Neturei Karta Leader Moshe Ber Beck Dies In Monsey


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The leader of Neturei Karta in the United States, Moshe Dov Ber Beck, died on Thursday night. He was 87.

Beck was a fixture at every anti-Israel event in the Tri-State area for years, easily recognizable as he wore a Yerushalmi bekesha every day.

There was no statement released by the terrorist regime in Iran where Beck was a welcomed figure among the highest levels of Government.

Beck was born in Budapest, Hungary. His early childhood was spent hiding with his brother from Nazi persecution until 1945, when Soviet troops took Budapest. In 1948, he migrated to Bnei Brak, Israel, where he began yeshiva studies. In 1959, he married, and at that time joined Neturei Karta, leaving Vizhnitz of which he had formerly been a part. He left Israel in 1970 because, he said, of his strong opposition to Zionism, and has since lived in Monsey, New York, where he spent his time as a vehement anti-Zionist activist.

Beck, along with other terrorist-supporting Jews such as Yisroel Dovid Weiss, disguise themselves as Orthodox Jews and have literally kissed and hugged the most notorious anti-Semites of the globe. Beck travelled to Iran in 2006 with a group of his supporters to attend the Holocaust Denial conference, which was held by then Iranian-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who frequently called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

In fact Mr Weiss told Ahmadinejad that he was “a light to the nations”, and that he was “exemplary” in his recognition of what Zionism really is and his warmth for Judaism. Watch the video below:

They have met with Iran’s Foreign Minister, to thank the world’s largest sponsor of Terror for “friendship” with Jews worldwide.

They met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan just days after he called Israel a “terror and apartheid state”.

He was expected to be buried in Monsey on Friday.



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  1. They “disguised” themselves as Orthodox Jews? Listen, disapprove with what you want, but they were definitely Torah Jews. They had a different hashkofo than the YWN, but that doesn’t make them apikorsim or minim. They may be slightly overboard, they shouldn’t be part of a regular kehilla (even the Yerushalmim threw them out), but they certainly were Orthodox Jews.

  2. I don’t agree with his actions vis-a-vis Iran and other extreme activities, neither did even the most anti-Zionist gedolei Yisroel. Having said that, it’s not the job of a news site to pass judgment on people with statements such as “disguise themselves as Orthodox Jews”. In his personal life he was an ehrliche person who cared much for his family, who by the way also have feelings. Report the news and leave the judgment to Hashem.

  3. His dying on 1 of the possible dates of יום-העצמאות shall not be pleasant for his נשמה upon entry into next world. It is all part of the Almighty’s Divine Plan.
    I would even venture to say, Bernie Madoff is more deserving of having me attend his קבורה than is Moshe Dov Ber Beck

  4. Are you for real YWN?!? The guy is dead. Even if you did not agree with his views and you held he was completely misguided (like most of mainstream Jewry- including anti Zionists) just report that he died and that’s it. You literally dedicated an article about his death to wiping him in the mud. He’s going to a place where he’ll have to answer for every single one of his terribly misguided deeds but that’s none of your business. Have a little decency. Yes he had terribly misguided views but c’mon. In the end of the day he was a frum Jew who sinned in a very specific area and Hilchos Lashon Harah applies to him like it does anyone else. And even without that have a little decency.

  5. A very unbecoming article. I know we had major disagreements myself included but it’s not a way to talk about someone after he’s niftar.

  6. I suggest they find him a honorable burial plot in a Muslim cemetery. His hatred for Yidden and their safety was so intense that placing his carcass among Yidden who will return to life by techiyas hameisim would be disgraceful. How he managed to achieve the soul of a rasha is perplexing.

  7. Ahmedinijad will be maspid! Notice how he died on Yom Hatzmaot!

    Moderators Note: Yom Ha’atzmut is the 5th day of Iyar. He died on Yom Hazikaron, the 4th day of Iyar. He will always be remembered. ….

  8. Glad he is gone but sadly, there are likely other idiots who will take his place. There is not much that can be done in a democratic society other than to make make members of neturei karta as isolated as possible within the yiddeshe tizbur. Do not acknowledge their existence, exclude them from shuls, kosher markets, mikvahs and mosdos, don’t allow them kevurah in a yiddeshe cemetery, etc.

