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    Daas, my mistake on writing hours yes it was about 2 weeks. What makes you so certain that it wasn’t linked to the vaccine is It because the media said so?

    Besides 2 weeks after getting a vaccine can definitely still be related as many actually suffer side effects for many days after they take the vaccine. Some more serious than others.

    In any case there have been countless numbers of people in Israel and America who have died literally a few hours after the vaccine. Is that a coincidence or what.

    I never said everyone died from it. But many have.
    And also many survived the virus. And if those who had it have antibodies now, why do they need the vaccine? As I mentioned before, they have no proof that vaccinated CANNOT spread it to others, and no proof the unvaccinated CAN spread it to others.

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    Ywnjudy-IMO, R.W., i think you may be descended from Shevet Levi

    -Wow, good call

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    Health how is that lie. Heard of Hank Aaron? I’m sure you have. He died a few hours after getting the vaccine. But of course the media said it wasn’t due to the vaccine so I guess we can’t use him as proof. I’m being sarcastic.

    There have been many many who have died shortly after the vaccine. Not all were as famous as former baseball legend Hank Aaron. But 1 thing they all had in common as per the media, “they did not die as a result of the vaccine”

    Interesting coincidence that so many people were fine up until a few hours after they got the shot. I guess all of a sudden they just randomly developed health issues or pre-existing conditions right in time for the vaccine. Good timing.

    Another example is the nurse who got the vaccine on live television and fainted a few minutes later. Her excuse, “suffers from constant fainting”. Oh well that makes sense to be a registered nurse while you constantly can faint at any moment. Noone heard of her until a few days later where the tennessee hospital released a creepy short EDITED video with a jump cut showing all the staff standing on the stairs with the nurse standing as well, who was twitching and just looked very strange while noone spoke in the video. I think the nurses name was Tiffany Dover. But again it was hushed up by the media so we all can move on, nothing to see here. We also never heard of her again so none knows if she’s alive.

    Health before you call someone a liar and accuse them of spreading conspiracies why don’t you take your head out of the gutter and see beyond the propaganda. If anything, the conspiracy here is that the media covers up vaccine related deaths as unrelated incidents. That’s actually what should frighten you.

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    Health, my dear friend, whats sad is that there are many of you out there with such sick logic.

    “Now if we do nothing, we already know what happens – that’s why it’s called a Pandemic!”

    -I think you just don’t quite understand how foolish you sound. If we do nothing its called a Pandemic? No Mr. funny, if we do nothing which has been the case until the vaccine came out, many people got the virus, survived it without issues and now have natural antibodies which are lasting over a year so far. Just about 99 point something percent of the population. Its not called a Pandemic when people survive and develop antibodies, its actually called HERD IMMUNITY.

    “Now if we give vaccines, at this time, we also know the outcome.”

    -NO, we don’t know the outcome that’s the thing here get it? The vaccine makers themselves are saying the shot will give around 3-6 months of immunity and it isnt 100% effective anyway. A vaccine by definition is not a cure or a guarantee that you wont get sick, it is an attempt to block viruses from attacking the immune system or to at least lessen them.

    “We know that people that are vaxxed against Covid-19 – their Survival Rate is Greater than those that aren’t vaccinated!”

    -NO WE DO NOT! Again assuming the person does not get ill from the vaccine or worse(in the short run), we have no idea how it will affect them in the LONGRUN. Do you understand that the vaccine is still in an experimental stage and takes years of trials to know their effects both positive and negative? Do you understand that this is only FDA Approved as an EMERGENCY Approval? Do you also know how many FDA Approved drugs have been on the market for years and years only to be taken off the market due to dangerous and adverse effects that they only found out after all those years of trial?

    This virus is extremely dangerous for some, and so is the flu and so are many other viruses.
    Those who are at a high risk can make the decision between taking a chance of possibly getting the virus, or taking a chance with an untested experimental vaccine. And thats not an easy choice since the virus can be dangerous to them but they also might not get it, or if they do they have a chance to survive it. But people who have antibodies, or are not at risk, should absolutely not be forced to take this vaccine. And if the vaccine is so effective as you state to keep people alive, then its enough if an individual takes a vaccine to cover themselves what does it have to do with anyone else?? If you are vaccinated then what are you worried about? And if you can still get the virus then whats the point of the vaccine? When did this whole idea of “it takes everyone to be vaccinated in order for the vaccine to work” come up from?
    Its simple, if you choose to take a vaccine to protect yourself thats all! What do you want from others?

    “Stop Living in Some Sort of Dream World!”

    -Sure thing, what will you tell me next, that masks work? HAHA

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    Health”Probably, but how do you get this Virus?
    By getting sick?
    Some people who get sick from Viruses die!
    So this is Ossur according to the Torah, besides being Stupid!”

    -And many who have gotten the vaccine also DIED! And many who get the virus also DID NOT die!
    Noone is saying to proactively go and get the virus, but mandating that everyone get an experimental vaccine is not the right thing to do. Neither is wearing a useless surgical mask(which only protects bacteria/droplets) everywhere you go. Do you understand that they are causing more harm than the virus itself to everyones lives?

    Do you understand that this virus has over 99% recovery rate and even people who have severe issues and complications survive? You cannot force everyone to take this vaccine there is no scientific basis for it especially when the risk from the vaccine is tenfold times higher than the risk of something happening to healthy people from the virus itself. The risk heavily outweighs the benefit in this case.

