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    Wow. I am literally shocked at how many from people are considering voting for Hillary. I think sometimes Trump supporters (and the man himself) are less than articulate so I would like to explain my personal support for Mr. Trump even though I was not supporting him from the beginning. (I also think many people on this chat are responding to the media narrative and are turned off from Trump’s course approach, which I believe we have to look past at this point in time)

    1) I believe that one of the main reasons (as I see expressed) people fear Trump is because of this phantom word “presidential”. True, Trump is not a seasoned politician, and he does not speak with sweeping rhetoric that inspire it’s listener. He is a businessman. Any business people on this chat will understand that in business what makes you successful is not how pretty your language is, but whether or not you can cut through the nonsense, listen to the relevant opinions, and lead the charge for real change. Most people who have sat in the room with Trump have said that they were surprised at what a great listener he is and how he really can get along with all types of people. NOBODY is successful in business by alienating everyone. I think people misunderstand this man and the way he operates. They mistake toughness and bluntness with arrogance.

    2) I think, as Jews, we should agree with most of Trump’s policies. He will appoint conservatives to the Supreme court (we will be living in a very different world as a religious person if Hillary appoints her liberal judges), he will support the police over rioters, he will support Israel (he has been a great friend to Jews during his entire business career), he will repeal the Johnson amendmant and allow religious institutions to speak their minds, he will not apologize for religion and destroy the liberal PC agenda where you are racist or Islamaphobic if you condemn violence or want to be cautious about radical Islam, and he will not bring Muslems into this country who sympathize with extreme elements of Islam and may eventually radicalize. (PEOPLE – this has NOTHING to do with Judaism (unless you think Jews will become terrorists in the near future). If anything Hillary is more dangerous for the Jews because she will find an excuse to scapegoat Israel in any conflict)

    3) I believe, contrary to what people say, Trump is a very good man. People who know him well like Giuliani, Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, and countless people who work for him say he is kind and quietly charitable. I know many instances of him helping Jews and victims without it being publicized initially. I am VERY impressed with his kids, and you do not have good kids by accident. He raised them to be responsible and insisted no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. Imagine having that message from the white house!

    4) There are countless more, but let me end by saying Hillary is dangerous. She believes we live in a racist country, wants to turn this country into a more socialist society (more dependency, higher taxes, income redistribution), wants to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, won’t seal the border, will apologize for Islam, she is a liar/corrupt – out for her own interests, and is anti-Judaism on all social issues.

    Feel free to argue – I like to go back and forth and will listen to all opinions. Try to look past the media sphere people!

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    The reason why very few people will never be convinced in the topic of non Jew music is that people are too emotionally invested in the music they enjoy. No amount of rational thinking can convince a person differently than they already feel or force a person to be objective.

    Jewish is a birth status. It is not a description of a correct standard of behavior. There are plenty of irreligious ‘Jews’ with no concept of torah, who unfortunately promote immorality in this country. Therefore whoever said there is no such thing as Jewish music is correct, unless you want to say the cultural Jewish tunes like the old European ‘klesmer’ type of sound. However, this does not mean that there is no correct type of music for a Yarei Shamayim. It is for this reason that music is so relative to a person’s madreiga, and the madreiga they wish to be on. The music of a frum Yarei shamayim (Torah music – whatever you want to call it) is only music that uplifts and brings a person closer to Hashem. Period. It is this way with everything in life. Nothing deserves the brand of frum or torah status if it is not aimed to inspire. The majority of the so called mainstream “Jewish” music does not do that in fact it does basically the opposite – the composers try to capture the wild culture of the goyim, stick in a few Hebrew words and hide beneith the cover of ‘Jewish music.” There is a tremendous ta’ava for this – no question, just like other aspects of a secular society are appealing. There is a lot of neutral secular music out there like classical or some may argue disney or whatever, but the bottom line is, the second you start picking and choosing, chances are you will end up listening to wild, destructive songs as well. However, I truly believe parents need to teach that children that just because a frum Jew is singing it, it does not mean that it is good for your neshama. It is truly one of the challenges of this generation.

