SHOCKING LETTER: 5-Year-Old Downs Syndrome Child Nearly Runs Out Of Oxygen Due To Peleg Protests


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The following letter has been independently verified by YWN to be 100% authentic. No parts of the letter have been edited in anyway:

Dear YWN,

We live in Jerusalem and are foster parents of a 5 year old downs syndrome boy who is on oxygen tanks 24/7. His ride home from “gan” in the afternoon takes 30-45 minutes. By the end of day like this, the oxygen tank can be running very low with little margin for error.

On Thursday, the day of these protests, instead of returning home at 5:30 pm – 5:45 pm, our son returned home at 6:45 pm. The driver of his tender was in constant contact trying to find a way to reach close to our home, but the protests made the streets a “balagon”.

A GOOD YID NEEDS TO EXAMINE THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS. Putting the life of a five-year old special needs child in danger due to protests in religious neighborhoods does not make sense.

Y.E. Jerusalem

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. The Pegel protesters are pure garbage, but it’s not a good idea to send an O2 dependent child to school with only a little margin for error. I don’t see any reason why the bus doesn’t contain an entire back-up canister.

  2. TO YE. First of all, I’d like to commend you for the tremendous mitzvah you are doing regarding this 5 year old child.
    But sadly, You are preaching to the choir. By now, we all see that these young men have been brought up with ZERO derech eretz for others. We all know that Derech Eretz kadma Letorah, so in my eyes, whatever learning they are doing is totally worthless. And I feel the same towards their leader, who I believe, should spend the rest of his life in prison.
    On top of that, we have commenters on this site, such as Joseph, who, on an every day basis, spew the same drivel about the Tzahal and shmad, etc. Joseph, et al, are perfect examples of those who drank the Kool-Aid and believe all the garbage they have been fed.
    By now, we all know the truth. All that is required is registering. If you are truly learning, you get a ptur and you’re done. If you are not learning, I don’t care if you wear the stupid black clothes and hat, you’re blood is no different than the other young men serving in the Tzahal. And, I see the pictures, it’s all a big joke to you guys. You block the streets and sit and laugh. One day soon, someone will plow thru a bunch of you and you will deserve it. I will feel no pity for you.
    And to YE, I hope the little boy never has to have such a situation again.
    P.S. Joseph, don’t bother trying to explain your side. I am not interested.

  3. All the posters keep wringing the hands about these horrific episodes and the animals (aka talmidim) who daily carry out these atrocities against the klal. No one, however, seems to focus on the dirty little secret that there is some leadship and guidance provided to these hoodlums but there is some irrational fear of directly going after those at the top

  4. Again today, our son’s trip from gan was 1 hour and 45 minutes because of these protests. BH, there was enough oxygen in the tank this time.

    May Hashem give these bachurim and avreicham Daas to realize the consequences of their actions.

  5. Yankelle is 100% right. What if there was just regular traffic?
    The fact that what these crazies are doing is blocking streets is irrelevant to the fact that the oxygen was running low. Why bring more attention to them…

  6. @bk613, @jerusalem observer, it looks like @alterg1 simply misunderstood the news. For clarification, Alter: Peleg isn’t protesting about bochurim getting arrested. They’re protesting about the fact that not registering for the draft is a criminal act in Israel. They don’t want to have to register for the draft, as they’re anti-Zionist and don’t believe in serving in the army. However, this, in the opinion of many gedolim, is not something to quibble about (especially since these are boys we’re talking about, not girls, for whom serving in the army is considered by some (i.e. the Chazon Ish) to be yehareg v’al yaavor, meaning that registering for the draft would mean that absent an exemption, they would have to do a REAL aveirah and serve – which is NOT the case for boys), and it is certainly not something to violently protest (and block streets, and hurt people, and start fistfights) about, especially since for boys who are truly learning, registering for the draft won’t make a difference because they will receive an exemption because they are in yeshiva. Letting out the bochurim won’t stop the protests. Listening to gedolim and stopping the bittul torah will.

  7. So if it was a regular child oxygen dependant you would have no issue?
    With all due respect what difference does it make that the oxygen dependant child is down syndrome
    except of course that that raises the emotional impact.
    Without actually adding anything to the basic issue at hand.
    Which I think is the basic problem here
    The arguments are all filled with emotional prose but devoid of serious substance.
    Most posters seem to be bothered by the protests because they don’t agree with the issue.
    If you were held up because the police closed off the street to investigate a crime you would not be protesting the closure
    When streets are routinely closed off to film some movie or some other such drivel, I don’t see all the posters screaming about oxygen deprived kids and missing work or flights.
    No, that is all taken in stride because it’s ”part of society ”
    So over here the real issue is that the posters do not agree with the cause.
    They feel it’s a joke.
    Just sign up.
    Would you sign up ‘just sign up ” as a member of a Catholic Church if for some reason the government required you to do so? Or would you then scream and yell about being coerced against your religious beliefs?
    As to why the boys seem to be having a good time?
    Well they probably are.
    Just because the cause is serious does not mean they need to look funereal.
    A leadership decision was made to close off roadways In order to create havoc.
    That is accomplished whether the boys laugh or not. So why not laugh while doing it.
    They are not laughing at the people being inconvenienced. They are laughing because they are out with friends
    And yes feel free to respond because unlike some other poster here, I am not afraid to listen to the other side try to explain their position

  8. I personally have seen a video of the protestors clearing way for an ambulance etc.

    What the person above me mentioned and you seem to forget is that the roads are closed for a Chasuna of a Rebbe, Hachnosas Sefer Torah, Disabled protestors and even Charedi protestors closed the whole of Yerushalayim for an Atzeres Tefilla called by Rav Shteinman a few years ago.

