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    If you believe her too be immature and childish, then why do you engage unless you believe yourself to be childish and immature.

    (Of course, you may argue that I am a hypocrite because I engage you. Yo that I respond either I admit that I am immature, but I don’y view it pejoratively. Or I argue that i don’t believe zeeskit to be immature, as such you are immature in your own mind because you engage an immature individual. Or, I am not truly engaging you. I’m defending zeeskite by using a rhetoric skill to make it seem like I’m engaging you.)

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    I understand your point. I am just not willing to lump him with those who expressed really nasty comments on other posts. When we are starting to get into the weeds, I don’t think we are disagreeing much.

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    Your gentle trolling is quite sweet.

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    Mazel Tov! my birthday is today. One year closer to my next birthday.

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    Let us say your child becomes a cannibal hermit, chalila, should you then marry a cannibal hermit?

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    It’s a specialty item, you have to buy it in a healthfood store. Word of warning, though: It is not approved by the FDA. The studies showing it to be effective are sponsored by the makers of this item. In my opinion, you will be flushing your money down the drain.

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    It’s my birthday today (not 120th), I wiil bestow my blessings upon all those who desire them.

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    Goodbye and good luck

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    old man It is not a theory. Either the Rambam mentioned him in a letter or he didn’t. We’ll wait to see if Sam2 can give us a source on that. I’m guessing he gave up on finding a source that says Hashem has a guf, chalila.

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    lebidik yankel

    That’s exactly my point. There is no way to read Rashi that Hashem has a “body”, as Sam 2 put it.

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    My statement still stands. Can you give me one source that says what you say, Not a source that you don’t understand, so you infer you pshat is true. Just one source that says that Hashem has a guf, chalila. I looked up the wikipedia article and there seems to be a debate as to what this single idividual held.

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    Daas Yochid To your first point-Maybe, but it is kind of a stretch to compare that to what he is defending from.

    To your second point. It is not nekama when you attempt to prevent further attacks. In addition, I’m not saying that is his argument. I’m just responding to your question as to why what he is doing is better. You are confusing the argument with the subconscious drive to make the argument.

    As to your last point; you may be right, I don’t know. However, you didn’t either answer “neither”- You chose to attack him for attacking those who attack him.

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    I have no wish to marry a “WINNER”. I want to marry a stable, confident young women.

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    Waive off that Rashi? How in the world do you see that in rashi? Do you see one word about guf? Does Rashi say that Adam had the same physicality as G-d, chalila? All I see is Bedefus Hasuy shelanu shelanu, that all creations were created with maamer and adam biyidayim. Whyh does Rashi have to say that, let him come out and say your pshat? Don’t you think it is Fascinating that the Ramban explicitly says on this pasuk that Hashem has no guf, but doesn’t bring this Rahi. Have you ever seen a Ramban in Chumash where he vehemently disagrees with Rashi, and doesn’t mention him? If you wish pick any translation of that rashi from a ny publishing house, post it and show me where Rashi says what you say he does. Or if you want show this Rashi to any reasonably accepted Rav within any orthodox community and see if he sees what you say.

    As to R’ Moshe Taku (Honestly, I never heard of him before), where is the original source? (As an aside where is that letter?)

    As to why I can’t accept that notion that our great rishonim believed it, it is becuase it is not a great theological error, it is the error of the simpleton. The great debate was whether we can refer to Hashem with the lashon of tzelem.

    Since you seem to play this attack game on why I believe what I believe here goes: Just because you have a desire to prove to yourself that you can think outside the box, that doesn’t make ir right. Always trying to think differently than the accepted mesorah is just as closed minded.

    With all your arguments you have not shown one source that said Hashem had physicality, or a “body” as you put it. Just one source please, not speeches, arguments, attacks, just one source please.

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    The question is since Einstein determined that time is different at different reference points, what was the reference point for the 6 days of maaseh bereishis?

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    So is it a spectrum without any clear divider?

    Do you do palm readings too?

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    You think it’s fine to live in a segregated neighborhood that allows dogs and not chickens (Bitmiah)?

    just my hapence

    It is not so pashut that arthopods have a din of having feet. They have legs lechol hadeios, but to call them feet is not pashut. I tried to shy away from that controversy. However, on a personal level I feel strongly with you and wish to bring equality to all of Hashem’s creations.

