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    Popa- A Rebbi is a professional as well, and the only part of my screen name that is false is my title as Rabbi (just for you :-] lol)

    Sholom- Yes I did in fact mean that girls are more likely to get hurt. I mean since they deal with things more on an emotional level and not in a logical sense, it’ll probably be harder to get over it. (btw I do daven for them to get their zivug, I remember all their names and try to daven for them whenever I remember) But you’re right, it would be much worse for me to break it off later on when there’s more of a connection, and after I might have led them on, as opposed to earlier on when it didn’t progress too much.

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    Lakewood- less having to deal with goyim on a daily basis, life is generally set up for the Jews and bnei Torah.

    Brooklyn- don’t necessarily need a car to go everywhere, Landau’s, Shomer Shabbos, and if you’re Sephardi, Bnei Yosef

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    Ok, thank you. I didn’t really speak to my Rebbi in those cases, when he asked me how it went, I would always answer “it went fine, I wouldn’t mind another date, but wouldn’t mind if she said no”. I really hope what gilgul said is true though, because that’s what really bothers me about the whole dating process. I know that I have my “bas ploni lploni” and I’m not getting depressed or anything, I don’t mind waiting. I just don’t like saying no! From now on though, I’ll try to speak out any red flags to my Rebbi. Thanks guys! Shabbat Shalom! and Gut Shabbos!

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    thank you, I was wondering because I really wanted him to get the maximum sentencing. He took away a very special person, who happened to be a very good friend of mine.

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    First let the record state that I DO believe in HaShem and that He created the world, etc. I am merely stating some counter arguments to what others said is “logical” and may use as their proofs, thus I am saying that it isn’t so “logical” and therefore that doesn’t constitute as a definitive proof. That is all.

    WIY- All these questions are fine, but firstly, one can argue and say that there is no such thing as a “soul”. Furthermore, all these “feelings” could also just be our minds response to our habits and environments, (i.e. a person who has never seen any form of gore or violence will get completely grossed out and sad upon witnessing it for the first time. However if a person grew up seeing it, and there’s no problem with it, it will have almost no effect on him).

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    Well, just ask the Shadchan beforehand if she’s a little overweight or anything because that’s your preference, (without actually mentioning that you heard such things and cancelling based on that).

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    ok so in bes din shel matah what sentencing did he receive?

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    everyone who replied to me: thanks I guess, I was just trying to make a point though lol. And yeah as aforementioned, it isn’t illogical to believe that God created the universe and mankind etc. for His own benefit or whatever, it isn’t logical to say that He must’ve created us to emulate Him. As for the Deists that do believe this, this was actually the common belief for a long period of time. Even Socrates and Aristotle have been sourced to believe this. You see, atheism is really a fairly new belief (maybe a few hundred years old) until then it was either some sort of Monotheism, Polytheism, or as we just said Deism.

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    DaMoshe: I believe OP was referring to what he stated as clearly hamotzi as he stated in his post. Although I am curious as to what the tzdadim are for those who say having just one slice (and some cases even 2) is mezonos? (If Maran poskins that even on a small slice of bread you say hamotzi, a k’zayit for birkat hamazon, and a k’beitza for nt’y)

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    What sentencing did the guy who killed Moshe Berkowitz Z’L get?

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    Ender: sorry, I don’t follow.

    Talmud: LOL!

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    oomis and a maamin: Please get into shadchanus!! Please teach and preach your mentalities to all the girls out there! If the guy can afford to get her a ring, that’s great, go for it and surprise her! I don’t think they should expect it! And girls please STOP COMPARING!!!! One of my friends told me he had to “upgrade” his wife’s ring because although she didn’t say it, the look on her face was enough, when her friend said “oh but yours is nice too!” and he now has to spend another 3 grand!

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    Actually, I do know women named Regina, Bilhah, Zilpah, and Bruriah. However, I do still think they’re quite uncommon. I also really like the names Batel, Yael, and Orly. I am quite the Israeli (or Israeli wannabe o.O) though.

