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    Slight difference between BLM riots and the one at the capitol.
    Not a single Democrat condemned the BLM riots, (until they realized it was hurting their poll numbers), and MANY actually encouraged it.
    Not a single Republican approved of the riot at the capitol, and MANY actually vocally condemned it.
    A slight subtle difference, hard to catch, you really have to have a keen eye to notice this one.
    (Btw I wouldn’t assume so fast it was a trump supporter who killed the officer, there were plenty of antifa/BLM at the scene…)

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    Jackk, don’t know what “easier” has to do anything. Lg, are toevos, but should have nothing to do with government, and lg people should therefor not be denied any rights, b, obviously shouldn’t be denied any rights, but t is a totally and completely different discussion. It’s a lunacy, and lunacy shouldn’t be forced upon other people. And I have quite a hard time believing this existed 500yrs ago. Yes, maybe 20yrs ago, and in many countries now days, there may be people “in the closet”, but that is only because the lunacy has been introduced to the world, and is now widespread. I assume you states your last two “beliefs” to compare them to “t”-that just like your latter 2 have no standing here in america, so shouldn’t your “personal opinion as a jew”, on “t”-have any standing.
    And I would respond that there is no comparison. Because for someone who doesn’t have the torah, and doesn’t think about life too much, the latter 2 are not only acceptable, but actually quite understandable. Therefor they have a place here in golus. But believing one can change their gender is a completely different story.
    And if the rights they are “denied” is that they aren’t regarded in society as the opposite gender, then so be it.

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    Gh, jackk-so exactly what rights are we supposed to be giving them that they don’t have? Allowing biological men into woman’s bathrooms? Into woman sports?

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    Jackk, I wish you wouldnt lump lgb, together with t. No semi-normal person in history, until recently ever grew up believing they were the opposite gender. Trans people should be regarded by all as what they are -mentally ill, depressed people. Thats not to say at all we should exclude them from society, no thats definitely not what im saying. I wouldnt even mind calling one by their prefered gender if i ever met with one. But when we are dealing with a child, who is not mentally ill, rather simply confused, we shouldnt be teaching them that you can in fact choose your gender. And that is what I find problematic, and quite disturbing with your democrat heroes, who do indeed promote this lunacy.

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    Charlie-Before abandoning it.
    Oh btw 2 of the “pro-trump” scumbags who stormed the capitol have been identified as members from antifa…wonder how many more there were…

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    The dirtbags who stormed the capitol may support the president, but in no way has the president, any republican, or any right wing media supported them and their actions. Quite the contrary, President Trump has said/tweeted repeatedly “NO VIOLENCE!” I am rather confused, and id appreciate if someone can explain it to me, why a video trump put out, telling everyone to go home peacefully, had him banned from social media. (i didnt get to see the video myself…)
    Compare this to how when you had antifa/blm burning down private businesses, democrat leaders giving them a free pass, one even called it a “myth”…
    As for America, R.I.P. 1776-2021
    Not once in history, has a socialist government succeeded. Even today, people have to flee these types of countries…because in a socialist government, they give you everything, but expect you to give up your freedom in exchange….just scroll through history…
    A silver lining-or perhaps a lot more than just a silver lining, is that i have been forced to realize how badly we need moshiach. At this rate, in the not-so-distant-future, not even will America will be able to provide a safe haven for those who flee from tyranny. And even if we dont end up there, i have seen how close we came to being in that position. Now Im pretty sure we need moshiach for a LOT more reasons, and a LOT more important reasons, but america’s death has done me pretty good in this regard….

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    ubiquitin-sorry, but you dont get to just “admit it was a dumb pun”, after making a stupid political statement that didnt age well. He meant it when he said it, and he said it with a purpose.
    Jackk-“You can’t imagine republican parents having kids that are t? Why not ? I am sure that it is as common as democratic parents.” im sure its not. Because while you may have republicans with crazy depressed kids, Republicans wouldnt encourage and normalize such behavior. ”t people are alive in the US and need to be given the same rights that every other US Citizen has, no matter how detestable and disgusting they are to every frum yid.”-what “rights” are they missing?

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    Jack, yes there are plenty of Republicans that are lgb-and I never had a problem with that (not that I approve of lg, but I feel the government has no business in other people’s personal lives)-its the “t” that I have a problem with, it’s the “t” that is sheer lunacy, and no I can’t imagine too many Republicans that are trans.
    Charlie-the “prayer given by a christian minister” isn’t the problem here-its the fact that a standard word was “cancelled” for not being “inclusive”….this is just ridiculous….

