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    In California I heard it was illegal for a child under 18 to text while driving (just like it is now illegal to talk on the cellphone that isn’t handsfree)

    While I am against texting in general, this rule makes sense. I asked a teenager a question and she said she would get back to me but “what’s your number so I can text you the answer” Imagine her shock when I said I do not know how to receive texts (and please dont post the way you can…i dont want to know) and I asked her why she couldnt just call me…its a cell phone for a reason. she responded that she doesnt speak on the cell anymore… just texts people….

    It is an epidemic that this younger generation faces…

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    I wasnt saying that Nyers should not help themselves if they could, but that there has to be a better idea that would help the greater population. Many people are drowning in debt trying to send their children to elementary school.

    And just because I am an out of towner… tuition in some out of town communities run pretty high… and cost of living can be quite high as well. Housing has become so outrageous that someone I know moved from an out of town place to another(the second being closer to NY) and they had to buy their house and the empty lot next door or else lose it all in taxes! Kosher food and clothing is cheaper in NY then in some out of town places, as they have to ship everything there!

    My point is that NYers aren’t unique in the fact that tuition is high and the cost of living outrageous. There has to be a better solution. Is there a way to lower tuition or reduce costs? Put up more plaques to raise money? Something has to be done!

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    But what about all the other Jews in Cleveland, New Jersey, Monsey, Los Angeles, Chicago….. or are NYers still think there are no Jews west of the Hudson? I hate to break it to you, but there are many more communities then Brooklyners realize… we need to come up with a nationwide solution, not one that would help only a portion of the Jewish world living in America.

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    We just see how fake she is- reaching over party lines, not caring about political parties….

    Palin actually has visited Israel and has not hugged arafat (Y”S)!!!!!!BEFORE SHE WAS THOUGHT OF TO BE VP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just for your information- I do not text and I have a cellphone. I had one since highschool (necessary for carpool and safety) I am not sure if I ever texted. But I still think it is terrible! Ask the people who sold it to you to see if you can take it off! Students use it during class to communicate or C”V cheat during tests! They stopped talking and will only text! They forget how to speak normally and will not call people, only text.

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    I dont mean to be political, but it is kind of funny….please do not make political comments based on these… only jokes here!!

    Other weird words in the English language:

    Politics- Poly meaning many and Ticks- bloodsucking creatures

    If pro is the opposite of con, whats the opposite of progress?

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    Why does the sun darken your skin but lighten your hair?

    Funny lables:

    clothes iron: do not iron clothes while on body

    hair dryer: do not blow dry hair in shower

    bottom of a container of yogurt: do not turn upside-down

    a set of knives: do not use for the other use

    clothes iron: do not use while sleeping

    clothes dryer: do not dry clothes that say “do not dry in clothes dryer”

    On a hot cup of coffee: warning- contents may be hot

    Only in America-

    do we have drive-in ATMs with braile keypads on them

    can you buy cigarrettes in CVS in the front of the store, but the sick must walk to the back to get their medicine

    Do people order a large burger and fries and a diet coke

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    Bored at work-

    Why should men ask questions that reflect poorly on frum people in general? Many women marry those taller/shorter then they are, and dont make it a requirment for going out, but many men want medium height, skinny, beautiful, straight hair…..what about the more important features of a person? What about their middos?

    People can be so superficial… And dont start talking about health. It is one thing if the girl was size 28….but 8? 12? What is unhealthy about that? Many who are 0/2 are more likely to become sick then those who are 16, as they have eating disorders, ect. Some, not all, as there are girls who naturally are a size 0.

    Yes, many girls are driven to anorexia or other eating disorders for fear that they wont get a “good shidduch”. It is true, sadly. It doesnt start off as anorexia, but as simple diets that go overboard. How many kids that were in my high school class had eating disorders? I knew that there were at least a handful, if not more. And we had a nutrition class! Wake up!! Why should this be part of the frum circles?

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    the voucher idea would never pass as the goyim do not want to have to give up their free education. In effect, when you give vouchers to the families, they can choose whether or not to use them for public school or private. Many of them cannot afford to pay the difference between the cost and the voucher.

