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    My family wouldnt own a scale growing up so we wouldn’t be obssessive over numbers. If we were a little on the heavy side- we would measure success on if your skirt was too tight/big. And I am NOT even on the “slightly fat” or even “maybe slightly fat” side. It is how you feel and what your doctor has to say. We would borrow our neighbors’ scale to do reports in science class and to check up once and a while. But overall, its MATH that means if you are healthy and not someone’s mistaken idea of “Fat”. Check up on BMIs-Body Mass Index- and it will tell you where you stand on the scale. It takes into consideration your height too!

    Smokers are hanging a sign out that they are willing to be killed. A friend told me that they knew someone who stopped smoking close to 20 years before and she still was niftar from the machla in her lungs. It takes one month to get rid of all trace of one cigarette from your lungs. Dont even start! Stop now! Imagine how many smokers smoke in a day and how many years free it would take until there is no more trace of it in their lungs. Smoking is a big thing that I would never compromise on for shidduchim. NEVER.

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    A teacher once handed out a paper. We were told to write what we thought was the answer to the following questions. Do not ask your friend or look at their papers. Say your first instinct.

    1. What is the normal amount of sleep to get in a night?

    2. Owning how many pairs of shoes is normal?

    3. What is a normal amount to spend on a shabbos outfit?

    4. On a weekday skirt?

    5. On a pair of weekday shoes?

    6. What is a normal activity to do after school?

    7. What is an average amount of time to spend on homework?

    And the list went on for the rest of the page. She called on girls to answer the same question. We saw how everyone’s perception of normal was different. One girl said that 6 hours of sleep was normal, another 10. 3 pairs of shoes or 6. We learned a valuable lesson about other people and perspectives.

    A girl in the class said:

    a) The only normal people in the world are the ones you dont know very well!

    b) Normality is a state of mind, not a state of being.

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    One should always have a passport ready in order to leave–just in case! According to Biden, during Obama’s first term we will have an international crises…” so I think we should all get ready in case he gets a first term!

    Money is also good. One needs to do their hishtadlus (after tefilla and bitachon) and have emergency supplies ready… even if it is just the biggest snowstorm to hit America in history…. or a major earthquake… or a nuclear distaster…

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    Did you hear (from Arutz Sheva) that the PA is supporting and campaining for Obama?????

    If that isnt a clear enough picture- I think you need glasses!

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    Mariner, I am sure that “anon for this” isnt as oblivious to facts as you might think. Of course he realizes that Obama is a full fledged marxist- it is so obvious! “redistribution of the wealth” means welfare and starts to give me the shivers….communism….in America…after the cold war…

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    This just teaches us that one needs to not be so trusting. How could they of accepted something “too good to be true”? Where were their parents?

    Didn’t those boys hear the announcements in the airport “dont accept packages from strangers-if you see something suspicious, say something to airport personell” ???

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    Thanks for answering me so quickly. I know of a certain potential who was read from a wide variety of ill-suited prospects due to this “sibling issue”. There was one child in the family that was different from the rest of the family but the potential had a hard time trying to find someone.

    From the potential’s perspective though, what can be done? Is there any way to combat the labeling that was done, besides showing through thier actions that they are different? The problem in this family is that there are not so many children in it, so each one, so looking at the majority would be an issue.

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    torahls1- I have a real problem with your argument. Men did not have to start smoking. Some gedolim have said it is asur to start smoking. While he is guilty of following his temptations, the girl has nothing wrong with her. We are talking about a girl who is a size 6-8-10 instead of a 0-2-4 and that being her only fault (not missing limbs or being a divorcee with kids). There is a serious problem with wanting a 2/4 over a 6/8. Smoking is dangerous for those around the smoker, while being normal weight (sometimes the proper weight actually is a size 6-8). Why do you state that the male smokers are victims when they are at fault for starting? Why do you state that they are not at fault? They are the ones who put that first cigarette into their mouths. They did not have to! I know someone who quit after smoking for decades. Smoking is a death warning, while being a size 12 isnt! When doctors warn about the dangers of obesity, they are referring to size 18-20-26+ !!! Size 8 is NOT Obese (unless the girl is 4 feet tall. Then she would be. but then the men would complain that she’s short and wont marry her for both reasons.) Stop caring about a size 2-4 is all this thread was about. Not that all men should marry obese women.