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    BJJ: (very big – 160,170 girls)Extremely academic. Very intellectual but their focus in not specifically on self taught learning. They like lectures but the lectures are supposed to be amazing. Quite a bit memorizing but supposed to be beautiful lessons. The common denominator is that the girls are all smart. There are girls from all backgrounds. They are all studious and conscientious and take their work seriously. But you will have girls who decided between BJJ and Michlalah but also girls who come from extremely frum and yeshivish houses. They have everything there. If your smart and enjoy brilliant lectures you can probably fit in there. Work is extremely hard though. A lot of hachana and busy work.

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    Here is my impression of the other three you mentioned – THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION from what I’ve seen

    Masores Rochel: (Big 100- 150) So I don’t know tons about this seminary but from what I’ve heard and the girls I’ve met this is my impression. It is very hard. Textual learning and a lot of work. Rebbetzin Tarshish is supposed to be unbelievable. It is a very in town seminary with an in town feel but it’s also quite yeshivish. They are pretty into their clothes and some would call it quite jappy. There is supposedly a lot of girls who had really good jobs in school and are quite popular. It’s supposedly a pretty high pressure place when it comes to peer pressure. If you are the type of girl that is not scared off by that dynamic and is the popular, smart in towner who comes from a pretty yeshivish background then I would say go for it.

    Binas: (Smallish – 60, 70 girls) It’s a new seminary so this is all speculative. The girls who I know who went there give me the impression that they are really nice girls but not especially open. I would call it the atypical, yeshivish girl who is insistent on having a mind of their own. The girls there also have personality, they are pretty loud – definitely not boring kids. But they are not the type to sit around and talk about culture. They are trying to be academic but I’m not sure what the work is like.

    Bnos Sarah: (Largish 90-100 girls) Bnos Sarah’s reputation has blasted over the last few years and it has become one of the hardest seminaries to get into. It has an extremely sweet and friendly reputation with girls who care about each other and have little peer pressure. It is very academic with a lot of work and classes in Hebrew but I think the learning is more like BJJ with a bit more memorizing and inspiring, beautiful classes then ultra intellectual and self taught learning. It is a very out of town environment with little to no peer pressure and girls who are very open minded but not ultra modern. The girls are in a few words: open, extremely sweet, spiritual and smart. It has a lot of work but it’s supposed to be interesting stuff

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    I’m in Machon Raaya this year. I came home for my brothers wedding and I remember when I was the one anxiously asking for information on here:) So basically if you have any specific questions about this years crowd then i can tell you. It’s quite bigger then last year even though it was not anticipated. It did become slightly different then years before, and it depends what your daughter wants. Machon Raaya is definitely a superb seminary for someone who belongs there. I can’t quite get a complete picture of how open your daughter is from your description but let me say this. The work is very interesting – not busy work but work that you need to use your head. A lot of hachana, deciphering meforshim, and challenging reports. The electives are brilliant and the way that girls can arrange their schedule is amazing. Mrs. Rosenblum is probably one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She cares about each girl in a way that I have never seen and she will go to any length to make a girl happy.

    The girls are all extremely impressive. They are smart, poised and confident but this year there are a nice amount of trendy/popular and partyish girls. They are all nice people but it might be a little less warm and friendly this year because of the amount of girls. It is not a yeshivish crowd but the girls are extremely solid. The girls are extremely open and there is no pressure to be something you are not which is beautiful. There are some seriously incredible girls there as far as middos and desire to grow. The girls are also mostly extremely out of the box. They love having a good time and although it is an academic seminary it is not a pressured environment. If your daughter is open then she will 100% find her crowd. But since its bigger it might take a little longer then it wold have in the past. If you have any specific questions about MR this year I would be happy to try to answer for you.

