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    what happens if the rbbe confiscates the talmid’s shoes???????????

    Wasn’t there a thread on it recently????????

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    Happiness is theonly thing that doubles whenever you share it.

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    Hard work has never killed anyone yet, but why take the risk.

    I’m on a seafood idet, i see food and i eat it.

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    Shoe store assistant,… hey,… I can’t beleive my eyes … that you beat me to that one … You must be a real real genius [and not sober] if you think the same way as I do … it would also explain why the schools were closed preventing principals from confiscating the shabbos shoes from children who forgot to bring either their sneakers or rollerblades to geography lessons. [They learn about gateshead in geography!!!]

    Really really excited that you are being koineh my mehalech

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    Shoe store assistant, do you have a spare pair of shoes in your havdala kit?

    What happens if you amke havdala while in a nidui?????

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    keep going guys

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    Surely the security will make our kinderlach remove their shoes… evem if they remember to bring their sneakers. Wouldn’t send my chidlren there.

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    147, if you know the family, perhaps you know how to ask him mechila?

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    Yeshiva world news ????? ????? ????

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    ?????? “?????? ???” ?

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    Shoe store assistant, you are making a BIG mistake.

    there is no difference in english and american pronouniciation, just that one pair is referred to as shus, and two as shoes, therefore english people who do not buy hsabbos shoes, refer to shus, while american talk about shoos. canadians however, who buy yom otv shpoes too, talk about shees.


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    the real question is do they buy their kids sneakers or sandals, do the grandparents buy the einiklach shabbos shoes, and is their cheder suitable to walk around in in one’s socks.


    in reply to: Gateshead #935665

    Nothing wrong with gateshead as long as you don’t mind your children wearing their weekday shoes on shabbos.

    Hatzlocha rabbo

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    what happened to good old gateshead?

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    yet brutus is an honorable man

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    Sober on Purim


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    Maybe the site will encourage really really feste davening? That will surely end the crisis.

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    May hashem have much rachmanus on all his creatures, especially our yiddishe kinderlach

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    What happens if the chief rabbi tells israeli not to wear sandals or sneakers on shabbos?

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134505

    Shoe store assistant where are you. I was looing 4 SHABBOS SHOES and it was off the screen

    in reply to: what's the big issue #900383

    Mrs katz, if only knew how right you are.

    BTW if you are litvish your Ravmight just be R’ shmule aerbach

    in reply to: My Mother in Law's complaints #901385

    Golders greener one the very few things i take seriously is my kids not saying kadish.

    mrs. katz, i recently offered to buy my mother in law shaabos shoes, and she now she really thinks i’m crazy and won’t talk to me, so gee thanks…

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    I generally did not wear shoelaces,

    At home i never wear shoes,

    But when i wore laces to schoool they didn’t take it too seriously, but they did drive me quite crazy. and yes one or two did threaten to take away my shoes but i don’t remember anyone doing it. [i think a sports teacher once took my sneakers or soemthing.

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    My grandmother’s spitzel is blue, I therefore wear navy socks.

    I’m trying to get socks to match her various tichels too, anyone who can help should please be in touch.

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    Sounds like my idea was a real good one!

    Can everyone please go to


    and sign up for the most brilliant idea since sliced bread.

    in reply to: Sensitive infomation to be relayed reagarding shidduchim #899697

    It isextremely important to know whether or not they are traumatised from removing their shoes during their childhood, also one must reveal their YWNscreen name

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134502

    I wear my shabbos shoes on weekday and weekday shoes on purim. Am i yoitzei?

    in reply to: Time to Fess Up #899633

    You have to guess.

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994349

    Sounds like it did bother you.

    In all honesty i never knew how to tie a shoelace, and didn’t leanr how to tie a bow until my mother bought me a tisch bekesch by my bar mitzva. I’m serious.

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994345

    One more brilliant idea,

    Brooklyn teacher and shoe store assistant should switch jobs. le’toivas ha’Klal.

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    I have a brilliant idea.

    All children should remove their shoes before they enter the school buiding. A child who misbehaves will be required to put their shoes on. This will save a misbehaving child the humiliation of having his shoes removed.

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