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    Ctlawyer that is all good and fine, however the fact of the matter is that around 77 million Americans use Twitter.

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    Ctlawyer While I applaud your not involving yourself, and wasting your time with twitter, the fact of the matter is that is serves as the “public town square”. The censors @twitter prevented Bidens laptop story from getting out.

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    Can everyone stop pretending we don’t know exactly why trump said what he said? It’s really not complicated. Yes, he’s happy that Biden failed again on the world stage, and he can’t help but point out how Putin totally played Joe Biden. Trumps ego is nothing new, lets stop pretending it is.
    Huju, “And would the Trumpkopfs among us explain why Israel’s “greatest friend” has so many supporters among the anti-Semitic militias, and how the frum Trumpkopfs reconcile that with their support for Trump.”-First of all, it’s unbelievable that you can actually type these words when many of Bidens supporters are anti semetic, and anti israel as well. As for your question, i’m not sure what has to be “reconciled”. I think it’s fair to say that White nationalists and white supremacists are more likely to have nationalistic/patriotic feelings. Trump shares these feelings, but not in the same sense. Actually quite the opposite. Trump is a huge believer in American exceptionalism. Loves
    America for how it evolved to become perhaps the freest country i the history of the world. And I wouldn’t worry about putin having information on trump. I’d actually worry about what they might find out in regards to Hunter Biden and ukraine. And how they might be able to blackmail Joe with that info.

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    Reb E, YD, it seems from your replies that you simply hate trump because he’s an egomaniac, a narcissist ect…which I completely agree on. Now talk policy. Is there something about paying 2.40 for a galleon of gas that you don’t like? Do you generally prefer for children to be taught CRT and “gender” theory? Do you like it now that everyday items cost around 7% more than a year ago? Or that we have an unprecedent amount of illegals crossing the border? Or that we stranded Americans in Afghanistan and left the Taliban boatloads of military equipment? Or that Biden just week basically invited Putin to invade Ukraine? Final question: Would you vote for DeSantis, or even say theoretically Glen Youngkin in a matchup vs Biden? And why not?

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    Aaq-“A recent poll shows that those who think that natural immunity is preferable to vaccine have 2-3x rate of being infected.”-getting infected” means nothing. I’d rather get infected and not lose my job. A statistic you might want to bring would be deaths. But regardless this is not what I’m referring to, I don’t consider getting vaccinated as CDC’s advice-its pretty much everyone’s advice. I’m referring to the lockdown measures, and I’m assuming that that’s what jackk was referring to as well.

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    Reb E-Without getting into how democrats did the same thing, can you please explain how “flipping out” over the virus would have helped anything? What everyone would have started locking themselves in their house earlier? By now it’s clear that lockdowns help absolutely nothing, by locking down you are helping to stall the virus, you aren’t getting rid of it. The only things that could have helped early on is medications such as Hydroxychloroquine, but Trump suggested it was good so at all cost (the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives) it must be bad.

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    Jackk do you have any statistical evidence that those who “listened to the CDC” fared any better than those in red states? NY and Florida have a similar amount of covid deaths, while Florida is one of the oldest states age-wise. The only difference between blue-red states is that those in red states didn’t lose their freedoms, their jobs, and their mental health. Lockdowns don’t work, they never did. There’s no “getting rid of covid”, we are going to have to live with covid. Simply took democrats a lot longer to figure that out. Democrats did however assist Big pharma in shutting down alternative cures such as Hydroxychloroquine.
    Reb E-0. Trump promoted early medications, he didn’t shut it down.

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    Reb e-*to what point and what do you mean?

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    Reb E, who are you responding to, to what point and what do you mean?

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    Jackk, in regards to voting rights bill, besides for clearly being unconstitutional, the idea that it would “save democracy from republican voter laws” is absolute unmitigated garbage. Bidens democrat home state of Delaware is one of, if not the most difficult state to vote in. The general idea that requiring Id to vote somehow goes out the window when requiring it to eat in a restaurant. The truth is anyone who wants to vote, can.
    As for the BBB, what majority are you referring to?

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    Are you referring to senate republicans? They’ve successfully halted Biden’s radical agenda.

