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MORE HATE IN WILLIAMSBURG: Hasidic Jews Attacked By 7 Thugs On Shabbos, Shtreimels Thrown Off [VIDEO]

The anti-Semitic hate seems to never end in New York City, with the latest attack on Friday night.

Sources tell YWN that a group of 7 suspects attacked two Hasidic men as they walked on Wythe Avenue and South 10 Street.

In the attached footage, the viewer will see the gang walk past two Hasidic men talking on the corner and simply throw the “Shtreimels” (fur hats) that the victims were wearing, to the floor. The group then calmly walks away.

YWN notes that a police report was never made (as of Sunday at 5:00PM ET), nor was Williamsburg Shomrim contacted. Perhaps because nothing ever happens to these attackers.

YWN urges are readers to read what we previously published as an op-ed:


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Haven’t we all heard that 100 times before? “Hate Crimes task Force investigating the incident”? Does anyone think the community actually takes these declarations seriously anymore?

We have witnessed multiple press conferences and statements -‎ one after the next  with serious looking elected officials standing next to a few Jewish community leaders, all looking tough for the cameras, hoping to be interviewed and quoted by the media.

Clearly, these conferences and statements mean nothing other than photo-ops and sound bites for elected officials looking to shore up their anti hatred credentials with the Jewish community. We are tired of the same cycle- attack, shock, press conference, rinse & repeat.

Where are the new updated anti-hatred policies by the Mayor and Governor to counter these attacks? Where is the overwhelming sustained police presence? The depraved attackers aren’t on twitter or impacted by the worthless condemnations & press conferences.

Perhaps it is time for the Federal Government to send in the FBI and  bypass the NYPD and start making arrests themselves. Federal hate crime penalties  are far more serious than the revolving door of the Brooklyn court system. ‎Speaking of local officials where is State Attorney General Letitia James who was strongly supported by the Jewish community of Brooklyn? The dereliction of duty of our elected officials has put us in a very dangerous place. We have had enough promises and vows. Action is needed now.

To add insult to injury, though the National media and the Democratic party would have you believe that it’s white supremacists and Trump supporters solely responsible for rising hate crimes across the United States, nothing could be further from the truth in NYC.

If you need more fuel to prove the pack of lies being spoon-fed to the masses, these same grandstanding officials tell us it’s those “angry Trump supporters who are committing these crimes” when in fact, nearly NONE of the hate crimes against Jews in NYC were the result of a Trump supporter, not unless Trump suddenly has support among 18-year-old minority and illegal thugs living in Brooklyn.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

18 Responses

  1. “Attacked By 7 Thugs” is a little exaggerated, although it makes the headline provocative. All they did was knock the hats off. That’s not to say that the action is excusable, but no one was physically injured.

  2. What happened to the old Chaptzem days when those tugs knew if they touched a Jew they wouldn’t make it home without broken bones?

  3. The woman who bent over a woman of color and her child of color without saying “excuse me” got heavy condemnation…
    The guys of color who threw off shtreimels without saying “excuse me” get no condemnation…

  4. Ayef12: What does Obama have to do with any of this? As much as the Trumpkopf’s rhetoric is responsible for white racists and anti-semites engaging in real terrorist actions. A lot of us are not Obama fans but find your stupid rhetoric disgusting.

  5. Ayef12: What does Obama have to do with any of this? As much as the Trumpkopf’s rhetoric is responsible for white racists and anti-semites with MAGA hats and stickersengaging in real terrorist actions where people have died or narrowly avoided explosive devices???. Few of us are Obama fans but still find your rant disgusting. In the unlikely event you have children, hopefully they will grow up w/o your hateful DNA.

  6. @sickand tired, i 100% agree with your observation.
    to all those saying hit back… really? 2 on 7?
    @gadololhatipsha, obama said in the zimmerman case that treyvon looks exactly like his son had he had one, thats what he means by saying these guys are obamas sons, so enough of your moralistic preaching.

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