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    Ive had that experience trying to debate Hydroxychloroquine…

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    Yserbius, there were many many more claims, warranted or not. Lets just say I would like to make sure there were no more “clerical errors”.

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    Yserbius I haven’t seen anything debunked, I’ve seen a lot of fishy things going, lots of claims from lots of people, and I haven’t seen how any of the claims have been addressed, I’m not saying this amounts to fraud, but I am saying that if this Maricopa county audit is thorough nd complete, no holding back anything, which is how its lined up to be unless the judge presiding over there gets involved, and yet nothing is found, I will certainly view the election much differently. I’m sorry you’ve been fooled by the actions and behaviors of some of the party’s radicals.

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    Yserbius that’s simply incorrect, while there may be radicals who can never be convinced, the truth is most republicans are NOT radical. Speaking for myself, I know that if the R’s in Maricopa complete the audit to their satisfaction, and come up with nothing, I personally will be far more confident the election overall was secure. And I would say that the vast majority of R voters are more similar to myself than the radicals who would never be convinced.

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    yserbius, “every claim by every guy standing on a street corner and shouting.” isn’t comparable to having tens of millions of americans who lack confidence in the election. You can think they are fools, but at the end of the day, elections are the foundation of democracy, and if there is something as simple as an audit that will reassure most of those tens of millions, there is no reason not to proceed. Besides, the democrats are putting in probably as much effort to stop the audit, than effort required to conduct the audit…

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    1-I was originally wondering about that, then realized that all the 1 million would have accomplished is delay the process a couple days, not prevent the audit.
    2-already addressed that in previous post
    3-addressed that in pending/previous post
    4,6,-so I’m supposed to trust non-transparent elections run by Dems, but you can’t trust completely transparent (literally every part of the audit is being recorded) audits run by republicans?
    5-could be correct, I have no idea about this…
    7-uh, I don’t see a 7’nth…

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    yserbius, firstly, the Dems DID do whatever they could to “hold trump responsible”, secondly, your comparison is ridiculous, by Trump, we all know and debated the facts, “holding a trial” wouldnt be about potentially finding out more-(although that is possible, as we ARE finding out more, but I’ll leave that for another thread…)-it would pretty much be about how a judge would “interpret the facts”. So yes, most republicans would oppose a theoretical trial because we feel Democrats are intentionally misconstruing the facts, and basing a trial on that. Whereas by the audit, the purpose would specifically be to find out more than we know now. And I see no logical reason a democrat would oppose. Common sense would actually dictate the opposite, as i’ve explained in previous posts.

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    Yserbius, “Because it lends legitimacy to the idea that the election has been stolen.”- what’s that supposed to mean?? If by the end of the audit, no fraud is found, then it does the exact opposite! You seem not to realize that! I know if the tables were turned, and I was confident the election was fair, I would LOVE for there to be an extensive, thorough audit, I would love to see the dem leaders fall on their face! I don’t know how you are comparing my argument to that of totalitarian governments, but what I’m saying is plain common sense…
    Jackk, as I’ve seen in georgia, and other places, clearly, being a republican does NOT equal wanting trump to have won…either way, you haven’t even begun to answer my question….

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    Wow, i just saw segment of CNN’s Don Lemon actually defending the heroic action of the officer. So on one hand, I gotta give credit where it’s due, on the other hand, Biden’s the white house isn’t doing so great when even CNN is disagreeing with them….

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    FYB, huju, i’m pretty sure I wouldn’t, I don’t know the specifics of the hammer guy, but if ANYONE-black, white, jewish, non jewish, frum, not frum, Chinese, Asian, European ……-that is about to kill someone else, it becomes the job of the police-or actually anyone-to try and stop the rotza’ach, even at the expense of the rotza’ch’s life. The arguments that he should have “deescalated the situation”, or “tackled her” or “used the taser”, or “shot at the legs” being spouted out by the left, are all utter stupidity. All non-real-world solution, but I guess it’s not uncommon to hear Leftists demanding we pursue non real world-solutions, and then complain when we don’t…

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    ENS, I have no idea what you mean by “hurling broad insults”, I guess i’m not so experianced with “micro-aggression” and all, but all I mean to ask is what policies are there, that democrats support, republicans oppose, that you think align with Torah values.
    Jackk, we all know and understand that neither a government run by D’s or R’s will resemble a Torah run government, this conversation is all about policies in which D’s and R’s have DIFFERENT views on.