    I hate to say it, but vouchers would not pass through the state government and if this idea of flooding the schools works, unfortunatly it would only help NYers and not the rest of the country. And there are plenty of frum schools around the country. We need to have a mass-country wide flooding of the public schools. If the gedolim would tell americans to all sign up for public schools in the same week-then that would make a real difference.

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    mariner… I was taught that in school.. blame my teachers… maybe there was a precursor to PETA… I normally do not mention facts that I am not 100% positive on. Thank you for correcting me. Did you read the encyclopedia or something?

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    Vouchers will be helpful, but howdo u think we can convince parents to do this? I wouldnt want my children in public school. Will it work since many parents feel the same way as I do?

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    If you still write “Germany (Y”S)” then I think that may answer the question….

    My family tries not to give Germany money by buying German cars ect. That is a large part of their economy, and that money goes straight to them.

    while we are also on the subject of organizations…

    Jews should not support PETA, as during WWII they worked hard to save animals harmed by the war, but never bothered to help humans who were stuck on the same railcars that the animals were being stored in….

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    The only normal people in the world are the ones you dont know very well.

    Anyone you think is normal is really not… once you get under the surface, spend some time at their house, meet their family…

    Normality means nothing!!!People try to be “normal” but they can never be there! Anyone you know-once you meet them, get to know their quirks or pet peeves–they are just like everyone else… maybe that is “normal”- to have your quirks, odd moments, “interesting” situation at home/parnasah/school/work ect and still try to be like everyone else!!!

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    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. The decission to homeschool would depend on the situation. For us, it was that or public school (some of the frum kids did that). If I lived in such a town, I would try to move but if I could not, I would homeschool rather then send my children to public school. Homeschooling has its advantages but the socail aspect left me behind when I switched into a regular school. Maybe I would do it for the younger grades and switch them in when they got to 3rd or 4th grade, rather then later on when we moved. But you still must be able to teach your children, besides secular and lemudai kodesh, but how to sit in a classroom, follow directions and listen to someone else teach (not their mother). Furthermore, they would have to get used to learning in a group and not getting 100% of the teacher’s attention at a time. Maybe do what a few families I know did- they all went to one place to do their homework/schoolwork but the parents hired one teacher to answer their questions. It taught them to listen to someone who is not their mother, wait their turn for questions to be answered, and still they got to learn at their own pace and they got the self-motivation lesson. Maybe learn lemudei kodesh together or something. There were no homeschooling groups in our community since it was too small, so I cannot tell you whether or not to join one. It may be beneficial to get the social interaction. Be aware that children need friends, and once they get into school-age, their friends are the ones who they are in class with. By not being a part of that class, they may lose out on friends.

    I managed alright, but it was difficult the first year or so, especially since my teachers did not understand my situation.

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    What about his wife? When interviewed at Saddleback, he mentioned the three people that would influence his presidency (if Chas Vashalom he gets elected)and the first one he mentioned was his wife! Oh, she loooooooves America, doesn’t she? Barak said so”No one loves this country more then Michelle!” But what about what she said? “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country….” Not after 9/11? Not every election day? Not every day when she can say what she wants? Not every single day in her adult life???


    oh, and the other people he mentioned were his aunt and Ted Kennedy…. now that is going to impress us…. Ted Kennedy…..

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    No, no, you see, we white people are too straight-minded to see things correctly. Didnt you know that there are 57 states? Doesn’t every child in grade school know that? They dont? What is going on in the school systems today that they dont know basic geography!!!

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    mariner- thanks for trying to explain it all… i dont trust myself to open up the computer or reset anything… so I think I will ask someone local to help me. thanks anyway…..

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    Isn’t this similar to seminary decisions? Both decide the type of chinuch and enviorment the child will be receiving for the next several months/years. What does he want? What yeshiva matches up with his “type”(in all areas including friends)? What does his rabanim tell him and if you dont know, ask them! The location in regard to the enviorment that will be offered, such as: what do the locals do during breaks/vacations? what are the locals hashkafas? Maybe make a chart and compare the yeshivos, rather then the idea of foreign or local.

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    I got this from glennbeck .com and it has some insights that make some sense and are backed by real, true, fact-unadulterated by bias and the media. I read this and thought it would be perfect to add in more… the exact webpage is at the end.

    The issue:

    Obama’s Experience and Qualifications

    What the liberal (or in this case, misguided conservative) whiners say:

    1. ‘Barack Obama will bring UNITY to our country to finally get things done!’