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    Yerbius123-I wish democrats would agree with you.
    Ubi-Isn’t an individual entitled to a second opinion when it comes to his wellbeing? You comparison isn’t accurate. I don’t believe there are any experts out there who think a seatbelt poses any threat. There is certainly no big government-provided number of deaths that resulted from wearing a seatbelt. What drives someone not to wear a seatbelt is pure laziness. And there are no alternative therapeutics that can be as effective as a seatbelt. When it comes to Covid, there are many alternative therapeutics that can reduce the chance of death (specifically when we’re dealing with teenagers, and to some degree when dealing with older age groups) from almost zero to virtually zero. Can you imagine if the CDC would put out guidelines for dealing with every specific illness and ailment, the way they see fit, with no one being allowed to discuss various alternative options with their doctors? Bishlama if one taking the vaccine provided a PUBLIC health benefit, I can *somewhat* hear the grounds to mandate the vax, but being that that is no longer the case, the subject of taking the vaccine should be solely discussed between everyone and their doctor.

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    User176, he’s no blm supporter, he was trying to make the point that he’s not a racist, that he supports black lives. If he was “blm” supporter, he would’ve been burning down buildings, not protecting them from those who were.

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    Reb E, “If you are at a wrong place at the wrong time, you are responsible for the consequences”-very nice except he wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had every right to be there.

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    Ubi-“For violating their civil rights.”-2 points. Firstly, in no way shape or form did he violate any civil rights. I’m pretty sure that burning down buildings isn’t a “right”. Secondly, when i’m asking what he can be sued for, i’m coming from a second angle as well-that is, any such lawsuit, would in theory be tied to the trial in which rittenhouse was cleared of all charges. What i’m saying is that if rittenhouse did somehow violate their civil rights, that would mean that he was to some degree the “instigator, and that would inherently take away from his self defense claim, being that you don’t get to claim self defense when your the “instigator”. And the jury already determined that he was not the instigator.

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    Reb E-Wow Reb e, now your taking this to another level. Not only are you saying kyle *shouldn’t* have been there, but your implying it was *illegal* for him to be there with the rifle. Reb E, he wasn’t a תחלתו בפשיעה as he had every right to be there with the rifle. This thread is focusing on *should* he have been there. There’s no question that he had the *right* to be there.

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    Abba_s-Once again, what are/can his victims suing him for??

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    Jackk-“Saying that Rosenbaum reaching for a weapon means that he was not “unarmed” is politically motivated.”-Thats ridiculous. Obviously at that exact moment that he was shot, rosenbaum was unarmed-as in not carrying any weapon-but for all intents and purposes, he was armed. He was reaching for kyle’s gun. That is as good as armed. I don’t know where your going with this.
    -“Maybe he didn’t need to shoot him 4 times to stop him from attacking?”-When an animal is attacking you, you can’t exactly stop to access the situation in between each shot. All 4 shot were shot within a second or two. We live in the real world jackk.
    -“Correct. See my previous answer.”-Your previous answer was that there were other cases where good prosecutors got innocent men sent to the death row. What does that have to do with kyle? Not connecting the dots here.

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    n0mesorah-” If you have a rifle, you use it or put it away.” whats that supposed to mean? How does that help to ward off rioters?
    -“but he clearly lacked training or courage. Probably both.”-And what makes you say that? the way he handled himself when he was knocked to the ground, seconds away from a mob absolutely lynching him, I think, is incredible.

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    Jackk-“This is a politically motivated slant to change the clear meaning of a English word and you have to ask yourself why you think this way.”-Thinking that a mentally ill person, who threatened to kill you earlier, and is now reaching for your weapon, as a threat to your own life, is “politically motivated”??
    -“So you feel that it was stupidity for Kyle to have blown the arm off of of Gaige Grosskreutz. He should have blown his head off.”-No the stupidity I was referring to was the line of thinking that in the spur of the moment, Kyle, if he wants, can decide where exactly he’s gonna shoot. This is the same as saying police should aim for the legs.
    -“I will let experienced prosecution lawyers, who have gotten innocent people sent to death row, answer this.”-ah, but when you say ” There surely were many legal reasons for a prosecution. The prosecution did a terrible job.” it sounds like you are thinking there are many legal reasons kyle should have been found guilty, and the prosecution did a bad job bringing them out.
    -“Agreed. But this is the way the BLM people see it. “-Are you the spokesman for BLM?
    Amil Zola-“I just cant get it through my head that this child of 17 went into the situation having no experience…”-The way he handled himself that night, when he was chased by first a mentally ill person, then by a mob who wanted nothing less than his life, I think is absolutely incredible.