    There are dangers everywhere. There also many types of viruses. People get sick, people can get hurt, people also recover and get better, its part of life. Do you want to stop the whole world in its tracks so as to eliminate any risk? Do you want all the cars off the road, do you want to eliminate food so that no risk to anyone who may be allergic, do you want to kill all the animals so that they dont get a chance to attack anyone, do you want to kill off humanity so that we just dont even have an option for anyone to be at risk from any risks?

    Seriously, you have a brain, you can use it aside from just thinking as you’re told. There are risks in life, thats why you use precaution. And whoever needs extra precautions take extra precaution. And that extra precaution can even mean avoiding an experimental vaccine especially if you are not at risk.

    If you havent seen, its all been a “Do as I say, not as I Do”. All those who have been telling you to wear a mask, stay indoors, stay 6 feet away and so on, have been caught sitting on a plane without a mask(John Kerry Picture), eating at restaurants during lockdowns(All the governors), Holding press conferences without masks(Cuomo), and so on.

    Stop feeding into propaganda. Use your own judgement. The governments can only force people to do things by how much people go along with it. And once its too late you wont be able to turn back. The only reason people need to wear masks everywhere is because people went along with it. In the beginning the Mayor said its up to the stores to decide. No matter what they did they could not curb the virus its all a smokescreen. Israel had 4 complete lockdowns and they didnt work. Why did they keep trying the same thing?

    This virus may not have started with the intention of control over the populations, but it definitely gave them the opportunity for it and they took it because people let them. Put all so called “conspiracies” aside, just take a look for yourself how you were living just 1 year ago, and how many of your liberties slowly disappeared. Have to wear a mask everywhere to get in, cant go to the gym, cant use the library, have to wait in lines out the door to buy food, and soon possibly needing a vaccine passport to be allowed to live in society. Just think about that for a moment.

    The problem is people can get used to anything and forget easily. Thats whey communism works. Its all about conditioning your mindset.

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    @always ask- they don’t trust THIS vaccine. I never said they don’t trust any vaccines in general. You guys really need to work on your reading comprehension I don’t know how much clearer I can write.

    k- yes untested. Vaccines take years to develop and more importantly to test on animals for many years to make sure they don’t contain harmful side effects IN THE LONGRUN. It’s so funny how everyone is so naive thinking if nothing happens right after the shot then everything is well. The long run is what concerns people not the short run, although even that has proven to be a concern. UNTESTED means they haven’t tested it for the long-run and the only way to do that is to test it for many years there are no shortcuts. What’s so difficult to understand? Not everyone wants to take the chance do you get it? If you want to take the vaccine go right ahead but leave others out of it. It has nothing to do with being an anti vaxxer. Most Americans have been getting vaccines but do not particularly trust THIS vaccine specifically. Is that so hard to accept?

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    Why are you so offended by the fact that people simply don’t trust an untested vaccine which was formulated in less than a year? Why is it so difficult to comprehend that people are worries about what goes into their bloodstream. You are trying to manipulate the idea that people don’t want the vaccine because they are afraid of microchips. No, people just do not want to take an unrested vaccine end of story.

    You want to take it go ahead. You want to wear 2 masks because they said so go ahead. You want to take all the pills the doctor prescribes you go ahead. But stop there. Do not force this on anyone else. They are not carrying the virus and they are not hurting you contrary to what the media and governments want you to believe.

    Antibodies via virus are lasting way longer than the vaccine. So leave those people alone already. And don’t forget they still want you to wear a mask after you get vaccinated. So there is no end to this, just because you have no problem with all your liberties being taken away from you that’s fine. But not everyone feels the same as you or thinks the same as you. So accept it.

    And I know it makes you feel real brave with all the name calling but seriously try becoming useful. And I don’t mean a useful idiot since you’ve been doing enough of that til now. You name calling and mockery only shows how weak you are.

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    Health”According to the latest statistics – it might last a year – some say vaxxing will last 3 – 6 months.
    This is a Killer.
    We need vaccinations to give us time to Find a Cure!”

    So you agree that a person natural antibodies has very little need for a vaccine that will last 3-6 months? And no they are not saying it lasts a year they are claiming natural antibodies last 3 months. And they only know it lasts a year since that’s where we are currently it doesn’t mean that the antibodies will suddenly drop to zero by next month.

    And yes I am the one who told you herd immunity and it’s not because of vaccines(as of now) since vaccines only started to become available recently. So yes there is a drop in cases since many people have natural antibodies.

    Also who told you there will be a cure released? You mentioned flu cure. I’m curious can you share with us the cure since last I’ve checked many have died from the flu. If you mean the medicine to try stopping it from getting worse ya there are such as tamiflu. That’s not a cure though.

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    And again, since you completely ignore anything you can’t answer, the fact that covid is down, proves that people with antibodies aren’t getting sick again or transmitting it to others. Because If that was the case there would be a consistent amount of cases as last year or more. Not less. And it’s not due to vaccine since vaccine is still not widely available.

    And if the vaccine will help so be it. Thats the idea. But it doesn’t mean everyone has to be forced to take it or be shunned from society. Especially those with antibodies. That’s what’s called herd immunity.

