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    Does it matter what color and style and size the hat is? Do you need a different one for different occassions?

    in reply to: Women Driving #1161799

    It is less tznius to be in a public train or bus being bumped by men and watched.A smart woman who knows how to manage a household,bring up children, work should also have the right to drive. If she believes it is wrong ,she should only live in a protected little village where she won’t need to go anywhere.

    in reply to: The Latest Happenings at YWN #634873

    Rosh Hashono is coming and if you watch world and local events in the news you can see Hashem sending us strong messages. At YWN we can discuss these issues and get a Torah hashkofo outlook on current events.Torah im Derech eretz at its finest!

    in reply to: Terrible side effects of the bungalow colony movement #619740

    Many families cannot afford a summer home and send send their kids to sleep-away camp A lot of “interesting”things are learned in camp that would never be picked up at home.Some are good,taught by good counselors and others are bad,taught by peers,other campers, who know certain things that parents would not discuss at home.Fathers/husbands are working hard at their jobs so they can pay for camp and bungalow and the high cost of driving to and from the ‘country’ to the city and back. Many wives/mothers relax their standards in the bungalow while the husband is away,alone in the city. He still attends shul and shiurim while also cooking and doing laundry .Then he goes to work and leaves early on Friday to drive back to the bungalow. It is not easy for the husbands who are very dedicated to their families’welfare.Do the wives appreciate what their husbands are doing for them? Anxd when the husbands come up to the bungalow for the weekend the wives are not ready for the mikva an d not interested in the mens’ needs. Is that fair?

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Get Education!) #619723

    Education starts from earliest childhood.It is imperative that our youngsters learn to speak and read English properly even if Yiddish is the language used at home,. It matters not if you are Chassidic,Yeshivish or frum or any Jew from ANY background. You can raise your family in a Torah type atmosphere and learn proper English. Secular studies must be taught to our childrden but in a kosher way. We now have kosher texts approved by NYS Dept of Education.Our children mst know history of the USA and Western civilization,with thr role of the Jews in it. They must be familiar with math and science so they can compete with the brightest minds.Then they can go to kosher colleges to get a degree while also learning Torah. Others can learn Torah with less secular studies as they advance.Each student should study what he’s good at and become a well-rounded person,in the spirit of ‘Torah Im Derech Eretz’.There is no excuse for any Ben-Torah not to be able to read and write English and to be well educated so he can be prepared to compete in this world. Knowledge is power.

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Taking Issue With School Administration) #627663

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    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Taking Issue With School Administration) #627662

    Unfortunately,the letter writer reflects what is happening in the “frum” world too much.It has been kept quiet because people are afraid of ‘loshon horah’

    Trouble is,that those in power take advantage of the good-natured young (and not-so-young) honest workers and use blackmail to harrass those who need a parnosso.These behaviors are not limited to the schools,emploers and private people treat workers like this a lot. Baby sitters don’t get paid,delivery boys are cheated. I know,because I’ve been there.So have my friends and fellow shul-goers. BTW,the word is ‘immoral’,not ‘amoral’.(Amoral means lack of love in a relationship)

    And to those who don’t like it that this topic is being discussed,that;s too bad. The time has come for the sufferers to be heard!

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Why I Hate Graduations) #620125

    Achievers deserve to be rewarded.Efforts can be recognized but our successes in history were not made by those who did not excell. The hard worker should get the same salary as the one who produces little? Then ,why try harder?

    in reply to: Uri Orbach Calls for True Kosher Television #619645

    Wish him hatzlocho! We,”ultra orthodox”,whatever that means,feel disgusted by that term. Any ben Torah or Shomer Mitzvohs is not”ULTRA”. They are NORMAL.

    in reply to: How to increase Tzinius #1086096

    Behavior has to be tziyusdik also. The furniture in your house,the lamps,your cars,all should be avrage,not show-off styles. This ” I got to out-do the other”attitude is the root cause. The police have uniforms,the army,nurses,etc all have special uniforms. Our b’nei and b’nos Torah also have uniforms. They show others who we proudly belong to.Don’t bring goyishe magazines (esp. fashion) or catalogs into your homes. Don’t watch TV,esp the commercials. Don’t follow the goyishe world,where the dress of the President’s wife can be a headline article. What a person wears is not always in tune of what he IS. But it SHOULD be. Tzniyusdig behavior by decently dressed people,not only in shul,but also at vacation places.What’s the point of making sure there is no shaatnez in your garment if it is not tzniyusdig?

    in reply to: Lift & Cut Shavers #623619

    Don’t buy Norelco at all.Try Remington and other cheaper brands.

    After reading previous posts I can PROUDLY say I’ve not seen anything like this in Wash Hghts or in KAJ k’hillo.There are Rabbonim there who are listened to by their congregants and members. Never will you see anyone get drunk at any of their simchos. And IF someone comes there non-tzniyus dressed,it is an outsider or a goy who wanted to wish the baal simcha congratulations.People come to daven in shul very decently dressed.Jackets and hats,and,even TIES ,long dresses and no flirting.It’s time for people to hire a real Rov,join a REAL kehillo-shul,and stop looking down on everyone that has different hashkofos. Less entertainment and more Torah and MUCH more derech eretz is very much needed.Wearing long black jackets,peyos and rebbishe hats,don’t make people more frum.The Rov should have special suit and hat, and the followers should have average but decent looking dress.

    in reply to: Credit Card “Shtick/Fraud” – is it stealing? #650625

    When you return something for credit,the credi card reverses the cash-back reward also,so you don’t get any free gift.

    They don’t go to these shuls to daven. They talk there during the davening and they go there just for the ‘kiddush’ food. These are the ‘kiddush hoppers’.The husbands buy the clothes for their pretty wives and their beautiful daughters. The rebbitzen wears the most colorful dresses. At sholosh seudos,they have a fashion contest.

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