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    I know this is a bit late, but I saw this post and have a question pertaining to it. When questioning about a potential, certain issues get surfaced, such as family members. What relevance do siblings have on a potential shidduch? If he/she has one “interesting” relative does that mean that this potential is forever doomed to be single? Or that they have to marry someone who is “interesting”, even though they are perfectly kosher? This could be refering to someone who has a sibling that is off the derech, mentally or physically handicapped, ill, went to a seminary/yeshivah that is not “right” for that shidduch (a more modern seminary, for example, when the potential shidduch is very BY), or just not the norm.

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    The same thing happens on Purim. Parents need to watch their children. No matter where in the USA you live, the drinking age is 21. It is illegal to give alcohol to people under that age. You cannot sell it to them, they cannot buy it, and they cannot drink it without their parent standing right there! All this about teenage boys getting drunk is rediculous! i saw a boy throwing up on his front lawn- he was that drunk. In some communities there are barricades set up so the drunk dont stumble into the street and get hit by passing cars. While this is good, it should be unnecessary. Is this the kiddush Hashem that we want to show the world? That we get drunk two times a year and are uncontrollable? If you want to drink- limit it. If you dont want to limit it- do it in the privacy of your own house. The shul and the streets are public areas- dont make a chillul Hashem.

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    smartcookie- I wonder what sect you belong to and where you live, because I think I want to live there! I know someone who “went off the derech” and the way the community treats this individual is horrible. this person is a sore thumb, an object of discussion and whispers. Many communities are like this. Anyone who is different is seen negetivly. Someone who went to a different elementary school then the majority of that shul or neighborhood is someone who is “not as frum as the rest” so ‘why should I bother talking to them’? Every person needs to be brought up as a unique person and should be taught according to their individual ways.

    Yes, unfortunatly judging people is a major issue that many people face and we should learn to see that there are shivim panim latorah and no one way is correct. “dont judge your friend until you are in his place” (I wont try to transliterate it). We can never be in someone’s exact place (circumstances)so how can we ever judge them? You can never have the same family, friends, situation, neighborhood, upbringing ect. Everyone is unique.

    I learned once that when moshiach comes every different type of Jew will sit around the shechina in a circle and point to Hashem saying “this is my G-d”. They are all in a circle to show that no one group/sect/type is better then the others. knitted kippas will sit next to black hatters, chasidish next to misnagdim… And who are we to judge them?

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    First thing- I have actually heard someone claim that the Jews all were involved on 9/11… and that the buildings were imploded! A reason they might think so is that they dont want to blame the poor, underprivileged, discriminated against palestinians whom they love so much.

    Second- I am not saying that the Clintons murdered all of these people. Maybe conspiracy to commit murder? Assisted suicide? Convinced them that if they dont commit suicide their lives will be destroyed??? They had something to do with at least a few of them… how can someone commit suicide with bullets to the back of their head? and a few bullets at that?Once they shot once, they would be unable to shoot again! I dont belive in many conspiracy theories, but still- there is something to be said about knowing over 25 people who were killed or commited suicide! I dont think I know one person who was murdered on the streets or was a victim in a “random shooting” or commited suicide! And they had close connections with over 25!

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    Firstly, Obama was only in the way of Hillary’s career (and not such a big stumbling block as she can just run in 2012 and can stay in the Senate meanwhile) and wouldn’t get them into FEDERAL PRISON.

    Are you too blind or closed minded that you cannot bear to hear something bad about your beloved former president? He definetly did commit perjury but we had a liberal government who wouldnt convict him. Just check the videos of his testimony. Oh, it all depends on the definition of is, isn’t it?

    Aren’t liberals suppossed to be “open minded, non judgmental, eager to hear new points of view”? Oh yeah- only those that agree with their preconceived ideas.

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    Joseph- thank you for further proof that Clinton was not all that he has claimed to be…

    Oh, and he should have sat in jail for more then just perjury. How about conspiracy to commit crimes… like foster and others…

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    Note to everyone about the polls… they report that Obama is going to win the election but if one would look at the margin of error many of the “battleground” states that the liberal media has reported “for sure Obama will win it” are actually within the margin of error. If there is a 3 point margin of error, and Obama is up by 6 points, then either candidate can gain or lose 3 points. So, Obama can lose 3 and McCain can gain three…. meaning that they are tied! Dont be swayed by the polls and vote for the most qualified candidate, not just one who sounds good at this moment/made a good speech. Check their history, facts, voting record, and experience!

