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    Sometimes, you can go to stores that aren’t exactly grocery stores and they could have coupons for junk food, like walgreens, target, and walmart.

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    k, got it…

    Does anyone else have any other ideas of places that I can contact?

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    What the world?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!? That has nothing to do with a wedding.

    Thanks you yisraelll! I really appreciate it!

    Thanks! When I said that thing about a boy not working while in yeshiva and a girl having to work while in seminary (keep in mind that I work two hours a week when I am not in class for my work study to get extra scholarship money towards my tuition) I meant that boys usually get completely sponsored verses, my mom still has to pay quite a bit of the cost such as my medical bills, flight, and certain purchases I make, I have a credit card that my mom told me I need to use for something so that the credit card company knows that I exist because I didn’t want her to pay the bill for it. This year, aside from some debt incurred from switching programs, I am basically taken care of financially.

    However, the issue is that next year, I won’t be so well taken care of financially, unless I do something about that now. I understand that I should do some sort of work study, however, I don’t want to spend several hours a week working because then I won’t be able to enjoy my year.

    In terms of the Ben Zakkai society, I would have to be nominated for that, because although I did get scholarship money from ncsy, I only got money from my region- not from ben zakkai. Thank you for suggesting that I contact those places though!

    Meaning that there is no mechitza and that men and women participate equally; meaning reform/ conservative Judaism. I grew up as a conservative Jew.

    that sounds like a great idea! I would love to do something like that!

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    But also Baer Miriam fits that description as well.

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    I know what seminary you are talking about, and I can see from my own experience in the sister school to the one that you mentioned that there are reasons for that empire to be dying off. I feel like if you are supposed to provide someone with a meal, that it needs to be enough to sustain a normal person, when I went on a school shabbaton, I brought extra food, and I ate all of it by the end of the shabbaton.

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    May I please have “Slowly approaching bais yaakov style”


    Also, as someone who grew up going to egalitarian minyanim before she became religious, I think it is sexist to expect a boy to not have to work when he is in yeshiva and a girl to work when she is in seminary.

    By taking from others, I meant that I won scholarship contests with essays and stuff like that. If I could go back and ask for more essays to write to win the scholarship money, I would be more than happy to. Most of my scholarship money for shana aleph came from essays. I am still here doing work study and stuff like that. The difference is that I want to do a shana bet program that cannot be done for me after this upcoming year.

    My personal situation does not allow me to go into debt, and I have a number of medical conditions (none that prevent me from being successful here, but still medical conditions nonetheless,) that cost a lot of money to get treatment for and I cannot just discontinue treatment just because I am in E”Y.

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    OnlyTheTruth: I have foot problems and even though I can still wear normal shoes, I am tired of wearing gym shoes to shul, so I bought crocs that happened to be flats as well. I feel that the ones people usually wear that are not designed as nice looking flats are not appropriate for shul. Even the flats that have room for the Jibbitz are not appropriate for shul.

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    i mean, as someone who had to wear a school uniform last year, I had to daven while wearing it. But I would never wear my school uniform on shabbos.

    I live in Jerusalem now. In the states, I am in the midwest region. The problem is that I won every single scholarship from my community… so I can’t just go and ask for more money from those organizations.

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    What you would wear to a simcha?!?!?! No need to create a tower of chumras, Rav Moshe Feinstein advises against this when he gives a teshuva on whether one is allowed to put ketchup on chicken on shabbos (which kinda has to do with this…).

    Assuming you do not wear denim, sweatpants, or work out pants in public on a typical day when you aren’t working out, you have nothing to worry about.

    I am guessing that you are a baal teshuva.

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    I am currently at brovenders 789jkl fits their description perfectly!

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    I have a friend who is at Darchei Binah right now, and based on what she has said, I have noticed the following;


    Very Open- Minded, Chilled, Bais Yaakov

    No Uniform

    World Renowned Teachers such as Rabbi Nissel, Shira Smiles, and Rabbi Orlofsky.

    You get to choose some of your classes.

    Located in Bayit Vegan near (Afikei is closing down at the end of this year) Michlalah, and Seminar, so it is easy to see friends who are going to those seminaries.

