“THIS IS CALLED YAHADUS HATORAH?” Satmar Rebbe Blasts Chareidi Parties for Capitulating To Be In Government


Thousands participated in the event surrounding the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg’s visit to Jerusalem on Tuesday evening. The Satmar Rebbe stood alongside rabbonim from the Eidah Charedis to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the organization’s founding.

During his speech, the Satmar Rebbe touched upon the political negotiations currently taking place in Israel and the Conscription Law and attacked the Chareidi parties in the Knesset.

Regarding Charedim being drafted the Satmar Rebbe said: “Today, they are making deals with the government and giving up on the education of helpless children. A few years ago, a decree such as this would have resulted in worlds being shaken, and tens-of-thousands of people gathering to pray against the Gezeiros HaShemad. Nowadays, they make deals regarding how many will enlist. In the past few years, they have even begun to conscript women. Today, we sit quietly and don’t let our community protest this at all. How can a sensitive or empathic Jew sit idly by and allow this to happen when the holy spirit itself is crying (over this).

“It is not enough that no one fights against this, but people are actually strengthening the position of those who support the Conscription law?”

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After this diatribe he turned his ire to the Chareidi political parties: “They strengthen the Kofrim and give credit to the Prime Minister to whom they say: “You are our brother.” They sit in the government and work hand-in-hand with a political foe that has worked tirelessly against the Chareidi party. What could be a greater Chilul Hashem then that? Here they see the entire Torah and its holy learning just to be a part of a government.”

The Rebbe then blasted Yahadus Hatorah, the party of Chareidim in Eretz Yisroel. A party directly guided by Gedolim such as the Sar Hatorah, Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita.

“This is called Yahadus Hatorah? This is selling out the entire Torah in order to take a piece of the Government”.

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  1. Let Reb Zalman disparage and insult the Chareidi MKs in the YH factions for participating in the government….it only highlights what a bunch of clowns they collectively appear to be at a time that the missiles are literally raining down not far from where they stand. He needs to appear to be at least as anti=Zionist as his brother, who also disparages anyone who participates in the governance and national security of EY.

  2. Satmar Rebbe Blasts Chareidi Parties How dare he flaunt/flout the Pesak of the Godol haDor Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita, and similar Pesokim of previous Gedolei haDor the likes of the Chazon Ish ZTKLLH’H, and Rav Steinman ZTKLLH’H and many others, that the religious parties must be in government to enhance likelihood of good policy making for we Religious people.
    We owe massive Hakoras haTov to the members of “Gimmel” for all the hard work they are putting in, to help we Shomrei Mitzvos.

  3. Sadly, the way things look right now the chareidi politicians will have to make a deal with the devil because by the last 2 elections (without a coalition) they have lost so much clout.

    Hashem Yeracheim!

  4. you have the chutzpah to write

    “After this diatribe..”

    diatribe?? what did he say that was different then the position of rov gedolei yisroel since the founding of zionism

    you are in gantzen pathetic

  5. It is mesuras avusayni beyudayni! The satmar Rebbe Reb Yoilish zacher tzadik v’kodosh livrochoh and The Rosh Yeshiva Reb Ahron Kotler זצוקללעוה”ב were best friends and strongly argued the same thing in a ferocious way. This is a machlokes l’shaim Shomayim . אלו ואלו דברי אלוקים חיים!

  6. Ibj, you don’t know the definition of “rov” because rov gedoley yisroel were/are pro-voting, including the Viznitz and Gerre Rebbes, most livish gedoilim and almost all, if not all, Sefardishe and Mizrachi gedolim. However, if you were propagandized I would expect you to not be familiar with the facts.

  7. A whistleblower deep- stater from Kiryas Yoil , just alerted the world that the admor brother & Iran-deal supporter is gearing up the mother of all balagans to spectacularly out-tziyoineee and outshine the Zaloinees.
    V’yei’dee, V’yei’dee, V’yeiiiiiiiii’deee..
    Take it for what it’s worth..

  8. Actually, the last time the Satmar Rebbe was in E”Y Reb Chaim Kanievsky welcomed him very warmly and actually put on his hat for the visit – almost every picture of Reb Chaim is without one.

    Throughout our history and our learning we have had conflicting shitas, opinions, and pesakim – that is what our boys study in Yeshiva every day. That the chilonim mock and disparage the Rebbe, I get. But such vitriol coming from you here is outrageous.

    The Satmar Rebbe zt”l was against the reigning Zioni government but was such an ohev Yisroel that he helped every Yid that came to him. For those who are not aware, there are numerous stories of Israelis who came to America for medical care (including people in prominent military positions) who were welcomed by the Rebbe zt”l and given generous donations and brachas, notwithstanding their level of Yiddishkeit or occupation. A Yid in need was a Yid in need, period.

    To combine the religion-hating government (look at Ron Cobi in Teveria) with the attacks raining down from Gaza…. is idiotic. I promise you that Satmar men and women have said more Tehilim for the safety of our brethren in E”Y than a loyal Zionist chiloni has in a lifetime!

    This Rebbe’s nesia (besides the $4 million that he is bringing for the moisdos) will be infusing a tremendous amount of money into the hands of heimishe Yerushalmi who are absolutely thrilled with that income.

    For each of you critics, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. Boycott any organization affiliated with Satmar, e.g. their Bikur Cholim. There is no other Chasiddus that is so equated with Chesed as Satmar is.

    How many people from all circles of frum Jews have repeatedly told me – “the Satmar Rebbe zt”l and the Satmar Rebbetzin zt”l have taught us all how to give.” Wherever there is a cause, somehow Satmar is there too!