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    This conversation is ridiculous, we can keep just calling each other liars, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again-if all is clean, why have election officials pushed back so hard against a thorough audit? I know if it was the other way around, as human nature dictates, knowing that all is clean, I would LOVE to conduct a thorough audit, just to stick it to the other side…you don’t to have the benefit of the doubt when all you’ve been doing is covering up evidence.

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    Ens ubiq
    Firstly, the statistical irregularities have never, been addressed, additionally, the Amistad Project has identified tens of thousands of illegal votes in Georgia, underage voters, out-of-state voters, double voters…they’ve sent the information to the office of the sos-with no response whatsoever.
    And you guys flipping out that trump is “threatening” raffensperger, what he’s saying is pretty simple. If he doesn’t a adequately address the concerns, he will be primaried, and he will lose. Because gop voters won’t stand for this nonsense.
    that’s it, nothing wrong with that.

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    Being that there were tens of thousands of illegal votes, I don’t see what is wrong with trump requesting the secretary of state of Georgia uncover them. Still befuddled how a thorough audit wasn’t yet conducted. More time is spent on every play of a football game, making sure everything is straight. And your label “fascism” describing trump, and comparing him to mussolini, is not just misplaced-its downright disgusting as it completely deligitimises true fascism. Furthermore, being that the overwhelming percentage of -orthodox- jews actually support trump, (ami poll, 85%), your disdain for all trump supporters can be linked to disdain for rov am yisroel. Perhaps, just perhaps, we support trump for what he has done, standing between the Liberal Lunatics who wanna take away gender assignment, and us. What he has done for israel. What he done pushing conservative policy. You can baselessly scream “RACIST, BIGOT…” but you can’t expect us to do the same.

    in reply to: Skepticism regarding Covid vaccin #1933323

    Keep an eye on the novavax vaccine, it’s entering stage 3 trials, and is the traditional lab-grown virus type of vaccine, rather than the new mRna type, which some are afraid of…

    in reply to: Anti-Face Mask YWNCR #1932921

    If lockdowns work, why is israel locking down for the third time? you wanna answer that the virus slows when we lockdown and spreads when we open up, so shouldnt we have one continuous 5 year lockdown?(destroying countless lives in a non-covid manner…)
    Do blue lockdown states own better covid statistics than red states? Are we supposed to follow and listen to politicians who endlessly break regulations they set forth for us? Or deborah birx who is “retiring” after being caught traveling with family members from 2 other households? Or media networks which promote “certain” science, and “certain” doctors, while silencing and censoring those who offer a different stance? As far as im concerned, masks MAY work, and so i will wear a mask WHEN IT MAKES SENSE TO WEAR ONE! That means not in my car, not outdoors, and not indoors where there is no problem to social distance…mask wearing started off as “wear one when social distancing is not possible”. Now, its practically a religion. And one who refuses to wear one in a situation that doesnt warrant mask wearing, is demonized as a selfish animal. This virus has overall been tremendously politicized. But who is surprised.

    in reply to: Skepticism regarding Covid vaccin #1932727

    Aaq-sounds like a plan.
    YSF156-thank you very much for your input. What you say goes hand in hand with what we’ve seen regarding the govt, big pharma’s handling of the life saving hydroxychloroquine.
    Zvei dinim-my concern doesn’t even necessarily rely upon the govt being corrupt. Even if they were tzaddikim, there are doctors who aren’t so comfortable about this new type of vaccine.

    in reply to: Skepticism regarding Covid vaccin #1932498

    Akuperma-“Anyone claiming absolute knowledge of the matter is lying or a fool”
    What I’m worried about is the exact opposite. Us NOT being able to claim absolute knowledge of the matter(vaccine). Yes, the chance of dangerous long term side effects is super low, which is why I agree 100% that anyone at-risk should absolutely get the vaccine asap.
    AAQ -you seem to be sure taking the vaccine will stop transmission-but is that so? If yes, then I fully understand why the young should vaccinate, but a Google search tells me otherwise…

    in reply to: Skepticism regarding Covid vaccin #1932345

    “The virus is deadly, that’s a וודאי”-you mean covid is like a 100% be’vadaus death sentence?? You do realize, that even for the most at risk patients, the survival rate is >95%…
    That being said, I do understand a high risk person shouldt think twice about taking the vaccine, as the benefit surely outweighs the risk at this point. What I don’t understand, and maybe someone could explain it to me, is why should young adults and children take the vaccine? At first I thought maybe because taking the vaccine would make you unable to transmit the virus, but after a google search, I found that is not the case. A total of 95 people up to the age of 14 have died from covid in the US. An additional 458 in the 15-24 age group. Does the benefit outweigh the potential risk in these age groups?

