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    I work for an agency that helps people get goverment services, and could not agree with you more!

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    I would be Osama Bin Laden. Except I wouldn’t be him the whole day because I would kill myself in the morning… MOD-80 close enough to being superman and ridding the world of evil huh?

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    Definitely get a second opinion! Another think to factor into your equation might be how the fluid will affect the speech and language development of the child. My Dr. describes having fluid in the ears as “listening to someone talk underwater”. This will obviously affect a childs speech and language development.

    I know that a few years back Brooklyn College’s audiology department was doing a study on another way to remove fluid from the ears. I am not very familiar with the logistics of it, but it basically teaches do certain things to relieve the congestion… As i mentined I really don’t kow the logistics of it but it might be worth looking into…

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    I LOVE perplexus! I discovered it about a year ago and got it as a CHanuka gift this year. It’s so relaxing and intense at the same time! Getting passed the farther parts takes great fine motor skills… I love it!

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    “I am also angry about Yoga. Its full Avodas Zara. Its roots are deep in idol worship. THere are plenty of other exercises out there. In one Jewish Community Y, they had a teacher leading the yoga class but before you knew what was happening she was describing this “Gentle stretch over” to be like we are now worshipping the sun.??? “

    Yoga is actually a different kind of exercise then most. A big part of Yoga is the mindfullness and relaxation. Doing Yoga helps you learn to focus and to listen to your body. It also has wonderful stretches. I kow the origins of Yoga are religious, but in most places the instructors just use the names of the poses, without actually bringing in the religious part. Besides for that, alot of it is in sync with Judaism. For example, there is one set of stretches called the sun salutations. It is a series of stretches that relax the body. Doesn’t the Torah teach us to appreciate the fact that we have a sun? and, at the end of the day, most people dont actually bring in the religious part of it. They just call it the sun salutations because it’s the universal name for this particular set of stretches.

    In conclusion- if you’re afraid practicing yoga will shaken your faith, you have bigger issues. So don’t put down people who are just trying to exercise.

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    There is a new camp opening this summer- It’s called Camp Kaylie. It is being run by Ohel, nd the theme of the camp is acceptance. each bunk will be a mixture of children ho are typically developing and children who have special needs. The children with special needs will obviously be very high functioning and will be able to participate in the same activities as the typically developing children. There was a one week trial camp last summer, and the typically developing children did not lose out at all! It’s a novel idea and it’s bound to work out really well. The reason I am suggesting this camp is , as I mentioned earlier, the theme is acceptance. Everyone will be accepted by their peers as they are, despite their different abilities and dfferent backgrounds. The camp is seperate for boys and girls- one month each. The grounds are beutiful! Theres a huge lake with water activities, an outdoor heated pool, a rock climbing wall, a go carting course, a zipline, nature trails, and much much more. The bunkhouses and the grounds in general are in really good condition. you can find out more about the camp at . It might be a good idea for you…

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    Ive read this post a couple of times and i think i hit upon a really good idea- MYOB! which by the way stands for Mind Your Own Bussiness. I am one of those girls who wears so called shorter skirts and I will not stop just because some random stranger tells me off… Also, please realize that if my skirt is “short” I am generally struggling with something else. I am working to become a better Jew. You might not see that as your eyes will stray straight to the bottom of my skirt and you’ll denounce me as part of the epidemic… Which brings me to my next point- If it bothers you that much, work on yourself not to notice it! You work on yourself, and Ill work on myself- in whatever areas we each choose. And when you walk down the street and you do notice someone wearing clothing that you deeem as being not tznius enough, try to imagine what other areas this person can be working on and what struggles they are faceong. And when I see you staring at me, I will try to judge you favorably and imagine that you have different nisyonos that you are working on. Does anyone agree that this seems like a reasonable plan?

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    Good point. So why don’t you stop complaining aabout everyone complaining and do something about it?

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    How old is your son(age range)? and do you have a half an hour block of time every day- or 3 times a week where you can “play ” with him?

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    You definately would be better off hiring a slp and ot to work with your son. If it is not an option, there is an amazing book called “the out of sync child” that deals with individuals with si issues. “Activities for the out of sync child” has specific activity ideas that enhance sensory intergration. What i found really helpfull, was puttin the child on a sensory diet, where they get different types of sensory input throughout the day. I have seen remarkable improvement in individuals on a sensory diet that included vestibular input, proprioceptive input,tactile input- especially deep pressure, and joint compressions….Good Luck!

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    another idea which worked really well was human board games. wed play human tic tac toe, and complicate it by asking question. whichever team answered the question correctly got to place one person on the board… We playe endless rounds as everyone loved it!

    How about dividing it into 2 30 min activities with a break for drinks and bathrooms?

    Another idea would be to assign this slot to something permanent- eg leaugues. Every day, this hour would be for leagues- each bunk would play a competitive sport/activity before this hour, and then all the winners would play against each other. This could add competitiveneess to camp, as it could be a full summer contest…

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    I was headcounselor as well, and when we had long time slots, we generally prepared activities with a few steps. for example, we set up 4-5 different centers, each center had another activity/game. the kids would go to each aactivity for 5-7 minutes and then the hc would blow hteir whistle and everybody would move to the next center.

    Another activity we prepared was a hunt with something atttached to it. EG we would hide watermelons- ( dress as a baby and p ut in a carriage) and have each bunk find them. once they were found, the bunks needed to create something with the watermelon, based on a theme…

    Good luck!

