dont like it… please move far east and stay off…Till then please dont comment on other commentators for the sake of everyone!

    in reply to: Why do ONLY seminary girls get to learn navi? #859040

    You havent heard of someone disciplined …..but yet if someone misses geamarah seder they are??? WHY???????

    in reply to: Hatzola #932622

    Matzav had a whole article a couple weeks ago.. Its really a need and FINALLY people are doing something beside for taliking! there taking action!!

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    wats wrong with him makin “convo” with your daughters? If its about normal topics ( news,Hock,) wats the problem? if its not for dating purposes why is it so bad?

    in reply to: Why do ONLY seminary girls get to learn navi? #859037

    Iv’e recently started paying more attention and has helped alot! i still think guys in yeshivah are lacking alot of knowledge in navi….but its a start….

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    Even though old yeshivah pictures have ppl in colored shirts who says they feel that is the correct dress now? maybe they would say to only were white now? Has anyone ever asked a gadol this question?

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    Why would u pay for something that is so easy to get for free plus 99c times 1000 becomes alot of money….Its not a problem but a person will end up listening to non-jewish music…which i beg to understand why thats better?

    in reply to: Purim Plays? #856692

    Its almost PURIM we can resume this hock??

    in reply to: Eating at peoples houses with teenage daughters? #984118

    Who has stronger Tayvos? boys or girls?? is the problem altz boys or the girls??

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    Has ANYONE seen the new “hatzolah” team of woman that helps with delivery?? SEE YWNCR has had an effect on the klal!!! way to go!!!

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    Well there is a mitzvah to drink on Purim, but the rest of the year the klal dosent feel the same?? so seems that Purim is more lenient in some circumstances maybe by costumes is the same?

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    Do singers really make Cd’s for profit???? Ive spoken with some top musicians and they have all told me they make their money off gigs,concerts, weddings. The CD is just a way to get their name out and get more gigs.. so on that tzad copying might be available?

    in reply to: cant get the guys to give a yes :( #859414

    I have some friends in the parsha, Maybe we could exchange info and maybe work something out?

    in reply to: Hatzola #932618

    Does anyone know results forsure?? or are ppl just speculating???

    in reply to: Eating at peoples houses with teenage daughters? #984112

    Why woud the satan decide shidduchim? He dosnt seem to be doing a good job at solving the crisis??

    in reply to: Colored Shirts #985606

    o.k….Ill were white shirts on shabbos and any color shirt during the week…meaning white also.. as long as i look like a ben torah that seems what matters! thanks everyone

    in reply to: Eating at peoples houses with teenage daughters? #984109

    This post is about teenage daughters eating over at other peoples houses..Not a place to comment on whether you like someone elses username…lol

    in reply to: Hatzola #932617

    Many people have send they have done polls…Whould anyone like sharing those results?

    in reply to: Colored Shirts #985575

    Yeah i agree with you….but it seems some portions of klal yisrael disagree….

    in reply to: Colored Shirts #985569

    Thank you everyone for your opinions i think we have come to a conclusion that a person should do what they feel represents themselves best as a ben torah. But we all agree thatb some times you just have to “walk the Walk”

    in reply to: Why do ONLY seminary girls get to learn navi? #859008

    I asked my rosh yeshivah this question and he said ” taka its a good question”….but he cant pin point the real reason to why not?

    in reply to: Eating at peoples houses with teenage daughters? #984100

    I didnt mean to start chas vshaolom fights…I just wanted to know what the rest of klal yisrael feels….I ask forgivness for starting something that started such sinus chinam

    in reply to: Why do ONLY seminary girls get to learn navi? #858993

    yeah….so we shouldnt FOCUS….but why shouldnt every yeshivah stop learning gemara for 45 minutes and learn navi???

    in reply to: Eating at peoples houses with teenage daughters? #984074

    So NU?? wats the maskana?? should I stop it or continue? what whould the gedolay hador do?

    in reply to: Colored Shirts #985532

    Does anyone know what modern day poskim say? Rav elyashiv,rav chaim? has anyone ever asked?

    in reply to: Hatzola #932487

    hold on……. I really cant belive people are talking about another jew this way!!!! its really a shock that some people really feel this way about another yid…enough isnt happening in the world around us that you hav to start bashing another yid on YW ???

    WHY WOULD I EVER POST SOMETHING THATS NOT A REAL CONCERN..I have a life beyond YWCR and only ask stuff that i see as a concern…..The only reason i have recently posted is bc a good freind of mine told me about YW as it has added alot of insight into what other ppl think about these topics….

    I will not hold anything against anyone when Yom Kippur comes bc i HAVE to belive you made a mistake! But we really have to fix this accusing other people espically frum yidden!!

    in reply to: Vancouver #829700

    Yichusdik- Did u spend time in vancouver? how do u know so much? Is there a yeshivah or a girls high school? How big is the orthodox community? Do u have any suggestions of who i could speak to in vancover?

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    NU???? so wats the maskana oh YW ????

    in reply to: Chafets Chaim Yeshivah Vancouver vs Dallas? #829725

    i was looking into the beis medrash? any ideas of who to speak to..Im lookin for a place with awsome guys and rebiam y=u could make a kesher with..also impo is the fact the yeashivah has an effect on the community…

    in reply to: Vancouver #829698

    who are the rosh yeshivas by the yeshivha? how long ago were you there? Who is the rev of the shul?is there a jcc or resturants?

    in reply to: Chafets Chaim Yeshivah Vancouver vs Dallas? #829722

    Did that relitive go to vancouver after? Popa-bar aba…Have you ever been to vancouver? what fun things are there to do there?

    in reply to: Vancouver #829695

    i was thinking about both a vac an skl for my son…I heard its beutiful!!! they had the olympics there…But are there skls,resturants,shuls, actvities for a frum community? Do they speak french there?

    in reply to: Eating at peoples houses with teenage daughters? #983998

    I have heard from numerous rabbanim that it is completely assur and thats if families want to eat over at each others they should farm away either the boys of girls…Really people havaent heard of this???

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    i know brooks btothers has there own womens line but so girls like the clor or feel of a mens button down shirt. Is there actualy a prob of wearing mens clothing if someone cant tell the diff??

    in reply to: Chafets Chaim Yeshivah Vancouver vs Dallas? #829719

    Anyone know what the jewish community in vancouver is like?

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    Yeah but i want to drink now!!!!!!!

    in reply to: Colored Shirts #985490

    Its sticky bc its a topic that NEEDS to be changed in klal yirael!!

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