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    Health, pls excuse my lingo, I was referring fauci, the fda ect…

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    Yserbius, i do take back what I said aboutvaccinated being more transmissive..well um actually I don’t because I saw what I saw, and either that wasn’t my main point, my point was if it stops transmission why is “The Science” still requiring masks…
    Now regarding Co-morbidities, not sure what your comparison is, don’t know what liability has to do with anything, if I understand correctly it seems you are assuming that co-morbidities don’t contribute towards a persons immune system being unable to conquer covid. Interesting.
    Aaq, based on how many people try to see this doctor on a daily basis, and as a general rule he doesn’t take new patients, I don’t think i’ll be cutting ties so fast…

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    AAQ, no certainly haven’t been on top of every study, I frankly haven’t looked or researched any of these studies in quite a number of months. What I can say, is that early on, when there were doctors from all over the country reporting there own success using HCQ+Zinc in the outpatient setting, they would tend to be shut down and dismissed as snake oil salesmen, and what “actual studies” were the medical establishment and media using to dismiss them? Obviously flawed studies, studies that were designed to fail. Now you ask how I know, and why I think Zinc would’ve helped anything, and why it makes a difference if they were included in the study-thats not really the point. If frontline doctors are reporting tremendous success utilizing specifically A+B, studying just A can’t be brought as proof that A+B doesn’t work. And similarly, if you perform a study giving patients 800mg+ of HCQ, and observe some adverse effects, can this be brought as proof HCQ is dangerous when given in 200mg doses? I would think not. Yet thats exactly what the Medical establishment/media did. Now if you want to discuss how to know for sure zinc helps, in terms of clinical studies, I can look up some, I’ve definitely seen at least one specifically designed this way (HCQ+zinc vs HCQ alone) and bigger than the comparably small study on 191 patients I believe you were referring to. Though I think it’s easier and technically the same to look up studies preformed w/o zinc vs studies performed w/ zinc.

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    DY, “Is it okay if people with co-morbidities die?” No of course not, you misunderstand, we are weighing the benefits vs potential risk. If a super small percentage of young/healthy die from covid, then the benefits of the vax is minimized to that same extent. Not sure what your comparison to having pneumonia is. And Lf’i this you can’t say with certainty that “It is highly likely that the risk of people getting harmed from the vaccine is lower than getting harmed from Covid”
    AAQ-“you are comparing 1000 who died with “risk from vaccine”. you need to compare it with the “risk of dying from vaccine”, or risk of sickness from both.” Your correct, i’m not trying to suggest specific side effects, i’m just trying to relay the general worries and line of thinking some doctors have.

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    Health-interesting that you say I’m “lying” when what your saying I’m lying about is technically subjective.
    DY-As of August 18, around 17.5k under 45 died of covid. I believe it was the CDC that said only 6% of covid deaths had no co-morbidities. L’fi my understanding that means just 1050 completely healthy people under 45 died from covid. Out of around 15million(*confirmed cases! The actual number of cases is likely many times higher…) Are you absolutely sure that the risks from the vaccine, both that has already been shown, and possible longer term effects, is lower than the risk of being one of the 1050? My doctor isn’t.
    Yserbius, I’ve said previously hat if the vaccine shows it stops transmission then fine I hear the argument, and would agree that the young and healthy should get vaxxed. But that hasn’t shown to be the case. Why else would masks be required after getting vaxxed? In fact I once heard of a study that showed that those who are vaxxed actually contained a higher viral load then those unvaxxed…

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    DY, 2scents, After seeing how the medical establishment handled HCQ last year I didn’t bother looking into,or following any other possible medications such as those being discussed above, because I knew that no matter how effective they might be, there is no way the government is going to let it end the pandemic. Now regarding HCQ, I’ve posted much about it on previous threads, and the conversation keeps running into the same dead end. I post a points, questioning how the negative-HCQ studies were handled, and I receive no answer whatsoever. I’m no bill gates-micro chip conspiracy theorist, but there’s no question HCQ was pushed aside for money and politics. DY it’s rather simple, if Trump said it might work, than because Orange Man Bad, it doesn’t work and in fact it’s dangerous. It’s called *Politics*.
    I’ll repost the same questions I posted on the previous threads.
    -how studies that used extremely high doses can used as proof hydroxychloroquine is dangerous when given in low dosage.
    -how studies performed on hospitalized patients can be used as proof hydroxychloroquine is ineffective when utilized in an outpatient setting
    -how studies that exclude zinc can be as proof hydroxychloroquine is ineffective when given with zinc.
    -Why there hasnt been any golden standard studies preformed by fauci and co., that used the Zelenko protocol.
    -How a completely fraudulent study was allowed to be published in the Lancet and NEJM. (this was the study that caused many trials around the world to be paused, and never resumed.)