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    Bk613, you truly are a nebach. Bill Gates has been talking about depopulation for years especially “through vaccines”. You can easily look it up online. Also you conveniently ignore the fact that he held a mock pandemic for pretty much the exact same virus type 1.5 months before the virus was first announced. Also he is warning now of a new pandemic which “we will have soon and are not prepared for”. I wonder how he knows all these things. Must be he’s just a smart fellow.

    I never said vaccines are designed for depopulation please show me where I stated that?
    But when a person who has been crying out for pandemics, depopulation and vaccines for so many years is now suddenly in charge of this whole project, it’s a bit concerning.

    Btw BK613 since you know more than all of us, did you also know that your saviour Bill Gates was kicked out of India and Africa after it became known that the vaccines he was giving to kids was sterilizing them! Or is that a conspiracy as well? I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.
    Sure sounds like a trustworthy guy looking out for your health.

    And putting all that aside, the reluctance to this vaccine has nothing to do with mind control or depopulation fear. The fact that it’s been the first vaccine to be put out in less than a year without even animal trials which take years in the making, is cause enough for concern. No one knows the long term effects.

    So if you want go ahead and take it. I don’t see why you feel the need to force it on others if you will be protected. Also don’t forget to keep your mask on after receiving the vaccine because you never know. That’s the “recommendation” as it is so abide by it!

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    Again Health, we are all ignorant and have no basic education. We weren’t all fortunate enough to be “experts” in the medical field such as you. As I said, you are the type who listens to doctors blindly and takes all the pills thrown at you even when it doesn’t make sense.

    Since you are so knowledgeable, why don’t you explain to us how there will be a rise in covid cases at this point where so many people have either natural immunity or have been vaccinated?

    And also if you have been vaccinated why are you worried about catching it from anyone else? The vaccine is there to prevent you from getting sick!
    And for your information natural immunity has so far been holding up for a year contrary to the 3 month time period which they try to trick you into believing so that everyone takes the vaccine!
    Why would someone who has antibodies need a vaccine? Oh cause they can spread a stronger virus to others? What total nonsense they have an excuse for everything just to push their agenda and scare people. They have no proof yet that natural antibodies can carry and transmit, let alone a stronger virus than the vaccinated virus, and they have no proof that vaccinated people CANNOT carry and transmit the virus. In fact they said they probably can transmit “that’s why the want everyone vaccinated” or course. They also don’t have any proof of how bad someone can get the virus while vaccinated since it’s early to determine. But I guess when the facts don’t make sense we can go by them since they fit the agenda but any facts on the contrary are disqualified because they go against the plan for the greater good.

    Again so many people who are not against vaccines in general but simply do not want this UNTESTED vaccine! Even many elderly don’t trust it no matter how much of a risk category they are in.

    Stop forcing people to do what you want. You want to take it go ahead but leave it at that! We already have to wear USELESS face masks everywhere due to your stupidity and all those who think like you that they have an obligation to control what others do.

    There is a virus and it’s a horrible thing that they unleashed into the world, most people recover even from bad cases. All that surrounds this virus is even more horrible than the virus itself. You have no idea how much mental harm this has been causing people, and how many people died from not being treated for other diseases.

    If they really cared they would require everyone to use masks that actually protect against virus and not the 1 cent surgical masks which do nothing but protect against bacteria droplets which are used for surgery not for virus which is 4 times smaller than the holes in the mask!

    Also I would like you to explain the science behind the virus not spreading when you eat at a restaurant without a mask. Does the virus have mercy when you eat? This is proof that these precautions are a joke! If they really had science behind all this and took precaution they wouldn’t even allow anyone to eat outside since once you take off your mask the virus can spread! How ignorant can you be to know all this and still believe they are going by science?

    None of these rules make any sense or any impact to stopping the spread. Health you are probably one of those who jumped to wear 2 masks once you heard their “recommendation”. Anyone who can’t see through this is just plain stupid I’m sorry.
    The cure cannot be worse than the virus itself! It’s been costing more lives and ruining families for something that 99 percent of people recover from. Why don’t you check how many people died from the flu or other causes this year alone? Just because they don’t report on that doesn’t mean it ain’t there. Life has to continue. Those who need extra precautions can take them. And if you take the vaccine good for you. But do not try to force someone else to do something against their own will and judgement.

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    Avi k there was much more to that case

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    Mindful-“You think this is different because you are scared on corona vaccine, and not measles vaccine. But its not different. ”

    Actually Mindful, there is a difference between not being able to send a child to a certain school, to not being able to be part of society while being looked upon as a disease spreader. Just a small difference.

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    Health-“They are right now working on a cure for Covid-19.
    Vaccination is a Stop -gap measure!

    This is what happens when You don’t have Basic Secular Education!”

    -Health why don’t they first work on a flu cure or a cure for all other viruses and ailments?
    No, this is what happens when you have no thought process of your own and you just follow blindly what others want you to think. You are probably the type of person who takes every pill the doctor prescribes for you even though the doctor told you they aren’t sure what you have.

    “Even if this statement is true, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Vax.
    Medicine is based on what’s best for the patient.
    Good vs. maybe good.”

    -yea even if that maybe good or what’s best for the patient equates to death. And no they will never release cures for anything they make too much money from vaccines and keeping people sick.
    Why don’t you do some research on how master Fauci the great stopped production and put scientists in jail when he heard about them being close to finding and releasing a cure to leukimia.