  9. Shame on him have some respect for other gedolim. He’s the only so called gadol that publicly criticizes other gedolei yisroel. Come on. No comment about the 17 SUVs with strobes etc poking out the eyes of the Imus haolam.

  10. But yet this kadosh runs to goyishe secular courts instead of Bais Din. We all know what Chazal say about such a person. And now he has the nerve to lecture those who are following in Rav Shach and Rav Ovadia Yosef, Zichronim livrachas, derech?

  11. I guess this “Rebbe” slept through all of the classes about how the early chassidisha rabbonim from the heliga Bashat and on ward would talk about how precious every yid! He is causing such sinas chinum amongst klal yisroel. Plus he is brainwashing all his young followers to look down and spit on other Jews because he may disagree with them!

  12. REALLY?? The One who Meets with Senator Schumer in NY, Takes Funds from Rich Democrats who Push Late Term Abortion, Gay Marriage, speaks against Other People??!!

    Someone comes to a country, benefits from the IDF protecting him on the roads, in the Airport, then bashes the IDF?

  13. What happened to the Values and Demeanor of the Previous Rebbes?! Someone comes to Israel, why not Visit the Sick at Hospital, Cisit an Army Base And give a Kind Warm Sichah That brings boys even closer to Yiddishkeit, why not Go and be Kind and Warm and Uplofting to Strengthen Am Yisroel to have more ACHDUS and Devotion to G-d?? What is this Verbally Throwing Stones??

  14. Someone just coordinated with the Government to Clear Streets and Block Roads just for them and cause Traffic Jams, For 10 SUV’s and a Bus, and coordinates Security with government for their Private Plane And Parade Using Police And IDF, then Nashes others for Coordinating with Government for what they want, and Bashes IDF That They Used to Land the Plane and Protect the Roads. Listen, Go to Ramallah and Coordinate with them.

  15. Satmar are entitled to maintain any hashkafa they wish. But, the endless fulmination against the rest of the chareidi world concerning taking money from the state of Israel is not acceptable or reasonable. BTW, the original ban on Zionist money was only for educational institutions. In all other areas, everyone is accepting money or services from the government, including Satmers, NK, Eida Chareidis, etc. So, roads, trash collection, ambulance service, was never forbidden in the original gezeirah.
    Hence, the Satmar Rebbe is clearly entitled, maybe even obligated to maintain Reb Yoilish zt”l ‘s shitta. But, with all due respect, is the Rebbe a “bar plugta ” of Reb Chaim Kanievsky? Yes, Reb Yoilish and Reb Aharon Kotler were surely “barei plugta”. And they respected one another despite their serious disagreements.
    So, Satmar’s chronic haranguing of the chareidi world cannot be considered a legitimate halachic dispute. A dispute that can only be conducted between “barei plugta”. They are entitled to their opinion; but, endlessly trying to force others to forsake the gedolim whom they consider da’as Torah is useless. It only causes more divisions within the frum world.

  16. Look how many people came to greet the Satmerer.
    The Satmar Rebbe is saying out loud what the entire yeshivish world thinks but doesn’t articulate.

    One side says stay away from those evil zionists and don’t take money from them.
    The other side says get as much money out of those evil zionists as possible.
    The disagreements are only tactical, not strategic.

  17. He is no more anti-Zionists than all the Jew-hating leftists in the Knesset, High Court and media.They harm the state far more than all the thousands Satmarers together.
    By the way: this trip has brought millions of dollars into the country. Just think of all the taxis, busses airport tax, all the food and hotels they paid for. All goes into the general economy not just the chareidim.

  18. We have gedolim in Israel and we listen to them. The anti Zionist sentiments were once true, the Zionists from the early 1900’s were very anti religious and did their best to ‘convert’ people to be secular. But today Zionism is DEAD like a long dear rodent.

    Satmar has little to offer us except 4 million dollars to his institutions. They live a life not knowing or even wanting to know the reality of today. They dress like the 1800’s, talk like the 1800’s and live their life as if they were in a ghetto. What does the Satmar rebbe need a cane for? he does not limp, he does not have foot problems? It is more shtich from the past!

    Let them get rid of the shtich and live for the reality of today!

  19. luckshun kugel

    Evidently your name tells us what you view as “reality”.

    Some consider “Chulent” as reality.

    Sticks may hurt if used as weapons, but his stick is not.

    Let’s just ignore those we do not understand.

  20. Solution:

    Convince all followers to follow him back to the GREAT USA. I will have more respect for him if he did. Heck I’d even daven that he should live a long life , but for now well you know……….

  21. Can you just tell us the news and leave out your juvenile comments? The Rebbe disagrees with the UTJ, OK? Can you live with a difference of opinion? Can you allow people to speak?

  22. I don’t know much about the Satmar Rebbe, but at least the article made it clear to me what he was saying and what is going on, although I wish it were longer.
    These dozens and dozens of comments. I feel like they’re sentence fragments or I walked into the middle of a monologue. I can’t figure out what anyone is saying, doesn’t matter if they’re for or against.
    Actually, there’s another article on here about Gantz and what he says. Him and the comments is sad. Nothing but personal attacks, and throwing around allegations. None of this works constructively.

  23. YWN should’ve known better than to
    A: Publish this.
    B: Allow comments on it.
    C: Publish some of the above comments.

  24. This is true Bitul Torah wasting out precious time talking abort him.
    Call a spade a spade .. he’s a leader of a cult who think they are gd gift to humanity especially him.

    He’s nothing but a fly.

  25. “What could be a greater Chilul Hashem then that? ”

    oooh oooh I know pick me


    blocking traffic so that you can feel like a bigshot is a faaaaar bigger chilul Hashem