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    2scents-my was pretty simple-if your healthy and young, the chance of dying from covid is almost non-existent. So I find it a little difficult to say that the benefits outweigh the risks-risks that may be super far fetched, and which only a small percentage of doctors are concerned about-when the benefit itself is almost non existent. I’ll state again, everybody consult your own doctor…I’m not trying to take an anti-vax stance. I’m just observing and noting….

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    Health-“So with the Delta variant and No vaccine, the choice becomes a good chance of death”-again, if your healthy and young, then the chance of death is quite miniscule. Almost non existent. Especially with whatever treatments they do have available…don’t go by my word, just look up the numbers…
    Syag-I understand that. I don’t know the exact potential possible side effects this doctor is concerned about.
    2scents-I’m not claiming anything, and I have no idea how the mechanism for side effects plays out in the long term and not short term(although that concept definitely exists) My point is that not every last doctor is comfortable with young healthy people-to whom covid poses a very small risk-getting the vaccine. Thats all. Not saying I think no one should take it. Not saying that at all. Everyone can and should ask and discuss with there own doctor.

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    Syag, your likely 100% correct in trusting your doctor. But we all know not all doctors are in agreement on this Vax. Most seem to be pro. But not all. Not a doctor I know and used to go to. (quite a choshuv doctor too…) And he reasons simply that vaccines have pulled after longer time on the shelf than the covid vax has been around. I don’t believe he tells older people not to take it, as the benefit outweighs the potential risk, but for a young healthy person he wouldn’t encourage.

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    2scents-According to CDC there are between 12k and 61k annual flu deaths. 34k deaths over a yr and a half is about 11.5k deaths (for the age group we specified)
    Syag obviously no one is saying that it is a medical consensus that the vax affects fertility. But if a study show it indeed does shouldn’t we look at it, and examine it, instead of throwing it under the rug?

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    Interesting that I haven’t seen anyone point out, that for what concerns this discussion, we should probably be looking at statistics for those under 50(or around that age). Around 34k people in the USA from that category died from covid. Most of which likely had preexisting conditions.
    Anonymous1079-can you please provide details of that study? Or provide a link? (Obviously with a DOT replacing the . as links aren’t allowed….) Would be interested to check it out.

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    The Rov also suggested that perhaps those in the past who held a shaitel is Assur, would hold that’s it’s now mutter. Because in the past, everyone wore wigs, and therefore shaitels didn’t satisfy daas yehudis. But today, being that that is not the case daas yehudis is satisfied with a shaitel. I hope I didn’t completely botch up the way he said it….

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    My Rov laid out the issue beautifully, and although I am incapable of repeating it like he said it, here’s the basics. There are 2 different inyanim of tznius. One is the D’oraysah factor, that is, to cover the hair, and for that a lace shaitel suffices 100%. However there is a another category of tznius, which is from Das Yehudis. This says that one not only should be tznius, but to be more tzanoa than the umos haolam, and it should be noticeable. For this, perhaps a lace shaitel would be insufficient. Now he did say that to be clear, he is NOT saying straight up that a lace is Assur. And if someone asks for a mikkur that’s it’s Assur, he wouldn’t necessarily have one per se. But to answer the common question “but it’s covering all the hair so why not” here you have it. And he wouldn’t recommend someone wear it.

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    OrechDin Lets be clear here, the left didn’t force cuomo out of office because of these allegations, they didn’t force him out of office because he killed thousands in the nursing homes and covered it up. They forced him out of office because he wasn’t “progressive” enough for them.