    You guys think you are so smart and try to bash anyone who disagrees with you as ignorant and reckless when really what you are doing is bringing disaster upon everyone. We all have to suffer due to your foolishness. It will be too late by the time you realize. You want to get the vaccine go ahead, but don’t force anyone else to do so especially if they have a natural immunity!

    What happened to wearing 2 masks? Was the data wrong on wearing 1? What happened to the fact that they are reducing the 6 feet social distancing to 3 feet after they found out it makes no difference to be more than 3 feet away? How about when Fauci told everyone not to wear a mask that it will not be helpful and if anything only the sick need to wear one, and then months later with his arrogant stupidity went ahead and actually admitted that he said so in order to save supplies for health workers?! He could have told people to wear something instead of a mask.

    Bk613″Do you believe Bill Gates wants people vaccinated as a part of a larger plot to control minds and populations?”

    I don’t need to believe anything, he said it himself. Look it up online. He also conveniently held a “mock pandemic” for a virus just like covid in October around 1.5 months before word went out about covid-19 in wuhan. What a coincidence. “Event 201” you can watch the videos on youtube for yourself on their preparations for a “theoretical” pandemic the world wasn’t prepared enough for.

    Also bill gates recently stated that we WILL have another pandemic very soon which we are totally unprepared for.

    What’s with all these pandemics suddenly being in style? Where are they coming from. Even the WHO said that covid is nothing compared to what’s to come. How do they know all this. Oh statistics and data right.
    Just like all the other pandemics we have lived through in the past 100 years. Don’t you remember how every few years we had lockdowns and were controlled by government? I sure don’t.

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    Gadol I didn’t know you were a prophet who knows that the vaccines are safe in the long-term. Aside for the fact that for some it isn’t even safe short term as in they suffered bad side effects or even death.

    Gimpel, many people also had the virus and have antibodies and immunity. They want you to believe it only lasts 3 months but sorry to disappoint you, the immunity so far is lasting for a year and counting. There have been only a handful of people in the world who has been reinfected and even then they aren’t sure that it was a reinfection of the same virus.

    If it was common to be reinfected or transmit, by now everyone would have been reinfected and also cases would have gone up not down.

    They have no proof that people who are unvaccinated can carry the virus and transmit it to others and no proof that vaccinated cannot transmit it or carry it. In fact it seems that those with immunity cannot transmit it to others since cases have gone down long before the vaccines were available. Regardless of what the media wants you to think. They are now talking about it resurfacing. How is it resurfacing when so many people have antibodies or are vaccinated? What am I missing here?
    Oh is it because bill gates and fauci declared so? Keep bowing to your idols and see where it gets you.

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    Is hinduism considered a”z or also just following their customs?

    in reply to: Paleo-Hebrew #1958234

    The Torah and Navi are still similar enough in language. And even if Navi is a bit different or more modern tongue, it’s still no comparison to having totally unrecognizable letters of the alphabet. Even if you compare the paleo hebrew letters to modern letters, many letters are just totally unrecognizable.

    I understand that letters can change or be refined over time, but we claim that we are unchanged. So how do we know we are the same people as in early years? What makes us different than the italians, iranians, egyptians and so on to claim that they are a different nation but we are still the same?

    Also if you look at what the oldest languages are, hebrew is not one of them. There are indian and Chinese and arabic languages which are claimed to be oldest and unchanged. Again they probably aren’t going by Torah but we can’t really claim that our language or alphabet hasn’t changed.

    Instead of just claiming that we are the same as always, what is the proof that we have not changed. On what basis do we go by, if even our language evolved
    I understand that language can evolve, but why would it evolve and so change so drastically in a nation who keeps tradition and does not move an inch to avoid straying away and getting lost. In such a nation, the question is WHY would it change. If this is the language/letters that the Torah was written in, who would want to change that? If this was the original text!
    And again nolne answers how we look at letters as combinations of other letter such as alef being 2 yuds and a vav etc. When the earlier letters seem to be totally different or even having symbols such as an eye for the letter ayin.

    So who changed these letters and why would they if this was the original writings?

    On that note how do we know what language was used for everything written in the Torah? We have perushim in which they focus on every specific letter as being significant and having meaning. But how do we know they even spoke in this written language let alone spoke in the Hebrew which we know and use today!

    And if the pesukim in Torah were not spoken in our language, what significance does each word or letter have that’s like taking a translation and giving the translated words significance saying they were specifically used in order to convey a different meaning. You can only say that when looking at the original text. I mean did pharaoh speak Hebrew whether it was ancient hebrew or modern? Why are his words so significant in the way the pesukim are written if most likely he spoke some dialect of ancient Egyptian or arabic?

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    If the language/letters changed, on what basis do we claim that we as a people are the same and unchanged as the Jewish Nation from the beginning?

    Because if we are different than the “original” why do we claim that all those empires are gone and we are still here? On this basis italians can still claim to be from the Roman empire, Iranians from Persian Empire and so on. Our empire is gone as well. Only as a people we are still here.

    The fact that the language/writing has changed kind of throws a wrench in the whole machinery of things.

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    Dass not worse literally. But what they are introducing into the world as ideas for other nations to follow suit or capitalize on taking away people’s freedoms. So bad nonetheless.

