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    I don’t know, however if your looking for a summer job, I have had good experience with elance dot com . You have to be 18 years old to join and you can find a bunch of temp jobs (although they are mostly for non-Jewish organizations), I ended up getting a soliciting job in person through there, and another person paid me $20 to copy and paste an entire website into microsoft word.

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    They would have to ask witnesses if he looked drunk…

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    Thanks a ton!

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    the person I called is the kosher phone provider through verizon.

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    my e-mail is my life.

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    Also, if you check out venishmartem (the Guard Your Eyes ads that appear on the top of half the pages on this website), they have a number for a frum family that sells meshumar phones for verizon.

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    do you have any contact information

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    I am obsessed with borsalinos.

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    i don’t know.

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    I can’t fall asleep…

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    My mother had me practice by reversing a lot because as someone with some learning differences, it is harder for me to learn how to drive. I got my license when I was sixteen, but even though my birthday was at the beginning of tenth grade, I found it to stressful to practice driving as much during the school year, so I did most of my practicing during the summer before eleventh grade, so that I would be able to leave campus during lunch and avoid the awful cafeteria scene where people would throw food at me.

    I know driver ed teachers like to say that parking lots are not the best places to start practicing, but the local public elementary school is not such a bad place to start provided that you do it on a sunday, when they have no school. Also, if you ever go on road trips, it is good to teach new drivers about cruise control when they are driving in the country side because there are not as many cars in those areas.

    When I get home, my mom said that I am going to take drivers ed again privately so that I can get a refresher and have an instructor remind me of things I may have forgotten since I have not driven a car in almost eight months.

    I think that private drivers ed schools are better if possible because the classes are smaller and the teachers tend to maximize the amount of things that get accomplished during classes, verses my brother who took it through the public school was jerked around by his teacher and had to repeat some of his behind the wheel hours because they never marked down that he did them.

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    Also, I would love to pick up my golf clubs again, but the problem at the moment is that golf is a very expensive sport to do on such a frequent basis. Baruch Hashem, the park district in my suburb has a few golf courses, a driving range, and one of the golf courses, which is for short game, costs like $10 to play a round per person without membership.

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    I am 5’4 and my mom, at her tallest was 5’8 and my dad, at his tallest, was 6’1 and my younger brother is 5’10 (only 16 years old).

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    I used to golf as well… Although I haven’t picked up a golf club in over three years. If I was able to get membership to a gym, such as curves, then I think it would be a lot better for me because so far, if I have ever wanted a tough workout, I would literally have to fill a backpack with like thirty pounds of stuff and put it on my back and walk a really long distance. During the Jerusalem Marathon, I walked 7 out of the 10k with a 20 pound backpack on my back and then someone carried it the rest of the way (in case you are wondering, this is why I make sure I get a Northface backpack).

    In addition to that, when I was in public school, I pushed myself into a strength training class because I wanted to start lifting weights, and I was one of four girls out of a class with 36 people.

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    Eating chocolate can have some health benefits if consumed in moderation.

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    I think it also depends on the person, one of my best friends grew up in a very modern home and went to a co-ed elementary school, but she went to a bais yaakov high school, and now she is at seminar. Another one of my best friends also grew up in a modern orthodox home and she went to the co-ed separate school, and then went to the bais yaakov high school and is now at ateres.

    The other girl in our “party” was a baal teshuva along with her family and spent most of her life in bais yaakov schools and is now at Darchei Binah.

    I would say that if I actually spent all four years at the bais yaakov high school, and was an FFB, that my experiences would have been much different, but at the end of the day, I am the one who deleted all her Facebook accounts and is trying to install an internet filter. The other three think I am really weird for wanting to do that- and I am at the most modern seminary that I can think of at the moment.

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    I was mature enough to be away from home, the issues i had were mostly with other girls bullying me.

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    At the same time, since it is a money maker, that means you should try to take advantage of everything that the school has to offer.

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    If I understand that correctly, are you assuming that a baal teshuva who decides to install a filter on her computer, and since her family is not religious, they will expect her to get a smartphone, and then when they ask her to look something up and she isn’t able to bypass the filter, that she should lose respect for her parents because the filter decided that visiting the website the parents wanted was an aveirah?