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    I have a headache from all of these exclamation marks…Global and US History are really easy regents. Good luck with trig next year. I studied like an absolute maniac for that regent.

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    I also applied to Bnos Chava and Ateres. Ateres totally wasnt for me. If I didnt get into Machon Raya then I would have gone to Bnos Chava. But to be honest I really didnt want to go there…way too big and not as warm and not as out of town. Sooo happy Machon Raya worked. So what did you guys think of Mrs. Rosenblum?

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    Ooh! A really good friend of mine is going IYH. Shes an unbelievable-amazing girl. Hope you have a great year!

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    Dont worry 13. It sounds like the type of place you make friends in a minute. And yeah – I definitely am excited for you out of towners. They are usually the nicest, most normal people! (tell me if Im wrong hehe) Even the in towners who go are the types who arent New Yorkers etc through and through and they really want to go live in some random city.

    So how was all of your interviews? Were you all confident that you were going to get in before you got in? And I hope you all know how to chill because even though I plan on working really hard we are going to party a lot as well – thats an order! No spending the whole year with your head buried in books and notes. I love their elective system – its so awesome.

    Did I mention that Im SOOOOOOOOO excited??

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    What in the world is snobby in this post?

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    OMG sounds awesome – especially Texas! Haha dont ask Im obsessed with texas for some odd reason. So you basically articulated word for word what I wanted as well and ye ever since the open house I was obsessed. I think they have their own basketball court – awesome! So yeah it seems like the only place with smart, mature, OPEN minded and NICE girls. Thats just the perfect combo!

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    omg this is awesome. We already got five coffee room members going to machon raya! So so far we got






    Thats five. Not bad at all. It actually makes sense because we are the gals who are open minded and actually know what internet is! So heres a question for the panel – what made you decided to go to Machon Raaya? Im very interested if we are all going for the same reasons. Its crazy because its the only place I wanted to go and it was my worst interview! BH is all I can say.

    Btw TorahistheIkur dont be scared – I dont know ONE person going. But thats the great part about seminary I think – you really start with a clean slate.

    Supposedly there are being a lot of out of towners this year – Im so excited to meet some girls from Texas:)

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    No clue what the dress code is – would love to hear. As for scholarships I really dont know. I know Im gonna try to do Touro Israel Option for pell grants etc. Of course there is Masa and tap but Id love to hear about some more. What did your school tell you?

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    Hey tickle me pink and dancestar- I also got into Machon Raya!!!!! I was seriously screaming when it came. Im so excited! Are you going? Because IYH I am:) I hope to see ya there haha!

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    Congrats on getting in:) I remember when we were discussing ateres with candy613 the whole summer. I happen to have gotten in as well but I plan on going to Machon Raya IYH. Hatzlacha on your decision.

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    “chances are ateres is not as accepting if u would like a job outside a jewish only workplace (teacher at a jewish school) and not if would like u to marry a guy that works (becuase he only studied in yeshivah for 3 years and went to uni to support his family)…”

    Totally untrue..I met the principals and they are the most accepting people. Here’s the story in Ateres. I think they’re main thing is that everyone is nice. Seriously. Principals, the girls etc. I dont think I met one snob who went or wanted to go there. So thats the first big plus. All the girls are extremely growth oriented. It is an extremely accepting place which understands the problems and the challenges of girls today and dont try to mold you into a specific form. They let you find yourself. It is not considered so yeshivish at all and they would have no issue with the above….I dont know where you go that from. Now they are considered a Bais Yaakov seminary so they do have a dress code, and certain rules about not listening to non jewish music, watching movies in the dorm etc. it could be that holds true in darchei bina as well I dont know..But as for being accepting there is no question. Its supposed to be a great environment but if she is scared the girls will be too frum then maybe it is not for her. But they are definitely all open minded, maybe even more so then other BY seminaries

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    Hey. How do you know so early where you are going? They didnt even send out acceptance letters yet…Anyway, I happened to have applied to bnos chava as well and IYH I will have to make a decision probably next week. I actually applied there as a backup but then was really impressed with the girls and the principal when I went to my interview. So now Im open to it but I dont really know much about it. Questions:

    1) What are the girls like? It has a reputation for being jappy which actually doesnt bother me as long as they are NICE people. Thats the main thing for me. Peer pressure? Homey atmosophere? Are there out of towners etc..