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    Ok lets stop replacing logical argument with gaslighting non-sense and name calling. And when I say gas-lighting nonsense, I’m referring to the posts that indicate, that those who don’t agree with their stringency in regards to covid policy simply don’t value human life. I have a simple question. Being that the vaccine is B”H very effective, why should someone who’s not vaccinated have to wear a mask? Because you might infect someone else who’s not vaccinated? They had the option to get the vaccine. Because you might infect someone who is vaccinated? The vaccine is very effective. Effective to the point the the virus is no more dangerous than flu. Perhaps even less than the flu. So again, why should the un-vaccinated, and kol sh’kain the vaccinated be forced to wear a mask?
    This same question can be applied to why anyone should be forced to get the vaccine.
    If anyone has a logical response, i’d love to hear it.

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    Change315 Spot on, and we’ll said. Reb E, ehh…not so much. Absolutely nothing the government-run politic-guided CDC is suggesting has to do with science. Look at the data yourself.

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    Reb E, firstly, being that the vaccine is bh very effective, why is it anyone’s business if I am vaccinated? How is it any different than pre-covid flu? And besides, they’re now suggesting that the vaccinated may actually spread the virus MORE. The problem is, is that the government, and government medical agencies, are able to tell you to do whatever they want, all in the name of “public health”, whether it makes sense or not. And I don’t mean whether or not it makes sense to me, I mean whether or not it makes sense to outside doctors and experts. And much of the current policy doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Oh but you better listen because “public health”.

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    Jackk, this is stupidity, the only “distraction” here is the Maricopa County repeatedly refusing to comply with the LEGAL subpoena, for MONTHS already! Just give over the equipment and this will be over! What are you hiding?? “oh yea, if we give over the equipment it will be a distraction…” sorry jackk, that’s not gonna pass. 37,000 login queries on March 11th, deleting prior history, we deserve to know what thats about. We deserve a confirmation that the Maricopa’s half hearted, and non-sensical response to the cyber ninjas’ accusations make sense. Hopefully the Maricopa board will soon find themselves behind bars for refusing to comply with the state issued subpoena. You don’t get to scream “unprofessional”, and “zero credibility”, when you don’t have an answer to the evidence of fraud.

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    Refua shleima iy”h the surgeries will be alright!

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    Don’t know why it’s a big deal who funded the audit, seems to be a non-story to me. Also don’t know why you seem to take anything out of them completing the audit. Ya, that’s how most things work, there’s usually an end to everything. You can call the process an “embarrassment” all day long, but the points I’ve posted in other threads have to be answered. And they’re not. Why. Here’s the link to my points. Page 2.

    Democrats cheated, Biden won

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    Jackk this preconceived narrative that if it was BLM rioting they would have been massacred is absolutely ridiculous. Have you been paying attention at all the past year? Riots in every democrat-run city? Thousands of officers injured, many killed? Yet how many “massacres”? Police officers in general are scared stiff to do anything that might be later deemed as “excessive force”, and therefor racist…
    I honestly am disappointed Republicans didn’t agree to a bi-partisan committee. But given how Democrats went after trump, with the impeachment, with taken-out-of context video, showing and exposing their true tds-driven intentions; I can see where R’s are coming from.
    Without digging deeper, what happened is obvious. Trump and his supporters weren’t happy with the fraud-filled-election. Fraud that is no longer a “conspiracy theory”. Fraud that is real and has been shown, and revealed the last few weeks. Trump and some R’s gave speeches at rallies, calling for supporters to go to the capitol and “peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard”. Many on the far-right, many of which are likely white-supremacists took the opportunity and hijacked the event. It is beyond me that many think that trump should be held responsible, even more so when Democrats have given far more inflammatory speeches that actually incite violence.

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    Reb E, if you are admitting that the democrats may have stolen even one state, is it so crazy-conspiracy theorist level-to suggest other states have been stolen as well, even if the margins are much bigger? If they figured out how to swing 10,000 votes, they can figure out how to swing 100,000. Reb E, you are avoiding the question. Has the recent revelations changed your view on the election at all? Are you in fact admitting 1 or 2 states may have been stolen?

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    CTlawyer-“The Republican Party is inherently racist as shown by all there moves to restrict voting access. First they go after the blacks, if successful they will come after the Jews.”-lol, you can’t be serious. In fact I know your not. Stop this stupidity. If anyone is racist here, it’s the democrats, who think blacks aren’t capable of figuring out how to get their free I.D. Democrats think that blacks are freaking stupid and clueless. Republicans absolutely need to hammer home this point. And btw, everyone was (rightfully) upset when MTG compared democrats imposing mask mandates to nazi Germany, but it’s totally ok to compare -*reducing accessibility to voting, yet still 100% completely accessible to anyone who wants to vote*-to slavery and Jim crow laws?? Pretty disgusting.

