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    Sam2 Where is that rashi?

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    Sam2: Thanks. When i have time I’ll try to find them. If you find more specifics, please let me know.

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    In my yeshiva high school years, I felt there was an overemphasis in promoting the concept that everyone can be a gadol hador. I felt it unfortunately just shifted the teenager’s natural focus on taivah to a focus on gaivah. I think we would have been better served if they simply emphasized the greatness of being ehrlich, tamim and frum Jews. In a certain sense I think that is a more noble goal than to attempt to be a gadol hador. It is a goal for what is right, without ulterior drives.

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    Sam2 My first point still stands.

    As to your view on the Rambam, what is your source? In addition, what source do you have that the Rambam would label an individual who mistakenly believes an esrog is a lemon with the din of an apikores?

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    “According to the Rambam, he would have to say that R’ Hillel was an Apikores. Since Apikorsus is defined as incorrect ideas about Hashem.”

    If Hillel was allowed to have those views then at that point it is eileh veeileh divrei Elokim Chayim, as such they are not incorrect.

    In addition, I don’t believe apikursis is defined by having incorrect views, rather by having nonpermitted views. I.e. If someone believes that you can use a lemon for an esrog, he is incorrect but he is not an apikores.

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    Caffeine pills.

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    The Torah doesn’t mention kangaroos, either. It is silly to believe that everything that exists should be explicitly mentioned in the Torah. As to non-explicit mentioning, I am sure it exists.

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    I would get a second opinion from another therapist if that is possible.

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    Apikoris is a definition not a punsihment.

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    “The correct term is Hagiography, not Biography.”

    “The only people who claim it is a biography don’t know that the word hagiography exists. Blame the Yeshiva system for not teaching English.”

    You realize that being a hagiography does not exclude something from being a biography. It is like saying it is not a fruit it is a red apple.

    As Rabbi Meriamm-Webster defines hagiography:

    1: BIOGRAPHY of saints or venerated persons

    2: idealizing or idolizing biography

    Before you rant about the Heiliga “Yeshiva system for not teaching English”, use a dictionary.

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    mosheemes2 Did i say in any post that all democracies will fail? (Although as a Jew I believe that all governments may fail before moshiach). I happen not to agree with your utopian view of demcracy. It may be the best form of government presently, but it is far from perfect. I repeatedly stated that his concern that individuals can vote themselves other’s money should be considered. Individuals in a democracy must be vigilant that it does not veer too strongly towards the socialist direction. You are viciously attacking a strawman of your own creation.

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    2000s can also refer to the millenium.

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    Rome was quasi democratic. The concept of a nation-state was developed after the American revolution. As an aside, why are we all subjugated to your arbitrary distinction?

    1 ok. point? chulent has been around longer(to attack my level of knowledge as having relevance to your ignorance has no logical sense.)

    2 ok. point? (Although tytler did speak about the benefits of democracy. He believed though that every lasting democracy will have elements of monarchy-power of the 1% if you will. he believed utopian democracy can’t exist. I didn’t pick sides in his debate with Montesquieu. I am simply pointing out his concern. you obviously did not read tytler. Read what he writes about Democracy and monarchy and repost.)

    3. Using your logic, let me make an analogy. If an analyst am concerned about i.e. bad business practices at let us say Goldman Sachs. The analysts then argues that these practices will caues Goldman-Sachs to collapse. It doesn’t. I wish to discuss these practices that the analyst was concerned about Using your logic one must assume that there can not be any problem with Goldman-Sachs and that it is silly to even discuss it. I hope you see the severe flaw in your logic.

    I am referring to the present quasi-socialist European countries that almost had complete financial collapses.

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    mosheemes2 you seem to simply ignore the many dynasties and monarchies that far outstrip 250 years. You also ignore the ancient democracies of Rome and Greecethat have collapsed. However, that is not my point. My point is that we have to be concerned about the issue that he mentioned. We have to be vigilant that people don’t vote money out of others’ pockets for selfish reasons. There are democracies in Europe that almost collapsed due to this concern. As to your understanding of Tytler, he was a phlosophic historian of sorts, to call him a monarchist is simple ignorance.

    Here is a google books link to his book. Read his writing before you label him based on quote attributed to him (This quote is slightly different than the original).

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    what do you call it- the zeros?

