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    I cant help you with a juicy story of over paying but i will NEVER go to the city without getting a coupon for a lot near where i need to go.

    Central Parking systems and Icon parking systems the two biggest parking providers have lot EVERYWHERE and there is always a coupons online.

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    Girls girls girls! They are my personal Favorite. Once you have a boy then its a mini mashgiach. Ta we need to go to shul, Ta your late. Ta when do you learn.

    Plus i would not want any son of mine have to deal with the yeshiva system that i went through. Let my wife raise the girls and let it be

    in reply to: Hadron Aluch, hopefully! #988428

    oh no! what will the world do without your comments?! How will all the people seeking real life solutions from the geniuses in the Coffee Room survive?

    Ps dont kid yourself. If you think you wont have access to internet in Israel you’re very wrong

    in reply to: iPad App #895057

    italmud iPad edition is pretty amazing. If you dont have a 3g iPad then you need to download the Tezuras Hadaf and audio while on wifi but you can store a lot of daf and audio.

    Also the Daf website is brilliant and iPad compatible (but you need internet access)

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    in reply to: Shaving neck with a razor #894596

    I asked my posek who told me the neck/throat is fine with a razor just as when you go to the barber he uses a razor on the back of the neck.

    HOWEVER, when a asked if i can go higher like where the double chin (i know i know not everyone has one but we all know what i mean)He said nowhere on the face even far from the “corners”

    in reply to: Budget for Newlyweds #898750

    Much of the advise is true but just wanted to add a few more things on top of the basics. 400$ a month for food is cheap, it will probaly be much more.

    But also you need renter insurance, if you drive then its car insurance and GAS and repairs.

    Utilities, cloths…. health insurance (or copays) dental

    Now that your married dont forget life insurance.

    in reply to: Tuition crisis RESOLVED!!! #894510

    i know that there a lot of people who legitimately need a tuition discount. However, there are many families with the two brand new cars leased in their driveway along with the yearly vacations who cry no money to the tuition board. If we have people who will cover the tab at the end of the month this problem of people not being able to pay will suddenly increase ten fold.

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    “My condolences to those who can’t handle others’ lack of knowledge and pursuit thereof.”

    Thank you.

    But hey, you keep life interesting for the rest of us.

    in reply to: VOTE FOR EON #894329

    wow iced, that was original.

    if you do go mixed swimming i don’t think you should be a crusader against people eating chazer and judging their lifestyles.

    Correct, two wrongs don’t make a right but maybe look at yourself before look at others.

    in reply to: 8 hours to refresh?? #895516

    I might be going out on a limb here, but i am pretty sure the CR doesn’t have an army of mods who work 24-7 to ensure EVERYONE can post their EXTREMELY important opinions on line in real time.

    The ones that do work PROBABLY need to eat, sleep and have a REAL life.

    But who knows maybe they just like to keep you in suspense.

    in reply to: Limo for after Wedding #892557

    Here we go again with people complaining about guys drinking at weddings. Trust me any guy who drinks at a wedding is not looking for you as a father in law That the last thing he will need when hes over by you for shabbos is everytime he takes lechaim he gets the “eyes” from you.

    in reply to: Touro College #892350

    Due to the fact that someones future both ruchnius and gashmius is at stake over here, i need to clear a few things up.

    First of all, what i am saying is regards to the boys program.i dont know how much applies to the girls but the professors are the same for both girls and boys.

    Unfortunately, many of the students are coming from yeshivas who have not learned english subjects in many years and even what they learnt in yeshiva high school wasnt that great. The professors know this and it is very frustrating to try to teach at a college level for people so behind. Additionally, many studetns have the mentality, “give me my A so i can get my degree and get the heck out!” Many do not want to work for the grades.

    That being said, as in every college some professors are better then others, however, and ive heard this over and over, many of the professors that are known as the hardest meanest professors are the ones i learnt the most by. I wont lie, their classes were murderously hard but i worked my tail off and learnt a lot from those professors.

    As far as money is concerned, i work at an entry level position and barley get financial aid and i have a family and kids, I bh have ZERO college debt. I feel if your doing the right thing the money comes.

    “3. the Deans do nothing to accommodate your sced and always brush you away by telling you to stay another semester.”

    That is 100% lies. It may not be as easy sending an email to the dean and next thing you know there is a new class for you, BUT if you are persistent and you make a valid argument, they will bend for you. Trust me, ive done it. a few times.

    I am also in the health sciences and will be more then happy to go into as much details as you need

    in reply to: Attendance at Siyim Hashas #889970

    a mamin: please tell me you’re a troll and that this is not a real post.

    Are you for real posting about your workmates badgering you?

    in reply to: siyum hashas certificate from Agudah #889218

    I’m pretty sure ive heard the excuse of “you’ll never remember it anyway” oh yeah! thats right! its from the Yetzer hara. He tells it to me a 1000 times a day. eh, why go to minyan your soooo tired and will just mumble the words anyway. or “why open a sefer for two minutes on the bus, you’ll never remember it anyway” THE YEZTER HARAH.

    correct, a yeshiva bachor should not ONLY learn daf yomi.

    But anyone whos got the gall to say a working man who wakes up every morning, day in and day out before his workday to go to a daf yomi shuir, isnt doing great things and getting massive shcar, is clearly an AM HAHARATZ GADOL, who i would gladly like to show where he can put his worthless opinions.

    in reply to: siyum hashas certificate from Agudah #889197

    Does anyone have the link or phone number where i can get one from Agudah?

    in reply to: Stacking Seforim #889433

    too bad you not a posek shlishi, because the poskim say there is a difference.

    in reply to: Stacking Seforim #889429

    @jbaldy22 is correct.

