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    I think that sarah palin really had nothing to do with it, but it’s the Eibeshter’s way of ruining her popularity. And if HE wants her to become president, he’ll boost it up again.

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    I never heard of it.

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    Hi. Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman says in kobetz maamorim that the Rambam holds that since it is a mitzvah to get married it’s an inyan of bechira so the Rambam paskens that the gemora that one’s bashert is decided before one is born is not halacha lemayseh. Rather, one chooses whom he marries.

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    I think it’s bad to demonize goyim, they were also created betzelem eloikim. But to stress that we are the chosen nation above the goyim is different, but to point at goyim and say look at those beheymos is wrong. At least at good goyim.

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    i’m back. hello everybody. i come and go. anyways if the yeshiva world can make a website, why not a TV station?

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    And imagine in the states, if New York had a 20% frum population. How would the goyim react?

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    I think I was misunderstood. My discussion isnt if it is good or bad, no duh its good. But imagine if all Eretz Yisroel was frum? That would have major ramifications. Would there be an army? How would people make money? And what would be with the Arabs? Interesting to ponder. May moshiach come soon.

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    Ok, JOsh, I challenge you to the task!

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    There are those who are tayning that ppl only go off the derech if their parents are abusive. Ershtens, there are abusive rebbeim and friends. But that’s not my point. My point is that that is not true at all. The reason they are mistaken is because kids who make the bechira to do bad things and have bad parents, bechitzoniyus go off the derech. BUt kids who have shalom bayis, money, good plastic relationships with rebbeim and friends, are “good at learning”, live a perfect life in frum society, so why would they openly seperate? BUt who knows what they do when no one’s looking?

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    mdd, i see where youre coming from, not mamesh krum like prof or berly but you should be careful when making statements about gedoilim. hatzlocho and please just be careful mevazeh talmid chacham ei lo chelek. And even if s/o makes a light comment the gemora says one can lose his c in ohb. But i see where youre coming from. consider it like shitas beis shammai.

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    the prof 1 what shtusim you say! Who do you think gedolim are, political figures that avoid arguing? Stop being mevazeh talmidei chachomim! Doeg was a rasha had no chelek in olam habo. He did many aveiros. was not holy but very tamei. and learning torah just made him more tamei! He corrupted it. BUt the Satmar Rebbe was very holy, manhig hador, other gedolim loved him!!

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    I wouldn’t.

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    I hear. But is one allowed to be besimcha about inyanei olam hazeh? Or only mitzvos?

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    mdd, according to you we cant hold of MOIshe Rabbeinu because the Christians also believe in him! Eizeh shtuyot! just because some radicals fanatics twisted rabbi blau and the satmar rebbe tzadikim vgeoiney oilam, doesn’t mean we don’t hold of them! Otherwise dump gantz Tanach since christians!

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    Btw mdd, your facts are all wrong. Reb Amram Bla zt”l was a big tzadik, starter of NetureiKarta. And no, I do not have his hashkafos. But the Chazon Ish and the BRisker Rov, who argued with him, wer machshiv him very much and were very metztae’r when he was jailed. Anyways, he did not support violence, just protests. There were a couple of meshugaim (the jewish world is also allowed to have meshugayim, no? we’re only human?) who met with the talis-maker ahmadinejad and do all kind of crazy things like throw stones and burn garbage cans. It is not supported by any gadol biyisroel including Neturei Karta. And ps I was disgusted by the person who desecrated the holocaust memorial and the yucky stuff they said that they were happy about the holocaust that was not Rabbi Blau’s hashkafa at all. So you can stop blaming the klal because of this (admittingly rather large but not more than 7 or 8%) percentage of meshugayim.

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    Thank you, mod.

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    Other gedolim i’ve been zocheh to meshamesh didn’t hold like him, but they still held his sefer was a kosher and emes view, it was shitas Beis Shamai. some gedolim held to a certain degree of some stuff he said. But to say it’s not emes is rishus and bizayon!