    2. ‘Yeah well, Obama is a Washington outsider, which is exactly what we need right now’

    3. ‘Barack Obama is one of the great communicators of our time, he’s a brilliant speaker who can fire up a crowd’

    Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments:

    1. Really? Can you name even ONE instance where Barack Obama worked in a united way with Republicans on ANY issue? His positions are so far to the left, there’s no way he could reach out to anyone but extreme left wing liberals. He’s never shown the least bit of interest working with members on the other side of the isle. On the other hand, John McCain has “reached across the isle” numerous times…McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Lieberman to name just a few. If your really want UNITY or bi-partisanship, John McCain is definitely your man.

    2. Unfortunately, Obama has spent SO much time outside Washington, that we have absolutely no idea what he would do once he was inside. He was a “community organizer in Chicago, an Illinois state legislator, and a U.S. Senator since 2005. From that to President of the United States? Asked what Barack had accomplished to recommend him for the job, I was told recently that Barack Obama had “organized the Black people.” Hmm. First, I hadn’t realized the Black people were DISorganized? There’s nothing worse than an entire minority group running around helter skelter, is there? So, thank you for that, Barack. That must have been during the “community organizer” days? But when pressed to name specifics on a legitimate accomplishment, Obama supporters are stumped. Even staunch Obama supporter, Texas state senator Kirk Watson, when asked by Chris Matthews on national television this past February 19th, to name just one thing Obama has ever accomplished, Watson couldn’t come up with a single thing. Not one. This was of course, before Chris Matthews felt the “thrill going up his leg” for Obama, and pledged him his troth.

    3. Adolph Hitler could fire up a crowd too. I’m not comparing the two, I’m just saying that’s not necessarily the best recommendation for president. I went to a Barry Manilow concert with my wife once, he had the crowd (well, the WOMEN in it, anyway) pretty fired up. As for Obama’s communication skills, I still like the fact that he communicated to us that we have 57 states, plus one he hasn’t visited yet, plus Alaska and Hawaii…for a total of 60? Had he not communicated that information, I’d be under the mistaken impression we still had just the 50 states. Also the priceless tire inflation communication, just might save our nation, as well as the planet.

    from: (exact webpage) : http://www. glennbeck. com/content/articles/article/198/13814/

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    Mariner, I have these issues as well and would like to find out an answer. You seem to know what you are talking about and (IY”H) help me… Please, though, write your impressive solutions in understandable, layman English for those not computer oriented (who happened to have a vista computer…)

    a)How can you check your space available?

    b)whats a capacitor and yeah, what do I do with it?

    c) what are optimizers?

    overall, WHAT AM I SUPPOSSED TO DO??? I am really lost trying to read your answer….

    does it help to have only one window opened with many tabs (if needed) or should I have many windows open with one tab each?

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    You are a racist if you do not vote for Obama. You want to bring back slavery. If Obama does not win, then the election was rigged!!! =) What about the people’s right to vote for whom they want? oops! ignore that part of being in a democratic republic!


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    One question on something that was mentioned quite a bit before about colors…. what is so tzniyus about wearing all black? Many times I have walked in the street and saw just one or two women wearing all black and they attracted more attention then those wearing lighter colors (not bright, but colors nonetheless…pastels for example). People look towards that which is different. If the population is wearing black, then wear that. But if the average person is wearing colors, dont stand out and wear 100% black!!!

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    And are men so weak minded that they cannot see past a dress size? how will it help shalom bayis and raising children to be proper ovdei Hashem? Men are so weak…

    Could this be the reason why there is a rising surge of anorexia in teens? (yes, even in the frum, chareidi population- dont deny it!) And a reason why there is a “shidduch crises” is not because there are less “good boys” then “good girls” but because girls can hide it better by being on a chessed commitee and can warm up to teachers to be able to get better recommendations! the men have realized that they can get what they want, their way, when they want it by creating this crises and convincing the women that there is one! Therefore, there is a pressure felt to get married earlier and earlier to not miss out on the “perfect guy” (there are none… no one is perfect)so that there is a bigger age gap between the men and women so it becomes a real crises!

