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    I heard about this girl (from her cousin) that is Jewish and her heritage is Egyptian. She applied for a scholarship, stating her race was “African-American”. They awarded her a scholarship but when they found out she was white, it was revoked. Complaining and fighting for it did not help. If Egypt is not part of Africa, they need to re-make all the maps and geography lessons taught for decades.

    I know other people who applied to college and such who were denied entrance when their black classmates, with lower class rankings and grades, were accepted….


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    Thank you Joseph. It gets so taxing to write he/she, him or her, his or hers…. I generally write in the male tense unless I knew for a fact the audience or to whom the comment was directed towards. I could assume to use the feminine for “jewishfeminist” or “semgirl” or other obviously female people. I mean in no way to be insulting to anyone’s gender….

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    I just want to know- since Obama is now the president-elect, can they stop asking questions on applications (for jobs, school ect) what our race is? In America, race should be…American!!! (Note: I am not talking about Jews, who are Jews first and Americans second.) No American-Indian, African-American…or any other hyphenated “American”. I am not saying give up your heritage. Just dont make it a division between Americans.

    I think the next time I will write in American. Or just Other…

    If you say “decline to state”- they know you are white. So lets all say American and not be discriminated against in the future.

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    Time to rephrase again, sorry. Maybe STATE LAWS prevent them from doing so? They would want to, but where they come from may be an issue. Like NY and CA have really strict gun laws, as do many other states, and now North Dakota does as well (or maybe it was south dakota that outlawed lead bullets for hunting on tuesday? all bullets for hunting have lead in them!) Maybe their age gets in the way? There are many reasons why one may not be able to own a gun- they are making it harder and harder to own what is constituionally your right to own! We can’t pick and choose constitutional rights!

    So maybe many people want to own guns but are legally unable to!

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    If it was true- B”H! But doctors wont risk patients lives because they want something to do, are making money, and dont want to waste their time playing golf. Many oncologists go into this profession in the hopes of healing people- not making money. Besides, they could be sued for it…

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    What is the point to your responses? Are you having fun writing nonsense to everyone’s posts???? i have almost given up reading your posts- i just cant understand them!!!!!!

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    Doc- they make too much out of it! The race card is an easy way out of everything. Ever heard of “DWB–driving while black?” Yikes! they would actually be responsible for what they are doing! No Way Will They Allow This To Happen!!!

    It strikes me as weird- how come in over 100 years people are still complaining about the effects of slavery when no one alive knows someone who was enslaved!!??!!??

    why is it an excuse for not doing well in school, being in jail ect?

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    Gila- PUT IN PERIODS!!!!!!!

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    Cooking one meal a day- I knew many girls who did not buy take out or eat out in restaurants ect but they cooked their own meals. They made REAL dinners and learned how to keep house ect. They were responsible to clean their areas (and no maids), cook, do laundry ect. Many girls knew that their credit card was only for emergencies and not for outings.

    About shabbosim- many times girls went to American families who invited them, not always begging to go. sometimes they went to the people in charge of the seminaries. Sometimes they made it themselves or ate in seminary! There are seminaries where they had to eat in sem at least once a month (in shabbos)and they gave them 3 meals a day 6 days a week.

    About placement-If we were placed somewhere where we felt that they did not have enough to feed their families, we were told to fill up on challah or eat when we got back to the dorm (if we were sleeping there) and we told the people in charge of placement about it (discreetly).

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    Didn’t you know- only “Whites” can be racist against “Blacks”…

    But an African American cannot be racist- EVER. IT IS DEFINITIONAL. (at least according to the NAACP and the ACLU)

    But during this election, people voted according to RACE, not policies. Last night, Obama supporters were cheering “we now have a black president! we now have a black president!” But I thought that this has nothing to do with race? I thought they voted according to policies? Yes, in an interview I read someone asked (on video) an Obama supporter “How do you like Obama?”

    He’s Amazing!

    “What about making Palin his VP- do you like that?”

    Of course! He was so right!

    “And do you agree with his position of staying in Iraq until the war is done?”


    It when on and on and on like this…

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    By voting for Obama, it doesnt mean that they were voting against Bush. Bush and McCain are two different people (unlike some people’s logons on YW). They disagree on many policies and McCain tried to seperate himself from Bush to show that they are not one and the same. You are so blind and deaf- time for hearing aids and glasses!!

    Too bad they dont have brain-aids for when people cannot think for themselves….quite a few here need it…

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    Why do you say clinton stopped the first attack? Where is your proof for that?? He destroyed the military and didnt take care of osama when he had the chance to do so.