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    @madealiyah-Look, I’m also against the new rule and it’s okay to be critical of it, but please do not compare the Jewish State to Nazi Germany”

    Actually maybe worse. They are introducing ankle bracelets to ensure quarantine! Who can deny a new world order takeover at this point! People are being treated as prisoners confined to their own home with freedoms being taken away day by day. How can people be so stupid to accept all this around the world?!

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    Daas “It is also certainly true that most people survived the vaccine”

    Even 1 person dying from a vaccine is too much since it’s meant to protect not kill. There would be much less of a chance for anyone to die from it if it was actually tested.

    Besides as I mentioned in my posts, we are talking about the LONGRUN. Noone knows what side effects this vaccine has whether in a year or 2 or 5 or 10.

    So In the long-run the risk of getting covid and likely surviving it might greatly outweigh the “benefit” of the vaccine.

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    Charliehall how is that a lie! It’s even been on the news except that good liberal citizens such as you feed in to the propaganda cover up of “they didn’t die from the vaccine”. Yes what a coincidence they were alive and well up until an hour or 2 after taking the shot. Definitely wasnt from the vaccine.

    Look up hank aaron, look up the many in Israel who have died shortly after the shot. And look up the many nurses and people who have gotten palsy and other severe effects from the vaccine.

    Of course the virus killed people, but most people survived. Does that necessitate everyone to take an untested potentially harmful vaccine?!

    Especially since even with the vaccine people can still get the virus and even transmit it to others! Plus masking will still be required!

    Get your head out of the sand in order to escape reality, it doesn’t even work for ostritches

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    “They are trying to keep people from getting sick and dying.”

    Yes and forcing a vaccine with no long term trial is the best solution especially since it’s killed many people within a few hours but I guess that doesn’t count it’s just collateral damage.

    Of course there is a virus you genius! But most people survive it and working on building people’s immune system or medicine cures is much more effective especially since people can still get sick and/or carry the virus and transfer it to others despite being vaccinated

    Take your head out of the gutter. No one knows what issues can arise in the long run due to this untested vaccine. There has never been a vaccine released so early without years of trials. Oh the FDA approved it you say? Yes well it’s called an emergency approval due to circumstances and money being made, not an approval that it really is safe. Besides how many drugs have been approved over the years by the righteous FDA and been taken off the market due to serious adverse effects? Many.

    There is a lot of money involved in this situation as you can see proof by the many people murdered via ventilators due to negligence and putting people on who didn’t need it, and you can also see how cuomo murdered 1000s with the nursing home scandals. The figures came out on a covid patient being admitted as a result hospital would make about 3000 but for a dead covid patient they would make around 8000. Do the math genius what patient is worth more? Oh but the virus doesn’t exist is that your best form of attacking someone due to your ignorance?

    How did the world survive the spanish flu and all other pandemics. Did they mass vaccinate with an untested vaccine? You must be some good liberal citizen to not see that they are taking advantage of a bad situation in order to see how much they can control people and to change their lives.

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    Participant-second, how unifying is it to sign 17 orders on the 1st day of office, half of them just in order to reverse the policies of the trump administration?”

    That’s their definition of it.

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    Ubiquitin’My confusion was when you said that 80% of what you text are things that you later want to “take back”
    worth noting , that if a person spends 80% of his time in the bathroom something is wrong.”

    -dude you are so confused that it’s showing. You keep mixing a billion things together. Who in the world said that I would want to take back 80% of what I said? Who in the world said that 80% of my conversations are private? I said that if you are so careful to not write things that will be saved in history chat, and you avoid your main point/topic then you will end up avoiding like 80% what you actually wanted to say in that particular conversation!

    Who said you spend 80% of your time in the bathroom. Do you even have any comprehension? Whatever at this point I figure there is no use.

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    Ubiquitin-“I’m sorry I upset you (though I’m still not quite sure what it was) I hope we can be friends again”

    -im not upset sure we are not enemies. It was probably the fact that you wrote suggesting that if someone wants privacy then theh must be doing or saying something wrong. I mean people go to the bathroom should they just leave the door open? They aren’t doing anything wrong right? Same goes for conversation and anything else. This ideology of hey I’ve got nothing to hide is the reason why we are in this situation in the first place, having all the big tech spying and collecting data on everyone. Since people say they have nothing to hide then they are ok with it. Even though recently people are waking up and relaxing they aren’t comfortable with being recorded, video,audio, pictures, and all their other data being collected.

    “YEs, though not as odd (depends on how unflattering) Though I dont think its odd to ask them not to send it around, regardless if they are decent person they wouldnt send around such a picture and would delete it.”

    -then why is it ok to request it for a picture but not message isn’t it the same concept? No I didn’t mean they would send it around but the fact that it exists there is always a chance it’ll end up somewhere nowadays even unintentionally.

    What I was referring to asking someone to delete messages was regarding if you had a bad day, maybe had to vent etc. I would gladly delete a conversation thread if someone told me they are uncomfortable having those messages in a history. I don’t see what the big deal is or why someone would get offended. It’s only the fact that it’s their phone which makes the situation tricky. But again maybe I’m just an easy going guy.

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    daas-“Ugh, why did this conversation turn nasty?”