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    ENS so maybe you can explain how policies put in place to expand access to abortion, and supporting the My Body My Choice view, can possibly be linked to the decrease in actual abortions.

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    ENS, thats a sly way of avoiding the question….I’m simply trying to understand how you can say with a straight face that today’s democrat values align in any way shape or form with the Torah. It isn’t their view on abortion, it isn’t their view on transgenderism, it isn’t their view on taxes…so what is it?

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    ENS, what democrat values do you think align with the Torah more? Abortion? Insanely high taxes? The normalization of trangenderism? Frankly the normalization of everything abnormal? Exactly what policy do you feel aligns with the Torah?

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    Reb E, it seems your whole political view is based on the premises that “republicans are selfish”, and Democrats care about everyone. Please explain what you mean, -in terms of set policy- that leads you to this conclusion.

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    On the other hand, I do think that -some- democrats (who many republicans would actually agree with) are right regarding gun control. I think we should increase background checks.

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    Jackk ““They release criminals into the street.” It’s the republicans who release cops who kill innocent civilians.” Ya, its called the justice system, whether or not YOU believe in any given case that he/she is innocent. Compare whats been done to the Antifa/blm rioters, many of which have been repeatedly arrested, after getting released-with how every last “insurrectionist” is getting hunted down from all corners of the globe.
    -“They support Terrorists. ” They killed OBL. They give Israel 12 billion dollars of aid per year.” Giving money to Israel isnt a counterargument to giving money to terrorists.
    -“Corporate taxes are a historic low.” Was lowered by the Trump administration.
    -” Republicans support proud boys and the KKK.” Now THIS is a baseless statement full of hot air. No evidence of this whatsoever. On the other hand, there are democrats, namely Maxine Waters, who are actively calling for antifa/blm to continue rioting if they don’t get the Chauvin verdict they want.

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    Reb E, reduced taxes, created jobs…
    AZ, I don’t really care who created the list, the point is that what lakewut said about them are true. The way democrats tax, yes, even the middle class, and increase government spending, to put as many people as they can on welfare, is disgusting. The democrats control nearly the entire education system, they can, and do indoctrinate the students with whatever social-justice, anti american, anti capitalist propaganda they want. All the while working to eliminate any opposing view.

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    Ren e, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, today’s republicans are much closer to democrats of the past, and today’s democrats have gone off the cliff. Your reply is therefore irrelevant.

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    QBW, trumos and maasros given to kohanim and leviim are entirely irrelevant here. And if want to compare maaser ani, to what should be given, to the government, to help the poor, I would think going by percentage makes plenty sense.
    Your entire argument, trying to compare the way of the Torah, where we help those who need help, to Democrat handouts, is completely faulty. It assumes the republican party don’t want to help those who need help. False, the difference between republicans/democrats, is the extras, which in some cases incentivizes people to stay home, and not work. Programs that while looking good, certainly passing the eye test, are illogical, from the fairness point of view.
    -i’d love to learn about what planned parenthood does besides murdering hundreds of thousands of babies a year.
    -And your comments regarding the stimulus coming from only dems, not republicans is missing the x factor. Like, what else was in the “Stimulus” bill? Things that have nothing to do with getting money into the hands of americans, thats what.
    -right now Biden doesn’t know a needle from an arm. The distribution has nothing to do with biden, was going to happen regardless.
    -“Does the Holy Torah encourage people to worship Avoda Zara ? Not sure what your trying to say.
    -“Murder by Police ?” Uh, no, but to conflate murder by police, with justifiable self-defense, is rather misleading.
    -“Not taking care of Geirim ?” Again, not sure what your trying to say.
    -You say you think republicans are resposible for the eight levels of control. Really?? Hows that? Can we actually debate this, because I think this is very important!

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    yt, what are your thoughts on ufo’s, i love your conspiracy theories! The two weapons are not that different in size, and remember, the officer, who was probably freaked for her life at that point, had about 1.5 seconds to pull her taser/gun. If the fbi, or any government institution wanted to avoid riots, they’d stop pretending this had anything to do with racism.

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    Jackk, qbw, your posts’ are complete gaslighting, no, it’s not hypocrisy to say every life is precious, yet be fine with a violent criminal, resisting arrest, and actually putting the officer’s life at risk, be shot-especially considering it was a mistake. Why don’t you debate the facts, like I did, instead of attacking “crazy anti-liberalism”? Qbw, according to the cdc, guns are used between 500,000-3million(!) times a year, in defense. And either way, criminals will get their hands on a gun, legal or not. So if you want to debate these factors, we can, but to claim conservatives don’t care about lives of they don’t support gun control, is utter stupidity.