    Since Clinton was the cause of Bush’s issues then Bush is not to blame!!! CLINTON caused many of the issues we are facing but the liberals want to blame Bush because he is an easy scapegoat for those who do not think! Just because it happened during their term does not mean it is their fault (at least in this case when you can see the precursors to the events…sometimes it may be). Clinton allowed the subprime mortgages and PROMOTED that everyone should own a house without a down payment or any proof that they can afford one. He LIKED what fannie and freddie were doing.

    in reply to: Obama Won….Oy Vey…Now What #859281

    I mean the next president, and I know what I am talking about.

    Bush, by the way, is smarter then Gore. He actually got better grades then many democrat policy-makers, senators, presidents ect. Did Gore got what degrees and what grades, may I ask?

    He is a Harvard grad, but the ones who wrote his recommendations were associated with terrorists. And he never let his thesis, papers ect be published!

    What experience does he have? He was in the senate for 2 years- that is nothing, and half the time he never voted or showed up to vote!

    And I want to see his birth certificate. Who was it verified by, the communist news network?

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    Maybe some people already are using their second amendment rights and OWN ALREADY????

    Ever thought of that?

    And about the liscences, it all depends on where you live. Some places it is easier to use your RIGHT while in others the government is working harder to stop your constitutional right…

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    bugnot,please translate and explain…

    we have the dumbest man as president who has no experience and we know nothing about. Has no resume and has not shown us his birth certificate!!!!!!

    Daven hard!!!

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    I think though, squeak, nothing good will happen but only bad will happen.

    Refuah Shelaima to America!

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    If we told you we had a gun, that would invite BATFE into our home and if we said we didnt, then we are inviting people to rob our home…

    in reply to: The Legacy of W #1115324

    Mayan is correct- stop gloating about the election and go back to your socialist president-elect…who hasnt shown us his birth-certificate yet which I want to see before January….

    barak Osama- wasnt bush’s fault that he was elected. It is the serious illness of stupidity of America! Refuah Shelaima to America.

    WE HAVE NOT HAD A TERRORIST ATTACK ON AMERICA SINCE 9/11! Could you have thought that possible on 9/12/2001? He has prevented it from happening!!!!

    in reply to: Obama Win is Good! #642510

    Yes, maybe we shouldnt be like the democrats were for the last *8* years that “the other side stole the election!!” So I guess, republicans are not sore loosers!!! We didnt say that acorn helped steal the election, liberal media spewing the facts ect…

    We are not as sore loosers as DEMOCRATS are!!! McCain said “we fought but the people chose and we need to support it…” but he wasnt like gore or kerry “recount florida! Recount! It was stolen! count in hanging chads!!” What really upsets me is when brand new cars (2007/2008) cars have “gore-liberman” or “kerry-04” bumper stickers…

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    To all those who have their passports- you were right! You planned correctly! Get your bags ready because Biden said Obama will win and during his first term a major crises will happen in America. The first part came true =( so now the second part must be. Biden must be the prophet for the messiah…

    in reply to: Dont you think we should we should say tehilim #623759

    I think this is a sign that moshiach is surely coming…. I mean REALLY soon….

    in reply to: Obama Won….Oy Vey…Now What #859272

    leaving is sounding better and better….

    We need to hope that his idea about change comes true for the better… i want lower taxes! hope that the change that they hoped for comes true…

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    I want to cry….

    but since he is the president elect, I want to see some of his promises come true…

    ie- I want him to pay for my mortgage, my gas for my car, lower taxes (i think I am in 95% of the population, I am not bill gates)…

    Oh, does this mean he pays higher taxes because he gets such a large income?

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    Cmon- she is now in second place- keep bringing in the votes!

    in reply to: Election Results #624170

    Thanks so much. But it does not help to aleviate my fears. The “messiah” will be president, at the rate this is going… Can I cry? For the future of America and the present state that America is in, to vote such a nutcase into the presidency…


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    Bentzy18, it is a sad fact that the election only matters for a few states… Not NY (but you can hope with all the frum people), CA, NH, VT, MA, ME…Always democrats….

    IT is the democrat party…no matter what you say. they are not more democratic then the republicans…

    Democrats are not democratic!

