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    Yserbius, don’t tell the Democrats are hiring top lawyers, crying about the audits 24/7 because suddenly they care about taxpayer money. Besides, the Maricopa audit is being privately funded, so there goes that argument. And besides, opposing the audit because of money doesn’t explain why Democrats aren’t complying with already ongoing audits.

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    Yserbius, no im not either a researcher, however I do possess some common sense, and sometimes thats more than enough, as i’ve told you in the past on regards to Hydroxychloroquine. So in our case, we see Ruby Freeman talking piles of ballots and putting them into the tabulators multiple times. Is that automatic fraud? No, certainly not, perhaps there was something wrong with the machines, and the ballots needed to be recounted, or perhaps that was somehow part of the process. However answers are needed, as actions such as these are awfully suspicious. It would not take a “conspiracy theorist” to conclude from the video that fraud was committed. Good thing the Republicans understand how important trust in the election process is, and aren’t letting up with all the audits to come.

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    Yserbius, I believe adjudicating votes is for when the intent of the voter is unclear. I think there is a limit to how many ballots can be adjudicated. In Michigan the number was way over the limit. Now I’m not exactly sure and confident with all these claims, that’s why I’m happy there are audits taking place to clear this up. The Maricopa audit should be wrapping up soon. In georgia, remember those videos that went viral shortly after the election? With ballots seemingly being pulled out after poll watchers went home, where ballots were seemingly being counted multiple times? In a recent video -where audio was recorded -ruby freeman, who was at the center of all these activities, can be seen being speaking with man, and while it’s hard to hear exactly what’s being said, it was clear exactly what the focus of conversation was. Fraudulent activity. Either way, she and her daughter(who was also there), along with a lot of electronic equipment relating to the election, have all been subpoenaed in Georgia. Additionally it looks like they will, in time have many of their ballots inspected as well. If the Maricopa audit, an audit in which dems have tried so hard to put into quotation marks ( “audit”) in an effort to completely dismiss and disregard the impending results, indeed shows significant fraud, I think the dominoes will begin to fall. Just remember, in today’s political world, that which has at one point been considered a “conspiracy theory” , can very quite possibly turn out to be true.

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    There are different types of cameras, if you are an aspiring photographer, you probably want to get at least an entry level professional camera. For that the cheapest is probably around 450, unless you want to buy pre-owned from say eBay. I’d look at the Sony alpha series, maybe the Sony a6000. Can get for around 3-4 hundred on eBay.

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    I find it absolutely disgusting that democrats assume black folk can’t follow simple instructions to be able to vote. This whole narrative that restrictive voting laws make blacks unable to vote is inherently racist. Wonder what the average non-partisan POC sitting at home think about all this. Biden basically forced the MLB all star game out of Georgia following the voting laws put into place there. Black voters there, who were hardest hit by the economic fallout of the game’s removed weren’t happy. Biden tried to walk back his “recommendation”. Too late.

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    N0mesorah-“Not to mention, is the way to put it. Because you never could do more than mention it. Torah is all composing. Broader then the land. Deeper than the sea. It encompasses whatever agenda is active at the moment in question.”
    -ive seen statements like this before and I think it’s ridiculous. Obviously the Torah is the Torah, and no political agenda aligns with all TorahValues. Nobody is suggesting that. However we have a life to live, and when there is different political parties, driving for different policy, we should support that which aligns more closely, that aligns on more issues, with TorahValues. I don’t think there is a question which party that is.

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    Biden funded Palestinian terrorists. That’s not pro jews. He’s overall been pursuing much-not all- of the far lefts agenda. The only comparison to Reagan is that hes old and softspoken.

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    n0mesorah-being that we’re are agreeing(at least for the sake of argument) that the election was stolen, it is completely irresponsible for the Republican Party not to investigate how the election was stolen, and how to prevent it in the future.