  9. I can’t believe that this sinah and disrespect for another frum torah yid that doesn’t neccasiraly have the same shittah as you this article is disgusting imagine what how hurt his family would be after reading this please have a little more repsect. Rov Moshe Ber Beck zt”l risked his life to save his brother from the nazis he dedicated his life for torah and mitzvos and this is how you right about him after he was niftar. shame on you. this article is a chillul hashem and very disrespectful please take it down or rephrase it

  10. Beck?! who is Beck? was this name given to him by his bris?! his name was “R’ Moshe Ber”, you don’t agree with his views that’s fine but minimum respect after all he was a human being with a name Duvid Hamelech says in thilim:

    עד מה כבודי לכלימה. עד מתי אתם מבזים אותי (ש”א כב) הראיתם את בן ישי, (שם כה) מי דוד ומי בן ישי, (שם כב) בכרות בני עם בן ישי, (שם כ) כי בוחר אתה לבן ישי, אין לי שם

    YWN respect please!

  11. To the comments above – this year the fifth of Iyar falls on Shabbos so the official state ceremonies were moved up to Thursday in order to prevent chilul shabbos.
    But seeing as this person’s yahrtzeit falls on the 4th of Iyar, which is the official date of Yom HaZikaron, the Memorial Day to the tens of thousands of holy Neshomas of soldiers and terror victims which were sacrificed in order to keep the Jewish people safe in its own land and country, it is indeed with some irony that the neturei karta films will stop reciting tachanun on such a holy Memorial Day.

  12. a few thoughts;
    1. he didnt “just disagree” with some odd jews on YWN . he was mafrish atzmo min hatzibur – doing your own thing in yiddishkeit is equivalent to spitting on gedolie yisroel & the eibishter who put those people in charge ( the RASHA in the hagada did just that ” hotzi atzmo min hklal”
    2. beck wasnt satmar- if u know the inside these look down as satmar and only consider THEMSELVES the real deal.
    3 when a particular hashkafa is soooo clear to you, yet everyone else from the chazon ish- reb yoel zatzl disagree with you , you recalculate, HE DIDNT. IT STEMS FROM DEEP ROOTED NARCASSISM
    4. some may call his actions an AVEIRA LISHMOH , yet bemakom chillul hashem its a one way ticket to hell.
    now as he reaches the olam haemes , the truth is clear and he will have charatah on a misguided life

  13. Response to Moderators:- When Iyyor 5th is on Friday, Yom-ha’Atzmaut is Mukdom to Thursday Iyyor 4th:- Happened 4 out of 5 years 2015-2019, and is happening next year 2022; Happens 28.03313% of years, so all comments linking Moshe Dov Ber Beck’s Johrzeit with Yom-ha’Atzmaut are accuarte & on the ball.

  14. He was certainly misguided. But he was never THE problem in the grand scheme. Radical Zionists like YWN are happy to exploit NK as a red-herring distraction. I challenge anyone to demonstrate a single example how his – admittingly controversial – actions has harmed a single Jew ever. So in my opinion, the ones obsessed with NK are actually the ones to be suspicious about.

  15. He and other Neturei Karta do not “disguise” themselves as Orthodox Jews – that was their normal form of dress. I wish a Kapara for this misguided soul – he truly thought that what he was doing was l’shem Shamayim.

    an Israeli Yid (and strong opponent of Neturei Karta)

  16. I don’t know about any of the names being thrown around like min or kofer.
    I definitely hear the grounds for which someone would consider his support for terrorists to be a form of mesirah.
    Definitely misguided, but he did succeed in moving the Overton window for topics of the dangers of Zionism to Judaism.
    For that he deserves done credit.

  17. I’m sorry, but this post is just sad. Yes, certainly, he was way out of line, but to use his petira as an opportunity to review his sins is more than unbecoming and absolutely not what is expected of rachmanim bnei rachmanim.

    Feel it important to educate the masses? Fair enough. But only hours after his petira? There’s time for this. Now, the focus ought to be on the tzaar his loved ones are in.

  18. So lets hear all you lovers of Israel. Did u curse your way thru when the Zionist beasts that stripped the “yaldei Yemen” of a spiritual death leaving generations of atheist Zionists? That was probably cool and ok cuz it fit straight into the Zionist agenda?!
    So now an old man died. Yes, u can disagree with his words, actions, whatever. But he was a Yid that lived in poverty and devoted his life to HaShem, albeit hemightve been misguided in a quest to make the world aware of the Zionists agendas.
    We can all live with it. And all you Jew haters throwing insults wldnt break him here and wont break him UPSTAIRS. Hashem knows his motives. He meant everything for the good of the Jewish People, and one might agree that he saved lives too.
    So reserve judgment for the atheists that died and how you all comfied up with them.
    One can disagree with his way and that is ok but reserve your mouths for people that unfortunately spite Hashem.