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    Jackk, your take is typical liberal insanity, siding with the violent criminals, and hating on police officers, who risk their lives to protect the country. No ones suggesting its totally ok for an officer to mix up a taser for a gun, with nothing being done about it. The cop was focused on the criminal who suddenly made a move to enter his car (which might in itself be grounds for getting shot-intentionally- as there may be a weapon in the car). I don’t know personally (as I don’t own either weapon) how easy it is to mix up the two, but clearly the mistake has everything to do with some level of incompetence, and absolutely nothing to do with racisms. Of course the democrats, who love to stoke division, will pretend otherwise.

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    OD your statement is ridiculous, the palestinians will use most of the money to DIRECTLY FUND terrorism, promote terrorism and teach terrorism. Stop being so willfully ignorant.

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    GH, the MLB isn’t supposed to be right wing or left wing. True they have the right to do whatever that want, but when they take a completely partisan stance like that, they are “disenfranchising” many more people than will ever be “disenfranchised” by the Georgia voting law. And they did it because of internal pressure from the Woke Mob. The MLB, as well as all the big businesses that put out “statements” regarding the law need to get back in their own lane, and stop sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong(politics). This is especially stupid and frustrating considering that this whole Jim crow comparison is completely bogus, and frankly disgusting. Anyone can get an id, the bill makes it easier to do that. And many of these corporations that are “condemning” the law, actually require id for their own functions. So where is this all this coming from? Joe Biden, and the Fake News media. As always, spreading division like their lives depend on it.

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    Yserbius, what are saying? Floyd was in drugs, had underlying medical conditions, and was going crazy BEFORE Chauvin arrived at the scene.

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    Jackk, turns out that discussing ALL the facts-even those that are inconvenient -does NOT make one a fascist. But if course, the way you guys have treated the terms “fascist, racist, bigot ect” have rendered them completely meaningless.
    I don’t know where you got your info from, but I’m pretty sure ujm is correct when he said “An autopsy showed Floyd’s neck muscles were not even bruised.”
    George had fatal levels of drugs in his system, and underlying conditions that both -at the very least- contributed to his death. This that he was saying “I can’t breathe” is meaningless -he was saying that before Chauvin even arrived at the scene. This is Chauvins defense, and it seems pretty strong to me. Chauvins knee probably played a role as well, and that is why we have a court case, to determine exactly what he is responsible for. Jackk, isn’t it great we have some form of a justice system that doesn’t allow us to convict anyone who seems to have committed a crime, before it’s proven they committed a crime?I
    “He was charged with murder, murder and murder. If he is convicted on murder, it will be a successful prosecution”- Factually incorrect, at least from the Woke Mobs perspective. He was charged with different levels of murder, each with their own consequences. If the Woke Mob decides that due to “systemic racism” , the sentence was to light, the riots to likely follow will make last summer’s riots look like child’s play.

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    I don’t think Chauvin will be found guilty of all the charges the Woke Mob want him to found guilty of. Going to be VERY interesting to see how Biden manages the insane riots that are likely to follow an acquittal.

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    Why don’t I trust the Palestinians to use the money as it was intended for, instead of using it to continue funding and rewarding terrorist activities against achainu b’nei yisroel?

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    I see my reply was posted, but won’t update the thread listings on the main CR page🤔🤔

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    Twisted, the situation is all relative, if where were talking about a mainstream yeshiva teen, or even a teen coming from a very modern orthodox background, then I would completely agree with your assessment. However, after reading a few stories on him, it seems he comes from a rather non-religious family (I could be wrong about this, not 100% sure…). This being the case, we have a kid who potentially has the ability to fulfill his lifelong dream, play baseball for life, make millions, become famous….and he won’t even think about pursuing these dreams if it will interfere with his Shabbos observance. Perhaps we can all learn from him.

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    And one more thing I want to point out is that sidney powells claims of vote switching while possibly an ingredient, certainly isn’t the main thing that caused the Jan 6 riot. There were many other claims of fraud-namely what I mentioned previously-that had a lot to do with Jan 6. Not to justify the rioters actions, but if we are to discuss what caused the rally-turned-riot, we are indeed talking about legitimate claims that had nothing to do with Sidney powell.