    2) Academics – I know its supposed to be academic which I want but what kind of work is it? More reports and in text learning or more test with memorization? Is it considered a textual seminary?

    3) Teachers – what are they like? Approachable? Open? Nice…?

    I know its considered an open minded place but I dont know how out of the box it is…if you can let me know all the above it would be amazing. Thank you so much.

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    Yussel “jewish” music today is not “jewish” anymore. very few are. But Bach, Mozart and Beethoven is 100% better to listen to then most of the “jewish” music garbage of today. That music is merely an art and it doesnt bring anyone down. Some Rabbanim are known to listen to classical music. It doesnt help that a Jew composed it as I said again and again…its what motivated them when they composed it.

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    Shraga18 I agree with you 100%. This isnt his first video to cross the line however. Hang up the phone was a disgrace and I was embarrassed when I first saw it.

    There is so much to say on this subject but I usually end up on rant when I start so I wont. But I must say anon577 that the kiruv excuse is the oldest in the book. Its just a lame excuse to make music that has no Torah or Jewish values. If he truly is meaning this for the non frum crowd then dont publicize it on Jewish websites or put it on your albums. Use it only for outreach and specify that it is not for the frum ears. The point is that hundreds of Jewish teens are attracted to his music and other music (I wonder why?) and for them the next step is non Jewish music unfortunately. I shudder to think of the amount of lost souls that are stacking up against these ‘Jewish’ singers who have led them astray by refusing to provide kosher music. I honestly feel bad for them.

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    HI again! Yeah dancestar I also applied to Bnos Chava but have no interest to go there. Im also praying that I get into Machon Raaya. Hope to see ya next year IYH!

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    Hey again! Im so happy to help you out – and yeah if we both end up there Ill make an announcement: “Attention shmeichel67!” and everyone will think I fell off the moon and itll be awesome…

    But anyway back to your question. Yeah so Im not applying to Bnos Sara because its probably too yeshivish for me, but I have a friend whos applying to Bnos Sara and Machon Raya. So heres what I think. The seminaries are similar in that they are both small, academic, and very nice, mature kids. Machon Raya is just a more open minded version of Bnos Sara. My two friends who are applying to Bnos Sara are both more yeshivish then me but they are also super nice and mature. So there are comparisons between them as far as learning and the out of town atmosphere but theres probably gonna be a more chilled, open environment in Machon Raya as far as what the girls are exposed to. Dont get me wrong. All the girls in Machon Raya are great girls, not rebellious or anything. But they dont necessarily come from houses where they were extremely sheltered. Im very much that way. Bnos Sara probably a bit more in the box. So yea – if Bnos Sara is not for you that does not mean at all that Machon Raya isnt. Somebody once told me that the gils in Bnos Sara want to be ‘sincere Aishes Chayils’…I think thats really admirable but its so not me. So I think Bnos Sara is definitely more aidel maidel and airy fairy while the girls in Machon Raya are just growing inside and not really talking about it or acting all ‘head in the clouds’. They are really very down to earth!

    As for rules. Im definitely looking for a place where they run on trust. The mechaneches said at the open house that they choose girls that they can trust and they treat the girls like the adults that they are and are turning into. Like other seminaries have rules about not wearing your hair down or stuff like that – totally not in Machon Raya. They have their dress code – button down and pleated like everywhere else but its supposed to be really chilled. Theyre curfew is 10:30 I think and they have courtyard curfew at 11:30. But besides for that they didnt mention any rules. They said they advise the girls on where not to go etc but they really trust them.