    Great girls from all different backgrounds, all different types of girls.

    Growth oriented.

    Opportunity to learn how to cook.


    Very academic.

    Although Bayit Vegan is a wonderful neighborhood in Jerusalem, it is not really located near the center of town, so you won’t be able to do so many things during your free time.

    Classes can end between two hours and an hour before curfew.

    You have to provide yourself with two meals a day on days you have class, and when you do not have class, they will not provide you any meals (and also the meals will not always be enough to sustain you), this means that you will need more money for your stipend than if you were in a Bais Yaakov seminary, or a more modern seminary.

    If you are not used to being in a bais yaakov environment, keep in mind that you will not be allowed to talk to boys.

    You are not allowed on Ben Yehuda after 8:30 at night.

    Large amount of toranut duties (chores) compared to other seminaries.

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    You would be better off using a curler. Just make sure your hair is dry first before you do it.

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    I know a pescatarian.

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    If I end up deciding to go to Peninim, does anyone have any tips for fundraising, I exhausted all the funds in the community I grew up in for this year, so I can’t just ask them for more money.

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    It isn’t possible at all. Unless you apply for seminary scholarships (FAFSA is the only exception)

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    1. Resume life as a Bais Yaakov Girl (meaning deleting my Facebook account, along with acquiring the wardrobe and attending a bais yaakov seminary).

    2. Get a good shidduch.

    3. That everyone should be able to live fulfilling lives (with health, love and happiness).

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    look up ncsy summer programs to apply to either be a madricha for michlelet or give.

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    That would be correct, that is what I took when I went there a few shabbosim ago. I think it makes most sense based on the itineraries to spend monday and tuesday in Jerusalem, and then go to Haifa on Wednesday. Haifa is a two hour bus ride from Jerusalem. Then on Thursday, take a bus to the Kinneret (a must see), there are a number of Kevarim of famous Jewish Rabbis, such as the Ramchal, daven by those. Then take either the 963 or 841 to the Rosh Pina Central Bus Station, and from there, take the 541 to the central bus station in Tzfat, There are some kevarim there as well, then on Friday, take the bus from tzfat to wherever you are planning on going for shabbos.

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    I’ll charge ten grand…

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    My mom was very machbid on giving everyone in our family smart phones because we are very into technology and she would constantly ask us to look stuff up for her when we weren’t home, so she didn’t want to pay a fortune for us to do things she needed us to do… I think for me, it is ideal to have a smartphone that can use wifi, but no data plan because the internet addiction can get out of hand.

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    For Jerusalem:

    Take either the one or three bus from the tachana to the Kosel.

    Daven there.

    Go to the Rova

    There is also a museum in the rova under Yeshivat HaKotel- its pretty interesting.

    There is also another museum in the rova as well.

    Eat lunch in the Rova.

    Daven Mincha if it is time to do so at the Kosel.

    Go back to the tachana Hamerkazit.

    Take the 25 to Neve Yaakov.

    Get off in Geula.

    Spend some time looking at the stores, this is a good time to go to manny’s and get seforim…

    Go to Ki Tov for popcorn- its the one with the bags hanging from the ceiling of the store, its a ton of popcorn for a great price (they have other things to, but I only go for the popcorn).

    Take the 25 to Machane Yehuda (aka the Shuk) and have try to bargain for lower prices on items such as sunflower seeds (a very popular food in Israel. Make sure you know how to eat them. First you put half the shell in between your teeth so that the narrower ends are vertical, then make three bites on the shell, at the beginning, middle and end, then bite down and remove shell from mouth and eat the seed).

    Then take the train to Jaffa Center (Ben Yehuda) and look at the stores. Go to Big Apple Pizza for dinner. There is (if you are not fleishig) this place called Kotzefet, and it has a ton of good treats there, like Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, and smoothies, and frozen yogurt, try some of that) for dessert.

    That is all of the ideas I have for a day in Jerusalem in the winter (as long as it is not raining when you are here, it should not be a problem to do all of these things). You can split these plans between tuesday and wednesday, like everything from geula till the end of this itinerary for Jerusalem can be on wednesday.