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    n0mesorah “The Republicans do not want Lindel either. He was just thrown out of the Republican governor’s conference.”-yea thats because those R govs didnt want to be called out for their inaction.
    -“From what I know, no individual has been named in stealing the election. So who are the radicals that you keep talking about?”-thats ridiculous, I don’t have to know the names of those involved.
    -“I think that Trump is history. If he makes it back to Washington it will be with a new way and a new agenda.”-don’t see how thats relevant to our conversation.

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    N0mesorah So why in a later post do you say “I do not think anyone broke the law on the elections. At least not in any meaningful way. Maybe just the spirit of the law. Or the public trust.”
    You also say “And now one case went in front of a grand jury to indict him. Could it be we term radicals and extremists differently?”-what does this have to do with the election?
    You seem to think that by “keeping to the agenda”-which by the way we can and are doing regardless of the election-it will keep “all the power in the checks and balances of the Constitution”, and will therefore keep radicals from destroying the system. I have no idea how you think A will lead to B and how B will lead to C.

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    Avi K, I don’t think its a great comparison, in regards to deterring law-breakers, if not for hidden police, law-breakers can just see that there’s no police in sight, and do what they want to do, without fearing there might be police in the area. However an illness isn’t waiting for the deterrer to go away before “attacking”. If the deterrer is there, it’s there.

    in reply to: Chinese Lab Origination of Wuhan Coronavirus #1977463

    N0mesorah “The lab leak theory was told to trump”-I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the mainstream narrative a year ago when Trump suggested it. In fact he was demonized for doing so. And if you think this just about “some random statement trump said a year ago”, you haven’t been paying too much attention to politics since trump entered the political arena 6yrs ago. This is yet another time Trump said/did something, was beat upon by the mainstream media, only to be proven right later on.

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1977459

    N0mesorah “The theft of the election was a direct output of terrible partisanship. There are normal ways of having a political base.” That sounds to me like, at least for the sake of argument, you are agreeing the election was stolen, is that correct?

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1977369

    N0mesorah your jumping from one point to the next, I think we’re done our discussion.

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    N0mesorah we’re going in circles, our whole conversation was predicated on this that the election was stolen.
    Yserbius Firstly, there’s no fraud charges to start off with that need to be disproven. There are different aspects that cast doubt, such as the 80% turnout rate. And as for “setting the bar low to prove there was fraud”-I don’t think what they found in windham is setting the bar low. Either way, you ranted how I supposedly wasn’t keeping to my word, you’ve completely ignored point C) in post 1976971, in fact I’ll turn the tables on you-now that they’ve ACTUALLY FOUND FRAUD-why aren’t you being at least a little more receptive to the idea that perhaps the election was stolen? After all, you said yourself that in the beginning, you were “on the fence” …It’s you that’s “nitpicking” here. Your nitpicking on my response to the Maricopa audit, completely ignoring everything else I’ve been saying.

    in reply to: Democrats: The Party Against Israel #1977104

    A text from YWN-“A senior State Department official admitted Monday “there are no guarantees” that millions of dollars being sent by the United States to help Palestinians would not end up in the coffers of the Hamas terror group”.
    To Democrats: STOP FUNDING TERROR. Not only is it immoral, it’s unconstitutional as well.

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    Text from “kol haolam”-” over 500 Democratic party staffers and Biden campaign alumni signed a letter calling on him to hold Israel “accountable” for its actions in gaza”. We are passed the point of “congressional support for Israel being in jeopardy”. Democrats don’t support israel, period. Tweets mean and do nothing. I don’t care if Nancy Pelosi said “anti semitism is bad”. Send Israel the support it needs.

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    As with almost everything, they can be used for good and bad. Unfortunately, I’ve seen first han, kids that are so completely reliant on their scooters/hoverboards, they’ve probably forgotten how to walk.