    You have no problem with closing the road. You have a problem with the cause.

    Harav Shmuel Auerbach and the many Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshivos who join him are the minority group but they have Daas Torah to decide that this is a cause to protest about. They sent their talmidim to the streets after they felt that the current law will cause weaker boys to go to the army where they could lose all their Yiras Shomayim.

    There are Rabbonim who feel otherwise but to sit in America and start judging the Rabbonim who feel this is a worthy fight is disgraceful.

  9. Klugeryid, I will respond, somewhat, to your absolutely stupid drivel. Number one, you are not very “klug”.
    Your arguments make absolutely no sense.
    1) Whether or not the child has down syndrome has nothing to do with the issue. How you came up with that, no-one will ever know.
    2) When police close a crime scene, the area closed is small, NOT THE ENTIRE CITY
    3) When a movie is being filmed, signs are posted days in advance letting people know the street will be closed. and its one street, NOT THE ENTIRE CITY.
    4) Lastly, the fact that you can actually defend the behavior of these ignorant boys, and yes, they are ignorant. They couldn’t wipe their own rear ends unless some bearded guru tells them which hand to use. Causing people to miss work and flights and doctors visits is not funny. If you think that this is all ok, then you are one sick individual.
    It boils down to – IF YOU CHOOSE IN THE COUNTRY, YOU FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE COUNTRY. They should get arrested. And if this Rav is the one behind it, then by all means, he should be tossed in jail for life.

  10. To Shmiras HaLashon:

    are you serious about the ligher plug in?
    Where are you? EY or USA?
    contact me from other media sources if you are serious. you can find me on linked in

  11. May I suggest this letter is translated into Hebrew & Yiddish and sent to Rabbi Auerbach & all the Roshei Yeshivot who support these animals.

    It’s Daas Torah to potentially cause harm, even death, to someone over such an issue? In that case, I am so glad I have nothing to do with the Yeshivish/Litvish world.

  12. Yeaston,

    I am serious and I am in EY but my filter blocks Linkedin so I don’t know how to reach you. If you search Google, you’ll find plenty of hits for portable oxygen concentrators that plug into the cigarette lighter.

  13. Boyswork
    how did I come up with the statement that someone thought downs syndrome played a part?
    I’ll give you a little hint
    It’s in the title of the story
    ‘5year old DOWN SYNDROME boy… ‘
    Not 5 year old boy
    5 year old DOWN SYNDROME boy .
    I may be wrong, but that’s where I got the kernel of an idea from
    Where you got your information that these boys don’t know which hand… To use that I am curious to know your source.
    Do you remember after 9-11?
    The entire Manhattan was closed
    Tough job if you were in an ambulanc
    Air travel shut down entire country
    Not one block
    Not for one day
    Whole city
    Whole country
    No-one knew how long
    Yes it’s different
    But the point is that some causes justify inconveniencing the masses .
    Of course it’s a judgement call
    But that is exactly the point I am making
    You can argue against his judgement
    You can’t argue that it’s ”never ” justified.
    So now it remains you against RS A
    Good luck

  14. Boyswork
    I have a question for you
    When the municipality closes a single street for whatever reason for let’s say, two hours.
    Nobody on that street will ever need an ambulance during that time frame?
    Nobody is inconvenienced during that time?
    Where does your powerful intellect draw the exact line?
    Twenty houses of people is an acceptable risk to take for the Grand Opening of a supermarket?
    Ten surrounding blocks of people can be inconvenienced to shoot a film?
    Can you publish your perfect guidelines so we can utilize then to make proper decisions in these matters?
    Awaiting your reply

  15. Anyone who intentionally blocks traffic without getting permits and coordinating with the police should be held liable for their actions. This includes Chareidim (and don’t fall for the BS that this *only* Peleg, it’s commonly done by many Chareidi sects), handicapped people, leftists, zionists, etc. Every single one of them should have a minimum jail sentence which increases with each offense. Everyone should be subject to criminal prosecution for any harm they cause, as in the case here, or worse. If someone dies in an ambulance in traffic these cretins cause they should be charged with involuntary manslaughter. And they should also be liable for civil prosecution for any monetary damage their actions cause, e.g. missing a flight.

    And don’t give me any BS about “regular” traffic. That’s like comparing arson to an electrical fire.

  16. I can’t contact you since I don’t have an account.

    Where do you get your supplies from? Maybe ask them about a portable concentrator.