    -quite simple, ubiquitin wanted to share with us that he can only think dirty.
    (ubiquitin-“why is t 80% of what you are saying stuff that you wouldn’t want a record of?
    Even 20% seems like too much”)

    ubiquitin-“But it did help me understand the op , his question , and why 80% of his texts are things he doesn’t want a record of”

    -so you are saying that it only took 3 responses for you to finally understand that not everyone’s mind is that sick? Great ; )

    daas-“Regarding the OP, I don’t think you “own” the messages you’ve sent, and I think it’s a bit odd to even request they be deleted, but it might be appropriate to tell the person you sent it to that in retrospect, you wish you hadn’t sent it.”

    -yes you dont own the messages which are on the other phone, however who does own them? Can we say that the network or app owns them? I mean after all they are the ones collecting your data even if you delete it. So in that case maybe your friend who youve sent the message to doesnt own it either. But its not about who owns it, its the fact that its your content. I mean if you only had a momentary conversation over text, what reason would the other party have for keeping it if what you wrote to them previously doesnt hold for the future since it was only meant for that moment. What if you sent someone a funny video of yourself to cheer them up for the moment they were sad, but now it is saved forever and can possibly circulate elsewhere? Now do you understand the concept of how some things are meant to be momentary but we use texting which is a great way to send material, but the drawback is that its saved. Would that also be an “odd” request on your part to ask them to delete it?

    Personally I dont like clutter. That includes digital clutter which includes conversation and messaging threads. So I basically delete messages daily. Thats one reason. The other reason I delete is especially if there were some negative conversations, even though you move past it the messages are still there. And I noticed that if I ever go over them again on some other occasion, I see those messages and am reminded of that negative moment and it gives a sense of being in that moment again, forgetting that you have moved past that. Most people dont realize that when you look at past things you actually get absorbed into them especially messages,emails, pictures and so on.

    Ya maybe its odd to ask someone to delete your conversations, but what reason does someone have to keep them especially if they know you would rather the conversation not be saved?
    Would it be odd for you to request that they delete a picture in which you dont look too flattering, or at least crop you out? I mean ya its in their possession but the topic is you.

    Again, personally I am not a collector of things except for money and mitzvos the (former in order to use) ; ) so maybe to me its less of an issue to delete messages. I guess its the actual request of asking someone to do something on their own phone which I can see is a bit intrusive. And thats the dilemma.

    in reply to: Can you erase my messages I mean your messages, I mean my… #1937726

    Ubiquitin”YOU said I was “such a tzadik””
    -its called sarcasm my silly friend

    No friend, as I stated in my post, 80% of a “specific conversation” not 80% of all conversations. As in if you are having a specific conversation and are not mentioning 80% of the actual content for fear of it being logged in a chat history. Farshteis?

    “I sincerely hope that Your relationships, constipation and all that may ail or trouble you get resolved bekarov”

    -haha not only a tzaddik but also a comedian. My silly friend, you should learn to read. I specifically mentioned
    that I’m not talking about myself and these are all hypotheticals. And the only reason I gave examples was due to your dirty mind assuming private conversations equal non tznius or whatever other ignorance that spins in your head.

    “you’ve made it crystal clear. I have no more questions for you on the subject. Thank you for taking the time.”

    -thankfully you have no more questions. Please keep your word.

    in reply to: Can you erase my messages I mean your messages, I mean my… #1937691

    Ubiquitin-“So to sum up 80% of what you text is abou tmedical issues, being constipated , low mood, relationship issues and occasionaly somehting not tznius”

    Not once did I mention that any of the conversation has anything to do with something non tznius. Again you are projecting your own dirty mind onto everyone else. Please get some help so that you can get a healthier outlook.

    ” Wait I thought I was a ” such a tzaddik””
    – ya so you thought

    “”What if you had a relationship issue and needed to get something off your chest for the moment and didn’t want it there forever.””
    Ubiquitin-“80% of what you text?”

    -No you silly silly person I was just giving you examples of normal conversation in which a person might not want things to be stored in a chat log. Since you can only imagine that non tznius topics would be the only reason. Just letting you know we don’t all think like you. So I had to make it clear.

    in reply to: Essential my foot! #1937660

    Froggie have you heard of bill a416? Suspected individuals or “groups” can be arrested and taken into “medical detention camps”.

    in reply to: Can you erase my messages I mean your messages, I mean my… #1937648

    Ubiquitin “why is t 80% of what you are saying stuff that you wouldn’t want a record of?

    Even 20% seems like too much”

    -you are right tzaddik. Thanks for being such a tzaddik and not even having 20% of your conversation unwanted of being recorded.
    But let’s speak of all us non tzadikkim. What if you discussed a medical issue which you didn’t want recorded. What if you were constipated and we’re embarrassed of having it recorded and remained in a chat history. What if you were feeling very low and in a negative mood and shared which you didn’t want on record forever.
    What if you had a relationship issue and needed to get something off your chest for the moment and didn’t want it there forever.
    Should I go on? I bet in your dirty mind you thought the 80% of the conversation was something non tznius. Thanks for projecting your own thoughts on us.

    in reply to: Can you erase my messages I mean your messages, I mean my… #1937565

    First of all I’m not asking personal questions. This is a hypothetical topic.

    Secondly yes speech cannot be erased in the terms of, Hashem knows everything. We are talking about bein adam lechavero in which typically a casual conversation that you have with someone is not going to be recorded or may even not be completely remembered by either of the parties.