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    Baseball caps are a good way to protect your face from the sun without wearing such a nebach hat with a brim that goes around your entire head. It can help prevent skin cancer.

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    i dont think there is anything wrong with going to bed that early. I have been able to start going to bed at 11 pm and actually fall asleep.

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    Nothing is exactly black and white in life, but at the same time, I knew two weeks into the year that it was not working at the first school and since they had an awful refund policy, when I did leave and switched into another school, there were people who had to convince them to refund me more money then the policy indicated.

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    Yes, I have been to New York numerous times, between NCSY reunions, catching El Al flights, the Zone, and other trips, I typically visit New York 1-3 times a year (I have relatives that live upstate, I am going to them for the sedarim, they keep shabbos Thank G-d).

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    k, i will look into it.

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    such as…

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    I feel like the stomach problems will go away when I get to New York.

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    i hear…

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    I already booked my flight to New York. I also have a chedvas interview, G-d willing, on Thursday.

    Additionally, I feel like having a string of schools that I have attended for such short periods of time is not so great for me because my mother constantly gives me looong mussar schmoozes about how I am “ruining my reputation”. I mean, its true that the first school I left didn’t like me, but at the same time, I don’t exactly know how much debt I am in right now, and I personally feel that at the moment, I need a break from learning Torah in a midrasha because this year has been such a big turn off, that I have lost interested in learning about Yiddishkeit. I am looking forward to the week before Pesach in New York because I will be able to relax and hang out with people I have not seen in such a long time that I would love to catch up with. I would also like to, and I know this is expensive, but go to Talia’s and order steak there one night (I went there once with JSU).

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    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that there are a ton of threads that talk about pninim.

    Check out this link:

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    i am not able to go to a hotel.

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    When I was a senior, I was pressured not to go to israel, it turns out that the people who were pressuring me to wait a year and then go to neve were right, not because I was not mature enough to come here, but because even though I was in a high school with bais yaakov hashkafos, I have been sitting for the past few years on the border, hashkafically, between yeshivish and modern orthodox. Additionally, last year, I had to request, for my own sanity, certain accommodations that no other girl would ever have, such as coming to school later on certain days because I was exempt from certain morning classes and therefore would have had nothing to do for long periods of time (if I understood my homework assignments, I would have done them during my free periods), and one day a week, I was able to come to school at 11 am and then leave school an hour later because I was done with classes for that day (yes, that was friday), which other girls who would get that accommodation most likely would have just skipped school that day completely.

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    I am trying not to worry so much, but unfortunately, when there are so many unknowns and people sitting there and lecturing you all the time, and you feel like you are being deprived of the ability to live a quality of life, and stuff like that, it is very hard to be happy.

    In terms of being able to help, I am leaving Israel on March 17th and will land in New York on March 17th, one of my friends is picking me up from the airport and driving me to another friend’s apartment, where I will be staying for a few days, but I need to find a place to stay for the rest of the week before Erev Pesach, and shabbos arrangements. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    For those of you who are confused, I arrived in Israel on August 27th, 2012 on the El Al flight with almost every seminary.

    That may be true, and I was just given a big mussar schmooze about how I have been speaking lashon hara about the program and that I was not actually “kicked out” but my feeling is that the reason that I am interpreting this as being “kicked out” is because I was told that I needed to raise $12,000 by the end of the year in order to stay, and that if I left before Pesach, that I could pay off a significantly smaller amount after I start working and earning money, and that I should go home in order to make money so that I can come back in September.

    I am pretty sure that saying that sort of statement is sugar coating some stuff, and that people want me to live in the “fantasy” that I am a great girl who messed up big time, and since she is not wealthy, can’t stay here. I know I messed up this year big time in several areas, but at the same time, I was not the only one who messed up big time, and, since I am the center of this situation, I am going to suffer the brunt of it. My mom said that there is no way she is willing to send me to Israel again as a result of this. Last time I checked, I never said I was going to sue this program, however, I know that I told the director that I would have to go into debt, and at the time, I did not know how much, but that it could either be no debt, or an extremely high amount of debt (which is ended up being) and that it would take time to negotiate how much money I would get refunded, and other things of the like. I was accepted and joined this program because I was under the impression that the people in charge understood this, and to me, the first paragraph is not realistic, and the fact that I am leaving this program, in many aspects, is turning my life upside down, and that is causing me a ton of stress, and making me, physically sick, I am literally having stomach issues again, and a fever.