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    abba_s-“It is doubtful anyone is going to sue him esspecially since he doesn’t have money. “-exactly what *can* he be sued for?
    -“Actually, he did drive himself there not his mother as he testified in court under oath and he also said he didn’t have a license to drive. I do think that would make it illegal.” It would make it illegal to drive? Not illegal to be in Kenosha once he got there.
    N0mesorah-“but I’m on topic with the OP. Did he have any business being there with the rifle? And if he was not prepared for the challenge, then I think the answer is no.”-I’m not sure what you mean by this. Ready for what challenge? His goal was to use the weapon as a deterrent for rioters to attack the property he was guarding, and being that there was a chance he’d be attacked for doing so, the gun was loaded. What do you mean by “ready for the challenge”?
    Yserbius-“G– En Himmel YES! If my business was chas v’sholom under threat from a mob, I would lock the store down and daven that my business will survive.”- Hey, me too, look at that!
    -“What I absolutely do not want is some random teenager waving around an assault rifle and telling me he’s here to help.”-once again, he wasn’t ”waving around an assault rifle”. And from the store owners perspective, he had no responsibility for the actions of the teen. Now let me make sure I have this down correctly. There are 50 businesses in town 49 are burnt down. A group of teenagers, unasked, but annoyed at the rioters, successfully saved and protected that 1 store. Your telling me now that you’d rather be one of those 49 owners who just lost their life savings, rather than that 1 thankful owner??

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    Jackk-“I was referring to the first person he killed, Joseph Rosenbaum, which is why I used the singular.
    My point was that he was unarmed and killed anyway therefore to say that there should never have been a prosecution is a false narrative that has been propagated. (By you know who.)”-Well guess what jackk, your still have to answer why he was prosecuted on the other charges, if you are to argue it wasn’t politically motivated. And you keep referring to Rosenbaum as “unarmed” and keep ignoring the fact that he was trying to get Rittenhouse’s gun. And the notion that he should have just shot him in the arm is 1st grade level stupidity and you know it.
    -“The prosecution did a terrible job.”- I keep seeing people say this, but I don’t see how he could have done a better job considering he didn’t have a case to begin with.
    -“And we all know if he would have been a poor minority from the other part of Chicago , he would be on death row now for killing 2 white men peacefully protesting.”-More gaslighting, race-baiting garbage. Jackk, my question to you, is why in your mind should Kyle be guilty, and based on what evidence. Why is President Biden “angry” and “upset” with the verdict. Why does Nadler call the verdict a “miscarriage of justice”. There better be a good reason because these comments are currently, and actively inflaming and inciting the far-left to do what they do.
    It’s comments like these that divide the country.
    ENS-“Imagine Jewish people were protesting something and a kid with swastikas showed up with an AR15 or maybe some kids with Hama flags with AR15s.”-Awful comparison, Rittenhouse wasn’t doing anything to “trigger” the rioters-other than defending property.
    Yserbius-“I must have missed that day in Yeshiva where it was explained that we have a responsibility as Torah Jews to carry weapons around with us all the time and even insert ourselves into dangerous situations where our weapons may come in handy.”-Must’ve missed the post where anyone advocates for Torah jews to carry weapons…..
    -“by waving a rifle around hoping that someone will attack him so he can shoot and declare self-defense.”-He wasn’t waving his rifle, and he wasn’t hoping to shoot someone. You have no evidence for this. Unless of course you bought into the prosecutor’s argument that since Kyle plays video games, you know, he just likes to shoot people…..