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    rabbiof berlin dude, how dare u speak chutzpah of the Satmar Rebbe? I see in Berlin they’re not caught up with American or Israeli Gedolei Yisroel because I have been meshamesh many of them and their talmidim and they have quoted many vayoel moshes and knew it. And so what if you learned it? Many krum ppl read gemora and even goyim! I hold bizayon talmidei chachamim should be moniterd by ywn!!!

    We try.

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    mdd that is bizayon talmidei chachamim mamesh, shem reshoim yirkov!

    Anyways, the Rambam paskens that it is a mitzvah deoraysa for us to have a king as the verse says, “Som tasim alecha melech” but the problem was that we wanted a king just to fit in with the other goyim, so Shmuel Hanavi was to appoint Shaul, who was a benjaminite not from Yehuda, because it wasn’t asked for properly. Then Shaul lost the throne, and Malchus was made proper to Dovid Hamelech. Zionism does not classify as monarchy, sorry. I am not chassidish, btw, but a modernish litvak w/ bren. BUt anyways, it is not halachically or loshen bnei odom monarchy.

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    i havent read the whole post sorry. gavra i dont mind discussing it. i just hope the moderators dont mind. i dont really get your question of pleaseb explain. what was bothering you? and charlie hall, we do not chas veshalom pray to angels. if you r talking about the slicha malachei rachamim , reb chaim volozhinert says not to say it. and even the ones that say it farenfer themseles. and go ahead pray to the sun, chas veshalom. its ossur. in fact the rambam says thats how a”z started by people praying to malachim and stars as emissiaries and stuff.

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    I hate to make this suggestion, but perhaps since the Rambam lived in Arab countries he was more free to say kushta demilsa and call xianity avoidah zarah, but the French Toisfos were censured by the xians ? as France is a christian country (or was now atheist and Muslim :))

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    Ummm I don’t know if this is allowed on ywn 🙂 but why don’t u just read wikipedia if u r so interested?

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    The way mainstream christianity (with exclusion of some protestant groups) would explain the trinityis that there is one God but he takes on three literal forms chas veshalom that is avodah zarah mamesh!

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    And yes the trinity and the literal am haaretzishe interpreatation does contradict yichud Hashem al pi halacha, and one who believes in that…

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    Gav, for your info I do know A LOT about other religions, and no christianity did not steal the concept of the trinity from us. The zohar was not made public until the 13th century, and christianity was present at least in the first century, maybe even earlier (of course they deny that). The zohar is not talking about a father son and ghost, it talks about the Atika Kadisha, Chakal Tapuchin,and Z’eir Anpin. If you go to wikipedia.org on the zohar, i shlugged up the whole christian-zohar entry there. I don’t want be mayrich here, but if you go to wikipedia (if not, i’ll write it here if asked) go to zohar and zohar in christian mythology, see the junk they wrote and see my shlugg up which they never erased!

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    Gavra you got it all wrong. It is avodah zarah to daven to something even if you believe its just and intermediary. Like davening to the sun to take up your tefillos to Hashem! And what shaychus askinu seudasa? Don’t tell me you’re one of those ppl who hold the ZOhar is a christian text! What shtusim! Don’t get involved in sisrei Torah! The zohar also seems to say Hashem has an image chas veshalom but it is not meant to be interpreted by us commoners literally!

    in reply to: Molesters: Why Do Some In Our Community Cover For Them? #711830

    Yeah syag has a very good point. I am maskim a hundred percent. BUt I think this problem is part of a much bigger problem that plagues the Jewish people. I’ve had so many bad experiences wwith many rabonim and rebeim (not molesting boruch Hashem) and on the other hand there are many good ones too. BUt my point being that these positions aren’t neccesarily based on the person’s personal yiras shomayim and Torah, but on their kavod and stuff! And some are child molesters, some do other aveiros in private, etc. On the other hand there are so many talmidei chachomim amitiyim that sit in the dumps with no recognition and perhaps bizayon!! This is a problem that’s practically impossible to solve til moshiach comes!