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    Would you go up to Steven Hawking and ask him to prove to you the theory of relativity in just one sentence? I think not, therefore I don’t think you’re giving a fair chance whatsoever to Judaism and God. In any case, simply by looking around you can see God and all His beauty. The fact that the same factors that would kill the fetus are what it needs to survive and the same factors that sustain the fetus whilst still in the womb would kill it as soon as he leaves the womb, and this happens instantaneously, I’d say that’s a pretty strong proof. (It’s the Rambam’s proof)

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    Well I’ll tell you this much, I really hope that this minhag changes because I know of families that had to take on major loans in order to pay for the ring as well, or in other instances, the parents forced the bochur out of the BM to work, in order to pay for his own ring and bracelet.

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    Popa- you’re the man!

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    Well you’re right, you have to be very careful, because sometimes certain people have a way of manipulating your thoughts, just by what and how they say it. I was once in a debate about basic Yiddishkeit (which I was caught completely off guard with) and the things he was saying were completely off, but certain things he said (mainly the use of “big words”) made him seem right and his brother agreed with him. Not 2 days later we all met again, this time with a bigger audience and he brought the topic again, and the way I delivered it, everybody sided with me, and he couldn’t stand that and walked out and got really angry at me. So yeah, sometimes it’s just a matter of presentation that will win in the “marketplace of ideas” and not necessarily the truth.

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    Passed on my 3rd. Failed for complete incompetence on the part of the proctor. Worst part was that all my friends kept making “guess you’re not that perfect after all” jokes…

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    Sorry Veltz! I was under the impression that’s how you felt, didn’t realize you were being facetious. You should have much Bracha and Hatzlacha!

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    Veltz- shkoyach on being motzi laz on thousands of Jews (who may be smarter and greater than you) and generations before you, (and definitely smarter and greater than you).

    in reply to: Rosh Chodesh April Nidche #942911

    LOL! That’s hilarious! I was really quite upset that “Rosh Chodesh April” fell out on chag, didn’t get to do my shticks.

    in reply to: Tzitzis in or Tzitzis out? #984334

    I keep my Tzitzis inside because I’m Sephardi and besides for R’Yakov Hillel, most other Sephardi poskim hold to have them inside. I was told that there are even many Ashkenazi poskim who disagree with the Mishnah Brurah and say to keep them in anyway. (for those who say that it says “uritem oto” and if it’s in you don’t see it, the response is “kol haraui l’bilah ain bilah me’akeves”)

    in reply to: One of the Causes for Weight Gain�Shadchanim #943293

    Well, I personally am a pretty skinny guy, so I’m looking for a girl that’s not so chunky myself and that’s my reason. In any case, I think both many men and women are very superficial, unfortunately. I had a very good friend of mine (who’s a great guy) be turned down twice because he’s not tall enough (he’s like 5’6″ which I think isn’t too bad). BH he’s engaged now, but that did mess him up a little. Similarly I know people who are also GREAT guys and great learners, and the girl rejected him because he isn’t “yeshivish” enough. Her definition of that- he doesn’t have payos and beard, doesn’t go to the store in his black hat, and doesn’t learn in the “mainstream” yeshiva that her teacher’s husband learns in (which is not so mainstream, and is significantly lower in learning than the yeshivah he learns in). So we see that superficiality is all too common and spreads over a vast area of pratim. If it’s something like weight which you can do something about, why not? It’s healthy anyway. I nonetheless apologize on the behalf of the shadchanim (menuvalim) who spoke so mean with you.