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    Yserbius, “sigh I really thought you would live up to your username”-oh wow, taking shots here!
    if you’ve been following, the entire premise of my trust in the audit was unobstructed access to all aspects of the process of the election. Obstructing the audit likely means one thing; they’re hiding something. Not that complicated. In reality, I’m not that worried, I do think If fraud was committed, it would show up on the ballots as well.
    Not even sure why we’re even discussing this, I’ll wait until the audit is complete and the results released. As for the Windham audit, results have already been released, that is why I was talking about it.

    in reply to: Democrats: The Party Against Israel #1977052

    Reb e, your statement is simply wrong and dishonest. If trump was currently in office, not only would Hamas not receive US tax dollars, even more importantly, Hamas would be the subject of Trump’s “mean tweeting” 🤣🤣

    in reply to: Democrats: The Party Against Israel #1977045

    Ok let me make something clear, tweeting “anti-Semitism is bad” and doing nothing more IS WORTHLESS! N0mesorah, maybe you should read MW’s post and start again.

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    N0mesorah your being super vague. What part of our agenda are we not sticking to? How will that “keep power in check” and what does that even mean in this context? How will that lead to more honesty in the public realm? I frankly have no idea what point your trying to make, the way I see it, it’s simple. Radical democrats are trying/are going to be trying to steal elections. Literally the only way they stop is if we catch them and if we prevent them from doing so in the future via election laws.

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    Oh. So us being nicer will make the radical liberals not want to steal future elections, and will make them not want to steal America. Got it.🤔🙄

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    “Physical education per se”😂😂😂

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    Yserbius, my exact words-“speaking for myself, I know that if the R’s in Maricopa complete the audit to their satisfaction,and come up with nothing, I personally will be far more confident the election overall was secure”. A few points
    A) Maricopa officials haven’t fully complied with the Senate issued subpoena, holding back some equipment, and Dominion is holding back some passwords that is hindering some aspects of the audit.
    B) My concerns in point A are partially irrelevant, as the audit-just about a third done-hard already turned up massive red flags, the full results will be released when the audit is complete.
    C) Nothing wrong with me “hocking” with another audit. Fraud revealed is fraud revealed. My words quoted above were stated before I knew about the other audit. Obviously it’s understandable in a hypothetical situation, where fraud greater than the margins is uncovered in, say, PA, MI, and Georgia(which would overturn the election), that I don’t accept the current results even though let’s say the Maricopa audit showed no fraud. Fraud is fraud. And my I finally add that a Judge-ordered-audit in Fulton county, Georgia, is expected to soon get underway, and yes if fraud is uncovered there as well, I will definitely “hock” with it.

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1976973

    N0mesorah, you’ve answered my question without answering my question. If the election is rigged, how does touting good policy help?

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    N0mesorah -“what people focus on….consciousness”-no idea what your trying to say.
    -“Nothing will be fixed. Whatever happened last time, will happen next time.”-not if the GOP works on some more “racist” “restrictive” (😉) voting laws like they did in Georgia. Exposing the fraud makes it (just a tad) harder for democrats to fight against these laws. I say “just a tad” because in truth, the exposure to fraud is actually the exact reason democrats DON’T want these laws in place. But of course they can’t say that out loud.
    -“Rigging an election is not insurrection “-I’m pretty sure it would fall under the category of insurrection, and even if not, it’s far worse than the “insurrection” of Jan 6.
    -so at the end of the day, now that the fraud is starting to be revealed, you still think the best thing for republicans to do is just close the book on elections, close the book on democracy, forget about ever winning an election again, and hand America over to communists on a silver platter?

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1976565

    – I’m not exactly actively involved in the republican party, so doesn’t really matter what I’m focused on.
    -If we wouldn’t concentrate on finding out what happened this past November, and how to fix the wrong that was done, doing better next cycle would be pointless.
    -and after the republican party being labeled as insurrectionists for 6 months, I think it’s important that we collectively understand who were the true “insurrectionists”.

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    Absolutely incredible what is coming out of Windham NH, and now Georgia. No wonder Democrats were so afraid of the audits. At this moment i’ll stop short of outright claiming the election was stolen, as the amount of votes proven fraudulent haven’t exceeded the margin, but that might possibly change very soon.

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    Jackk, care to respond to the second half of my post?