    in reply to: Twitter Bans Zelenko – He Should Switch To Parler #1931738

    Your probably not aware, but in a recent appearance before the senate, Jack Dorsey(Twitter CEO) said that holocaust denying does NOT break Twitter rules and isnt censored…
    Besides, it is well documented how twitter accounts calling for the destruction of Israel is given a pass…while those promoting Israel’s defense is banned for “breaking Twitter rules….”

    in reply to: Twitter Bans Zelenko – He Should Switch To Parler #1931724

    I’ve heard about security issues with parlor…
    Either way, the way Twitter and big tech censors Doctors that don’t parrot the mainstream media narrative is such a tremendous threat to democracy….
    I’ve heard of 2 studies recently, one was published in the NEJM and one wasnt.
    The one that was-“assigning gender at birth has no positive impact and may have a negative impact later on… ”
    The one that wasn’t- a large study on masks showing it mostly ineffective…
    This is where the world is at….

    in reply to: Raphael Warnock #1930661

    To all those claiming warnocks statements were taken out of context, can you please explain the context? Warnock is a radical’s radical. Yes I get it, you wanna turn the Senate blue, but let’s be straight on that instead of you looking like fools trying to defend him. Oh btw, you guys had no problem taking trumps comments out of context(specifically his comments on Charlottesville) and utilizing them to paint trump as a racist…

    in reply to: Trumpism is here to stay. #1929844

    My point is all you leftys hating on trump, you are welcome to hate on him, but assuming you are registered democrats, you don’t vote in Republican primaries….

    in reply to: Trumpism is here to stay. #1929840

    Ctlawyer all due respect you were supposed to understand I meant 90%of gop voters, not total voters, I thought that was obvious…
    This thread(not that I care) wasn’t intended to debate his actions and accomplishments, leftists will always scream how terrible he was, they’ll always without reason at all call him a liar, bigot the, racist…….
    this thread was intended for the commensaychels of YWNCR…conservatives who don’t like trump and his personality….though it is always funny to hear leftys hate on trump for being impeached -when he was impeached for something Biden did😂😂

    in reply to: let’s say nice things #1929620

    What makes Biden “so diverse” is the (D) next to his name!😂😂
    Trump got the most non-white vote of any Republican in 60 yrs!😁

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1929597

    Timothy king vs gretchen whitmer.
    Not sure why your confused as to why a court rejecting a case on “standing”, has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the case. Meaning to say, the court rejecting the texas case on “standing” says nothing about the legitimacy of claims. This election could have been obviously stolen, democrats could have admitted they stole it, and scotus still wouldn’t have taken the case.
    ” includes the forensic audit from michigan,”
    “This wasnt released by Sidney Powell”
    Not sure what your point is.

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    She has already released the evidence. Open your eyes.
    Most cases have been rejected based on latches a few or standing. Not merit.
    Judges are terrified to actually judge the cases and be forced to “overturn” the election. The most recent case docketed at the scotus includes the forensic audit from michigan, which revealed 68% of ballots sent for adjudication. That number shouldn’t be over .00008%. Clearly fraudulent. Open. Eyes.

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    What has powell said, that you are 100% sure is not true? Whether or not she proved her claims, you seem to be pretty confident she is wrong. Any evidence to back up your confidence?

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    No huju, what I choose to believe isn’t “fairy tales promoted by Trump and his supporters”-it’s video that I see, affidavits that I read, statistics that I read, hearings which I watch……and most importantly, it’s the response from government officials that I note. No effort whatsoever to convincingly counter the arguments out forth by those alleging fraud. That’s where I form my opinion on the election. Now you tell me that you form yours from what the new York Times feeds you? Give me a break!!

    in reply to: Election Fraud #1928505

    😅😅😅😂😅😂😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😂😅I choose to believe the facts reported by newspaper sources with hundred-year-old reputations for reporting the truth, e.g., The New York Times😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂this is why debating you guys is impossible 😂😅😂😅

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    ens, can you refer me to one single “claim” i made in post #9128175 that doesnt “hold up”? I didnt make any “claim”. I simply cited affidavits, you know, the things you go to prison for when signing falsely. Most cases they have lost, they’ve lost due to lack of conclusive evidence. NO KIDDING WE DONT HAVE CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE WHEN WE ARE DENIED AUDITS ON THE BALLOTS AND MACHINES! The repeated rhetoric, “no evidence of widespread voter fraud”, is misleading, and (intentionally), missing the boat! No one is claiming “widespread voter fraud”. We are claiming TARGETED voter fraud. Like in 4 counties to be specific. And when people are signing papers subjecting themselves to perjury,and when bidens performance in some areas raise serious statistical concerns, it may not warrant overturning an election; BUT IS AN AUDIT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR??