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    I must not have made myself clear enough…Tzniyus is important, and that is why I said it should be spoken about, just not as much as it has been. When they give shiurim, they are almost always about tzniyus… what about lashan hara? shabbos? ahavas yisroel? tefillah? mitzvos bein adom lechaveiro? I have not heard a speech about those topics recently… what makes tzniyus more important then any of the above mentioned topics so as to disregard everything else? If women dont get it (after a certain age) then the topics should be switched and come back to later. Those who listen and pay attention are normally the ones who dont need it as much. The ones who dont come or dont implement what they heard are the “they’re not referring to me” crowd. What about lashan hara? motzei sham ra? rechilus?

    I am not against a good mussar shmooze about tzniyus, and I feel that my tzniyus is quite high, but of course there is always room to improve.

    I hate to ask, but what about the men practicing shmiras anayim? men should be criticized and pay more attention to what they should and not to ladies on the street. That should be preached along with tzniyus… It is getting to the point of burkas for women so that only our eyes show, and even that is wrong as our epidermis might be viewed by men. Maybe the men need blinders….like horses so they dont swerve off track…

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    please explain why almost every post has to deal with women and tzniyus? Too much discussion can lead to overkill!!!! And people will disregard everything they hear about tzniyus instead of listening to just a few comments that are well placed. People should reflect internally instead of commenting on others when they are not perfect themselves. A good suggestion I heard once is that you should appoint a friend that you would listen to and ask them to comment when something is too tight/short/ see through because sometimes people do not always see everything in the mirror or the light in their room does not show what is seen outdoors.

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    This site was set up in English and people should post in the language the site was set up in. Also- English is America’s first language… and the fact that it may not be some people’s language does not excuse the rest of the population! People should teach their children that they should be able to speak coherrently!

    I understand not capitalizing as it is a blog, but still- can we have more or less complete sentences or ones that are understandable?

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    Can someone please explain to the general public how this is a chilul Hashem? If anything, it could be a kiddush Hashem for standing up for what can be the political choice to save Yidishkeit in America and around the world. Obama is pro-choice, pro-toeiva marriages, not deliberatly pro-israel like Palin is….but then he can change all of his opinions once he starts speaking to another crowd of people… He does do that a lot doesnt he? How do we know what he really stands for? How can we know what he will fo if (chas vashalom) he gets elected to office?

    oh, and has anyone noticed how no one on the left is speaking about the results from Iraq? Maybe its because the troop surge ACTUALLY WORKED????? oops! I wasnt suppossed to say that, now was I?

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    Unfortunatly, there are those who do not share the same patriotic views that you do.

    9/11 is appropriatly marked in new calendars as “Patriots Day”.

    Although I was not in NY, I remember that day as if it was yesterday. The flags waving outside, my house included, made me feel proud to be an American. This country has given us so much as Jews, including freedoms that other countries forbid us to do. Dont spite the giver, and be grateful. Not everything is perfect, but what it does give us is enough to be thankful for.

    It is upsetting the way that many hate this country and are not proud to be an American. If they dont like the country, they should leave.

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    Dont go making a bruhaha here… Its science… and I bet you would say that Gore invented the internet and is the most qualified person to speak about Global warming…. but science really shows that the melting of the ice caps will cause a global cooling as the cold water will chill the Earth’s water and we might go into a mini-ice age that happens every several centuries (a mini ice age happened during the middle ages)Study your history!

    Obama went once to Iraq, barely has gone to Israel (except when he can have his trail of camera crews… He has less experience then Palin does!!!!!!!!

    Please educate yourselves before making any audacious comments. and I will not translate that for you… I learned those words in elementary school and you should know them… unless you really do have the mind of a seventh grader… which could explain a lot…infintile..

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    Oh, isnt this great that we have so many choices for shidduchim that we can be makpid about what really counts in a couple (that will ensure shalom bayis until eternity)- stacking dishes or plastic tablecloths!

    Why is someone 20 old? That is something I still have not understood.

    And why should the whole shadchan market know all your personal information? There are somethings that should be between me and my future chosson (IY”H) (and doctor). Why should all the teachers in every Bais Yaakov know my entire medical history and personal info! They seem to be on every $hidduch commitee! I am suprised they dont ask for my social security number and do a background check on me!