    Any more questions Id be glad to answer! May I ask where else you are thinking of applying? Because Im going slightly crazy. I dont want to go anywhere else but Machon Raaya! So if I dont get in (Chas Vashalom! haha) Im really up the creek.

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    Hey! So IYH I plan on going to Machon Raya next year if I get in. I originally was a little nervous about the girls and was scared that they were to ‘nose in the book’ type and I was also worried about the atmosphere but then I went to their open house and I walked out obsessed! I absolutely loved the alumni that they had there and they were really helpful helping to get me a picture of the place. This is what I picked up.

    The girls are mostly very smart, they are going there to learn but they also really know how to chill. They said that the work is hard but its fulfilling and the atmosphere isnt a pressured atmosphere. They said for example the night before a test they were just playing games and chilling. They all do their work but they dont let it take them over. I went over to the alumni after the open house and told them I was scared that I wouldnt have time to chill and one girl piped up, “You’re worried about chilling? Come talk to me!” She told me that the advantage of their system is that you can create your own schedule. So she for example decided that Sunday was gonna be her major work day so she had the afternoons of most of the rest of the days off. I think its an amazing system.

    The girls also looked really mature. I was just so impressed with all of them! They were down to earth, very open minded and just really all around girls! They passed around pictures of the girls from this year and they looked soo cute! When I saw they were playing basketball and I was soo excited! (Theyre dorms are stunning and I think they have their own gym).

    The girls are supposedly half and half – half out of town and half NY/NJ. I think its a great balance. They said the girls from NY who went there were the types who didnt want to be with New Yorkers. So in summary it looked like an unbelievable place for girls who are intellectual, mature, open minded and want a challenge but at the same time know how to chill and have fun.

    If you have any questions I could try to tell you what they said at the open house and what girls have told me. Good Luck!

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    Anybody know about Bnos Chava who maybe went there? People have told me that the girls are jappy and immature but I dont know who to believe. Also – whats the work like? High school style or more individual learning?

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    Hey! Good to be back. I actually went to Ateres’s open house last week to get a feel. The girls look unbelievably nice and open and it looks like they have a great balance between hashkafa and text. I loved Mrs. Sokol if thats her name:) I thought of candy while I was sitting there it was quite funny. The thing Im drawing back on is that Im not sure if the girls are my type. They seemed incredibly nice as I said but I wasnt finding the intensity/personality that I am used to. Its probably because the majority of girls were out of town. Im not saying this is bad its just not me. They all seemed extremely good hearted and always wanting to do the right thing which is nice.

    I actually went to Machon Rayas open house as well and was extremely impressed. The girls, type of learning etc all seemed perfect and Im really excited! IYH if I get in I do plan on going there as of now but we’ll see if anything changes. I just really want an alternative place that I want to go to but I cant think of one. So now Im think Bnos Chava – Anybody know anything about it? Some people told me that theyre very jappy and not necessarily mature so I dont know what to think. IYH itll work out.

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    First let me clarify. I never for one second comdemn The Zone for using non Jewish music. I understand that they have poskim who have given them heteirim and I know everything they do is Al Daas Torah. I just fundamentally don’t agree with that philosophy and Ive seen how its had an effect on a few of my friends who were staff there. I just know that I would be muttering under my breath the entire summer which isnt very conducive for a positive experience. I also am a little bit more low key then my friends and dont love just screaming and acting crazy as much as they do so thats another reason I was moving away from Girl Zone.

    I also wanted to know what type of learning program they have in negila and how they get the staff involved with the kids if they are not yet couselors.

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    Yeah I am – I just still need to get a clarity of exactly what the girls program is like.

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    Ok thanks! I guess I might need to ask about the work later in the year

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    thanks a ton bygirl93! I also wanted to know what exactly the girls are like in negila. I have heard that the staff is more yeshivish then girl zone which scares me because Im not exactly a very yeshivish kid. Im totally not rebellious or anything i just come from a more open and less sheltered house.