    Think before you speak very true. But nowadays people are used to communicating via text and even if you want to talk on the phone doesn’t mean a person can talk whenever you would like. People are married, have their own issues and so on. However many times they will be able to conduct a conversation via messaging since it doesn’t require an instant reply such as speech.

    So naturally sometimes you are in the moment of a conversation or thought and you just continue the conversation even though you would rather it not be saved.

    Yes it’s best to just ask someone if they can delete however many times simply bringing up such a request can cause a rift.

    Yt-“If your not happy don’t use message services. You can’t ask someone to delete your messages, that’s not the way social media/ texting works.
    (Unless it was really private. Or weird)”

    What difference does it make then? If you can ask about that you should be able to ask about anything.

    Bottom line is that there are some friends who you can usually just reach via text since either they are long distance, or working most of the day,family etc.
    And you have no choice but to have a conversation via messaging. You can be careful with everything you send but then you will have to leave out 80% of what you actually needed to talk about. If you can have that conversation over speech then it wouldn’t be an issue of them having a record of it. Bit if you can message and have them delete the history right after the conversation the you wouldn’t have that issue.
    Whatsapp specifically made a feature of disappearing messages and option to delete in real time because apparently people noticed that most of their communication and conversations are meant only for the moment and not to be looked over later on when it loses its context. But that’s just whatssap. There are many other messaging methods. Also if the feature was off so we are at the same point.

    What’s regarding pictures that aren’t so flattering. Are you able to request a friend to delete them or crop you out? People are very sensitive and again simply asking these things can cause more issue then leaving it

    in reply to: Can you erase my messages I mean your messages, I mean my… #1937523

    Thanks reb eliezer I guess that solves it. I specifically mentioned what you wrote and said that it’s not the topic here. If you read the posts maybe you will understand the topic better. We are not talking of ways of stopping yourself from communicating or to think before you speak. Those are good ideas but again read the posts I covered that already.

    in reply to: Can you erase my messages I mean your messages, I mean my… #1937269

    Johnkelts, when did they say you can’t use text messaging? How about email? How about a physical letter you’ve sent then?

    To everyone, not asking for ideas of how to avoid communication. The topic is if it’s ok to ask a friend to erase your conversations or if that’s considered rude.

    Another tossup are pictures. What if you came out really bad in a picture and are uncomfortable of it existing. Can you ask a friend to delete it or at least crop you out?

    Obviously the best way to know is to ask. But again even with close friends these things can be taken as extremely rude or overstepping your boundaries and cause a fight or at least some tension. As if you are telling them what to do with their own property. But is it their own property when the material is yours?

    In a way this is probably a known issue since whatsapp unveiled the delete from everyone option within a certain amount of time, and recently have given an option for disappearing messages which disappear from the history within a few days or whatever the settings are. I think people have realized that it’s annoying to have someone keep your messages which were meant for just the moment and not to be analyzed or taken out of context later on.

    But then again that’s whatsapp. You have sms history, email, voice messages, voicemail and so on.

    I do try not to leave voicemails or think twice before sending a message. But in turn you are just making life more difficult, and besides sometimes someone is only able to text at the moment and you really need to have a conversation about something important and you end up creating a whole history of messages again.

    Any thoughts?

    in reply to: Can you erase my messages I mean your messages, I mean my… #1937267

    @reb eliezer, thanks for staying the obvious I knew this comment would come up. What does that have to do with asking a friend to erase your conversation? Are they Hashem?

    in reply to: Amen, Awomen #1936525

    Should someone explain to them what Amen means and that it has nothing to do with men or women? Such entertainment.

    in reply to: Worried about Antisemitism? #1936524

    True but democrats and liberals support schumer

    in reply to: COVID DETENTION CAMPS #1935679

    The bill allows even those who are “suspected” of being a carrier or danger can be placed into these camps. The ball will only roll downhill from there.

    If anyone doesn’t understand how dangerous it is that they even proposed this bill then you have no idea what’s going on here in this past year. This is how the covid camps would start. Do you think nazi takeover happened overnight? Do you think they went straight for the Jews? No. It was a systematic preparation and propagandists fear and brainwashing of society and to make the fellow neighbors turn on each other.

    They have already done this in nyc encouraging civilians to report people without a mask on, to get covid exposure apps, report gatherings and so on. This is happening as we speak. They are trying to push mandatory vaccines and in many things it already is such as certain airlines, schools, hospitals, office spaces and it will only get worse. Now covid camps? Does anyone really think this is still “for your safety”?

    They are aggressively going for more and more control and even if you aren’t a conspiracy believer, I would say at this point there is no denying that there is some sort of new world order takeover here and taking away people’s freedom all over the world.

    Just think about hearing the words camps, facilities together with people being forcefully taken to them. 2021 and we thought it can never happen again.

    in reply to: Mandatory Vaccines #1924081

    Yserbius, there are people who put lots of money into companies behind the scenes to get what they want. And gates has been on the forefront on vaccines for many years and especially now. Also don’t you find it strange that these companies waited 5 days after the election in order to announce the vaccine? Are you telling me they didn’t know about this 5 days earlier which would have given Trump a landslide victory? Don’t be so naive, you see even these so called companies involve themselves in political influence.