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    Christianity is pure avodah zarah! First of all their trinity, second of all their icons and statues of saints theyliterally bow down to! About this particular shayla if it’s mutar to do business I don’t know. But it seems to me that you’re not doing busness with them, you’re just employed by a company that does business. or am i wrong?

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    I did not read the whole post so I might say something redundant. But this whole post sickens me out that people are klering if its ok to cover for a child molester. I agree that in 1% of cases there is a safek if the child is saying the truth or not, so Reb Elyashiv’s psak applies. BUt in the yeshivish world, 99% of cases it is obvious that the child is saying the whole truth. UNless it is a really weird kid. It’s gross how so many people who are fake rabbonim and rebbeim get away with this, because of their reputation and stuff, while innocent children and parents have to suffer! I think I read somebody who commented that we don’t believe a child in Beis Din, so we are not allowed to believ a child in this case! Meshugas! So from now on, according to that svora I will never believ a woman, child, or gentile for anything! There are special gzeras hakasuv l’inyan eidus bbeis din, and this doesn’t neccesarily apply anywhere else! Anyways, I want MOshiach to come, and klal yisroel to be cleaned out of their psoles!

    in reply to: Breach in Tznius: Recent affliction attacking Klal Yisroel #1025643

    I saw msseeker’s post that learning Torah is not the only solution. That is wrong, look in Mesilas Yesaharim chapter 4, that the only way to fight any Yetzer Hora is LEARNINg Torah.

    in reply to: College – Appropriate or not? #689748

    Gavra, if you look carefully in that gemora, you’ll see seven opinions brought down, then Amar Rav Huna Halacha K’Acheirim, that we pasken that afilu koro v’ shono v’lo shimesh talmidei chachomim, if he didn’t learn shas beiyun he’s not a talmid chochom. And rescue, what marei mekomos you want? Look in Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deyah Hil;chos Talmud Torah (i think #242 or somewhere around).

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    Gavra so explain what exactly you think is a talmid chochom!

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    A talmid chochom is not a job like being a sofer! By tefillin the Torah says you put on tefillin gomarnu ther’s nothing else no chiyuv to make them. However, by Torah there are requirements to know the entire Torah (veshinantom seyehu divrei Torah mechudadin al picho) and to sit and learn with all your kochos with glatt hashkofos obviously! There you go!

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    Ershtens, there are 613 mitzvos! Tzveitens, there much more than 613 mitzvos. The monei hamitzvos (rishonim who counted the mitzvos) have introductions to their seforim where they say they only count certain mitzvos that fit into certain categories. The Rambam does not count Zecher Yetzias Mitzrayim, and hundreds of other mitzvos. Look there. Not because they’re not mitzvos, but because the Gemoras in Makkos that said there are 613 mitzvos was only counting certain ones. Second of all, the chiyuv to be talmid chochom could be included in the chiyuv of Talmud Torah.

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    I don’t know if I can satisfy your request for a definition but I will try. Every Yid has a chelek Elokah mimaal which is his Neshomah, right? Usually, but not always, your neshoma can feel kedusha, like when you go to a mikveh or see a holy rabbi. But kedusha means there is a Presence of the Shechina there, which you usually feel, and it’s hard to describe… you have to feel it!

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    I would not recommend learning these sforim for a poshite yid:) This is Ramchal, leaning towards Kabboloh and could tear a persons mind and even make him krum. But what’s noigeia for YOU is too distance yourself from nisyonos as much as you can, and as hard as you try they will always come your way so fight the ones that come your way, and safek doraysa lchumra assume you have bechira over it!

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    And you hold that your learning was more bikdusha vtahara when you were in college? Okay, i hear everybody else i spoke to in these matzovim said nisht azoy. But how old were you when you went to college? 30? I’m talking more about 20-25.