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    Mariner, the reason the libs dont want to belive it is because once their candidates are picked (for the different offices-not just prez- senate, house, governor…..) we wont be the superior country, morally or otherwise! what did their last president do? commit a felony in office? this past president of the united states of america should have spent the rest of his term, if not longer, in jail! when the dems control congress- who knows what will happen next? the dems control CA and see what residents will vote on this november- prop 8- to protect marriage as it should be and not have toeivas! (it was passed by the state congress and now the people are voting to repeal it). Protect our country! we are the symbol for the free world!!!

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    oomis- I am glad you were able to say clearly how there is a one-sidedness to this whole argument. Men can damage their health while women are forced to damage their physical wellbeing in order to look healthy (when they are sick!). So many girls get eating disorders as their parents, shadchanim, teachers, friends… are all obsessed with being thin and looking like a size 2! I know of a few girls who were suspected of eating disorders or had at least one. It is a sorry state for women to be in and if men would get their priorities straight maybe this can be stopped.

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    Presidents, once assasinated, are seen like many posthumous speeches/awards ceremonies, where the person could not have done a thing wrong in his life.

    about W, when 9/11 happened would anyone have belived that no terrorist would have attacked us in *7* years??? I certainly thought that we would be the subject of more attacks. Nuclear, biological, chemical….

    And we are WINNING the war in Iraq, the surge is WORKING (but the liberal media wont admit it…Obama, in his most recent position on Iraq-which contradicts his earlier statements-, said the war is working…

    and many of the issues like the economy and the high budget on the military is due to CLINTON’s administration (who should be in jail for federal crime of perjury)

    in reply to: Tznius: a woman’s issue #623874

    If we would look back at the begining of this post, we would find that it is untzniyusdik for men to comment on women’s tzniyus. By describing something, they imprint it further into their minds, from being short term memory (and forgetting it) to long term (not forgetting it). It is true- communicating in any form what you see/hear makes a bigger impact on what you remember (it is a good study tip- repeat back what you learn!) If a man sees someone who he knows is dressing untzniyusly- tell your wife to tell her! Speak to the school (if it has to deal with school-aged girls) so that the Morah (WOMAN- not the moreh) can speak to the class in general about it! Women are able to say things in a more gentler, easier to handle way that other women can accept. Men say things in a way for men and women say things that are in a way for women. That is the way Hashem made us- men and women are referred to differently in the Torah (Vayomer vs. Viyidaber).

    While Tzniyus here is generally refered to as regarding clothing, in essence it includes more then that. For example- speech and mannerisms which MEN have to work on also! It may not be “attracting men’s attention” as the mantra goes for women, but it is still “attracting attention” and is just a chillul Hashem! It is just easier to comment on another’s issue that you dont have to worry about. MEN have just as much issues with speech and mannerisms- I see men on buses and in the street yelling, talking loudly on the phone, acting rude and unmench-like, and overall acting inappropriate for a Ben Torah. A Man can set the tone for teaching others and should work on themselves, especially if they are going to correct others.

    (By the way- just because I said these things doesnt mean that I am untzniyusdik in nature or dont dress properly. I do- but I wont describe my habits as I dont feel the male readership should read how women should/should not/ do dress. )

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    Liberals tend to take a small incident and blow it out of proportions or take a clipping from a long sentence/quote and portray that as her point. Deal with it- liberals love to misquote republicans when the liberals feel they are losing/have nothing to attact the opponent on/or are just not gaining any ground.

    in reply to: Barack Obama #624063

    Only a fool will believe someone 100% of the time. Learn how to judge what people say and what commendations they have as much as what they say. If the New York Times, for example, says that the surge is an “utter failure” in Iraq, then I know not to believe it at all… since Obama now has come to the realization that it is working. I tend to take things with a grain of salt, especially from certain uncredible sources (NY Times, LA times, anything from France/palestinian sources/communist countries, and certain leftist groups/people/organizations….) and you should learn to do that as well.

