MORE SATMAR WEDDING DRAMA: New York State Officials Order Cancellation Of Tonight’s Massive Wedding In Kiryas Joel


Just one day after NY Governor Cuomo blasted Satmar and threatened legal action for holding a “secret wedding” in Williamsburg that had around 7,000 participants, New York State Officials are warning Satmar that they better cancel a massive Chasunah planned for tonight in Kiryas Yoel.

New York officials ordered the Yetev Lev D’Satmar congregation in Monroe to cancel “four large wedding ceremonies” scheduled for Monday evening where thousands of people are expected to attend — unless the ceremonies can be held following strict adherence to coronavirus safety guidelines.

According to the New York State Department of Health, state officials were tipped off that members of the synagogue were planning to hold separate large wedding ceremonies on Monday at the congregation’s main sanctuary and at Bais Rachel Paradise Hall. Additionally, the department received information that the congregation was also planning to hold separate pre-ceremony receptions Monday at Ohel Yehosua and at Vayoel Moshe Hall.

The large number of individuals expected to attend these events will make for unsafe social distancing and “will create an undue risk for an increase of the spread of COVID-19, and present a danger to the health and safety of the People of the State of New York,” according to the Department of Health.

State officials announced that the congregation should “immediately cancel the aforementioned scheduled [four] wedding ceremonies unless it reasonably believes it can hold such ceremonies in strict adherence with the face covering and social distancing requirements …and has developed and implemented a plan for such adherence.”

If the ceremonies are not canceled, the synagogue must adhere to state guidelines, including having the ability to deny entry or expel anyone 2 years old or older who can “medically tolerate a face-covering” but is not wearing a face covering and is “unable to maintain social distancing of six feet from any individual who is not in the same household.” The congregation must also “immediately cancel any receptions related to the wedding that are likely to be attended by more than fifty individuals.”

Last month, a wedding by the other Satmar Rebbe, HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum was forced to just allow family members after posters announcing the wedding were leaked to the press causing a firestorm.



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  1. lets play a game
    satmar and democrats what do they both have in common ,
    a. hate israel
    b. mechalel sheim shamayim
    c. are a mafia
    d. all of the above

  2. Moshe Rabeinu said “since there are tale bearers amongst klal Yisrael that explains why they haven’t been redeemed yet”

    So can be said for our generation chas v’shalom.

  3. Why is a standard wedding of a KJ Resident (or 2) considered MASSIVE? Is the State of NY trying to punish the Satmer Congregation by shutting down weddings of private individuals? That would be right in line with BUFOON Governor. Sorry Czar Cuomo try your vindictive enforcement elsewhere.

  4. @Arib Do you just have problems with chassidim, or just are misconstrued? Either way, get your facts straight. Its not a mitzvah to generalize satmar chassidim or any chassidim in general because of a few fanatics in the crowd

  5. What part of we are in the “midst of a pandemic” do you fail to understand? Why do posters on this thread seem to think following basic public health guidelines somehow don’t apply to us. This is an incredible hillul hashem, how many funerals will now follow? All your anger would be better directed at the community leaders who don’t seem to care about your health

  6. Hey ARIB, I wld say an ARAB doesnt hate Satmar or a Jew as u do. What a disgusting and foul mouthed comment. Ehat a self hating Jew. Watch out, hate destroys humans or maybe ur just an Arib.

  7. > emetemet
    > “What part of we are in the “midst of a pandemic” do you fail to understand? ”

    We fail to understand what “pandemic” means when given such things as the tolerated (some may even say encouraged) mass celebrations in crowded conditions at their expected Biden win – why no condemnation for violating the alleged rules? We fail to understand what “pandemic” means given that the governor of California (who instituted draconian lockdown) himself and with leading medical leaders and medical lobbyists attend the all-important birthday party indoors without masks and siting literally shoulder to shoulder. And the list goes on and on ad infinitum.

  8. Satmar is similar to Zionism. Zionism seeks to establish an independent Jewish state in Palestine. Satmar seeks to establish independent Satmar states in Williamsburg, Boro Park, Kiryas Yoel, England, and many other places, including Israel.

  9. okay mottel thats a generalization , 8,000 people at a wedding, and all of these boneheads vote for cuomo , so yes its a mafia of satmar vs cuomos mafia , now its a turf war, dont worry at the end the will rejoin so that tax payers money can pay for their programs , corruption leshaim shamayim

  10. People please calm down, after the Big Funeral in Williamsburg their wasn’t a single new case in the area for 3 month, and for the last few weeks the Chassidic Zip codes are way better then the rest of NY even that we are a few weeks after the big wedding, the this whole problem is only by a few self hating Jews, stop posting these nasty comments against ourselves, its not going to bring משיח צדקינו any Quicker its only holding him up,

  11. It’s interesting that many commenters here feel that this is a “Chilul Hashem”.

    One wonders if they even know that this is a matter of halacha, not a matter of feelings. One further wonders if they even know where to find those halachos, if they cared to do so.

  12. arib:
    Your comment was disgusting, and it’s hard to believe that a Jew could write something like that, and that YWN allowed it through.

    If you had even the slightest understanding of what a massive disaster the State of Israel was and is to Jews, both spiritually and materially, then you would understand that you are worshiping idols in your knee-jerk defense of that heretical State.

    If you understood the basics of Chilul Hashem, then you would understand that your comment, not their wedding, was a true Chillul Hashem.