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    SJs, 99% of Jews stopped keeping kosher in America! And 80% married goyim! The small remainder is only frum because the Gedolim acted and made yeshivos and kashrus organizations and mikvehs and shuls and kosher restaurants and stores. Why didn’t take that into cheshbon?

    The subject of bechirah is adifficult topic but klor certain stuff we don’t have bechira and even if we do it’s a heavy nisayon, and the Gemora says you can’t put yourself in a nisayon. My point is we need Teshuvah and Moshiach fast so we’ll be the ones in chaarge of styles not Eisav!

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    Okay, I don’t really know your hashkafos. But on point 3, ask me or anyone else with the experience. Anyways, I wasn’t raise so yeshivish I had to go through both curriculums.

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    sjs it is a sad reality that we are in Golus and our bad actions like pritzus are a hashpoah from the goyim. It’s all their fault!

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    1. The Ran in Nedorim says the Gemora means it is bedieved if it was a very busy day.

    2.There are many different levels of Talmidei Chachomim look in Brochos 47b and I think Sotah 22 or 23, and the Poskim agree that in our days at least for Halachos of Kavod Talmidei Chachomim there is a din of Talmid Chochom. ANyone who is Omel BaTorah and Ro’uy L’Horos and is not mezalzel bemitzvos and has glatt hashkofos.

    3. Anyone who was in yeshiva and learned a full day will not be a ble to describe you 1% of the Mesikus HaTorah how they learned for hours and days and nights on end. t doesn’t compare to a guy who learns half or three quarters the day and who has fifteen things on his mind.

    in reply to: College – Appropriate or not? #689726

    Whatever the answer to the difficult sh’eyla is, one thing is klor: there is at least a chiyuv on Klal Yisroel to produce a large amount of Talmidei Chachomim, and every kid has the chance! Imagine! Even a dull witted kid has the chance. So we must do our hishtadlus that they get chinuch that will not only make them come out as ehrliche yidden, but as Talmidei Chachomim.

    in reply to: Cause For Teens At Risk? #688938

    philosopher, Mah Shelo Yaaseh Haseichel yaaseh hazman. (Experience is better than logic). I went to a top notch yeshiva that had hashkafa class. He was leaned towards the left, i dont know why they chose him, but it was a disaster. He farkrumt a few people, DID NOT HELP. If people are interested in hashkofa, learn Torah talk to Talmidei Chachomim. Don’t go looking for these Hashkofenyaks!

    in reply to: College – Appropriate or not? #689723

    Rescue, what makes you so sure?

    in reply to: College – Appropriate or not? #689721

    Derech Hamelech, the Halacha happens to be that you can be yotzei you chiyuv of Talmud Torah with Krias Shema Shacharis veAravis. Look in Yoreh Deyah Hilchos Talmud Torah (siman 242 I think but somewhere around there)

    in reply to: College – Appropriate or not? #689719

    There is much more to being a Talmid Chochom than a walking CD Rom with Shas and Poskim! Anyways, Shaychus is that if every Jew had a chiyuv to be a Talmid Chochom no one by default should go to college because that takes away from their chinuch. The bachelor years are the best for learning, ask anyone! That’s besides the bad influences. But if you hold that no, then some people who feel they are not destined to be a Talmid CHochom would be allowed to go to college.

    in reply to: Cause For Teens At Risk? #688936

    Gavra I know many kids who change in their preteen age

    in reply to: Breach in Tznius: Recent affliction attacking Klal Yisroel #1025617

    The only way to fight pritzus is by learning Torah and improving chinuch, and eventually Bias Hamoshiach.

    in reply to: College – Appropriate or not? #689715

    Okay. But my question is does evry Jew have to become a Talmid Chochom or is there a kloliyusdike chiyuv on Klal Yisroel to produce talmidei chachomim, but on an individual level it’s ok to be a poshuteh yid.

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