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    Desperate times. it is only temporary.

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    Also, Darchei Binah does not have a uniform whereas the other two do.

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    Working in the high tech industry is a viable parnossah and if you end up moving to E”Y, you can find plenty of jobs here.

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    Getaclue: What are you doing for a parnossah?

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    Does anyone have any phone numbers for Meohr?

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    theobvious: please define mainstream hashkafa. It seems like you are trying to put every girl in a box.

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    they aren’t.

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    Hockey_fan: Get a clue said that she wants someone who will learn and then work. I understand that there are differences between what the two of you want, however, I personally feel that if you two weren’t so interested in each other, you two would not have invested so much time commenting about the whole putting a picture on your shidduch resume thing. I would love to be a shadchanis the only thing is that I am in E”Y now and you two seem to by in ny… what are you planning on doing for a parnossah?

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    meohr 2012 is meohr really academic?

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    A few questions (please keep in mind that I am a BT, and only went to a bais yaakov school for twelfth grade):

    1. If Rav Moshe Feinstein’s heter does not apply anymore, than why is there a such thing as OU-D?

    2. If we are required to drink cholov Yisroel milk/ keep cholov yisroel, then is that like saying we don’t trust other hechshers like the ou, crc, etc when it comes to certifying dairy products, especially because the supervisors, are still orthodox rabbis?

    3. The US has laws that prevent anything else from being put into cows milk, so why would farmers violate that law, and have their products certified by jewish organizations, and even if not by jewish organizations, doesn’t the us government inspect these farms where the milk is produced?

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    But they also have mandatory classes that are taught entirely in Hebrew. Without a solid Hebrew language/ textual skill, how could she pass the classes? The point is that you can typically get college credits from seminary, as long as you pass the classes. The point is to have her apply to a place where she would be successful.

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    Also, in my opinion, if you are looking into by seminaries, that means you should not necessarily be listening to Jewish music, however, there may be girls who do so at these places anyway.

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    I was at the pninim presentation last year when rabbi measles came to my high school, they are very based on hashkafa. All seminaries have to have some text in it, I have heard that Meor is known to be very academic, and I remember at the beginning of this year, a girl was complaining about having to learn a whole sefer… so I think that means it is very textual there. If you know anyone who went to all of these seminaries, I would recommend asking them for more specifics, I only know lots of these things because I am in a bit of a tough situation, so I have been looking at a bunch of seminaries. I think seminar might be somewhat text based as well, but they probably use mostly lecture method instead of independent preparation of meforshim.

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    Sounds like a good idea to me! I was thinking of machon raaya, rabbi belsky said he would call bnos chana for me, I think meohr might be to academic though… just a thought. Also, I don’t think seminar would let me in because there are 130 girls this year which is over capacity. Do you know what the academics are like at meohr, I know that Machon Raaya girls get a lot of home work, one of my teachers from seminary a teaches at bnos chana.

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    Personally, its is very exhausting to be calling and visiting schools all the time. I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to visit or speak with any schools for the past week and the next week and a half because I thought that they would all be in America, but it turned out that I did not get this break, so I feel like i am starting to go into seminary interviews exhausted, but my posse keeps on harassing me every time I tell them I want to give up, so I just keep on charging at the situation, but only because I WANT TO BE IN A SEMINARY, not because they are harassing me.

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    Seminary + Obama= interesting…

    However, the two are not compatible at all. Obamas daughters will most likely never visit Jerusalem… Unless Michelle Obama’s relative (can’t remember how they are related) Rabbi Funye, takes them. Also, Sasha and Malia Obama both attended a JCC run preschool in Hyde Park. It is a well known fact yet a bit of a secret in the Chicago community. Its time that go public.

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    In America, we have a heter from Rav Moshe Feinstein to drink Chalav Stam. If we have a heter, then that cannot be a valid argument.

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    Afikei is closing down at the end of this year…

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    *motzei shabbos curfew.

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    Hockey fan and get a clue sound like the perfect shidduch… You two have really different opinions, but you seem to really respect them…

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    I don’t think there is such a thing in the states. Why can’t you come to E”Y for seminary? It is expensive but it is possible to raise money for it…

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    Also, Meor has an 11 pm shabbos curfew. I have heard that at Meor, you have to wear the uniform all the time, except for shabbos, but I am not completely sure if this is true. At Seminar, you are not allowed to use your cell phone at all when you are on tiyulim, meaning there is a two day tiyul now, and my friend isn’t allowed to talk to me on the phone until she gets back to her dorm. Seminar’s dress code is that you aren’t really supposed to wear bright colors. My friend who goes to seminar seems to get out of class early a few days a week, so I guess that means they get plenty of free time. Pninim, you can wear what ever colors you want, even with the uniform. On the spectrum of BY seminaries, they are all on very different ends of the spectrum.

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    What is the point of this post? We can always organize groups of hundreds of people to send e-mails and letters to the white house everyday telling him to support Israel. This seems like a random post…

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    potpie, the only problem is that zeena.kasta said she has trouble with textual skills, in order to get into michlalah you have to pass an entrance exam that is entirely in Hebrew.

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    i was rejected by ateres, i have a lot of people trying to help me, but after five weeks of working on it, i am not in a seminary right now. My friend at pninim said that they have the same problems as the original seminary i was at. I am looking for a bais yaakov, the only thing is that there is a chance that schools will reject me because i have a laptop even though it is only used to compensate for a learning difference, some people told me to get an alpha smart, but my thing is that a laptop allows me to see more than three lines and when they write on a piece of paper they see a whole page, so why should i not be granted a similar opportunity, plus alpha smarts require computers to work anyway… I know a baalas yeshiva who is at ateres this year as well… btw, i want to go to ateres, but this was beyond my control.

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    All I know is that Meor and Seminar, for sure do not allow smart phones at all- you have to get a kosher phone. Pninim requires you to wear a button down, and either a straight or pleated skirt to class for uniform. Meor and seminar require you to wear a button down, and pleated skirt for uniform. Seminar has a 10:15 curfew on weeknights and 10:30 on Motzei Shabbos. I hope this helps a bit- I only know because I have friends at all three schools.

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    Midreshet Harova might be good for you. I would say mmy, but that is very textual.

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    Chassidish: I understand what you are saying, even though I am 19, I still worked really hard to get here. I had to raise around $25,000 and it would be a bit devastating for me to return home at this point. Especially, since I actually raised that much money…

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    I am not really digging the idea, to make it even more complicated, I am a baal teshuva, and even though my mom isn’t religious, she has a Torah mate through oorah and she refuses to let me give up… I am already in E”Y. I don’t think a learning difference should be the deciding factor. I graduated from one of the bais yaakovs in my community.

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