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    Jackk-“A 17 year old with an AR-15 style rifle kills a man who didn’t have a weapon and he should not have been prosecuted?”-wow when you put it this way, sure he should have been prosecuted, except this version of the story doesn’t reflect reality. A mentally deranged person was chasing him, caught up to him, and reached for his gun. He also threatened earlier to kill rittenhouse. And even lfi this argument, why then was he prosecuted for shooting huber and grosskreutz? They were definitely armed. This trial was 100% politically motivated and it’s just too obvious.
    Ubi-“Though I doubt he’s walking away rich he will be sued by the victims and will be swamped with legal fees for some time”-his victims are suing him for what exactly? His legal fees have most probably been covered by raised funds though I can’t confirm that. But regardless, Nicholas Sandmann, who was defamed by the Mainstream Media, is now worth over $100,000,000. I’d say Rittenhouse can get a lot more.
    And to everyone who is saying Rittenhouse shouldn’t be playing cop, and all…2 points.
    A) This does not at all take away his claim of self defense. Some of you have admitted that.
    B)If it was your private business that you invested your whole life in, that he was defending, would you still sing the same tune? I think not.

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    One word to counter: Inflation. Correction: “historic inflation”.

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    Aaq “So far, someone who negotiated Abrahamic accords, moved embassy, funded 10 different vaccines over FDA slowness, put tariffs on China, broke ISIS, sent weapons to Ukrainians is still preferable to someone who is suing Joe Biden.”
    -possibly true, but only in a hypothetical scenario where we can just pick someone that automatically becomes the president. If Trump can’t win the presidency whereas DeSantis can, then DeSantis is the way to go regardless of trump’s accomplishments.
    -“So, there are people who now think worse of T, still not necessarily saying they will not vote for him.” At the end of day, it is more likely (based on poll) trumps recieves less votes.

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    AAq, I do know someone who voted for T, and after T not conceding nice and easy, putting up a fight, he said he’s not voting for T next time, he’ll either vote 3rd party or stay home. Perhaps he’s changed his mind over the last 10 months, perhaps not. If I had to guess, I do think Trump would win in 2024, however I think DeSantis has a much greater chance.

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    If Trump and DeSantis both run, I’m voting for DeSantis I’m the primary. I just feel like Trump will have a hard time pulling in the independent vote despite the D’s “efforts” to alienate them. Perhaps he would win back the independents but I almost feel like DeSantis would be a “shoo in” for the presidency.

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    Agree with akuperma, each race is different. Some races will have a larger maga base voting in them, while others will have a small maga base (like virginia) n which case the gop would need to put up a candidate that is able to walk that fine line in order to reel in both the maga base, and moderate/independent base. Glen youngkin did a great job doing that. I think Ron DeSantis would be a great candidate on a presidential level.

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    yserbius-“The Arizona AG, who is the only person you are relying on to interpret this audit, pretty much came out and said that the results don’t show fraud.”-did he? Must’ve missed that.
    -I say I don’t know because we are still at the point that both sides claim to have “unanswerable questions”/or “answers”. I don’t know how to answer the questions shown in the report, I don’t know how to respond to Maricopa’s answers, and I don’t know how to respond to CN’s questions on Maricopa’s answers. Just for my basic understanding, how does a ballot sent to the wrong address get to the hands of the correct voter?
    -“I mean, just last week you were explaining how the medias reporting that the audit showed Biden won was wrong”. This has absolutely nothing to do, because A) The report claimed fraud, whether or not you agree with it or understand it, it in it’s own view put tens of thousands of ballots in question. If you think the claims are bogus, then you can report that too, but you don’t ignore it. B)The MSM actually reported the audit confirming bidens victory BEFORE the full report was released. It is obviously impossible to know all the details of the report before it comes out. But that didn’t stop the MSM from reporting the full fledged fake news.

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    Health-If Lindell’s claims of vote switching was true, wouldn’t it have shown up in the Maricopa audit?

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    Yserbius, “There are two very simple questions that you’re not only ignoring, but also making extremely complicated for no reason: Was fraud committed because ballots were sent to the wrong address? Yes or no?”-for the 1902154th time-I don’t know. “Should every state delay counting for months and spend millions on security audits to squeeze out every possible issue with their ballots? Yes or no?”-No but there should be a process where every ballot is easily verifiable and trackable.

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    What makes a bellwether county a bellwether county? Google it. From my understanding, it’s strange for winner of the election to not win the majority of the bellwether counties, let alone win just 1/19.
    -“You say that the bar for an audit should not be set high, but this is in a thread where you defend throwing out any ballot that was sent to an address where the individual recently moved out of. That’s not just high, that’s astronomical.” There you again putting words into my mouth, I said I don’t understand Arizona’s laws and processes so I don’t know if it should have, but IF according to election law it shouldn’t be counted, are you saying it should have despite Arizona law? And I have no clue what this has to do with setting the bar for initiating audits anyway.