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    so Obama has more experience then Palin? What did Obama do? He was senator for how many years? He was a “community activist” and did what during that time? resume fluff job 101!!! By the way- when do you compare Presidents to VPs (unless someone is planning an assasination…)? Compare Obama to MACAIN for goodness sakes! And who has more experience there, might I ask? Hmm. I thought so. Compare VPs to VPs and Pres to Pres!!! Palin got rid of the plane she should have had for her job, saying “it was unnecessary and too much of a luxery for the people to pay for”…One candidate actually didn’t want something?!?! and Biden… he’s an old legistlative member of gov.. no new “change” there!

    Obama says he stands for change and hope and doesnt want the experience ticket? I guess He “changed” his mind again and “hopes” the american people dont see it! (ok, i got that line from somewhere else. I have to be truthful about that one. But it is true)

    in reply to: America, Democrats, and Jewish Values #622989

    By the way, dont blame Bush for the mortgage crises… it was CLINTON himself who allowed deregulation which caused the whole problem! Yes, bush makes an easy target since the collapse came in his term. But the cause was CLINTON… of course you liberals like to paint him as a rosy picture and an angel. Clinton caused a lot of our issues today- but of course he never did ANYTHING wrong including commit perjury!!!

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    Mariner, I agree with you!

    Every Jew a 22!!! (caliber gun minumum that is.. i say go for the higher powered ones as the smaller ones will not do much damage if someone wants to attact you… maybe a 45? )

    Here is a quote I read: “Our streets will be safer… for the first time in history a civilized nation has full gun registration….”

    After saying this, Adolf Hitler (IM”S) went out to plan the deaths of 11 million people!

    How could 5,000 German soldiers take over France so quickly in WW2? Simple- France had gun registration. The Germans took the lists, confiscated the weapons and controlled the country! No one was able to stop them!!!

    in reply to: Leaving children alone in the house #990840

    Just me-

    I dont know about the seminaries where your children went, but some seminaries require girls to put in names, addresses and phone numbers where they can be reached (and not cell phone numbers!) and if they find out that the girl went to a different place, they can get in trouble…

    By the way- if you do not trust your daughter when she is legally (in the USA) an adult, when can you? At 18 they can get married without your permission, vote, enlist in the army…. If your daughter cannot be trusted at this time, I think there is deeper issues going on here. Maybe the mother is too attatched and cant let her daughter grow up or maybe the daughter is rebellious and needs help sorting that out.

    Also, about the crime issue…. While that may be according to the reader’s digest, i tend not to believe 100% what they say and hold that children should be watched more carefully then in previous generations. in the 70s there were a lot of crimes occuring… now what about when the baby-boomers were growing up? Yes, there is a lot of media hype as people now have access to more news sources, but still- crime has risen over the decades.

    in reply to: America, Democrats, and Jewish Values #622976

    Thank you Mariner- now I know that there is some hope for some of the major cities in America… Can we do something about the others?

    I just dont get the anti-gun advocates… are they dyslexic or are they just illiterate? But then again, they only care when YOU have the gun, but when THEY have it- its self defense and completly necessary… Diane Feinstein (D-CA)-just one of many examples-is one of the few to have permits in CA, but she protests that anyone should OWN one, while she can CARRY one. If she feels the need, when she has personal security, what about the rest of us? I dont know about you, but I dont have bodygaurds. I need to be able to protect myself.

    in reply to: Shidduchim & Weight #625333

    Thank you Yoshi for clarifying that!

    Maybe we need nutrition classes in our schools, especially in the high schools.

    I also dont mean to be off topic, but unhealthy weight is something that both men and women have an issue with, and maybe teaching important habits when they are younger will help curb obesity.

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715170

    Flipped- “to turn over” (dictionary definition)

    Obama, at the begining of his campaign said that the surge was a bad idea, we are losing the war and need to get out now….

    Recently, Obama has mentioned that we are winning the war in Iraq and that the surge worked better than he could have anticipated…. And it was not as if there were new statistics or news from the Middle East…

    in reply to: PETA #624541

    Food for thought:

    If you are worried about the animals being tortured during shechita, think about what the goyim do to their meat! We make sure that the knife is sharp enough so it cuts easier ect while they might hack it a few times (sorry for being graphic).