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    Seminary refines a girl and after a year there, they are more responsible and independent, ready to maintain a house. Some seminaries require the girls to cook one meal a day- it prepares them to cook for their families 3 meals a day. Girls also have to do their own laundry, take care of finding their own Shabbos plans, shop for food and do errands all while managing their school work. Besides for the spiritual growth that enhances almost every girl I have met who has gone, this more tangible benefit is seen.

    By the way–

    Look into Touro (specifically Flatbush)- they have grants for those who will be going there after a year in seminary but have issues paying for seminary.

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    Give me a break- you follow those communist leaders by attempting to retract one of the most basic human rights (along with the second amendment)- the freedom to speak one’s mind. After these two leaders forbid anyone to contradict what they said, they were able to control their respective countries. First stop free speech then create dictatorships. Obviously the first amendment is important- otherwise, why would the founding fathers place it at the begining of the document that makes our country stand out from the rest? It is placed right next to freedom to practice your own religeon. Do you think that is important?

    Why is it a chillul hashem? when making conclusions like that, write at least one plausible explanation.

    About drilling ANWR- look into the research. Do you want to be supporting the terrorists in the Middle East forever in their path of destruction? Tomorrow is 9/11- do you want to support that? And how do you know that it wont help the animals there? The warmth of one of the pipes in Alaska actually helped a type of deer in their reproduction. Look into it, and not on some wacko-liberal site.

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    The history lesson on why this came about is interesting, but nevertheless, the background problem still exists. I am not an English language major and do tend to mispell sometimes, but that does not excuse the general population neglecting to learn the major international language. How can one work and interact with the global economy and buisiness world while speaking broken English and excusing it as “Yeshivish”? When I was in high school, the Lemudei Kodesh teachers gave me a obviously higher grade when they could not understand what I was writing when I gave essay questions on tests in more than three sylable words. Why should that be? Everyone should be able to read and write on a basic high school level.

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    you are a communist believer, following the dictates of some of the worst leaders in history- from Stalin to Hitler. By stopping free speech (and Obama’s campaign can pay for an ad if they even cared about the Jews, you are sumbitting yourself to have a worse America for our children. Be a liberal like you say you are and be liberal minded to other ideas… maybe you would learn something…like our constitution…

    Maybe you shouldnt just vote the party line and try something else- like listening to what the candidates have to say on important issues!

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    I myself was homeschooled as I lived in a small town and the local cheder closed down. I did this for a few years until we were able to move to a larger city. I have experience and have a few points that I would like to bring up.

    1) For Lemudei Kodesh we went to the Rav who used to run the day school and he tutored us along with a few families that also were homeschooling. We all did the Lemudei kodesh together in the Rav’s office and side room of the shul. He hired all the teachers if he was unable to do it. Who will be teaching your children Lemudei Kodesh?

    2)The Secular studies aspect- i am not sure about where you live, but where I lived there is something called truency. You have to be enrolled in a school so the public school system had a homeschooling program. All you did was come in to an officec once a week and turn in your completed homework that they assigned the week before. We worked at my level, which was good. By the time I entered a real school, I was ahead in many areas. You need to find out if your city has this option.

    3)Skill wise- I said I was ahead in some areas, but the problem was that I was behind in others. See what age you want your children to join a regular school and see their level and gauge if you can do it. Problem: some things you cant teach your children (science labs) and your children will be behind in it.

    4)Socially- I did not have many friends homeschooling, as there were few frum kids my age. I knew one girl my age, one a year younger who moved away, and I had my younger sister who was two years younger then I was. Certain social skills like being in a classroom, being with other teachers besides “mommy”, having to follow strict schedules and rules…. can only be learned in a classroom with other kids. Also group work can only be done with a group! Also, I did not have test-taking skills that I needed, so it was hard for the new school to realize that I knew the math and they put me in the low class (remedial) instead of the honors class (the school split math when I entered the school.

    Hatzlacha in making this major decision! There are benefits to both sides, but I mainly addressed the issues as you seem to have some positives in mind that you are contemplating this idea.

    5) as the mother, you need to be prepared to teach the information or hire someone to teach it. You need to know the material and be able to explain it in a way they can understand. I was more independent and would do my work on my own and read the chapters in the history book by myself and then later on ask my mother a few questions I had. It helped me with independent learning skills that many kids who go to regular school do not have, as I found out later.