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    the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
    “the origins of life”

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    Yserbius “Not to get personal” *gets personal* Lol that’s fine, im not insulted, but if your going to make a personal attack, at least own it. Now I wasn’t referring to number-crunching statistical anomalies, although there are probably many of those, I can copy paste if you want, I was simply referring to stats such as Trump winning 18/19 Bellwether counties. I don’t think the bar for an audit should be set high at all, which is why I wanted this Maricopa audit to go through.

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    Yserbius I don’t think like you said that I ever made claims such as “Fraud was proven to be committed to the extent that Trump had 20,000 more votes than Biden in AZ”, but yes, based on some statistical anomalies, I would be a little surprised if the election was 100% legit, and yes, I was surprised by CN’s hand recount. As I see it now, as i’ve said,at this point I want to see how the audit results are handled.

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    Yserbius, Hmm, why can’t I find those supposed quotes of mine when I search all my replies on the forum?…again there you go putting words in my mouth. My position has always remained constant. No i’m not waiting for any Cnn-proclaimed “expert”, nor am I waiting for any politician on either side of the aisle. I’m waiting to see how the AG’s prosecution holds up in court, when CN’s and Maricopa County are forced to have legitimate answers for each other. What part of the process is confusing me? None because I haven’t bothered to learn the process, and we both know how easy it can be for any “expert” to put some words together that makes sense, and is enough to convince a layman. The only way I feel I can really understand is if I see CN and Maricopa County have a back and forth conversation. I barely have enough time in my day to type these posts, I have no particular interest in studying Arizona’s election laws and processes.

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    Yserbius-If indeed the all votes brought up by CN do count, then great, the audit was a success, money well spent and I’m much more confident in the 2020 result. But I prefer to wait and see how the Arizona AG deals with the results. Because as I’ve said, I don’t understand the processes, and I’m sorry but I’m not going to blindly accept your at-least-a-little biased take on it.

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    Yserbius-I’m not sure what “both of your original arguments” are. So fine, it’s expected that 2% of ballots will be sent to the wrong address. But should they still count as votes? Maybe yes, maybe no, but that’s not what I was ever debating…

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    Reb E not sure what point your making, yes, the only way we can rely on an election is if we are positive that fraud did not affect the outcome. So?

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    Yserbius- You’ve repeatedly said comments along the lines of “OK that’s fine for Maricopa, but what about the other counties?”. Let me ask, what in the world are you talking about?? Yes of course if as you say “If nothing is found in Maricopa which, if memory serves correctly, has over half the votes of the entire Arizona, the likelihood of 10,000 fraudulent votes being “found” in the other districts is astronomically low.” I 100% agree with that, that’s what I’ve said in the beginning and that’s never changed. Now if you scroll through this thread, you and I were discussing not the validity of cyber ninjas claims, but the mathematics of it, and what level of impact it might have on the results. You seem to have been saying that cyber ninjas result “found nothing” because even according to CN’s numbers, the gap wouldn’t close much. I’ve been responding to that that doesn’t matter because fraud is fraud no matter who’s ballots it impacted. And if we see that fraud was committed, we should audit everywhere else. Then you shifted to arguing that the actual claims are meaningless. I’ve said repeatedly, along these lines “now frankly I’m not sure what to make of any of it as I don’t understand the processes”…and Ive also said that this that I’m referring to these ballots as “bad” is for arguments sake.

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    Yserbius, “First off, the goalpost movement was you mentioning other counties. We are not discussing other counties nor other states. What we are discussing is whether the Cyber Ninja audit of Maricopa County proves enough fraud to swing Arizona to Trump or not.”
    -I’m sorry but this is sheer stupidity and you know it. No the audit isn’t about seeing whether the potential amount of fraud in just Maricopa would swing the result. I never said that and your putting words into my mouth. And the reason I never said that is because that just doesn’t make any sense. The goal of the audit was to see if any sort of serious discrepancies or “errors” existed. I said in the beginning of the thread ” I know that if the R’s in Maricopa complete the audit to their satisfaction, and come up with nothing, I personally will be far more confident the election overall was secure”. Tens of thousands of votes that should not have counted is not nothing. Especially considering the margin was that small. While it’s true that Trump likely owned a significant percentage of these ballots, thats not he point, and if your making that the point then your missing the boat. Because fraud (sorry, minor errors…) on such a yes-large and significant amount of ballots is unacceptable. And yes of course if it’s confirmed that these ballots should have been thrown out, then no matter who this benefits more, trump or biden, the BOTTOM LINE IS-Cyber Ninjas did not “come up with nothing”. In this event we should audit every last county in every last swing state.

