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    Maharsham-Rav Sholom Mordechai Schwadron

    Rabbi Sholom Rivkin

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    Yenta- “How are the preperations for step 1 going?”

    Tough, but it’s progressing. Thanks for asking.

    frum scientist 1. What was your GPA?

    2. What percentage of schools even sent you a secondary?

    my GPA was about a 3.9. I got a 36 on my MCAT. I only applied for MD programs. I had decent volunteering, with no research during application time. If I remember correctly, I got many secondaries. I went on about 6 interviews. Some required flights. My lack of research was brought up on a few interviews. I got rejected by a few, waitlisted by a few and accepted by Downstate off a waitlist (at that point I had done some fine research) (bisyata dishmaya, interviewed by a frum yid at Downstate), which for me was preferable to my waitlist options. I then withdrew from the others. However, it was not a simple process. I limited my applications to the North Eastern region and applied to less schools then I could have.

    As an aside, Medical School is not an easy process, no matter how smart you are. I got in the 1500’s on my SATs (the old ones) and still find it challenging and time consuming. Residency will be worse. You have to take that into consideration. You have a very long road ahead of you. Good luck.

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    Mr Sfardi

    There is a frum woman in my med school class with about 8 kids. She was a PA. Her oldest is in Beis medrash. So, it happens.

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    There is evidence that physicians, PA’s and NP’s provide similar primary care. However, physicians tend to see and deal more complex cases.

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    Yes, I did volunteer work. I waited to do research, which was a big mistake. I did some high level research my interview year. If you want to get into med school you have start early with volunteering and research.

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    “Cytokines are from the endogenous (comes from inside the body) and infections are from the exogenous (comes from outside the body).”

    I think you did not completely understand what you wrote. it is not cytokines versus infections. The cytokines (TNF-alpha plays a minor role in this process) are usually released in response to an infection of some kind. I think you did not understand that this exogenous refers to exogenous substances that directly trigger release of cytokines (i.e. lps as a major role in gram -sepsis) as opposed to the other more regulated immunological response, which some term endogenous. I guess Wikipedia was unclear. Am I right in presuming that you are not a doctor?

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    Agree with verapei. I’m a 2nd year med student. Ii is quite fascinating. endotoxins during an infection causes your body to produce cytokines (il-1, il-6 etc.). They cross into the brain where they cause a release of arachidonic acid (through PLA2 which NSAIDS stop etc.)which ultimately are synthesized to PGE2. Now, he anterior portion of your hypothalamus is what stops your body from overheating. The PGE2 when created within the anterior hypothalamus , creates a higher thermoregulatory set-point. This helps your body fight the infection. However if it gets over 42 Celsius (about 107.6 F), that is hyperpyrexia that can cause coma and irreversibly damage your brain (cerebellar purkinje cell particularly susceptible). Over 43 Celsius, you can’t survive. (Should not be confused with Hyperthermia, which is when your body overheats, without a higher set-point. Really fascinating stuff. I’m waiting for Health’s to chime in with his/her’s expertise

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    I just finished second year medical school in an MD program. I went to Touro for undergrad. I got a 35+ on my MCAT and it was still not simple to get into an MD program. If you want to talk to me ask the moderators how you can email me.

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    There is no halachik basis whatsoever to make a mezonos on a mezonos roll.

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    longarekel This may be the biggest problem nowadays. People who don’t understand that mesorah and minhag is the yesod of Yiddishkeit.

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    Mazel Tov!! I do find it interesting that you were complaining about how shallow boys are that they care about girls being overweight, yet you posted “HE’S SKINNY!!!! REALLY skinny!!!”.

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    Why isn’t moshiach here yet? Please add your own.

    1 because we dont feel like we need him NOW!-WIY

    2 Gay Marriage

    3 Shidduch Crisis

    4 BaracK Obama

    5 Sinas Chinam

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    When did you first realize that you are a CR poster? Was it a slow process? Has it affected your family members?

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    If a tree falls on a mime, does he make a noise?

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    44 Tap water in NYC

    45 Iphone 5

    46 Taivos mamon

    47 Legalized abortion

    48 Ban on Metziztah Bepeh

    49 Ban on above 16 oz. Sodas

    50 So we should move to Eretz Yisroel

    51 People not being nizhar in Borer

    52 Pritzus

    53 Lack of sechel

    54 The Neturei Karta

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    Bubka. Wow, thanks. That Rambam is fascinating. Is this mitzvah asei included under tochacha, tehuvah or is it a separate mitzvah? It seems like teshuvah.

    in summary (not a translation), for the only english readers, the Rambam says:

    A) It is a mitzvah to cry and trumpet when a tzarah/disater comes on the public.(he brings a pasuk)

    B)This is for repentance, to inform the public that it was due to their bad actions that this occurred. (he brings a pasuk for that)

    C) If they don’t do this and instead say this is the natural way of the world, i.e. was happenstance etc.. This is wickedness and causes people to stick to their evil ways. This will cause additional, other disasters to come. (He brings a passuk to support that).