    Even though this program has been very accommodating of me in certain aspects, some of those accommodations were not appropriate at all and made me feel stupid, and other ones weren’t exactly perfect, meaning, when I go out with friends, nothing drives me nuts more than constantly getting phone calls from people who say that they are calling to make sure I get back (I understand that they are responsible for me, however, I have a very independent type of personality, and I feel that people don’t trust me if they are constantly calling me when I go out).

    The reason that I am going to be leaving this program, and why I left the first seminary, is because I never should have been accepted into those program because the hanhala from both schools ignored critical pieces of information that I mentioned during my interviews with both schools and then after being in their program, I found out that I needed to leave because even though I was told one thing, they thought the reality was different, and that I could just magically either not be learning disabled anymore, or magically come up with a large amount of money. If I needed to create my shidduch resume today, I am not sure if I would even mention that I went to seminary at all, but that also creates the dilemma where I need to figure out what I would put down that I ended up doing this year.

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    I hope so too.

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    Thanks. I understand that nobody is accusing me, its just that this whole situation is ridiculous and could have been so easily avoided. One of my suitcases broke on the way here, and they were trying to convince me to borrow a suitcase from them. I was literally thinking to my self “no freakin way”, although I was much more polite than that.

    Mods, feel free to edit the word that you find questionable, I am just putting it in out of frustration.

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    I agree, I think it is disgusting that it got to this point, and that they didn’t reject me. On top of that, I am sick to my stomach every time I think about debt that could have been so easily avoided.

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    right, but this school knew that i didn’t have money when i applied.

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    For those of you who is saying that this is only one side of the story, I am trying to give unbiased information, my mom told me that they don’t understand how I can afford to socialize all the time, when in reality, most of the time I have gone out, it was to events where I get free pizza and stuff like that, and I almost never got to go out for the sake of going out.

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    I just wish the debt could just go away… I am leaving Israel because I don’t have what to do here at the moment.

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    I am staying in my dorm until the 17th of march. I have already booked a flight. Basically, I am in one of the brovenders programs. They won’t charge me for the time when I am not there. But I will owe them $5-6,000 when I leave. I am just planning on using some scholarship money to pay it off a bit before I leave. My rabbi already knows, I don’t want to discuss everything here because this is a public forum.

    Daniela: Amen!

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    So, after speaking to my rabbi, he said he wants to coordinate a meeting with everyone that is involved in my life that is able to show up in order to determine the best course of action for my future, because everyone in the frum community in my hometown is on the same page with me, and nobody expected my year in israel to be this awful EVEN THE PEOPLE WHO TOLD ME I SHOULD NOT GO TO SEMINARY THIS YEAR DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD HAVE ENDED LIKE THIS.

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    I have to leave by the 17th. I have cash, but I am not supposed to spend it (although spending some will be inevitable…). I mean, if I can leave the dorms before then and stay somewhere else, that would be nice. I have to cash some checks in order to pay them back some of the debt.

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    Basically, the people I interviewed with are also the financial department, program director, person who forms the schedule, maintains overall order in the program. The person who does all of those things was told by me and by a number of other people before and after the interview, that I would need to pay it off after graduating college. They said that they understood that. Then, last week, they told me that I need to pay it now. Then today, they said that I need to leave because I was not able to come up with $12,000 by today for the remainder of my tuition.

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    yes, b/c of tuition. I don’t want to leave E”Y, at the very least, all of my friends are here. I am trying to reach my rabbi…

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    maybe i was responding to gefen…

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    But then they never should have accepted me because they told me during my interview that I could go into debt, and then they backed down on their word.

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    I am still frum because even though the director of my program was really mean to me by accepting me into this program and then telling me to leave because I can’t afford to pay off such a high amount of money before the end of the year (12,000 dollars), my friends and other people still donated money towards my tuition, and I know that I am planning on coming back to Israel at the end of august.

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