    (It’s funny I just had a lecture on arthopods last week. Here is part of it “Arachnids have four pairs of legs, crustaceans have five pairs of legs, millipedes 2 pairs/segment, centipedes 1 pair/segment, and insects have three pairs of legs.” It gets really complicated)

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    He didn’t attack the whole chareidi community just those that criticize him. As such, it is the difference between one whho kills for pleasure and one who does it in self-defense.

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    morah reyna

    I once heard a nice pshat from Rabbi Belsky on the gemarah that shidduchim and parnassa is as hard as splitting the yam suf. He asked that nothing is hard for hashem. He answered using pesukim from beshalach that it was hard becuse Hashem made the splitting of the sea contigent on Nachsho ben aminanadav and Klal Yisroel entering entering the sea. he said that shidduchim and parnassa are the same way, we have to jump into the sea.

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    Studies show that 60% of Americans go to a psychiatrist once in their life.

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    Like a polar bear at sea.

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    I accept your tochach and retract my offending statement that referred, chalila, to the YWN CR as some blog.

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    An original source, not a diyuk in what someone else thought. In addition I’m not questioning if it is heresy (You don’t need this Rabbi Shapiro you have the Raavid), rather if any accepted rishon espoused that view.

    If you look at the Raavid (aside the fact that it is unclear if he is going on baal temunah or guf), he says bemachshava zu. It is an interesting lashon. It likely means that there were some great people who believed in machshavah that one can refer in machshava to Hashem in the language of Guf and baal Temunah. The Raavid then brings pesukim, which refer to Hashem in that way. The Raavid however, seems to agree with the Rambam’s prime theology. The question then remains what does he do with the pesukim. Therefore, it is logical that the Raavid is arguing that since the Torah uses the leshonos of guf and since there were gedolim who went with a machshava of thinking about Hashem in that fasion, one can therefore not call a person who mistakenly says Hashem actually has a body (Like Sam2 claims Rashi believes, chalilah) is a Min.

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    I just looked at the machzor vitri and there is not one word that indicates chalila that Hashem has a Guf or a “body” as you said. Just look up the machzor Vitri and you realize my off the bat interpretation of Rashi is by far closer to the Machzor Vitri than yours. Just find me one source that would apply the concept of Guf to Hashem.

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    200 feet can also be 100 chickens or 51 animals, if 4 of them are missing a limb- a quite common occurence. To unequivocally state that 200 feet is 50 animals is simply narrow minded. It is as if you said chickens and 3 limbed dogs don’t matter. Shame.

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    I’m not quite sure that the moderators here even know who the lowlife Jimmy Savile was. I don’t think you should attack the website, you should advise them to look into it so they can make the appropriate decision.

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    Sushee No one is saying that problems should not be addressed. We are attacking what is basically a fictional study being used by people here to impugn a large segment of Yiddishkeit.

    In addition some of us believe that actions are louder than negative criticism spouted in post 99 on some blog.

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    What does everybody mean when they say Tzelem. The debate between Rishonim may haev been if we can even use the concept of Tzelem in regards to Hashem. How far the analogy can go etc. Any serious thinker or philosopher realizes that there are subtleties in how we can refer to Hashem. Your 1 or 0 mentality is simply flawed.

    However, you have not named one, not one source that believes that physicality can be attributed to Hashem. Why does Rashi continously in Chumash, when the Torah references the had of Hashem to mean a non physical concept? what do you think the Gemorah means when it says Torah Dibrah Belashon Bnei Adam.

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    Can I have “War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”

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    A non published,non described, non peer reviewed, psychological study. I’ve published a few medical papers (not as the first author) and until there is data this is completely meaningless.

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    Just give me one clear source.

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    ZeesKite aren’t we all Divinely inspired on some level?

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    Well presidential election has ever been won by 1 vote, so maybe one shouldn’t vote in any state?

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    Hot bagels in Boro park and bagel hole. They both have their maalos. Personally, I feel that Hot bagels taste better but taam veraiach ain lehisphakeiakh.