    Also – what type of job can I have in Negila if Im not a counselor?

    The reason I dont like the Girl Zone option even though tons of my friends go there is because I fundamentally disagree with their whole approach to non Jewish music etc and I know if I go there I will be muttering under my breath. Also I think im right when I say that its a very Ra ra ra crowd, with everyone acting crazy etc which isnt exactly me. I love to have fun but Im a little more low key.

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    ontheball – may I ask what type your daughter is and what type she has found the girls there to be? Mostly yeshivish wise I am speaking but personality as well

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    Id like to know as well

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    Hey again guys. Candy – just wondering what Rabbi Belsky is like. I dont know anything about him. Whats his derech when it comes to his girls?

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    Candy613 from the way you are describing the tracks it sounds like the first track has more work, harder tests, less time to prep in class etc but do they learn on a higher level? Thats what I really want – not just more work. My friend who switched from my school to another went to my principal and told her that she didnt feel challenged so my principal told her that they would give her extra work. Thats not what she wanted! So what is really going on in that top class?

    It also sounds like most of the textual parts and skills you gain are on your own – is that true? In class its mostly airy fairy stuff and conversations? I like the debates and discussions but I really enjoy the great meforshim and deep gemara type stuff. Thats why Im thinking Machon Raya might be more for me. I want the substance – I believe thats what Im inspired by more then the rest. Also the top class doesnt have class time for prep? Because that also sounds like just giving them more work as opposed to learning on a higher level. I wish I could talk to you in person – its very hard to get to the bottom on here. Thanks a ton!

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    ontheball – its not about challenging myself. of course I want to be challenged. But I dont call a tremendous overwhelming workload a challenge – I call that just taking up your time. I want the actual work to be challenging and intelectual without having to spend my whole year with my nose in a book. Also – is the work memorizing? Because I hate that from high school that the teachers lecture, you take notes and go home and memorize 30 pages. I want to be involved in the learning and be tested in a way that is not spit back.

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    ok bymrer = can you explain exactly how hard it is. Meaning – is it the type of stuff that if I want to get good marks I wont be able to relax on Shabbos because I need to study. Definitely not interested in that. Also – do you have men teachers and ones with like boundless knowledge:) Let me know. Thanks a ton!

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    So I just finished going on and on with questions about Ateres, Machon Raya and Meohr in a different post but now after reading your post about Bnos Sara and reports my interest was suddenly sparked again. So Im very confused about Bnos Sara since everyone is telling me something else so maybe if you went there elmos world you can help me get to the bottom of it.

    First of all – are the girls there worldly. I come from a family that is probably the strangest combination on the yeshivish spectrum. My parents are extremely ‘yeshivish minded’ people and all my father wants to do is sit and learn but yet you wont find two people who know more about the world. Believe me – they know everything from politics to famous celebrities. So basically my parents believe – if its ok its ok. So for example my brother would learn until 11 o clock every night but yet he is very into sports and he is an avid Jet,Knick and Met fan. (no wise cracks please hehe) Im just trying to give a picture. I grew up watching only the clean movies (disney animations and the like) and of course my family does not listen to non Jewish music. So finding a seminary that fits my family is close to impossible and Im not even bothering to try to find it anymore. So I ended up a combination just like the rest of my family and thats why my school is really puzzled by me I think because Baruch Hashem, Bli Ayin Hara I am a great student – high 90s and I love learning but yet I dont fit into the Yeshivish box that is my school. Im not rebellious but i am five times more worldly then 99% of my school. So back to Bnos sara – is it the type of place that the girls know about the world and are very open minded or do they fit more into that yeshivish stereotype (which I totally respect by the way – its just not me). Whew….Im worn out.

    Also – I really dont want to work so hard. Deep classes, intellectually challenged, but not tons of work.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I really do need more info about Machon Raya. In actuality how hard is it and also if the girls there have a lot of personality and love having fun or are they just a bunch of bookworms. One of the reasons Im afraid to go to an Academic seminary is that I dont want a bunch of serious girls with no personality.