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    ENS I can copy paste, or you can simply scroll up to my previous post. The fraud extends well far past not having some admin passwords. Just please stop ignoring my posts, your responses are making it obvious that you are doing so. But you mentioned the admin passwords. In February, a judge ordered Maricopa to turn over the ballots, machines, and election data. March 11th, 37000 login queries were made to the Maricopa election system deleting all prior login data. Maricopa County destroyed election data after it was subpoenaed….Why? Maricopa County responded to some of the fraud claims made by Cyber Ninjas but have glaringly avoided most of the accusations. In Georgia there have been no answers whatsoever. And since you guys mentioned Bill Barr, it’s worth noting that there were many election officials there who until now have criticized Trump and those alleging fraud. Now they are calling for people to be fired, and for a full forensic audit to be conducted.
    Reb E exactly how much fraud are you willing to admit? Has that number changed by what has been revealed recently?

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    Reb e again, I would love to know what you make of what has come out of Georgia and Arizona the past few days. Pls don’t just ignore the question again, and repeatedly claim, “no proof…” “Conspiracy theorists…”

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    Ctlawyer that barely at all takes away from my point. So in 5 yrs they’ll vote. There are currently plenty of voting Americans who come from these type of communist countries, and know that voting republican helps ensure they can keep their newfound freedom.

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    The Biden administration came out strongly warning fleeing Cubans that they won’t be allowed into the U.S. Why the double standard when it comes to the southern border?
    Answer: because it’s obvious who-Cubans protesting Communism, flying the American flag in the streets-would vote for.

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    Absolutely unreal what just came out of Georgia. From VoterGa, the group that is auditing ballots there.
    “The team’s analysis revealed that 923 of 1539 mail-in ballot batch files contained votes incorrectly
    reported in Fulton’s official November 3rd 2020 results. These inaccuracies are due to
    discrepancies in votes for Donald Trump, Joe Biden and total votes cast compared to their reported
    audit totals for respective batches. Thus, the error reporting rate in Fulton’s hand count audit
    is a whopping 60%.
    One type of error discovered involved duplicate results reporting for batches of ballots. The team
    found at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots with 4,255 total extra votes were redundantly added
    into Fulton Co. audit results for the November election. These illicit votes include 3,390 extra
    votes for Joe Biden, 865 extra votes for Donald Trump and 43 extra votes for Jo Jorgenson.
    But it is not simply a case of errors. The VoterGA team found 7 falsified audit tally sheets
    containing fabricated vote totals for their respective batches. For example, a batch containing
    59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden, 42 for Donald Trump and 0 for Jo Jorgenson was reported
    as 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump. The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe
    Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump and 11 votes for Jo Jorgenson had tally sheets in the audit
    falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, 0 votes for Trump and 0 votes for Jorgenson.”
    Now I need to see how election officials over there respond, because there better be a darn good explanation. What I am really curious to know, is what do YWN democrats think of this? Reb E? Ctlawyer? Jackk? Huju?

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    Jackk, nobody expected Biden and top dems to straight away side with the Cuban government. His response means little. Question here is, why did it take so long for a response from Biden? Why are many democrats, along with the mainsteam media trying to shift the narrative surrounding the protests? Psaki: “There is every indication that yesterday’s protests were spontaneous expressions of people who are exhausted with the Cuban government’s ‘economic mismanagement…” or blaming the protests on “lack of vaccines..”
    And oh it might just be worth noting what Psaki actually said about Biden’s statement “The statement…we put out in the president’s name this morning, in his voice of course”…
    This is what the New York Times had to say about this “Shouting “Freedom” and other anti-government slogans, hundreds of Cubans took to the streets in cities around the country on Sunday to protest food and medicine shortages….”
    Compare this to how all Republicans have responded. The contrast is stunning. Stunning and quite telling.
    CTlawyer-The agenda that todays Democrats/socialists push extends far past the governments programs, which I think is really there up for debate. At this point its clear, that the democrat elites, along with the radical left, want to control what you think, control what kids are taught, and crush any opposing opinions. And the values they want the next generation to grow up with is abhorrent and disgusting. “And oh don’t you dear voice your opinion, you filthy racist” is what they tell anyone expressing concern. Pure unmitigated communist style.