  19. אָמַר רַבִּי מֵאִיר:

    בִּזְמַן שֶׁאָדָם מִצְטַעֵר, שְׁכִינָה מָה הַלָּשׁוֹן אוֹמֶרֶת (כְּבַיָּכוֹל)?
    קַלַּנִי מֵרֹאשִׁי, קַלַּנִי מִזְּרוֹעִי.
    אִם כֵּן הַמָּקוֹם מִצְטַעֵר עַל דָּמָם שֶׁל “רְשָׁעִים” שֶׁנִּשְׁפַּךְ,
    קַל וָחֹמֶר עַל דָּמָם שֶׁל צַדִּיקִים.

    So let’s say he was not the biggest erlicha yid, this is not the way write on a niftar,

    YWN respect please!

  20. From the looks of it the above commenters have never met nor interacted with Rabbi Beck. I’ve known him quite well and have seen his daily “off political seen” life. He was an exemplary Jew – Bein Adam Lamokom and Bein Adam Lachavero in a way that very few people I know can even come close. Whoever dealt with him can testify to that.
    Only a true Gadol can pass judgment on him and very few have publicly commented on him. Even those that criticized him their focus was exclusively on his activism.
    As for YWN/Hof. it can be said they/he disguise themselves/himself as a Talmid Chochom whose opinions should be taken seriously, but many times the flavor of their/his thoughts are tinged with Leitzonus and Chutzpa which is quite revealing of the true nature of their/his character.
    In my insignificant opinion the rule of Kabdehu V’chashdehu applies to YWN/Hof. and as such take their/his opinions with a grain of salt.

  21. (ירושלמי חגיגה ב, א) “המתכבד בקלון חבירו “אין לו חלק לעולם הבא

    So if what he did was wrong why are you publishing it?

    YWN respect please!

  22. Sorry for those bleeding hearts who were offended by negative comments but the NK has promoted and intensified anti-Israel sentiments and actions both here in the U.S. and across the world. The line between anti-Israel/anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic has never been clear but their actions only reinforced the worst stereotypes and hatred of Yidden and legitimized BDS and other anti-Israel movements in the U.S. and Europe. I could care less if there were some anecdotal positives about his being a big tzadik. The damage and danger to EY and yidden that he and other NKs have caused exceeds by far any of his personal midos.

  23. Disguised as Jews? Yimach Shemo??
    You people are disgusting and have a very infantile understanding of the Neturei Karta philosophy. And no, I am not a supporter. I’m just not a Kook-Aid drinker.

  24. This video is nauseating. While we don’t rejoice in the death of misguided people, this man was a Choteh u’machteh es Harabim. He personally put millions of Jewish lives in danger by his irresponsible participatiion with and giving comfort to haters of klal Yisrael no different than Hitler. My only hope, as Chazal teach us, is that perhaps he did T’shuva before he died. I hope so.

  25. YWN,
    After reading this article i am speechless, I don’t know what’s worse, to do what he did, or to write on someone what YWN wrote on him. But regardless, I am not a Ruv and I don’t know what needs to be done to retract this great sin that YWN did. but for the bear minimum i think a apology to the family must be published immediately and YWN needs to get a minyan Yidden to his Kever to ask for forgiveness. but still you need to consult with a Ruv if that’s enough. these things are not a joke.

  26. Disgusting article.

    I know of a certain childish, attention-seeking, non-too-bright, guy who set up a “yeshiva” website, but has no skill, no editorial standards, and clicks approve on terrible comments like GadolaHadorah’s (with her constant wishes for harm in those he/she disagrees with) and doesn’t realise the terrible sins he is committing in the process. And yet at 120 no erliche yid would dare to be Dan his Nefesh in public.

    Who on earth do you think you are!?

  27. כל הפורשין מדרכי ציבור, והם האנשים שפרקו עול המצוות מעל צווארן, ואינן נכללין בכלל ישראל בעשיית המצוות וכבוד המועדות, וישיבת בתי כנסייות ובתי מדרשות, אלא הרי הן כך בני חורין לעצמן, כשאר האומות, וכן המינים והמשומדים והמוסרין–כל אלו אין מתאבלין עליהן; אלא אחיהם ושאר קרוביהם לובשין לבנים ומתעטפים לבנים, ואוכלים ושותים ושמחים: שאבדו שונאיו של הקדוש ברוך הוא, ועליהם הכתוב אומר “הלוא משנאיך ה’, אשנא” (תהילים קלט,כא).