    Furthermore, one of the “most humane butchers” in America is the shechita house in St. Louis…

    (Sorry about my title- I didnt realize the pun when I wrote it… Just noticed it now when rereading my post before I sent it in…)

    in reply to: Vista Windows Explorer Freezing Up #622720

    This is all really confusing to me…I do not know much about the insides of computers and all. I get lost trying to follow all the lingo above… But I am having issues (I wrote earlier that I would get someone local to help me but they are unavailable)- Windows keeps freezing! Would it be better to have many windows explorers open or have one with many tabs? Or does it not matter?

    in reply to: Shidduchim & Weight #625331

    I would not turn down anyone because of their weight/size unless they were obese (which is a medical term meaning they have above a certain BMI-Body Mass Index)since at that point there are health risks. There are no health risks (besides for being a human being) that are associated with being a size 8 or 10 or 12! If they are an average height of 5′ 4ish and are a size zero- then I would be worried!!!!! Personally, I am on the smaller end of the spectrum but that is not from dieting or any other means of weight control. And I still belive that men should not turn down girls just for their weight. I understand that appearances are a factor, but does it have to be the main one (I wont go out with someone who is not a size 2 or less…) Furthermore, what about the fact that once the girls start to run a family they will not have time to go to the kosher gym ect and will gain weight? Is that a reason for divorce, since they are not attractive anymore? No, you will say. They will see beyond the externals and what really counts. So why cant we do that from the begining?

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171579

    An older, tired-looking dog wandered into my yard. I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home and was well taken care of. He calmly came over to me and I gave him a few pats on his head. He then followed me into my house, slowly walked down the hall, curled up in the corner and fell asleep.

    An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out.

    The next day he was back, greeted me in my yard, walked inside and resumed his spot in the hall and again slept for about an hour. This continued off and on for several weeks.

    Curious, I pinned a note to his collar: ‘I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful sweet dog is and ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.’

    The next day he arrived for his nap, with a different note pinned to his collar: ‘He lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3 – he’s trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?’

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171578

    God went to the Arabs and said, “I have Commandments for you that will

    make your lives better.

    The Arabs asked, “What are Commandments?”

    And the Lord said, “They are rules for living.”

    “Can you give us an example?”

    “Thou shall not kill.”

    “Not kill?

    We’re not interested.

    So He went to the Blacks and said, “I have Commandments.”

    The Blacks wanted an example, and the Lord said,

    “Honor thy Father and Mother.”

    “Father? We don’t know who our fathers are.”

    Then He went to the Mexicans and said, “I have Commandments.”

    The Mexicans also wanted an example, and the Lord said

    “Thou shall not steal.”

    “Not steal? We’re not interested.”

    Finally, He went to the Jews and said, “I have Commandments.”

    “Commandments?” They said, “How much are they?”

    “They’re free.”

    “We’ll take 10.”

    There, that ought to offend just about everybody!

    in reply to: Shidduchim & Weight #625328

    What is going on in the world? Girls should not be treated as second class or “damaged goods” because they are a little heavier. Imagine going to school and being worried that your friend is anorexic… I know someone who was worried about a good friend of hers and actually looked to see if she ate lunch! There were many girls in that class who were boardering grossly underweight. Ok, to be a size two when you are 5 feet tall is one thing (skinny but not crazily underweight) but not when the girl is 5 foot 4… There are people I know who are “watching their weight” for shidduchim and are perfectly healthy, and even on the skinny side! This is an epidemic that rages across the frum community!

    One more point- if girls watch their weight for shidduchim, what will happen once they get married? If they start eating normally, then they will gain tons of weight! By starving themselves (or dieting) for a while, once they start eating a normal amount they will gain a lot of weight!!! (the metabolism slows down)

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715168

    Please name one thing that Obama has not flip-flopped on…

    War on terrorism-flipped

    economy- not qualified to answer “above his paygrade”

    Iraq war-flipped

    The surge in Iraq- You bet!

    Israel- flopped

    So, what really are his stances on issues, and can you trust them?

    oh- he has stuck to his beliefs of abortion and taxes (oh, we dont pay enough-do we? lets all pay more! Yeah!!!) so overall, that is the candidate’s platform….

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715161


    How do you get these opinions as to what I am or am not? I will not answer to any of these questions as I would prefer to keep my anonymity…not that I am emberarressed as to what I am saying, but rather, by everyone being a fictitious name we keep things more objective and not a “adult vs child” or “men vs women” or “chasidish vs misnagdim” or any other lables…. keep it anonymous and people in general will be more willing to speak their mind and we can get a more balanced outlook…

    Otherwise- why would you not write your real name and be “givemeabreak”…overall, most people have made up names that have no connection to their real name.

