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Federal officials are investigating an incident in which a Southwest Airlines jet flew as low as 150 feet (45 meters) over water while it was still about 5 miles (8

*Dear Friend,* Our brave soldiers are enduring extreme heat and urgently need your help! 😌 As they protect our nation, they face relentless sun and high temperatures daily. 🥵 They

Comedian Jon Stewart is pressing the Biden administration to fix a loophole in a massive veterans aid bill that left out some of the first U.S. troops who responded after

The Senate will consider legislation this week that aims to protect children from dangerous online content, moving forward with what could become the first sweeping new regulation of the tech

Former President Jimmy Carter is 99 years old and still alive, despite a fake letter announcing his death that quickly went viral on social media platforms. The letter, published on

As the formulaic “pass the torch” drumbeat thumped on from lawmakers wanting him to quit the race, President Joe Biden maintained a brave face. Publicly, he vowed he was all in, until

“We saved this money for a rainy day. But, there’s a mabul happening!”  These are the words that Reuven Wolf, renowned philanthropist shared at a Keren Olam HaTorah event.  The

The director of the Secret Service is stepping down from her job, according to an email she sent to staff, following the assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump that

At least a half-dozen homes lay in ruins Monday after one of many dangerous wildfires in the West suddenly swept into a Southern California neighborhood during a blistering heat wave.

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During CNN’s Sunday night broadcast, CNN’s John King discussed the potential pros and cons of Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro being on the ticket with Kamala Harris, noting that Shapiro being

A week after Elon Musk endorsed Donald Trump for president, President Joe Biden’s team used Musk’s social media platform X — in addition to more neutral spaces such as Facebook

The Hezbollah terror group in southern Lebanon fired dozens of rockets and explosive drones at northern Israel on Tuesday afternoon. Nonstop sirens wailed in numerous yishuvim in the Galil. B’Chasdei

Radical British preacher Anjem Choudary was found guilty Tuesday by a London jury of directing a terrorist group. Choudary, 57, was convicted in Woolwich Crown Court of membership in a

The U.S. Defense Department must invest more to upgrade sensors, communications and space-based technologies in the Arctic to keep pace with China and Russia who are increasingly operating there, including

Vice President Kamala Harris has secured the support of enough Democratic delegates to become her party’s nominee against Republican Donald Trump, according to an Associated Press survey, as top Democrats

Two Israelis were lightly injured after an explosive device detonated near Kibbutz Meirav in the Gilboa. The victims were Defense Ministry employees who were patrolling the security fence in the

The IDF on Tuesday morning eliminated two senior terror commanders in a drone strike in Tulkarm as well as several other terrorists, including an armed female terrorist disguised as a

A defamation suit against Fox News by a government official who served on a short-lived U.S. government media disinformation board was dismissed Monday by a federal judge. The lawsuit from

A court has convicted Alsu Kurmasheva, a Russian-American journalist for the U.S. government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, of spreading false information about the Russian army and sentenced her to 6½

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