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    Perhaps we agree on the end result-that everyone should get vaccinated-but I don’t agree that the reason is necessarily that we are “trusting the experts”, and not trying an “untested therapies”. A) I just think practically it is difficult to access HCQ and B) daas torah told us to get vaccinated, so we get vaccinated.
    I’m not “angry” at you for calling out tristate, I just think you can’t deny right off the bat that what he’s saying is legitimate, and there is what to discuss. He’s not a “dangerous fool” for voicing his at least somewhat valid concern.

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    And besides, the courts ACTUALLY RULED-that what was done in wisconsin and Michigan was illegal, trump would have most likely won those states if not for what was done-illegaly.

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    Ens your free to believe whatever you want but your not gonna convince me the courts processed hundreds of affidavits, with all the cross examination ect. in such a short period of time. And don’t give your garbage about “lies leading to death” when your party literally shut down HCQ for absolute pure politics, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, and when your party is supporting the Systemic Racism Hoax, which has caused billions of dollars in damage, many lives lost, and insurmountable divide in this country. 1 police officer+a few trump supporters was the Jan 6 casualties, don’t pretend your all that concerned.

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    I’m not saying it wasn’t tested, obviously it was. I’m saying we don’t have all that much data on possible long term effects-as tristate pointed out-straight from the vaccine label.
    I am indeed no expert, and if my opinion was my own, I’d put what I perceive as common sense on hold-and trust the experts. But thats just not the case, my opinion is actually that of many health experts. I would absolutely love to hear your doctor’s justification, I do know doctors all over the country were threatened by the medical establishment with as much as license revocation-if they dared to use HCQ. I am simply seeking an explanation from the anti-HCQ experts, any expert. I’ve tried to discuss this with one expert on YWNCR, but whenever it got down to details, I’d be left hanging.

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    ENS, I don’t know about vote switching, but I do know there were many many affidavits pointing to one claim-votes being counted multiple times. I also know that NFL officials spend more time reviewing a challenged play, than the courts spent analyzing the affidavits. The fact that the courts-many of them liberal-didn’t have the guts to overturn the election, doesn’t take away from the validity of the affidavits. Just think about it, how long does a standard murder trial take, after all the appeals? Months, years. You really think in a few short weeks, the courts were able to thoroughly review all the claims and affidavits? Thats ridiculous.
    “Alas, what am I to expect from people who support lies in the name of politics regardless the consequences…”-coming from the party that shut down HCQ for pure politics, you should probably sit this one out.

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    Yserbius, “I’m saying that taking a vaccine (any vaccine) is a thousand times better than not taking one, considering that an individual is far more likely to contract COVID and be hospitalized that experience any major adverse effects from the vaccine.”-this is logically flawed, for if someone has a near-zero precent chance of dying, there may be a good chance that a potential risk from the vaccine is higher. You know how many under the age of 40 died from covid in the US? 6,500. Out of 11,500,000 confirmed cases. For every confirmed case-we can both make our own estimates-there is probably at least a few unconfirmed (asymptomatic) cases. Let’s for arguments sake say there were 30,000,000 cases altogether. That’s a .02% chance of a under 40 american dying. Oh wait, according to the cdc, only 6% of covid-19 deaths had no comorbities. 390 deaths. .000013% chance for a healthy young american to die from covid………you get my point.. The risk is near zero. We don’t know with absolute certainty that the risk of long term negative effects isn’t higher than the .000013%. And I never suggested that the medical establishment is split on the matter. I never even suggested that any doctor would say not to get it altogether. I said that I’ve heard of a couple doctors who are a bit hesitant, and want to wait a little more.
    I was hoping that you would respond to my explanation on HCQ.

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    Jackk, um, I’m pretty sure that counting votes that were cast in a way that’s not in accordance with the law, is voter fraud. If you want to discuss the laws, and how it’s “racist”, we can, but your post isn’t at all a counter to the claims of fraud I posted.

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    Quite honestly, I personally started doubting Sidney’s specific claims of vote switching back in mid-December. Originally thought she had something simply because as I said then, it doesnt make sense for a prominent lawyer to knowingly burn her reputation, for no reason or gain whatsoever. That was a good svarah then, and its a good svarah today, even if in this case im wrong. The real and proved fraud was in Wisconsin with 140,000 excess voters on the indefinitely confined list, Michigan where a Judge ruled that SOS Jocelyn Benson broke rules regarding absentee ballot distribution and processing, and PA where Justice Alito’s orders were ignored.

