THE TRAGEDY CONTINUES: 4th Person Niftar From Horrific New Square Crash


YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of Mrs Esther Deutsch, the 4th victim of the horrific crash in New Square two weeks ago. She leaves behind 8 children.

The crash took the lives of her husband, Reb Aryeh Shmuel Deutsch Z”L her daughter, Tziporah Deutsch (20) A”H and her son-in-law Reb Shlomo Birnhak Z”L.

The accident occurred on Monday June 15th, when the family was heading to a Chasunah in New York, when their van left the roadway and and slammed into a tree. Several of the occupants had to be extricated by members of the Hillcrest and New City Fire Departments. All of the occupants were transported to either Nyack Hospital or Westchester Medical Center by Hatzolah and Spring Hill Ambulance.

As was previously reported, Reb Shlomo Z”L’s wife was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, however she gave birth to a healthy baby boy the next morning. According to the family, the baby remains in an incubator, but is B”H in good condition, and a bris is expected in a few weeks.

An emergency fund was established by the Skverer Kehilla to help support the Almanah and the Yesomim. Please open your hearts, and donate to this most worthy cause.

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  1. Hashem Yishmor–Baruch Dayan HaEmes. Do they know yet what caused the van to veer off the road?Please, folks, be careful out there–It’s almost the three weeks and we need to be extra careful everywhere we go. Drive with seat belts, drive within the speed limit. And remember–the coronavirus (Covid-19) is still not over. Please don’t become too complacent–wear masks ( I know they’re hot and uncomfortable–but getting sick is so much worse). Wash your hands often. Keep your social distancing. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu protect us all from all Yisurim. Have a wonderful and safe summer.

  2. “I heard it was…” from whom did you hear it? “He MAY have been on the phone”. Maybe a seizure, heart attack, cramp, etc. We all are as one. Let us all do t’shuva. Look at your hands and thank Hashem they work. If they don’t find many other things to be grateful for. When we lack gratitude we lack awareness of Hashem.