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    Not trying to start another endless unproductive debate on the election fraud…”-sigh.
    Jackk, a few points.-who exactly was the “observer”? Probably an important detail. Even if he is correct (and I have no idea whether that’s the case) there is no statistical reason to assume an errant recount would result in skewed results for one candidate over the other. Definitely not 10’s of thousands in one direction. Besides there is a lot more to audit than recounting the ballots.
    Want to discuss what shockingly hasn’t been discussed yet. The Windham NH audit. Because what they are finding there is insane. This from *Fox news*-check that, it’s actually from CNN!-“The stakes, in terms of election outcomes, are low: A recount found that decades-old machines in Windham, a town north of Boston, undercounted votes for four Republican state legislative candidates by about 300 votes and showed 99 more votes for a Democratic candidate than had actually been cast…” Now this applied to a full scale hands Trump the presidency. Not saying we should do that now, obviously not, (besides for the fact I don’t think the constitution would allow…) but can you guys now understand why I want this entire election audited???

    in reply to: Welcome Back to the Carter Administration #1974356

    N0MESORAH “Biden will be looked at like Reagan.” In what way, and for what? The border crisis? Inflation? Middle east violence? Sorry but tweeting nicely doesn’t make you bipartisan, or a good president. Most of what Biden has done is completely partisan. I wonder how much more damage would be done if not for senator Joe Manchin. Thank you Hashem for Joe Manchin.

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1974268

    Hmm…data erased days before being handed over, passwords are “missing”…

    in reply to: Israel – acting rashly? #1973770

    It’s interesting, I think American Liberal Jews who are defending the palestians, would call for them to be nuked if they were in Israel these days. Senator Tom Cotton summed up the situation great, “If Hamas put down their weapons, there would be peace. If Israel put down their weapons, there would be no Israel”.

    in reply to: Israel – acting rashly? #1973767

    RebAvrumi, you are awfully misinformed, ” Israelis are acting rashly by striking back without care, and they’ve already killed many civilians.”-That is simply dead wrong, Hamas intentionally hides behind civilians, Israel issues warnings before they attack civilian areas. Additionally, many of the “civilian deaths” are actually from Hamas fire. Israelis are acting rashly by striking back without care, and they’ve already killed many civilians.

    in reply to: Liz Cheney’s Speech #1973761

    Liz was definitely a strong conservative voice, but if you’re not willing to address the concerns of your base, then bye bye.

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    Se2015, one person is different than millions, I don’t have to explain that. But yes, if millions of democrats demanded an audit in those states, I’d welcome it.
    N0mesorah, even if you’re 100% correct with Dems in AZ being concerned about budget…-that doesn’t explain why A)once the audit is already underway, they are STILL trying to derail it. And B) why democrats in other states, specifically currently Michigan, they are desperately trying to prevent an audit.

    in reply to: Thank Biden for Helping Hamas #1973248

    Jackk, which elected republicans are you referring to?

    in reply to: Israel – acting rashly? #1973247

    “Am I only seeing half the story?”-yes. That simple. You watch some mainstream videos its pretty hard to think the palestinians are wrong, but it’s simply half the story.

    in reply to: new bill in the senate #1972839

    Yea, they’re trying to federalize elections. The bill is otherwise known as the “Permanent Democrat Control” bill.

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1972728

    Jackk if you want to to discuss how the voting laws in gop states are “disenfranchising” voters, we absolutely most definitely can. You may as well start a new thread for that. As for “unfounded” concerns, allegations aside, a ridiculously high >80% voter turnout should be more than enough to warrant an audit. If you want to point out specific concerns with how the audit is being conducted, you can, because it is being done in a very transparent way, every step of the process being explained, and every step of the process being recorded. As for previous audits, all we’ve gotten is “an audit was conducted”, and we’re supposed to sit down and accept that. You don’t need to be any sort of “election expert” to run a ballot under a scanner, or to count them. But somehow, them having “no experience with election recounts” became a star talking point for you guys.