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    Yikes! My nightmare seems to be occuring!!!! I am not mekabel until all the votes are in…. it is going to be a long, long night….

    in reply to: Boruch Dayan Emes: Madelyn Payne Dunham #623893

    Joseph- they would probably vote for cindy sheehan if they were from CA….(for House)… I cannot belive it but she is actually worse then Pelosi!

    in reply to: Prepare to Flee America! #1139036

    eric55- it is an uphill battle against illogic that we must band together to bring the truth and facts to the world! The liberal media is so against guns that they will do anything, including stretch facts and lie, to get congress and states to pass laws against them. Oh- did I mention that big anti-gun advocates own them? Diane Feinstein (CA-D) owns one when she has private security! I could go on but there were some who were so anti-gun that when someone “broke into and entered” they took out a gun and shot the tresspasser to save their family. Hmmm.

    in reply to: What Can We Argue About After Tuesday? #1123117

    He is a socialist and I know what the word means. I do not use over-inflated rhetoric just to prove my point, unlike some people on YW. I think I might have had a stronger education then some on these posts…

    Socialism (as per the dictionary): Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

    The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.

    ok, if Obama does not fit under that, I dont know who will. His “steal from the rich and give to the poor” ideas? His “I’ll take care, as president, to make sure you always have gas for your car, oil to heat your homes, your mortgage paid off….” mantra that his blind followers listen to??? Oh, and his rich category is falling drastically, that soon the average person is now “rich”- makes less then 90,000 a year… I thought it was origionally 200,000. Then went to 150, 100 and just wait to see where it ends next!

    in reply to: ROLL CALL – Did You Vote? #623677

    YES!!!! (and I am not from NY/tri-state area…)

    in reply to: Poll: Who Wins? #623662

    McCain- many states that the media claim were “Obama-Biden” states a)were within the margin of error- Ohio is now dead even at 49-49 b) will never vote for Obama… I am not a racist but since the issue was brought up by Obama, many states are following suite…. In public they will never say that they wont vote for him, but they are not afraid in the privacy of a polling booth.

    in reply to: CURIOUS: If we Were Voting for Biden President & Obama VP #624177

    Biden can’t keep his mouth shut (telling a wheelchair-bound man to stand up) and is so dumb he cant say a word. It might be better then Obama though… At least we know who Biden is!

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    Before we stop this discussion- CAN OBAMA EVEN PROVE HE IS ABLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT? He has not shown us his birth certificate yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine he (Chas vashalom, chas vechalila) gets elected (and the race is too close to call-daven hard sane people) and is found out not to be American born- then BIDEN will be president! I am not sure right now who is worse… a socialist liberal or a nutcase who cant close his mouth…

    in reply to: Obama Says he Didn’t Know About Aunt #624249

    jewishfeminist- if your eyes are open wide, I think you need glasses- thick ones.

    if Obama is such a friend of the Jews and Israel, why did so many of American people living in Lebanon vote for OBAMA? The Lebanese HATE Jews and Israel, so of course they would be supporting the candidate that hates Israel.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend….

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    Ok- now no one should own cars because per car, per mile, more people are killed yearly in car accidents then airplane crashes, or any other mode of transportation (except walking). So I want you all to flush your car keys down your toilet because it is a danger to your children! Ask your pediatrician- “how many kids in america are killed in car accidents each year?” Yep- the number will astound you.

    Very few children are killed by guns each year- just each individual one is publicized nationally several times by the liberal media to promote gun control. Before making claims read Lapierre and John Lott!!!! They did the research and wrote THE books on the topic. And they were not paid by anyone to reach a certain conclusion.

    in reply to: Barack Obama #624095

    remember- what is the similarity between Osama and Obama? They both have good friends who bombed America!

    in reply to: Prepare to Flee America! #1139014

    By the way- its the owner that is dangerous, not the gun. If someone would drop a loaded gun on the table on shabbos- would any frum jew touch it? So will anyone get hurt by it? I dont think so! Guns are only dangerous when held by dangerous people. If people did not have guns, then they will use kitchen knives, pocket knives ect. In England, when they increased the laws against guns, crime went up tremendously. Especially when they didnt allow the police to carry them. then the criminals went rampant. Check the data and the facts before making comments!

    in reply to: Prepare to Flee America! #1139013

    YANKY5- you are completly wrong about the facts! “The fact is that when people have guns in their houses, more innocent people are shot by accident than are burglars or other criminals. ” Is completly WRONG!!!

    When people own guns, the murder and crime rate goes down! Read “Guns, Crime and Freedom”, “More guns, less crime” and “The Bias Against Guns” and any other book by John Lott Jr. Its very mind-opening. I have to contest your facts, as it states clearly in the studies done in many states that when the state increased laws against guno ownership (restricting people from owning them) then crime went up. When the laws decreased and people were allowed more access to them, CRIME WENT DOWN!!! Since the bad guys will own them anyways, as why will one more crime stop them, why shouldnt we own them to protect ourselves? This data was replicated in many areas. It was the same population before and after the laws were made or retracted and in almost every area, the crime went down when more people owned guns!!!!

    The pediatricians may say that you should own them, but away from your children. Have a safe or keep the bullets away from the gun and then there wouldnt be as many deaths by guns.