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    There are qualifications to that domeh lekelev gemorah. If I remember correctly some rishonim say it only applies to bread (which might make a hot dog problematic and an icecream fine). It is not a black and white question and I imagine it would likely go under the ball nefesh machmir. (As an aside, R’Chatzkel once gave a mussar shmooze in the Mir because he saw a yeshiva bachur carry a loaf of bread in the street without it being covered.)

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    Could you first please define ruach hakodesh? (I don’t really think that our tachlis in this world is to figure out who has ruach hakodesh.)

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    oomis1105 There is a concept that an abizrayu of the Gimmel Chamuros is also yeharog vel yaavor. I don’t think I can define abizraihu accurately but it means a sin which is related to or may be a mini version of the gimmel chamuros somehow. For example, some achronim believed that embarrassing a fellow yid, although one does not get missah, has a din of yeharog veal yaavor. This is based on the mishna that compares embarrassing another Jew to retzicha. As such many issurim in the inyan of kiduushahs habris go under the guidelines of abizraiu degilu arayos.

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    We could prevent asthma if we could just find a way to make some of those specific IgE antibody producing B cells anergic. A shame ’tis.

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    zahavasdad-Can’t that be said about any raffle?

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    golfer-I agree wholeheartedly with you, I just tried to walk as tentatively as I can so I wouldn’t get the full blown excoriation. ūüėČ

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    No, Rashi says that we are created in the form of God and anyone who darshens the passuk differently is sprinkling apikursis. Where do you see in Rashi that he believed chas veshalom that Hashem has physicality?

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    “I definitely think its discrimination but we do bring this upon ourselves.”

    That may be so but that is the typical blame the victim not the perp shtick. I don’t think that should be the main agenda of a Jew when approached by antisemitism. I never heard a victim of rape say; well I was dressed provocatively. I understand that this forum is for open discussion among Jews but I am not sure what compels one to just blame the victim.

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    candy613. As a boy I have many friends whose year in Israel caused more spiritual negatives than positives. I could hypothesize that it was a lack of supervision, an independence, whatever it does not matter. The point is that every individual has to make a wise, guided decision and your jingoist Utopian view limits people from making those important decisions. In my personal opinion, sometimes more can be gained from choosing to make those decisions than from living in Eretz Yisroel for a year.

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    Technically, one can have good odds with the tzedakah still making money. The scenario would be, an individual buys a high volume of tickets for a cheaper price, with the rest of the ticket holders buying single tickets at a higher price. The value of the return of each ticket may be lower than the individual ticket price but higher than the price paid for each ticket when bought in bulk.

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    I would like to mention that there is a discussion in the nosei keilim of shulchan aruch whether embarrassing another yid would fall under yehareg v’al yavor. This is because embarrassing another yid may constitute an abizrayhu De’retzicha.

    That being said, I think we should aknowledge that many great leaders of the yeshivish community considered handshaking to be yehareg v’al yavor, while many of the great German rabbis would shake the hands of all their congregants, men and women, on the Shabbos.

    As such every individual should recognize what community they are part of and accept the psak of their leader.

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    I’m 25 and single. At this age it makes little sense to marry a divorcee through the shidduch process. The shidduch process we have in place is a vetting process, it therefore works on a market level. As such, in the situation where I am now it would be foolish to take a chance with such an issue. However, if in the future I were to meet someone outside the shidduch process or if I was to reach an age where the market would lead me in that direction, I would take take it under consideration and not reject it out of hand. I apologize for trying to remove emotional issues so the question could be addressed seriously and honestly.

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    “No two posts can have anything to do with the other. It must be totally random with totally different subjects.

    I’ll start.”

    Hate to be a kill joy but every time someone tries o be random they are trying to do what this post says, hence they are connected. However, since they are then not doing what the OP said than they are not connected, which means they are doing what the opening post says…………………………………..Someone HELP me..I’m stuck in some weird loop.

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    It’s not a halachik problem, but many yidden customarily try to marry someone with what may be perceived as a finer yichus.

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    Quote that Rashi, because I don’t see Rashi saying anything near that. I will not have to greatly question your trustworthiness when you expressed nonspecific sources in the Rambam before. Needless to say, untill you show us the machzor vitri, you have no credibility.

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