    Vaccines aside, there is strong evidence that fauci amd gates were even behind the actual virus creation. Fauci had attended these labs many times and gates had been talking about a pandemic which the world is not prepared for. I guess he couldn’t contain his excitement.

    Yes these elitists exist and they funnel money into getting whatever they want done.

    Gates who has been talking about how the world has too many people and we need depopulation suddenly is the saviour and has the solution to this pandemic? How can anyone talk about depopulation that shows signs of an insane mind.

    in reply to: Mandatory Vaccines #1923759

    And btw gates isn’t the only one behind the depopulation agenda/vaccines

    in reply to: Mandatory Vaccines #1923708

    Yserbius, you are aware that gates has been kicked out and banned from India and nigeria after they discovered that his “miracle” vaccines was sterilizing the children he used it on?

    What i don’t understand is how this evil rasha merusha still has a say on anything and not locked up in an underground cellar with the keys thrown out! And yet the citizens of America give him a platform to speak and “guide” us through this situation? Why is he even talking about vaccines after years of preparing us for a pandemic which “we are not prepared to deal with”!

    And not to mention event 201(pandemic preparation) which coincidentally took place in October 2019 around a month before China couldn’t keep the virus outbreak a secret anymore. Interesting and really makes you wonder what’s going on here.

    in reply to: Mandatory Vaccines #1923598

    Charlie hall, but how do you know that this vaccine won’t have troubling lifelong consequences or even worse? This is a new vaccine, rushed and unproven to the test of time, and at a time period and led by people who have been calling for depopulation especially through vaccines. How can you trust something like that?

    in reply to: Anti-Face Mask YWNCR #1923397

    They already got you wearing a muzzle, now all that’s left is to put you on a leash, aka vaccine. Then we will see how courageous you are.

    in reply to: Mandatory Vaccines #1922455

    Syag, have you checked the stats on how many recover from this virus? How come you weren’t this vocal about everyone getting a flu shot?

    And what if people already had it and have antibodies
    Do they also need a vaccine?

    Aside for the fact that fauci and co. still want everyone masked up and apart vaccined or not. Is that telling or something? Population control? Hmmm makes you wonder…

    Who said everyone on the planet is sick with the virus or carrying it! If a number of individuals choose to take the vaccine then that should already lower the pandemic numbers or be close to stopping it if that’s even possible.
    So why stop there, why don’t everyone be required to take every vaccine out there in order to eliminate the chance of ever getting sick?

    in reply to: Mandatory Vaccines #1922352

    Syag,” It was tested, we just don’t have any long term data”

    Yes the long term data, exactly. Practically the same as untested. If someone is fine the next day after the vaccine, that is not a long enough test.

    And yes it is sickening that we’ve come to a point where people feel they have the right to demand what others do regarding their own health and what they put into their body. You want to get the vaccine so do it but don’t demand that others do as well. If you feel others need it too then obviously you don’t believe the vaccine is effective at all.

    in reply to: Mandatory Vaccines #1922162

    Wow. Your comments are all sickening. What do you mean take the vaccine! If you want to take a vaccine, no less a potentially very dangerous and untested vaccine go ahead. What right do you have to tell others to take it?

    Dorah, if you want to sew a mask over your face then do it. Maybe you’ll be safer that way.

    in reply to: Election Fraud #1919366

    @emesnisht-“Hillary never said it the way you suggested. She just said if the election is close Biden should not concede as Trump will try to interfere with the absentee ballots. In any case, Hillary was not running for election, and her one comment about not conceding is a ridiculous basis for Trump’s deplorable actions alleging fraud when he has not presented evidence of such widescale fraud”

    Wrong sir. Hillary said it exactly as that, and they were planning much worse if Trump wins. She clearly said biden should not concede under any circumstance and that she believes if they drag it on and fight they will win after recounting. She said they should not give an inch and she didn’t say trump will interfere with the ballots she said the Republicans will surely meddle.

    What proof do you need? They have not accepted Trump as president for 4 years! Accused him of russian collusion, tried impeaching him, spoke about 25th amendment to replace him, said he is not mentally fit, rioting for the past year burning cities to the ground and killing innocent civilians and officers , planning to riot if Trump wins election, Harris saying riots won’t end after election, pelosi said that Joe Biden should not concede and tried cancelling debates so he doesn’t mess up…..how ignorant can you be!

    Even if you despise Trump and think all he can do is wrong, open your eyes or more importantly your mind and see all that the democrats have been and still are doing to defeat Trump! Are you that brainwashed?!

    in reply to: Election Fraud #1919367

    Suddenly the democrats are the adult in the room? When clearly there was fraud in this election! Voting machines conveniently broke down in republican voting areas!

    in reply to: Election Fraud #1919107

    Er-The scary thing is Trump has done all of these things. 1. He began predicting massive fraud months earlier when polls showed him losing”

    How about when Hillary said in a recorded video interview that Joe biden should not concede under any circumstance and that they should wait because surely after recounting the democrats will win. Since the republicans will tamper with the absentee votes. How about pelosi calling to cancel the debates which they did for at least the second debate and also calling for biden not to concede.

    How about the riots which were ongoing and planned for after the election which sneaky harris said will continue after the election?

    All this was before the election results. Need I say more?

    in reply to: Trash bags #1915249

    Majority bags are white. They are also cheapest. As if that’s the standard.

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