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    Yserbius Firstly, tristates concern is actually shared by “expert opinion”, its not his own. And when you hear everyone promoting the vaccine as safe and thoroughly tested, you are hearing them reading out the rest of the vaccine label, conveniently leaving out the part Tristate mentioned. I understand what you mean when you say “I can pick up any random chemical or machine in my house and make it sound scary by writing out part of its fact sheet”, but this is simply not the same. It’s new. And a small but significant percentage of doctors aren’t so comfortable for the reasons tristate points out.
    Yes, for a drug that could’ve saved hundreds of thousands of lives, I am indeed pretty darn devoted to it. (Don’t want to sound like a kofar, of course whoever Hashem wanted to die, would have died regardless…) “The fact that protocols very similar to the ones your doctor friend claimed 80-90% cure rate were tested and found lacking is enough to say that there’s little hope that this observational study will bear any fruit.”- sorry, but this is a pretty insane statement. Let me break this down. The general idea of HCQ is that it “lets the zinc into the cell”. Zinc, acting as the antiviral stops the virus replication. Older people are more prone to be lacking zinc in their system. HCQ, as with most drugs, can be deadly when given way too much. Now, if you give HCQ to a hospitalized patient, that means the virus already took over the body. Too late for HCQ to do anything. If you don’t give zinc, then no antiviral zinc to stop the virus. If you give 2400mg doses, when the recommended dose is just 200mg, can we expect healthy results? So, to some up, when we perform a study on hospitalized patients, given in large dosage and without zinc, and of course draw a poor result, can we use this study as irrefutable proof that HCQ is ineffective when given early, in low dosage, and with zinc? This is really not complicated.

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    Ywncr glitching now? My latest post doesn’t show up on main page, some threads show more voices than posts..?

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    @Yserbius123 Firstly, I was responding to @tristatejew’s concern when I suggested the Johnson&Johnson, context is important. Now funny you claim tristates post was out of context. How is that? Seems in-context and relevant to me. You have no idea that the mRna vaccines are 99.999% safe, speak to doctors, ask them if young adults should take it, we are dealing with a concern regarding genetics, uncharted territory, and although perhaps the majority of doctors aren’t worried about it, if you ask around, it wouldn’t be so hard to find many doctors who are indeed hesitant when it comes to young adults taking the mRna. I myself have heard a couple doctors who are a bit hesitant, and I didn’t even look for them. Everyone should speak to their own Doctor and Rov, and make their own private decision.
    Regarding HCQ, I’m not exactly “bringing my own facts”. I’m applying common sense. Doctors use specific protocol. 80-90% less death than population. Medical establishment doesnt bother to test that protocol. Exactly what in last few sentences do you disagree on?
    Btw, besides saving lives, what did the publishers have to gain from promoting their study?

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    Its called Legal Strategy.

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    @Yserbius, what did @tristate-jew do that makes him a “dangerous fool”?? Him pointing out what it says on the vaccine disclaimer?? What is says on the disclaimer is not his own opinion, rather, what they the experts are telling us! Daas Torah told us to take the vaccine, and that is the only reason why those who aren’t necessarily in the high-risk category, should be taking it. My point on HCQ has been clear. NOT that HCQ should now REPLACE the vaccine, rather, had we used HCQ from the start, we would have never needed a vaccine. Subtle difference. I don’t know to exactly what extent all the pro-HCQ doctors believe in its effectiveness, but m’ma nafshach. If you are going to tell me HCQ was disproved to be (as you call) a “miracle cure”, then pls explain how that happened; refer me to the official golden standard, double blinded clinical study, which was performed on patients in the outpatient setting, given HCQ in low dose, with azithremycin and zinc-that DIDN’T result in at least 80% reduction in death. (I’m pretty sure you won’t find anything like that.) And if no such study exists, WHY NOT?? THAT-is precisely what I’ve been trying to figure out for about a year now. I don’t think the medical establishment is this incompetent. I don’t think they did this by mistake.

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    Aaq, absolutely, I think everyone should get vaccinated. It’s just horrifying how hundreds of thousands died before we got the vaccine. Obviously if Hashem willed it, it was destined to happen, but that doesn’t detract from the accountability owned by many….

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    At least you agree that there is a “kasher in medicine”? What doctor did you ask, and what did he answer?

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    Yserbius I’ve mentioned countless times how this is not just my opinion as an observer-but rather the opinion of thousands of doctors and professionals around the world. You can choose to ignore that inconvenient fact, but it is what it is …

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    Aaq, your right, why else would so many radical lefty nutjobs be on board with this scandel….cuomos just not lefty enough for them….

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