    By the way- Halacha is meant for us to live by…The goyim dont need to follow it, but should we support someone who is obviously against halacha?

    Now, on to your comment-


    this is an article on the Born Alive Infants Protection Act,in IL, that states that many times when late 2cd and early 3rd trimester abortions are done, the baby is actually born. This law wants to force hospitals to protect these babies instead of leaving them to die. Obama was the ONLY State senator to speak against this act….which means that he supported letting LIVE babies die by leaving them in utility closets and other places where medical waste goes. Real, live babies were treated like garbage and KILLED. Obama was pro-murder in the case of these babies.

    in reply to: Internet vs. Yiddishkeit #627487

    Give me a break- it was sarchasm, just like your comment was….

    you are not frei, just a little too to the left of my views….

    in reply to: Internet vs. Yiddishkeit #627481

    Give me a break- i guess you got yourself into the exclusive club of freikeit now???

    If anyone thinks that internet in general is wrong- they should not be looking at this post right now, so move your cursor to the little “x” in the right hand corner and exit the internet! I agree with the idea set forth by illini07-we need to make modern technology compatible with the frum world. Some of us cannot be without the internet, whether for work or other reasons. Make it a more kosher place, with kosher sites like this one, where we can learn the news, discuss important topics relevant to yiddishkeit and other tasks.

    in reply to: Physical Discipline in Yeshivos #622794

    If one can hit when not angry and only wants the best for the child (and not just convincing themselves otherwise), then it should be ok… the problem is that many rebeim have too much gaaiva and do not know how to control their anger…

    Teachers need to know how to answer their students… I was in a class where a child asked an on-topic question that was just a little different from the mainstream view of the class (the kid thought for themself and added up what the teacher said and came up with a decent question..). The teacher did not know the answer and said “next question please” and was visably upset. If you do not know a topic- dont bring it up to the class! Answer the questions and if you dont know- say so and “Ill ask someone else and bring you back and answer…” Show that there are answers but the teacher doesnt know everything. Teacher who do not admit their mistakes lose credibility with the class and shows that they can turn to violence… dont just hit the student (physically or verbally)!!!

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715158

    give me a break-

    1. There are plenty of families who would do anything to have a child- give it up for adoption… many of the children out there are disabled, either physically or mentally, and many parents are unable, emotionally or otherwise, to raise such a special child. But to have a normal child that just needs a new home…

    2. A mother who does not want to raise their own child- something is wrong….

    3. Is your comment that it is not murder according to halacha or your emotions? Besides, Obama wants 3rd trimester babies to be aborted and it has been noted that when the child somehow is not killed and lives (is BORN)- they are thrown away to die.Left alone, without food, water, incubators, or a caring hand. Not given the proper care they need to live, when they could live just like the thousands that are born prematurely every year… Now, is that not murder?

    4. What about the other points mentioned above- or can you only comment on abortion?

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715156

    Give me a break- give me a break already!!!

    I have not been on for a few days so I am just answering your comment above…

    I personally have been in shul where rocks were thrown in the window on shabbos… but that does not mean that I think that “racism is what is stopping the blacks from getting anywhere in life”. Thinking that your failure is someone else’s fault is what keeps anyone from reaching their goals. Take responsability! Hey- slavery ended how long ago??? It shouldnt be a reason why today’s children are growing up in poverty (because there are plenty of non-blacks who are also in poverty)

    How can you be a frum Jew (and I am making an asumption there that you are both) and belive in abortion? It is MURDER and is against halacha!!

    You really belive that listening to 20+ years of anti-semetic hatred (and it has been proved that the minister said these things…) would not cloud his judgement?

    The enviornment is important but the safety of humanity is more important…at least in my humble opinion….And dont go on about global warming…. because scientists are now fearing that we will be heading into a global freezing period soon….

    what does “not quite” have to do with Obama’s lack of experience and inability to make a decision (and making them when unqualified to do so) about our defenses and army?

    Taxes… so much money is going into the government and what are we getting out of it? the amount we put in is so much less then what we get out… the roads are paid for (and how much is upkeep?), we dont send our children to public school, and are not on medicare ect… if we are putting so much money into the system- how come there will not be enough money for all of us to get social security when our time comes? I dont think that I will be getting any money from that… when I put in….