    If that is the case, then from Ben Yehuda, take either the four or 18 to Malcha mall and look at some stores there. Then take the 35 bus to the tachana hamerkazit so that you can go to the next city on your list of places to visit.

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    since you plan on going to E”Y, you aren’t eligible because you are going abroad.

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    Ok, I think I got the last name, and I anticipate possibly being by someone tonight who has at least one of those guides, if not, then I can either wait two weeks until I am by that person, or call some friends to see if they have it (most of my close friends in other seminaries have kosher phones…). Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate it.

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    Mods, can we get a “Like” button for these posts? I want to “like” this. Or would that be like making this website to much like Facebook. Maybe we can have an “Ahava” button instead.

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    a winter jacket that is also a rain jacket at the same time! We really need those in E”Y.

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    Obviously, his daughters and sons should switch schools… but he clearly doesn’t think like that.

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    I have some friends who have Rabbi Leff as a teacher in seminar and other by seminaries, I asked a few of them to see if they can bring me to his house for a shabbos. I think the issue is that there is no chat room option on coffee room, so they don’t have a “messenger” type place (for example; Facebook has Facebook chat) where the information could be passed on securely.

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    if you know someone with the yeshiva seminary guide, you can have them look up the numbers of yeshivas you want to look into and then you can call them and ask. I have heard that many yeshivas like mir have you rent an apartment with other bochurim.

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    you can purchase their lesson a day sefer… I don’t know where to direct you though. I think it is published by art scroll.

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    zahavasdad: At the same time, those places get thousands of applicants, and seminaries typically only get a few hundred applicants when they are at the point where they reach the maximum amount of students enrolled for several years in a row (that they want to have enrolled in their school).

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    EY Mom: Which city does the daughter that you spoke to live in? A few of my friends have him as a teacher and are trying to help a bit here.

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    Moderator: That makes sense. Maybe I can look up who his daughters are and figure it out from there.

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    mods, is there a way to get EY Mom’s personal e-mail. I just read that part of her reply. I am finding it hard to process all of this because of so many things going on at once in this thread.

    I’m sorry, it is against CR policy.

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    If I had the academic background, then I would look into it more. When I was looking for a seminary to switch to, a bunch of my friends that know me through girl zone suggested that I look into Michlala because I was at the time looking for a more modern seminary where I could still get a bais yaakov shidduch.

    If it helps, I started filling out my aliyah application at the end of last week, and I put down that I am chareidi because that is where I want to end up. At the moment, my struggle is that I need to grow hashkafically, throughout my journey as a baal teshuva, I have taken on things very slowly, therefore resulting in me needing to take steps to allow myself more future opportunities that involved big hashkafic leaps, such as going from public school to a bais yaakov.

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    Its in Israel.

    There is extra Kedusha here.

    You get to learn how to take on additional responsibilities that you haven’t taken on before.

    Separation from parents.

    Learning Torah.

    Easier access to shiurim and rabbis who live here in Israel.

    Easier to get to the Kosel.


    It is a big step.

    Takes time to adjust.

    Its hard to be away from your family.


    Missing family.

    Takes time to become familiar with Israel.

    Overall, it is a great experience. You get to learn a ton of stuff. I have grown so much here in ways I would not have grown if I stayed in the states. You should totally do it!

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    That makes sense, also, each seminary (at least the ones in Israel) have someone from Israel fly in to do presentations for recruiting, and then again for interviews, and both times they come in, they speak to the administration of the schools about the students, and they also speak to the schools year round about who would be good for what school, and they, as much as it seems like it isn’t true, need to keep up some standard of living for their students and, especially when you are going to so many cities to do all of that, have to pay for transportation, and I am sure that the application fees do not even cover all those expenses completely by the time you get all the applications and see who ends up going to the seminary.

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    No problem! As for oorah, that is a bit weird, they probably mean that they aren’t taking more applications for k-12 I would call the lakewood office.

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    pell is a grant you get depending on what fafsa decides you deserve to get from the government.

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