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    Yserbius that’s ridiculous, I’m not fauci’ing any goalposts, and I’m not admitting anything. As I’ve said, i’m not knowledgeable on election protocols, and I can’t say with any degree of certainty that these ballots were bad. But if they were, this tiny little batch of ballots was more then 2x necessary to swing the election. And if it comes out that these ballots absolutely should have been thrown out, then we see that election fraud was committed. Thats not called cyber ninjas finding nothing. I don’t know what’s so complicated.

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    If you want kosher apps, go to Apps4flip . Com however depending on the phone, you may not be able to get those apps once your phone is tagged. Which model phone are we talking about?

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    Every flip is different but many have the same exact abilities as a smart phone. Be careful.

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    Yserbius Im saying “bad” ballots for arguments sake, the point of our conversation is assuming that they are “Bad” and shouldn’t be counted. Whether or not they are really “bad” remains to be seen. I’m not sure why you refer to them as “minor errors”, and “discrepancies”. If they were supposed to be thrown out, then it may have swung the election. That’s not “minor”.
    -The 49-49 number was Arizona overall, but I do understand that do find a more expected outcome when looking at distributing “bad” ballots in Maricopa county, you would look at the percentage breakdown in just Maricopa county. However i’m not sure what your trying to say “So a sample of the votes only differed by less than 5% which is well within the expected range.” Because if we were to see that fraud has the ability to be committed, even if the fraud distribution percentage is in line exactly with the vote total percentage, the gap still closes. Now true that if we were to apply that percentage of fraud to the entire Arizona, Biden’s lead would hold, but as I said before, once we see that fraud was committed, who is to say that fraud in a different county isn’t more lopsided? To state my point stronger, even if more fraud ballots belonged to Trump, there still remains a possibility that fraud was committed in a different county that benefitted biden to a degree that swung the entire state. Once fraud is discovered, all bets are off.

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    Jackk Yes the media did lie, not because they reported that CN’s count confirmed Biden’s lead, but because they reported that the audit overall confirmed Biden’s victory. That is FALSE. Whether or not CN’s claims have any legitimacy, their audit, from their perspective, put tens of thousands of ballots in question. Again, whether or not their claims are legitimate is IRRELEVANT to the conclusions of the audit! If you want to correctly report on the audit, and you don’t believe any of their claims, then you report in a way that indicates there are claims, you don’t totally ignore the claims. Now as for Maricopa responding to all the claims, 2 points: I went to Justthefacts . vote where Maricopa County officially answers all the claims, and I don’t see them address CN’s top claims. And besides, one thing is for sure, Maricopa County was always gonna come up with some sort of answer, legitimate or not, and as i’ve said previously, I have no idea how any of these things work, and i’m just gonna wait to see what the Arizona AG prosecutes.

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    And furthermore, even if we audit everything and find that after all the tens of thousands of bad ballots are removed, Biden’s victory stands, can you still tell me that the election was secure???

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    Yserbius I understand what you are saying but-
    The % of “fake” ballots that went for Biden compared to the % that went for Trump is larger than the % of biden’s victory in the overall vote count. Biden won 49.4% vs Trump 49%. According to audit, of those 23k bad votes, Biden owns 53.7% vs Trump 44.8%. Now we can go a lot further into the number crunching but I feel like its dumb because a lot of this is speculation, as we don’t know how the “prefer not to say” ballots break, and we frankly don’t know for sure (yet) which way the above ballots break. We also don’t about those 5295 in the other “High” category. And on top of all this, you can’t take the percentage of bad votes for Biden/Trump and apply to the full Arizona ballot count. Because once we see that fraud can be committed on such a significant amount of ballots, who’s to say that fraud in a different county isn’t more lopsided?

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    Jackk now you’ve definitely convinced me🙄 Quick question do you have an actual response to my post?

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    Check out the Unihertz Titan

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