    The Halacha of stacking was referring to handwritten sefarim. The halachos do not apply for printed sefarim. In fact hand written notes on Torah would need to be placed on top of the chumash.

    in reply to: Guidance before Marriage #889244

    pre marital therapy for sure. Also throw in some intimacy therapy to it would save so much heartahce. There is a huge gap between being a single girl/bachor in yeshiva/seminary and being a married couple living together and paying bills and budgeting ect.

    in reply to: Large Families #888739

    EDITED Siblings. EDITED boys EDITED girls

    in reply to: News Item: People who hate Mondays are racist. #887859

    oh man! im a bigger racist then i thought!

    in reply to: When your spouse gets "OUTED" #888905

    once again wonderful words of wisdom from “The Goq”

    in reply to: When your spouse gets "OUTED" #888887

    I really hate being the barer of bad news but i know for a fact, there are MANY MANY, frum, yeshivish, married, husbands and fathers, that look at inappropriate things. Its a struggle for so many. The WORST thing she can do is refer to her husband as outed and not frum ect. If she thinks to herself and then makes him think that their whole marriage was built on lies and EVERYTHING has changed, i guarantee they will end up getting divorced. The BEST thing she can do is realize she doesn’t even understand the TIP of the iceberg of what goes on in a mans head and his impulses and be understanding that just because he has struggles doesn’t mean hes not a great father husband or even less jewish.

    in reply to: Why Was Woman Created? #1188043

    to make sandwiches

    in reply to: Would you choose army or kollel? #886908

    There is an important fact which is getting brushed under over here. Forget about which is better protection Army or Torah.

    Even if you say the Army and we need soldiers but what TYPE of army are you joining?

    The Israli army is notorious for being VERY prust and making LAWS how the men need to stay and listen to women sing ect.

    in reply to: Chrome or Firefox? #1032628

    Its assur to use Firefox instead of Chrome. Its to much bitul Torah waiting 45 minutes for Firefox to start. Beside chrome extensions make life so much easier.

    in reply to: I Pledge……Forget it i changed my mind #882101

    your right. However, many times people are pressured into pledges by badgering phone calls and that the only way to get people to back off

    in reply to: Forgive Me #881298

    if i had a dime for every time my wife got upset at me for not being sympathetic, i be a billionaire. Its called being a man

    in reply to: Ike You #884743

    First learn spelling, then worry about your IQ

    in reply to: Technology Helplines #880229

    Thanks all. I found the one for Far Rockaway

    516-341-1971 or email: [email protected]

    in reply to: Hats in flatbush. #880237

    Hat Box . Coney Island and Ave O

    in reply to: yeshiva/college #909586

    OP, im not going to get involved in the above hashkafah battle, just a word of advice. Be careful from places that offer “REAL bachelors” degrees in their Yeshivas. MANY colleges will NOT honor transfer credits from Excelsior, or Thomas Edison college where some yeshivas get their guys credits from.

    Whichever program you choose make sure that it is an accredited respected program and will allow you to go on to a better or Graduate program should you choose.

    in reply to: You Dont Know Suffering #916011

    It may have been an insensitive thing to say, but there is still is a message there.

    It’s very easy for us to so “you don’t know what ive been through ect ect.”

    EVERY person thinks that their issues or their situations are THE WORST case ever in the world. when in fact its not.

    Did you suffer growing up? yes, was in Extremely unbearable? yes

    You have two options: to let your past hold you back or to say i can still be great regardless of my messed up background.

    Your call

    in reply to: SMOKING – why should it be MUTTAR? #884414

    First off i am in no way going to argue that smoking is healthy.

    HOWEVER, although smoking may not scientifically reduce stress, mentally it does.

    Whenever a smoker is stressed out, they go outside for a smoke and the cig removes them from their surroundings. It gives them a chance to mentally relax and rethink things. Its a distraction from reality which so many of us could benefit from.

    Are there other things that can help you relax mentally for a few minutes? yes like breathing deep breaths of fresh air. but that’s boring.

    Is it unhealthy? yes. yet there are MANY things unhealthy that we do. Tabacoo use may be on the list of top causes of death in America but it is not number 1. Number one is obesity and all the health aliments that come with it.

    HOW could it POSSIBLY be muttar to let people eat red meat and fatty meats that have been PROVEN to cause heart attacks?

    Because, we do unhealthy things to help us get by and that’s life.

    in reply to: Should I stop listening to Matisyahu? #983728

    What defines a Jewish singer?

    According to Matisyahu he is still singing about religion and self discovery. His lyrics will be very similar to what he had already been singing.

    If you thought his music was Jewish enough before then it still is now.

    Why should the beard make his music anymore “kosher”

    When Jewish singer sings goyish songs is that still Jewish music because he has a beard?

    in reply to: Is there a Frum DO NOT CALL LIST? #876383


    I understand you 100%. i think its been getting worse recently.

    More and more people are asking for phone numbers when you donate for Chinese auctions and they share it with MANY people. I’ve been getting calls on my cell in the middle of the day while at work. If you don’t pick up they keep on calling and calling.

    What do they think? the more they annoy me the more money ill give?

    It very hard not to curse them out like every other annoying telemarketer.

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