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    ??? ????????, ???-?????????

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    Thank you for proving my point. The article is quite obvious that it is legal, just that it would require more evidence. Since Rabbi Kamenetzky made it clear through many channels, such as open statements in public,publishing it etc. that he refuses to distribute his work there would be no legal issue.

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    popa Once the author refuses to publish or distribute any more copies there is no halachik or legal problem.

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    The Chassidishe Gatesheader

    You may understand the macroscopic, but you have no clue as to the quantum effect or chaos theory.

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    I’m sorry.

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    28 The Knights Templar

    29 Evil Zionist Entity

    30 Censored by the One World Government

    31 Lack of humaneness to chickens at kapporos

    32 Lack of humaneness to cows at kapporos

    33 Shefichas Domim

    34 Shaking women’s hands

    35 Not enough Lashon Tov

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    I have a pdf copy floating in my computer somehow. If I find it, I can email it or create a dropbox for you to get it, if you so request.

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    I can go on a similar rant about the biochemistry of the brain, “proving” that we have no free will.

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    “Personally I would rather have the nisayon of emunah over the nisayon of being disappointed.”

    I am not quite sure you realize how condescending this sounds. It would be like a rich person telling a poor man that he would rather have the nisayon of having no money than worrying about what to do with his money.

    His point is very simple; He is bothered that there are many bnos yisroel who aren’t even having the chance to meet suitors.

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    11 Shidduch crisis

    12 the Reform

    13 Obama

    14 Romney

    15 George W. Bush

    16 The modern Orthodox lifestyle

    17 Sinas Chinam

    18 Ahavas Chinam

    19 Elmo

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    just my hapence

    Saw it. You should be careful, though, so you don’t freak sommeone out.

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    What is a lemba?

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    more_2, you have a lot to learn about life!!! When you redt a shidduch the focus is meant to be will they be a compatible match. Not how many no’s she gives.

    That is how your statement sounds. Just because one has priorities, that doesn’t mean he/she can’t be concerned about other issues

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    “Dating for any longer than a few dates to know whether you want to get married or not is a bad idea.” No caveats? Any evidence, logic or argument? Have you experienced it? What compels you to make such a bizarre statement?

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    great green globs of greasy grimy chicken feet.

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    just my hapence

    In fairness, living in England might be the punishment.

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    Gravity of the moon.

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    just my hapence

    This is not dyspraxia, although those with dyspraxia are more prone to having left-right confusion (the name of what she may have.) As an aside, Tzaddiq, are you left handed, right handed or ambidextrous?

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    I don’t think the need of someone else to get married has bearing on making a wise and hopefully correct decision. I’m sure there are individuals on both genders who have this problem and are happily married.

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    Your right hand is on the same side as your right foot.

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    So you are bringinga proof to me that the rabbonim held that way? Or are you saying we should listen to Rav Moshe’s psak, not Health’s?

    I’m kind of confused, because your tone insinuates that you are disagreeing with me, but the substance seems to be in concurrence with me.

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    What’s your opinion on the Vibram FiveFinger shoes?

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    2 down, 1 to go

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    I’m sure you made some more ny now.

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    You didn’t do anything wrong. My point is that it is a common error of young intelligent people to write or speak in “hi falutin” language rather than in simple, concise form.

    To quote The Elements of Style: “Avoid the elaborate, the pretentious, the coy, and the cute. Do not be tempted by the twenty-dollar word when there is a ten-center handy, ready, and able.”

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    There is no need to write that way.

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    Send me 3 cookies for legal fees.

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    If you link them together it is not a coincidence. Because Hashem sent the hurricane, you are now asking if there is a coincidence. Now to say this is the reason is just silly.

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    I wonder if those who get into their long winded 5 paragraph attacks realize that no one reads it except the attackee.

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    The rabbonim in Germany had the minhag to “shake e/o’s hands after Shul on Shabbos”. As such, I would advise everyone to ask their Rav and not pasken based on Health’s “feelings”.

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    Did anything positive come out of this post yet?

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    because that’s what YWN CR is all about.

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