    There were many benefits and I dont want to scare you off from homeschooling. I was ahead in a few areas. Also, scheduling was easy- I did extra work in december and during the goyish holidays and I got sukkos and yomim tovim off. I had to do a lot more work in the weeks prior to the yom tov, but i got chol hamoed off. Also, if we had a family simcha, I just did extra work the week before I left (we had special arrangements made with the office). Also, if we went on a family trip to visit my family for a long trip, I would visit a museum or two and write a “report” (depending on the age, it meant different things) on something I learned there. And I would read a few books on the plane or in the car and write book reports ect. I also was able to study what I was most interested in. They would give you a few titles of age-appropriate books and we would pick the one I liked the best. There was a lot more leway with homeschooling. They would give you enough work for the week and I would do it all on monday and tuesday (work really hard those days) and have the rest of the week off if it was rosh hashana later in the week, or we just had plans to do something then.

    in reply to: Bais Yaakovs Today #713664

    First thing- gavra_at_work–ONLY NY has regents. CA does not, but does have mandatory classes that must be taken. For example each child must have so and so many years of math, English, Social Studies, Science ect.

    Second: why should women just learn how to bake cookies? Are men any better that women cannot learn academics? What about those girls who will excel in studies but happen to burn cookies. So they buy them!!!! Some people just cannot bake! Why cant a lady do anything else besides clean, cook, bake and sew? I can do all of these but I would sometimes rather delve into a science textbook! And what is wrong with learning tanach? memorizing is missing the point, but what about learning? Mussar and Hashkafa is best learned through texts as the children see a basis for it and “not their teacher making it up”!!!

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    so you are saying that women should not daven because they are not obligated to??? Should women completely forsake any mitzvot that they are not obligated to do? It still is, I think according to the Ramban, required for women to daven if they have the time. And they have the time on the train! Should men not learn gemarah because it is in an inappropriate environment? And why are you looking at women at all? where is your tznius???

    in reply to: Why Yidden are the BEST! #1166251

    dont forget “pinu lechem tzefona” tzafon=hide.

    dont cause a reason for the goyim to hate us!

    where has our modesty gone????

    in reply to: How to increase Tzinius #1086128

    why are the men always talking about the women’s tzniyus?????? that doesnt seem so tzniyus to me!!!

    why cant the men take care of themselves/women take care of the women?

    why are the men looking where they shouldn’t be?

    tzniyus is an issue, but overkill turns people off from wanting to change.

    in reply to: Broke Bochurim Going to Friend’s Weddings #627050

    money can be tight around children’s simchas and can cause shalom bayis issues, problems between the two sides ect (have heard about from others…not in the parsha yet…) and bochurim- you wouldnt want to be the cause of all that now, would you? be careful!!!

    in reply to: Solving The Yeshiva Tuition Crisis #619534

    what about school vouchers??? the idea has come up in local/state elections but has not passed yet… it could solve some big tuition issues!

    in reply to: Acceptance Committees in Charedi communities in Eretz Yisrael #619906

    I think it is awful to ponder (that means think for all of those who cant understand basic English- i learned that word in 7-8th grade!!!)the thought that the level of sinas chinum today has reached such a height! are we an elitist group that cannot live with those that do not agree 100% with our values??? are we like those white supremest groups that will toss their family out if they do not follow their close-minded ideals??

    If you are worried that people who hold by other ideals people will tend to congregate around those who have similar hashkafos. remember shivim panim latorah and when moshiach comes everyone will be in a circle and point to Hashem-there is more then one kosher derech to life!!!!!

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    even in more “out of town” communities I have seen kids running around in the streets where (chas veshalom) kids can get hurt. I happen to live on a busy street where I have been witness to almost car accidents because kids are crossing the street without supervision and NOT WHERE THERE ARE LIGHTS!!!! sometimes corners are not enough!!!

    and what about not using helmets,bike lights, and wearing reflective or white shirts at night????? isn’t allowing this putting our dear kids into sakanas nefashos???? car accidents are not funny!!!

    in my shul there is a sign to warn parents not to cross in the middle of busy streets as kids use adults as examples for what they should/should not do. Being a bad example can cause serious repercussions!!!

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