    Also, I thought of a question that nobody answered about Ateres! My friend went to BJJ and she told me that Chumash was basically just Chumash and Rashi just Chumash and Rashi in her own words ‘like you never learnt it before’. Thats really not up my ally and not my style. I enjoy textual based subjects and would rather learn tons of meforshim inside then just learn rashi and have the teacher qoute a bunch of medrashim outside and mention a bunch of chazals to right down. I feel when you learn kli yakars, rambans, sefornos…ya know the works…you feel much more like your learning yourself as opposed to just being lectured to. So I know that Machon Raya is very into the girls learning on their own etc but I dont know about Ateres. So candy – one more time:)

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    So the last time I checked this post there were 80 posts and when I came back there were 97 and I was like: whoaahhh!!!!

    Anyway, thanks all of you guys for your advice. I feel so much more at ease now since Im pretty sure that Im going to apply to Meohr, Ateres, and Machon Raya and then we’ll see from there! Machon Raya also sounds amazing although Im a little nervous about the work and the personality of the girls and then Ateres Im worried about the opposite: the caliber of the girls and the intellectual challenge. So we will see what happens. But it definitely helps to have all you online mentors – keep the advice coming! Also if there are any other seminaries I should know about – let me know! See my previous post for a detailed description of what I am looking for.

    Nanny it would be awesome to cya next year – IYH we’ll see.

    By the way just technically – when do girls start applying, when are interviews, and when do the acceptance letters get sent out? I am so anxious to finish high school that sitting through class is almost unbearable and its only the third day!!! Hopefully Ill survive somehow. Im thinking maybe I should clep this year since my school offers no college courses and there are a lot of useless subjects in English. (Dont get me started)

    Thanks again!

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    Candy613 I cant thank you enough for all your information. I emailed all your posts to my friend who is also looking into Ateres and she was very excited as well. Nanny maybe we will end up together and we’ll be like: “Hey! Were you the one on YeshivaWorld who was talking to candy613!! Oh my gosh HI!” lol that sounds really funny but who knows!

    One last question Candy if your still there! You emphasized that they dont target the best student etc, however do they value smart at all? Baruch Hashem I am a very good students and get high 90s so I dont want to be in a place where they wont value that at all. Also I do want to be with high caliber girls. So are they girls there because they couldnt get into a more academic seminary or are there great students there as well who just didnt want the crazy overwhelming work thing. (Like me:) Because I dont want to be with a bunch of girls who all got 70s and 80s in school – I like smart people:) Thanks again for all your help. By the way – you mentioned that your doing college now – are you doing Touro?

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    Thanks candy sounds great. Do they also talk about emunah a lot. things like – why are we jewish, what we are supposed to do in this life, proofs that our religion is the truth – things like that…

    Also were there teachers that you were counting the minutes? Also were the teachers very down to earth? I happen to come from a very yeshivish school that I totally dont belong in (long story how I ended up there) and one thing I cant stand is that all my teachers are like Rebbetzin types who dont understand the challenges of teenagers today or identify with it. Thanks a lot again!

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    nanny that would be cool lol! Ive thought that Bnos Sara was more yeshivish but I dont know now. Somebody once told me that everyone there wanted to be true aishes chayils and although that is respectable its so not me. So can you describe exactly what type the girls are in bnos sara. Are they very wordly or more in a box.

    Also nanny – where do you live because in brooklyn they dont give marks as a and b and c but number marks so thats so cool.

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    Ty Very much! The only thing you didn’t answer was about men teachers

    in reply to: Seminary options? #907844

    thank you so much for your responses! You dont know how helpful it is. It is extremely overwhelming to look at all these seminaries and try to narrow it down to two or three to apply to. A couple of more questions:)

    1) You say that Ateres is not so academic – does that mean that its easy and that Ill feel totally unchallenged? I know that I keep repeating myself but I definitely do want to be intellectually challenged – I just want that without an extremely overwhelming workload. So just checking on that.