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    Ok, seriously everybody needs to calm down a little. ZD- I don’t know what the OP had in mind when asking his question, whether it was just out of curiosity or whether he was interested in emulating him or simply looking for a “heter” to wear sunglasses. I know that I asked my Rebbi if I can get transitions bc it’s not so “yeshivish” and accepted so he said I personally shouldn’t. My very good friend got them and said it’s fine bc Chacham Ovadiah wears them. (disclaimer: I am not in ANY way saying that sunglasses are or aren’t “yeshivish” I find that term is being used too freely and is very subjective nowadays,and I don’t really care)

    OP- yes, it has to do with his poor eyesight and that he is sensitive to light (especially with people constantly trying to take pictures of him, with their flash on)

    in reply to: English speaking yeshiva for beginners #943628

    Well if you’re looking for an Ashkenaz yeshiva for beginners I’d say Shappel’s or Ohr Sameach (they have a variety of programs for both beginner and more advanced. Heard great things about their Derech program), if you’re looking for a Sefardi yeshiva, Mikdash Melech is probably the top english-speaking Sefardi yeshiva in Israel, and although it’s not such a beginner yeshiva, they do have a pretty low shiur, and they have a reputation for producing bnei Torah who go off to other big mainstream yeshivas (incuding Mir, Lakewood, R’Tzvi Kaplan, Kol Torah, and even Brisk)

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    WOW! What’s with the hostility here? That’s a lack of perfection!

    Another favorite song of mine is cry no more, by Shwekey

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    Well there are quite a number of songs which I really like, but I’d say amongst the top of the list would be Rak Elokim by Chaim Yisrael

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    The terms “good” and “bad” are highly subjective, and whichever circles you go to, their meaning tend to change. It is specifically for this reason HaShem gave us the Torah, to tell us what their true defenitions are. In regards to hitting/yelling etc. This too is subjective. This depends on both the one on the receiving end AS WELL as the one on the giving end.

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    Firstly, I also came here thinking this was referring to the Magen David. Now that I am a little more informed, I am shocked and appalled that there even exists such a thing! Is it being aired on television? It is DEFENITELY not Jewish. This does NOT go according to true Torah values.

    1) Is it being aired on television?

    2) If not, is it being aired anywhere?

    3) Are there female singers as well (if the answer to this is yes, I’m going to go ballistic!)

    4) Who is behind all of this?

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    What my havrusa did is get 2 of our friends (one whom is quite big) to get in his car (which is either shomrim or hatzallah) which has lights and sirens, and pull him over. Get them both out of the car, and make her open the trunk releasing the balloons and banner saying “will you marry me?”. If that’s a little over the top, I hear you. It’s an idea nonetheless.

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    The widely accepted ruling is that it is not to be done. However, some people still do it anyway. This doesn’t make it any better.

    in reply to: Questions on Jewish Status/Identity #918836

    1) As previously stated if the geirut was a good, kosher geirut, then you’re a full fledged Jew!

    2) Also as previously stated, your tefillot never fall on deaf ears!

    3) (not so pertaining to you) Even if the mother is married and has a child with a non-Jew, the child is NOT a mamzer by any means

    4) The father has nothing to do with determining one’s status as Jew or non-Jew only one’s status as Cohen/Levi

    5) As a Charedi I will tell you, I have a couple of friends who are Gerim, I do not by any means look down upon C”V, nor do I invalidate any geirut, for anyone who does, is NOT a Charedi Jew! He is going directly against an explicit verse in the Torah! (quite a few actually…)

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    Well, my rebbeim and Rosh Yeshiva have been telling me that I should start dating for a while now, and I’m still pushing it off, (I’m 21) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to continue learning without the constant thought of “where’s this month’s rent coming from?” etc. Another problem which I see all my friends dealing with is that the girls aren’t exactly sure what they want, they want millionaire yeshiva bachurim (which unfortunately in most cases, that’s a stirah minei ubei lol), and that’s a pretty big problem. Will guys really start dating sooner if he knows that in a certain amount of time she’s going to ask him to start working and bringing in a nice salary? How many guys are actually willing to do that? We’re not sure exactly if/when that’ll happen, so how will we react?

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