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    GH-I’d readily admit that the audit was likely a completely partison audit. But 2 points on that. A)Democrats, as well as many Republican officials in the counties in question, had many chances to launch their own THOUROUGH, and TRANSPARENT audit. But instead they told us to shut up and sit down.
    B)I’ve said this countless times, if they find fraud, they will openly share the evidence, and if they don’t, then they obviously shouldn’t be granted a shred of credibility.
    Health, I don’t have time to watch the video, and even if I did, I think its kind of pointless. I need to be able to see how both sides actively respond to specific claims.

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    I’ll wait patiently for the audit results to be released. Currently, lawmakers in PA are initiating a Maricopa-style forensic audit, and democrats are sweating bullets. Have a feeling we will see very soon that RM is not all that drunk.

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    Exactly. Democrats and the mainstream media trying oh so desperately to blame the rioting on anything other than the fact that they are being run by a dictatorship. Not great tactic when your going to have to convince voters you aren’t actually pro-communism.

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    Audit results incoming soon. And to anybody who chalks up those who doubt the election as secure-as”conspiracy theorists”-just bear in mind the amount of “conspiracy theories” put forth by those on right-that have later proven to be true.

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    N0MESORAH-all the previous audits consisted of is a recount of all ballots-including potentially fraudulent ballots. I’m not sure exactly how all previous audits were done, I do know this it was done in a completely non-transparent way. No one knows how/when it was done. No point in trump paying for more recounts if they’re not going to forensically audit each ballot.

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    Yserbius, my main claim regarding hcq was never that I was 100% sure it was 90% effective. My claim was that any evidence, anecdotal or not, that showed success was downplayed a y dismissed my the democrats because and only because trump promoted it. I also said I think the medical establishment, which got cover from the mainstream media, dismissed hcq for money reasons mixed with politics as well. The point we seem to be arguing on is that you think the study results are mixed. They are not at all.

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    Yserbius if what comes out of this thread is that you admit you were at least somewhat wrong on hcq, then this thread was a smashing success😂😂 but let me add that the research wasn’t all that contradictory, it was rather one sided. Hcq does NOT work when administered late, w/o zinc, in high dosage…and IS effective when given early, with zinc, and in low dosage…pretty much every last study showed that.

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    Yserbius, I don’t need you to search out and answer for every one of lindells claims, however if you don’t know who ruby freeman is, I don’t believe you did that much research into the election altogether. Ruby freeman has been at the center of accusations over the last 6 months in Georgia.
    Syag-100%, its really sad. Speaking of the vaccine, my friend just ended up in the hospital a day after taking the vaccine. Bh he’s ok now, but being that the vaccine poses near zero risk to me, I don’t plan on taking it anytime soon…

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    Yserbius, don’t tell the Democrats are hiring top lawyers, crying about the audits 24/7 because suddenly they care about taxpayer money. Besides, the Maricopa audit is being privately funded, so there goes that argument. And besides, opposing the audit because of money doesn’t explain why Democrats aren’t complying with already ongoing audits.

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    Yserbius, no im not either a researcher, however I do possess some common sense, and sometimes thats more than enough, as i’ve told you in the past on regards to Hydroxychloroquine. So in our case, we see Ruby Freeman talking piles of ballots and putting them into the tabulators multiple times. Is that automatic fraud? No, certainly not, perhaps there was something wrong with the machines, and the ballots needed to be recounted, or perhaps that was somehow part of the process. However answers are needed, as actions such as these are awfully suspicious. It would not take a “conspiracy theorist” to conclude from the video that fraud was committed. Good thing the Republicans understand how important trust in the election process is, and aren’t letting up with all the audits to come.