    in reply to: Election Fraud #1928175

    Huju, what is your definition of “democracy”? An election fraught with statistical anomalies, and 0 transparency? Even if you all wanna close your eyes tight, and cry “no evidence of widespread voter fraud!”, do we not deserve at least a little transparency? Like why poll watchers in georgia were told to leave? An investigation into the alleged truck pulling up in michigan with biden only ballots? A usps driver claiming he was told to bring ballots from ny to pa? Usps workers told to backdate ballots? Ballots being returned before the date they were sent out?Perhaps a signature audit? An audit of all the machines? Can you please explain what your definition of “democracy” is?

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1928072

    They didn’t toss the case because it lacked merit. Their excuse to toss it was that Texas didn’t have the standing to file it. Trump can, and might file it in his own name. Michigan update: hearing on whether the forensic examination results can be released, is set for Monday 8:30am.

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    Powell, prior to Nov 3, actually had a great reputation and track record. Obviously she suggesting the election was stolen, would, in your eyes, turn her into a blithering idiot. But the focus of my previous post wasn’t about her anyways. Google the article I referenced. Or dont, and remain willfully, and conveniently, ignorant.

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    ens, you may be right about the judge, but ill leave this here. google it.
    Fraud Investigator Who Sought to Disprove Sidney Powell Says His Analysis Shows Biden Did 1.5% Better Where Dominion Machines Were Deployed. Expert Recommends Audit.

    in reply to: Election Fraud #1927755

    A judge in michigan is now blocking the dominion forensic audit results from going public. NOTHING TO SEE THERE!!
    The very same people denying america transparency, is telling us to shut up, accept the results, and stop doubting the integrity of the election. Unreal. Whoever thought america would turn venezuela so quickly!? This is not a question of whether we have “irrefutable proof of widespread fraud”. All we ask for is transparency!

    in reply to: Stop the Steal, Anarchists #1927481

    Pretty sure the constitution grants sole authority to the state legislature as it regards to how, when, and in what manner, the election is held. Not really sure what the argument against that is, and I’m genuinely curious to see how the defendant states respond.

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1927258

    Ens health
    “Representatives from PA just had their case to overturn the
    election rejected by SCOTUS”
    This is a false statement. The scotus denied the request for “emergency injunction relief”. The case is still pending.

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1926407

    A forensic audit of one single machine in ware county, georgia revealed 37 votes flipped from biden to trump. A judge in Michigan granted the trump team access to 22 machines, in a county where one machine had “glitched”(some tried claiming human error in that case) ,to conduct a forensic audit. Results expected within 48 hours.

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1926406

    seems i misunderstood you, i thought you were saying the pipe burst nov 4 607am, and so it couldnt have possibly be used as an excuse to send the watchers home.
    Now let me rephrase, according to sworn testimony, at around 10:30pm, poll watchers were told the counting was going to stop due to that pipe burst. the video does show the watchers leaving shortly afterward. the video also show a few people, after the watchers leave, springing into action, putting away ballots that were already out, ready to be counted, and taking out the suspicious ballots in question. does seem strange that the excuse used would be the pipe burst, but hey, they needed something…sorry for the misunderstanding…

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1926104

    Not sure where you get your info from (cnn?) but I remember pretty clearly hearing on election night how some “pipe burst” delaying the count. Your statement is simply factually incorrect.

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1926073

    Don’t see anyone in this thread titled that disgusting name you referenced, but if you can’t watch that video and perceive what is happening, you are probably a partisan hack, and perhaps you should just keep your observations and comments to yourself without embarrassing yourself more than you have already done…..this video comes along with sworn affidavits from poll watchers claiming they were told to leave because of a “pipe bust”, and the counting was supposed to stop. 1+1=?
    But I would love to see some more of you try to defend this video, expose yourselves as the partisan hacks that unfortunately, some of you are. It’s torah-values-over-party.

    in reply to: Another Health/Ubiquitin “Classic”. Will it ever end? #1925948

    Hmm, Reb e., Goalposts shifting just a bit?😅
    Fact:at around 10:30pm election night, in a county in Georgia, there was reportedly some sort of pipe bust, poll watchers were told to go home as the counting would stop. Then this happened.