  28. @Gadolhadorah,

    Bleeding hearts? Bleeding hearts?

    L’maan Hashem, how low we’ve stopped to belittle those with sensitive hearts who feel for other human beings. And to clothe this stance in the garb of Torah?

    And then wonder why thousands leave a Torah life?

    There was no constructive purpose to publishing this article. Period.

    But go on, continue to scholarly explain what the NK people promote, etc…. (as if we don’t know) The point is, so what? As horrific as his actions were, still, what was the purpose of publishing this article? Just to get one last dig at him? Apparently.

    Bleeding hearts…

    Pathetic that this stance represents the mainstream frum world.

  29. I don’t get it, he is at the very least no worse than a Mafia boss who took part in mafia-style activities against another mafia. I obviously will not condone his actions, mainly because they were extreme and they weren’t the way of the Gedolim across the spectrum, but come to think of it, if his actions were aimed against certain factions of Zionism that we hear about, shouldn’t it be fair game between them? Are the Zionist any less vicious than him? CAN WE SAY THEY MAKE LESS OF A CHILLUL HASHEM???

    I am NOT DEFENDING HIM!!!! He was WRONG! But lets be honest with ourselves here. Bust the bubble.

  30. And for all you haters out there, he died די אייר. The family was spared.
    And a lil lesson in hatred. Reserve it for people that despise us Yidden NOT the Zionists.
    However misguided u think he was, and that might hold some truth, he was a Yid that observed the Sabbath and studied His Torah unlike many of your beloved Zionists so cursing isn’t allowed.
    And if one curses, then be fair. If your hatred is to the accursed Zionists that שמד out generations of yidishe kinder by default then we can discuss it logically. But everyone here seems to be totally fine with all of the Zionists dark past.
    Nu…Lets hear some outrage. Its nonexistent cuz you people are all part of the Zionist nationalist agenda.
    Mayb some food for thought though.

  31. To My Humble Opinion: please all ow me to ask you a question. Assume some Rav, and Talmud Chacham , say in Lakewood, would meet with an anti Semitic group of haters that were plotting to destroy Williamsburg C”V. For whatever reason, this misguided Rav thought that what they were doing in Williamsburg was wrong. This hypothetical Rav would protest together with these antisemites, carry signs supporting them, ho on collage campuses and agree with their hatred, and publicly meet with them telling the world that the “real Jews” are in Lakewood and the “fake Jews” are in Williamsburg. Would you feel the same way about this hypothetical Rav? Just curious.

  32. My apologies. I wrote earlier that there is no constructive purpose to publishing this post. I was wrong. I understand it now. There most definitely is a constructive purpose. The clicks, the traffic, and the resulting monetary benefits.

    Mi k’amacha Yisroel.

  33. Rav Beck followed in the footsteps of Gedolai Yisroel from previous generations in the believe that Zionism is the biggest tragedy to Am Yisroel.

    He reminded “anti-Semites” such as the leaders of Iran and others that the Zionist State does not represent Jewish nation, it only represents the nation of Zionists, in the hopes that it would decrease anti-Semitism. We don’t know if he accomplished the goal but he should be applauded for his efforts.

  34. His justifications gave Hashem enemies an open hand to slaughter Jews all over the world. As far as I am concerned he is a murderer and he got the obituary he worked towards his whole evil life.

  35. I don’t know how many of you had a chance to see this person, but living in Monsey I could tell you that if you put aside his vision on Israel, this guy was a holy down to earth sweet person

  36. To all of you crying about the harsh article. The man and his movement went out of their to publicly spit (metaphorically) on Israel, and the Jews living there. He didn’t just have anti-Zionist views and went about his day. He put himself and his followers in the public arena with their antics.
    So, not sorry that we remember him for the wacko he was.

  37. Rav Moshe Ber Beck zt”l was a true tzaddik, unbelievably selfless and humble and a godal – his mesiras nefesh in serving Hashem and doing chessed for others was incredible – what right does anyone have to speak as they have above or judge anyone, let alone a tzaddik? We are human and only Hashem is the true judge. The “article” is beyond sickening. Repugnant and shameful aren’t strong enough words to describe what was written.