    Do we really need to be paying more, when so much goes to earmarks and special projects? Why does NY need those waterfalls? Put that money into something better… like finding alternative fuels or our police department… at least then the money will be used for something significant and useful!

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715149

    Who would be pro Obama?

    Please take this short quiz to see if you are pro obama!

    1) Do you want your taxes to be raised, because they are just not high enough?

    2) Do you belive that racism still exists today against Blacks and we need affirmative action to stop it?

    3)Do you want someone with little experience to be the leader of the World Power?

    4) Are you pro-abortion?

    5)Do you agree with the following statement: Helping the enviornment is more important than saving America from terrorism

    6)Do you belive that someone who cannot figure out what stance he took on Iraq (when he wasnt even in office yet and while he was there) should be in charge of our department of defense and military?

    7)Do you find yourself thinking “Who cares who his minister was…he claims he never heard any anti-semetic rhetoric from him for the 22 years he was there!”?

    If you answered yes to the above questions, you support Obama’s campaign (unless he switched his stances again…). You are a Obama-nik!

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715148

    Hmmm…I think all those secular Jews who were arranging that demonstration against Iran near the UN might be pro-obama…. in case you didnt know- Clinton and Palin both were invited as prominent guests but when Clinton found out that Palin was going to be the main speaker, Clinton backed out. Now they univited Palin because they dont want to make this a “campaign issue”…. hmmmm… I wonder what political party they belong to?

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171570

    Not so humerous but thought provoking….sorry if you feel it doesn’t belong.

    The only difference between united and untied is where you put the “I”.

    in reply to: America, Democrats, and Jewish Values #622968

    I can only try- why take a pass on the second amendment? It was put there for a reason- wasn’t it? If you are allowed the right to say what you want and practice whatever religeon you want, making the 1st amenment suitable and correct, why is the 2cd amendment not correct? Just like you have the constatutional right to be a Jew (freedom of religeon), go to shul (freedom of assembly), teach Torah in schools (freedom of speech) and write what you want on this post (freedom of the press)why cant you have the second amendment right? The same people wrote and passed them!!!

    ” A well regulated militia, being necessary to the freedom of the state, The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed”. I quoted it from the Constitution of the United States. It says nothing about “only in this case or only in that circumstance”. And dont tell me “militia=army” a militia was comprised of regular people who owned guns who protected their family and community.

    in reply to: Homeschooling in ‘Yeshivish’ circles #1137724

    anon for this- This is what caused my school to close down when I was in early elementary school and had to homeschool (or go to public school C”V). There were about 40 families sending their children to the cheder and only about 3 (including my family) paid full tuition. Some paid half but the majority were children of teachers in the school and could not afford to pay much at all. And of those 3 who paid full, they were the ones who had few children in elementary school. (we had no frum high school at that time. Who knows what we would have done if the school lasted that long.)

    There must be a solution! I wonder what happened to those neshamos that went to public school… I heard that some are not frum anymore…

    in reply to: Whats wrong with a convert?!?!?! #622347

    If someone married out, their siblings may still be willing to learn a little about Judaism… do not give up on the rest of the family because you never know who will be frum (or nearly frum) one day. We should never give up on non frum relatives, even though they might have been exposed to frumkeit for a while, as you can never tell what will bring someone close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

    in reply to: Should pro-freikeit commentors be given a voice? #626051

    The way it seems on these posts is that anyone to the right of me** is a zealot and going overboard (so much so that they lost the true meaning to the mitzvah) and anyone to the left of me is an apikores…

    **me refering to the average commentator**

    in reply to: Whats wrong with a convert?!?!?! #622333

    Why should we make distinctions between BTs, FFBs, and Geyrim? If I would look around at my high school class, I was unable to tell who were the children of BTs or FFBs or Geyrim! Actually, some of the nicest children were not the children of FFBs! This goes the same for those who were not from yichus…A teacher I know told me that within a few weeks of the new school year at a new school, she was able to tell which students were from “yichus” and which ones were not. Those from yichus (majority- there were exeptions to this rule…on both ends) were more chutzpadik, snobbier, ruder… to their teacher and in general then those who were not… This could be because they felt that they were able to get away with everything because of their yichus… and who daddy and mommy were…

    in reply to: Text Messaging #1116349

    Now what about students texting in class? teachers need to be more aware of it! It is unacceptable! Does anyone have any solutions to solve this issue?

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