    WATCH THIS: Trump Team Presents Video Evidence Of “BLATANT” Election Fraud In Georgia

    Id love for some ywn liberals try to explain how this is “normal procedure”. Entertain me.

    in reply to: Democrats cheated, Biden won #1925345

    Amil zola, that is completely false. Most of those “39” weren’t filed by the trump campaign . The only cases they have actually lost were expected losses. That pa case has been appealed to the supreme court. Other significant cases are Sidney Powell in Michigan and georgia.

    in reply to: Trump ruined the GOP #1925342

    I absolutely love what trump has done to the gop. The next gop nominee will undoubtedly be the one who was able to convince us gop voters, that he/she will govern the way trump did. That he/she will GET THINGS DONE the way trump did. There’s a reason trump got the most non-white support of any Republican in 60 yrs. Yes, the Republican party is now Trumps party, he’s redefined the gop, and I can’t be any more happy about that.

    in reply to: How far is too far? #1925080

    Bingo, trump2024!
    They dont have any legitimate arguments, and so they resort to demonizing. This has been going on for 4yrs now…..

    in reply to: Stop the Steal, Anarchists #1925033

    Sooo exposing fraud is now a crime. Got it.

    in reply to: Democrats cheated, Biden won #1925027

    Ok Dictator huju.
    Ps: did I make the “list”?(list of trump enablers to be prosecuted)

    in reply to: If Trump does win, how would you react…? #1924948

    He didn’t lose this election. Either way, I want deSantis 2024. The way he governs is Trump 2.0 I don’t think trump *theoretically* should run 2024. He made his mark, I love what he did, but I think it would be time to move on. He’ll be pretty old by then…..

    in reply to: Democrats cheated, Biden won #1924946

    Dems, how deep in the sand do you have to dig to stick your head and convince yourself “no evidence of fraud” ? First of all, NonImpeditRationeCogitations, extraordinary claims actually do *not* need extraordinary “evidence”. If for example, every single last registered voter voted, we ALL understand there is something tremendously wrong with that, and we ALL understand, that there was widespread fraud perpetrated in such a particular case-even if we don’t have that “irrefutable evidence” . Now let’s see, we have hundreds of sworn affidavits in Michigan all claiming and providing details of the same story-that a truck pulled up at at 4am, unloaded tens of thousands of ballots. Ballots were than scanned multiple times. Braynard and his team have a identified a staggering percentage of people who are listed as requesting an absentee ballot-and have never done so. Poll watchers not being allowed to observe. Sworn affidavits claiming illegal and unapproved software being uploaded to tabulating machines.
    And much much more. How about you guys take your head out of the sand, and read the affidavits. Read the lawsuits. Truth is all this can be resolved by a forensic audit of absolutely everything. The machines and the ballots. Yet Democratic leaders, and even some rino republicans refuse to allow this to happen. Without any plausible explanation at all. Yet we are supposed to shut up, accept the results despite the many irregularities and impossibilities? Witnesses and the trump lawyers aren’t required to provide YOU with the evidence they have. They are required to present it to the court of law. And they are doing just that.

    in reply to: If Trump does win, how would you react…? #1924836

    Trump 2024
    I would remind you that no president can run for a 3rd term.

    in reply to: “Give me liberty or give death”! #1924154

    First of all the point of this thread was to say that these lockdowns are unconstitutional. There are many things in the Torah that would be deemed unconstitutional. Secondly, you all have to explain where the line is drawn. You all have to explain why, according to daas torah, one is permitted to drive a car when there is a risk to yourself, and others, in doing so. To me, the answer is simple. Hashem wants us to live a normal life. Not do crazy things that put one in danger. Driving a car a low risk. Not being careful with a plague such as Ebola is reckless. But when we have virus with a 98% survival rate, those who are not at risk shouldn’t be stuck at home not feeding their families. Those who are at risk can be responsible to protect themselves as they see fit. I don’t think that living an abnormal life for a year straight, for no reason other than to please your local tyrant Democratic leaders, what Hashem wants.

    in reply to: Are anti trumpers actual liberals? #1924152

    On abortion, you can’t use 1% of cases to justify universal policy.
    And don’t base your argument on “decision should be between woman and doctor”- I’d say 99% of pro-lifers, agree in a case that the mothers life is at risk. This also dismisses the argument that “r moshe was pro roe v wade”. In a standard case the “murder” aspect of the issue can’t be ignored. One has to explain the difference between a newborn and a baby a few months away from being a newborn. And the argument is that the latter is just a “cluster of cells” which is factually incorrect.
    Regarding systemic racism in policemen
    Would you call me a racist for acknowledging that despite the fact that the officer in the case of george floyd acted horrifically, george might be alive if not for the high levels of fentanyl in his system? Or considering the officers in Jacob blake’s case to be 100% innocent considering jacob was carrying a knife, and entering his car when he was shot?

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