    2) What is their dress code?

    3) I happen to really respect men teachers and love their boundless knowledge. Are there a lot of men teachers or are they mostly women?

    4) How would you compare Ateres to Machon Raya since that is a place that I am also seriously considering.

    5) What schools did girls from Ateres come from?

    6) Do they have trips etc during the year?

    Thanks again!

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    There is some really valuable information here about Ateres which Im finding very helpful – thank you candy613! So since you said you love talking about your seminary I hope you dont mind if I jump on the bandwagon with a couple of questions.

    1) What made you ultimately decide to go to Ateres?

    2) Would I be intellectually challenged in Ateres. I happen to be a very studious girl in high school and get very good marks Baruch Hashem but I honestly dont want to kill myself like I have done over the last years in High school. However I love learning and really want deep classes that make you think and classes that they are not just restating the obvious. The good stuff in other words! One thing I hate about high school is that the work is to a great degree just memorizing your notes. I dont want that type of work in seminary. I want work that I will enjoy and will be intellectual, not just memorizing a bunch of facts and chazals.

    3) Are there a lot of rules? I really want to be in a place with mature girls who the hanhalla trusts and dont feel they have to impose a million rules to keep them in check.

    4) Are there a million tests throughout the year? I happen to enjoy reports ten times better then tests because I can create and add my own thoughts instead of just memorizing and spitting back. Is that something they encourage? Also how hard and intellectual is the first track? Will it be the type of work that Ill feel like I cant relax on shabbos or go out if I want to?

    I have more questions but I dont want to scare you so Ill stop now. Thank you so much for your time!!

    I am basically looking for a seminary with extremely nice, mature girls who have personality, are extremely openminded and worldly but yet are BY type, want to grow and do the right thing. I want to be intellectually challenged and have teachers who I can connect to and will have answers to my questions while not killing myself with an overwhelming amount of work. People tell me this is a dream seminary but Im gonna try to find a place as close to this as possible. Thanks a ton!

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    Thanks for the information. I am thinking towards a career as a graphic/web designer so I will probably do something along the lines of computer science for design or programming. I dont know anyone who has went to touro on that track so I have absolutely no clue if they are at all competent in that area.

    Another thing, If I dont do Touro – for that profession choice – is there any other option? Accounting and special ed there are other non co ed options but for computer science etc I dont know of any.

    Thank you for your help

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    Save your money: someday it might be worth something

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    Welcome Back!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with other people.

    I have a lot of questions but this is one I was thinking about recently.

    When you went out into the world were there a lot of things that turned you off about the goyim and what is going on in that lifestyle that caused you to rethink the path that you took or did you not think about it until you saw the better alternative? If so what kind of things were they specifically?

    in reply to: Matisyahu – what are you doing with his cds? #886227

    I apologize if I have jumped to conclusions. Whats wrong with most non Jewish music is not the fact that it is composed by a non Jew. It is the essence of the music. For example there is absolutely nothing wrong with classical music most agree. How is that possible? It was composed by a non Jew! The reason is because the music does not bring you down. It is like an art, just like a beautiful picture which can be beautiful no matter who paints it unless you paint something low and degrading. Its the same idea here. Sometimes non Jews can compose beautiful songs like an art with nothing wrong with them. But the majority of their music is made with degrading morals and dreadful intentions which brings the listener down. This quality that is so bad in most non Jewish music can hold true with a Jewish composer as well. If his intention is not to inspire but to be “cool” or to be modern or even degrading then it will come across in the melody regardless of the fact he is a Jew.

    (By the way although I have said that not all non Jewish music brings you down it is not advisable to pick and choose since most of us dont understand what in essence is wrong with degrading music and it will almost always lead a person to listen to the bad as well as the harmless)


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    I think an owl since my depth saves me from most of my problems

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