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    By accepting, you mean not yelling at people at posts? and making vast, sweeping assumptions? “modern orthodox ppl wouldnt hang out with yeshivish ppl ” and other comments on other posts. You may not know who is reading these posts.

    I would appreciate it if you would add in a few dots called punctuation. It doesn’t have to have perfect grammar and spelling. Even I am not perfect and I will admit it. But some things are basic and necessary for understanding. Maybe write out the complete words? I am just asking. It makes it much easier to read. Otherwise, I will not spend the time needed to decifer your posts. thank you.

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    anon- “He” is just a term for an anonymous person. I wasn’t being sexist.

    I checked Snopes and they said that some of the deaths are still being investigated, after 10-20 years. “The FBI is still investigating the deaths…suspicious”.

    This means its a) a cold-case and they have no leads

    b) they cannot release the truth…. or wont. so they say its #a.

    Also, some of the deaths were ruled accident, like the two boys on the train tracks. But the medical examiner made many mistakes in his past, and he said they overdosed and fell asleep. So his testimony cant be trusted.

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    mexicans wearing kefiyahs….funny thought….

    And this is only a problem once in 7 years. Buy next year from Eretz Yisrael… hopefully we never have a shailah again (moshiach should come before hand)

    in reply to: Barack Obama #624093

    Yes GMAB, but we still need to do our hishtadlus!




    d)vote only after researching both sides completly (and not just trusting CNN, NY times… try realclearpolitics.com- unbiased, just the facts, from many sources)

    in reply to: Good eating habits (dinner time) #623355

    What about- the kitchen is closed?

    If they dont want to eat a lot at one meal, why not split up dinner? It could be that he isn’t hungry when dinner is served, or he cant eat so much then so he is becomes hungry later. So maybe have part a before the rest of the family has dinner and eat part b with the family. Or tell him if he wants to eat later, he can have a fruit ect.

    Eating occasional cereal is ok, but it should not become a habit. He should be trained to eat well when he is younger so that when he is older, he will make better choices.

    in reply to: Sowell: Obama Win Would Be Historic Tragedy #623433

    Eveyone should read it! It is long but very important to read before you vote!

    in reply to: Boys in Japan #623371

    I dont know how the man who gave them the package sleeps at night.

    in reply to: Nisyonos…. #626316

    It is to teach us about judging other people. Once you might know what someone is going through, then you will act differently to them.

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171622

    Born Free and taxed to death!

    in reply to: Barack Hussein Obama, Will he Drop “Hussein” or Not? #623419

    illini 07- I would rather support KKK then the PA. At least the KKK arent killing our brothers and sisters! I have not heard about the KKK supporting McCain- please prove. I have been following the media and if it was something bad about McCAin, they would have said something. Not necessarily with regards to Obama… And by the way- has McCain praised the KKK? Obama has praised the PLO spokesman from Arafat’s days.

    Rivkale- Do you remember post 9/11 how everyone, govermental officials included, all wore the flag pin? it is a sign of solidarity and patriotism. Obama did not wear it! How has he shown that he is American more then McCain who was tortured for 5 and 1/2 years in Vietnam so you (or your parents, depending on how old you are) could sleep in peace! illini-07 action speaks louder then words. How about breaking his arms and leg while in service of his country? What about being tortured?

    in reply to: Prepare to Flee America! #1139003

    Eric-55– I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!! Every Jew a 22 (or better). A Rav once said that every Jew should have two guns. One that you turn in to the government when they collect them (which is against the constitution) and one that you do not.

    “For the first time in history a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer…” Guess who said that genius quote? Hitler (YM”S). How did 5,000 SS troops control the entire France? France had lists of everyone who owned a gun and the SS troops got the list and confiscated each one.

    Give me a break- BHO CAN CHANGE THE CONSTITUION IF THE DEMS CONTROL CONGRESS. Furthermore, he wants to destroy our economy by making it socialist. No one in their right mind will start a new buisiness or invest in one if they know that a majority of their profits will go to someone else! That is why communism has failed everywhere. You like this idea of income redistribution- go to cuba or china. Russia collapsed partly from this disincentive to work hard. Why should I be a rocket scientist when I can make the same amount for washing windows?

    BHO has close ties with terrorists- what about Ayers who said AFTER 9/11 (so dont say BHO was 6 years old…) “I wish I had done more”… refering to his terrorism. What does Obama have to do with Osama? They both have friends who bombed Washington. Ayers is an admitted, unrepentant terrorist! And Obama announced his campaign for Senate from his house (Post 9/11).What about his praising the former PLO spokesman?


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