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    “Hashem is the one that gave the children to their parents created their personalities as well, and I certainly think He designed the perfect fit.”

    And no one is doubting that. However, who said the perfect fit meant that everyones personalities would match perfectly. Maybe a parent was given a child whos personality irittated them, in order for them to learn to grow. Perfect is relative.

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    Poppa- you say that many times issues are caused by bad parenting. So how do you explain the teens who are off the derech, who come from amazing homes? The sons and daughters of Rabbis in the community, who are not religous, yet whos siblings are the cream of the crop?

    I have researched a phenomena called “poorness of fit”. In short, it explais how sometimes the personalities of a parent and their child clash, and leaves the blame out of the equation entirely.

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    artchill- that was a very daring and blatant statemnent- and a really harsh judgement. As a matter of fact most teens that leave the fold dont live their lives like “meaningless zombis”. They hold down jobs, go to college, and make people of themselves..

    But you are right. Many a time its not a straight out act of choice. Its not like every teenager is presented with 2 ways of life on a silver platter and asked to choose. At the same time, its the little choices that lead to them going off the derech. Many times these little choices are influenced by their mental illness. EG, if someone has BPD and does not know how to deal with their emotions, then chances are when they are angry, insteaad of dealing with it in a healthy manner, they will turn the anger inwards and do something self destructive… Which in turn will lead them to beleive that they are bad, and once they’re bad anyways then why not do xyz?

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    Jewish Girl- although that might be the case for some people with eating disorders, it isnt true across the board. In many cases, individuals with an ed have developed it as a coping mechanism to deal with stressers in their life. Other times, its an issue of control- no one can tell me what to eat or what size to be. Generally, when it is a body image issue, the base of it is not lack of attention. It can be low self esteem- i am such a pig for eating like this, bad influences- freinds or caregivers who themselves have issues and teach young children that its not ok to like themselves if they are not size 2. Alot of these causes can not be solved by giving young girls more attention…

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    Does anyone know the words to Yossi Greens Anavim anavim? I have been trying to figure them out forever. ALso if you kow the translation, because anovim with an aleph and an ayin mean two very diff things…

    in reply to: Ripped Off Working In Camps #685751

    I mentioned ResHab- and someone else gave a few numbers. The agency that i did reshab through was

    Ohel Bais Ezra

    718 686 3458

    in reply to: Reading Teacher/Specialist #928554

    Bozo- I actually know a few people who mastered in speech and specialized in audiology. It seems to me that the market is flooded with mainstream proffesionals, but there is always a need for specialists. I personally know three parents that are looking for feeding therapists, and another few that need a sensory intergration therapist…

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    I know someone who had six girls and he named them







    Nathalie- I know someone who named her daughter for Nes Ali- Natalie as she had a difficult birth…

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    I think whats missing is an awareness. People don’t know what to look out for. If teachers and educators would be taught to look out for the warning signs of eating disorders, they might be able to intervene and refer the “victim” to a therapist who would be able to help them. If parents would be aware of this as well, they might be able to use preventative measures to ensure that they aren’t pushing their kids in the direction of an eating disorder.

    Once there is an awareness of these eating disorders, and preventative measures are put it in place, there needs to be a place where people can go for help, once they are diagnosed. So far, most of the therapists who deal with victims of eating disorders aren’t Jewish/frum. Likewise the inpatient units created to help people with eating disorders are not kosher. These places/therapist help people get their lives back on track. They also teach them healthy eating habits, and they help their clients deal with the issues that pushed them towards eating disorders.

    There is a method called Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, where people are taught the basics of living. DBT has proven very helpful in helping people with eating disorders, PTSD, and BPD.

    At this point, its hard to send a young high school girl for dbt, because this would require them dealing intensely with and learning from a non religious/non jewish therapist. If there were frum dbt therapists, maybe more young girls would be able to get help in an appropriate environment, as soon as they are diagnosed…

    Lastly, the stigma attached to any mental health disorder is so strong. If the community would be educated on mental health, its parameters and effects, maybe it wouldn’t be shoved under the rug. Maybe people would be able to accept people with eating disorders as people who have a medical issue. And then maybe these people would be able to accept themselves…

    Reading this post again, i realize that whats most important in helping these people is AWARENESS to prevent stigma, so people with eating disorders are recognized and helped…

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    Have you ever considered doing residential habilitation? Its a make your own hours job, and its extremely fullfilling. you get paid at least 12-14 dollars an hour. It looks good on your resume and theres alot of training involved. The best part of it is that its so so so so rewarding. You get to work with a child who has special needs, and help them reach goals, designed to hel them be more functional…

    Also, there are many agencies that have programs at the end of the summer where you get paid 300 dollars for ten days, six hours a day…

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    Both. I think theres a feeling of being shunned/ misunderstood for feeling certain things/ acting in a certain way. This cuauses a teen to be more likely to rebel. If the teen has good friends, he/she will seek help from a therapist who is weel versed in and excepting of mental disorders. If however, the teen is hanging out with the wrong crowd chances are they will turn to drugs and alchohol and through that get theraputic help eventually…

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    Could it be though that if things wouldnt be covered up as much people wouldnt feel as inclined to seek outside help? Also, just because theyre not recognized, doesnt mean theyre not there…

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    Not everyone that wears designer brands pays more for them. I have a friend, who when given the choice, pays more for something if it doesnt have a designer label in order to avoid wearing it. I think obsession in either direction is unhealthy.

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