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1972588

    Jackk “You think it sounds logical and ethical but it is not.”-Your explanation of why my point is invalid is the example you gave? I don’t see the connection. Your saying there shouldn’t be an audit to address the concern of millions-because maybe one day the shoe will be on the other foot? I’ve said this before, if the show was on the other foot, and I was confident the election was legit, not only would I not oppose an audit, I’d welcome it. If the democrats hadnt pushed back so hard, the audit could have been done long before Biden was sworn in. Sorry, but I have no idea what your trying to say.
    N0mesorah, your right, i’m not familiar with the specific democrats in Arizona, but I don’t think I need to to make my point.

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    Jackk your post is vague and lacks any legitimate talking point. When the shoe is on the other foot, we can discuss and debate at that time. All I’ve been trying to say is that it’s awfully strange the way democrats are trying to derail the audit. Legal or not, warranted or not, if the democrats knew they won 100% fairly, I don’t think they would pass up an opportunity to see republicans look like fools.
    N0mesorah I don’t know what your trying to say, if all you have to answer is that democrats there are “budget conscious”, then that is where we disagree, and there is no point debating further…

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    N0mesorah “This recount is costing a lot of money. And the only thing it could lead to, is a bunch of legislation that will waste more money”-sorry, but I don’t buy that. “By hook or by crook, Biden is President. Embrace the future. Not the past.” Yes that is true, but as elections are the foundation of democracy, i think we deserve to know if the election was legit. Going foward, for future elections, it’s crucial that everyone trusts the process….

    in reply to: Maricopa county audit #1972018

    Se2015, you’ve put together a nice word salad, which happens to lack a trace of sensibility. This whole narrative about democrats being concerned about “security” and “privacy” is unmitigated *enter-word-that-moderators-would-remove-of-your-choice-here*.
    “Will it be evidence? Doesn’t matter. Whatever they find, OAN and Newsmax will run with it, and a sizeable chunk of the country will believe it. The claims here by Torahvalues and Health, no doubt the echo of an echo chamber,”-some more overblown airy nonsense, when the results are released, the facts can and will be debated, there is nothing wrong with that. If for example, “20,000 ballots lacked watermarks”, then yes there will need to be an answer for that. This is literally the most transparent audit in the history of audits, the concern of them “finding then destroying the evidence” so nobody can verify, is some more gaslighting plain stupidity, nobody is suggesting in such a case that they be granted any credibility. As I’ve said, lfi derach hatevah, democrats should be giddy with excitement, waiting breathlessly for the republicans to fall flat on their face, not doing everything possible to derail the audit. Yes, they are currently continuing to defy the state legislature-issued subpoena, holding back some routers…

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    Yserbius “Welp, it looks like the Maricopa County audit is going on anyway.”-what do you mean by this?
    ” I’ll hold you to your word if they don’t find anything substantial.”-you can definitely do that.

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    Yserbius, “but why?” Why what?
    Maricopa county had an over 80% voter turnout, which is insanely high, the audit will make sure every last vote was valid. I’m not interested in repeating the arguments that others have put forth on this/ and other threads. I’m gonna wait patiently until the audit is complete.

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    Yserbius, ive said im not really interested in debating all the specific claims, the reason im hung up on the Maricopa audit is simple. It’s the real first and only transparent thorough audit to be conducted. They are examining every last ballot, and and every last piece of equipment.

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    In my opinion, this maricopa audit will have a huge impact. If nothing is found in this most extensive, and thorough audit, claims going forward will have a lot less credibility.

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    Yserbius, im not interested in debating each case, I don’t know how those who made the claims responded, but there are many accusations, some mentioned by health, that haven’t been addressed, if you want to debate case by case, there are many threads for that. “If debunks on four of the strongest claims weren’t enough to make you skeptical, then what will?” The current audit. Thats the answer. And at the end of the day, Democrats should be giddy with excitement, waiting for the R’s to fall flat on their face. L’fi Derach Ha’tevah they would’ve loved, and supported the audit to go forward. Instead they’re panicking. And no, I don’t buy, “they’re trying to protect voter privacy…ect…”

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