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    mosheemes2 I am pointing out the weakness that Tyrtle pointed out. It is a question that requires logical thought not an irrelevant attack on a man dead for almost 200 years. In addition, in defense of this dead man, your characterization of this dead man as a monarchist is false. He was just more cynical of the utopian democracy.

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    I don’t see how you can attack my perception of Mr. Tyrtle if I did not one word in that post was of my own creation. In addition I don’t see how his political affiliation has any effect on weakening his argument. The logic must be considered. In addition America has been around less than 350 years. Thats is quite slight in the historical perspective. Your understanding of British Monarchy as regards to the Mainland in that historic point is seemingly absent.

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    From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates

    who promise the most benefits from the public treasury,

    with the result that every democracy will finally collapse

    – Alexander Tytler 1787

    – Thomas Sowell

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are,

    ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

    – Ronald Reagan

    I live in apt building nex to an overgrown lot in BP. When we had a mouse problem, an exterminator, I think his name was Mr. Shafier came. He went through the entire apt, found a few holes and covered them up. We have not had a problem for the past few years since then. I think you need an exterminator whose expertise is mice.

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    When should we beat Hoshanas?

    in reply to: Succah on Shmini Atzeres #898886

    Which Rishon?

    in reply to: Mishneh Torah on Hoshana Rabbah #898771

    The Litvishe Kiryas Yoelite -Listening or Dalistening?

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    Buy new ones

    in reply to: Bugs in succah solutions? #898811

    If you don’t bring food you’ll have less bugs. Or dump some rotting food in your neighbors sukka so all the bugs will go to them.

    in reply to: Walking slow & holding with 1 hand #899264

    When you cut the line you make them walk even less. A lack of derech eretz may be a bigger issuer than not doing the full 7 swirls or a one hand hold. If you are really concerned add another table and it will move faster and spread out people so you can simply go around slow folk w/o cutting anyone off.

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    R’ Aharon Kotler forced chassidishe bochurim into the sukkah. Personally, I believe if you don’t wear a streimel/spodik go to the mikveh daily, send your kids to chassidishe chadorim, it is quite bizarre to retain only the most halachik problematic chassidish minhag.

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    mod 80-the robot slowly taking over our sou…. ahhh help someoneeee save meeeee

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    Don’t forget to take government aid into account, if you are eligible.

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    I’m a 25 year old guy in shidduchim and your question cannot be answered satisfactorily without a full understanding of what type of gy you are interested in. Boys get many shidduchim that all sound the sam on paper. Fortunately for me, my sister is quite talented on picking up on the character of girls to help me make my decision. However, for may boys there has to be a draw on your resume. If you are pretty, a picture will greatly help. if your parents have money make their job titles sound like they can help support a boy untill he turns 173. The same goes for your job title- walk the fine line between prestige sounding without an overload of sophistication. The most important thing is to network-not so much with shadchanim but with the neighborhood yentas. Although I dislike it, there is a subculture among dating boys (I have a hard time considering some of them men) in which certain girls/young ladies are much discussed. I must stress these ar generalities and if you would define your community and what you are looking for, you may gett a more specific answer. Good luck.

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    As a guy who is dating I often have moments of silence. Most guys have no training in having a nonstop conversation for 3-5 hours. It is unnatural for many men to have a nonstop fluid one on one conversation with even someone they love. I think you should take that into account and that most of your married life (I’m guessing, I’m still single) will not be spent on 5 hour conversations.

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    What annoys me is when a wedding hall and restaraunts illegally open in a residential neighborhood and I got to park 5 blocks away from my home.

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    Shmoel. Where does the Torah stipulate that one can’t choose to cease creating children after he was mekayem piryeh verivyah?

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    Spectrum, according to your interpretation of Rashi it would be assur to go to the internet asifah or the Siyum Hashas. They were held in “places of sports”.

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    Where do I pick up my prize?

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    Thanks, Justice 😉

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    I am interested in the positive. I try to leave the normative statements for my tantes. As an aside, how do you define obese?

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    Cloth is recommended al pi kabbalah, however buttons are better al pi halacha. I think it depends if a frock is a beged shel kedusha or shel kavod. If it is a din in kedusha in separating am yisroel from goyim than cloth is preferable, since it is more distinct from levush goyim. If it is a din in kavod i.e. kovod shel torah or kovod lefnei hamokom, lhavdil like is seen by the nobel prize dinner or other upperclass events, than buttons may be preferable. As always one should ask his rebbe before he switches from one kind of frock to another. Eilu VeEilu Divrei Elokim Chayim.

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