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    Yserbius, I believe adjudicating votes is for when the intent of the voter is unclear. I think there is a limit to how many ballots can be adjudicated. In Michigan the number was way over the limit. Now I’m not exactly sure and confident with all these claims, that’s why I’m happy there are audits taking place to clear this up. The Maricopa audit should be wrapping up soon. In georgia, remember those videos that went viral shortly after the election? With ballots seemingly being pulled out after poll watchers went home, where ballots were seemingly being counted multiple times? In a recent video -where audio was recorded -ruby freeman, who was at the center of all these activities, can be seen being speaking with man, and while it’s hard to hear exactly what’s being said, it was clear exactly what the focus of conversation was. Fraudulent activity. Either way, she and her daughter(who was also there), along with a lot of electronic equipment relating to the election, have all been subpoenaed in Georgia. Additionally it looks like they will, in time have many of their ballots inspected as well. If the Maricopa audit, an audit in which dems have tried so hard to put into quotation marks ( “audit”) in an effort to completely dismiss and disregard the impending results, indeed shows significant fraud, I think the dominoes will begin to fall. Just remember, in today’s political world, that which has at one point been considered a “conspiracy theory” , can very quite possibly turn out to be true.

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    There are different types of cameras, if you are an aspiring photographer, you probably want to get at least an entry level professional camera. For that the cheapest is probably around 450, unless you want to buy pre-owned from say eBay. I’d look at the Sony alpha series, maybe the Sony a6000. Can get for around 3-4 hundred on eBay.

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    I find it absolutely disgusting that democrats assume black folk can’t follow simple instructions to be able to vote. This whole narrative that restrictive voting laws make blacks unable to vote is inherently racist. Wonder what the average non-partisan POC sitting at home think about all this. Biden basically forced the MLB all star game out of Georgia following the voting laws put into place there. Black voters there, who were hardest hit by the economic fallout of the game’s removed weren’t happy. Biden tried to walk back his “recommendation”. Too late.

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    N0mesorah-“Not to mention, is the way to put it. Because you never could do more than mention it. Torah is all composing. Broader then the land. Deeper than the sea. It encompasses whatever agenda is active at the moment in question.”
    -ive seen statements like this before and I think it’s ridiculous. Obviously the Torah is the Torah, and no political agenda aligns with all TorahValues. Nobody is suggesting that. However we have a life to live, and when there is different political parties, driving for different policy, we should support that which aligns more closely, that aligns on more issues, with TorahValues. I don’t think there is a question which party that is.

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    Biden funded Palestinian terrorists. That’s not pro jews. He’s overall been pursuing much-not all- of the far lefts agenda. The only comparison to Reagan is that hes old and softspoken.

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    n0mesorah-being that we’re are agreeing(at least for the sake of argument) that the election was stolen, it is completely irresponsible for the Republican Party not to investigate how the election was stolen, and how to prevent it in the future.

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    n0mesorah “The Republicans do not want Lindel either. He was just thrown out of the Republican governor’s conference.”-yea thats because those R govs didnt want to be called out for their inaction.
    -“From what I know, no individual has been named in stealing the election. So who are the radicals that you keep talking about?”-thats ridiculous, I don’t have to know the names of those involved.
    -“I think that Trump is history. If he makes it back to Washington it will be with a new way and a new agenda.”-don’t see how thats relevant to our conversation.

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    N0mesorah So why in a later post do you say “I do not think anyone broke the law on the elections. At least not in any meaningful way. Maybe just the spirit of the law. Or the public trust.”
    You also say “And now one case went in front of a grand jury to indict him. Could it be we term radicals and extremists differently?”-what does this have to do with the election?
    You seem to think that by “keeping to the agenda”-which by the way we can and are doing regardless of the election-it will keep “all the power in the checks and balances of the Constitution”, and will therefore keep radicals from destroying the system. I have no idea how you think A will lead to B and how B will lead to C.

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    Avi K, I don’t think its a great comparison, in regards to deterring law-breakers, if not for hidden police, law-breakers can just see that there’s no police in sight, and do what they want to do, without fearing there might be police in the area. However an illness isn’t waiting for the deterrer to go away before “attacking”. If the deterrer is there, it’s there.

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    N0mesorah “The lab leak theory was told to trump”-I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the mainstream narrative a year ago when Trump suggested it. In fact he was demonized for doing so. And if you think this just about “some random statement trump said a year ago”, you haven’t been paying too much attention to politics since trump entered the political arena 6yrs ago. This is yet another time Trump said/did something, was beat upon by the mainstream media, only to be proven right later on.

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    N0mesorah “The theft of the election was a direct output of terrible partisanship. There are normal ways of having a political base.” That sounds to me like, at least for the sake of argument, you are agreeing the election was stolen, is that correct?

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