    YWN is a haven for speaking loshon hora and hence I normally avoid it at all cost and I hesitated to even look at the comments for this “article”. I was somewhat gratified to see that the vast majority of people shared their disgust for what was written and, those who actually knew Rav Moshe Ber, shared positive remarks.

    As so many gedolim have acknowledged almost since it’s inception, Zionism is perhaps the greatest test yidden have faced since we went into galus – Rav Beck did what he could to fight it – we all should be fighting Zionism.

    I fully agree with the previous commenter and could not have stated it any better: “I am not a Ruv and I don’t know what needs to be done to retract this great sin that YWN did. but for the bear minimum i think a apology to the family must be published immediately and YWN needs to get a minyan Yidden to his Kever to ask for forgiveness. but still you need to consult with a Ruv if that’s enough. these things are not a joke.”

  38. There is a time and a place for everything. I will be the first to call out Neturei Karta – both for their misguided views and their evil actions – but do not belive that it is appropriate to blast this specific individual when announcing his passing. He is now standing before the Beis Din shel Ma’ala, where HKB”H, thue ultimate and perfect judge, is judging him for his actions in this world – it is no longer our place to stand in judgement on him.

    an Israeli Yid

  39. No loss. Let him be shipped to Iran and buried there. They’ll make a nice matzeiva for him,

    He should not be buried in a Jewish cemetery, his family should buy a piece of land somewhere and bury him there. No beis chaim should accept him or any of his hateful followers.

  40. He was a rodef, period. Full stop. Whether he was a tinok shnishbah or a simple rasha is unknown. Either way, it’s wrong to give followers of a lethal ideology like NK any validation, alive or in death. The only ones who stick up for NK-niks are those who agree with them or don’t see the historical damage that they cause to the safety of other Jews.

  41. The Vodeslover Rabbi Zt”l (long time key note speaker at the Anti Zionst Demonstrations in the U.S) once said those that preach you must love every Jew no matter what, but are the first to spew hate at anti Zionist Jews they have “Ahvas Poshei Yisroel and Sinas Ovdi Hashem”

  42. to all the commenteres be careful what r writing because when the time will come and its going to be your chance to stand before the bes din shel mallah it will be taken out your own psak and you will be mishput accodingly therfore be careful what you are writing

  43. Have the atheists at the helm of the Yidiaha Medinah in mind by Vlamalshinim. Rhat doesnt cross ur mind? U didnt need to agree w him but why the selected outrage? What did he do to any Yid that he deserves this? You disagree w him? Fine! I did too many times but dont cross the last barrier that a jew must hold.
    Kp the atheists around the world in ur Valamshinim or better yet dont daven. Reaerve the cursing for those who desecrate G da name and that wasnt him.

  44. Lets all re-evaluate.
    Friday was ד׳ אייר, so to all that drew the “interesting notion” that he passed away on
    יום עצמעות, unfortunately the irony is lost on you.
    An interesting phenomenon that might make you jump but is nevertheless some food for thought;
    ד׳ אייר is the Yartzeit of the great and holy רב יעקב ששפורט זצ״ל, that received the title of קדוש אלוקי from the Tzadikim of his דור. While Im not comparing the great Tzadik of all times to anyone, I sure want to remind you all, that Rav Yakov was the ONE AND ONLY person to stand up to שבתי צבי ימ״ש when even the righteous of those times called him with unimaginable insulting titles. He and only he had the fire to be לוחם against the Masiach Sheker when all of Klal Yisrael believed that שבתי צבי is the messenger from above untill the bitter truth revealed itself.
    Even if Rav Yakov Zatzal, was persecuted by the entire Jewish world, he persevered to his last breath.
    While Im not being מדמה anyone to this holy Tzadik, the irony surely fits in. R’ Moshe Ber Beck, whatever he did, (even if u fervently disagreed with him) was from total תמימות and erichkeit. He may have made mistakes down the road by being overzealous due to his fervent beliefs that the Zionist regime is the biggest threat to the existence of Klal Yisrael, which is 100% accurate. While one may argue that he may have acted out of line at times, he did not do this for כבוד as all he got were בזיונות. He always had Hashem’s name and כבוד at heart.
    Lets face the bitter truth; Hashem’s name is desecrated thru the Zionists regime and as long as the Medinah exists we all have to be מוחה. You may choose your way or shush up when you’re all cozying up to the Zionists spiritual killings of generations.
    May his Neshama rest in peace.

  45. To Nowayjose: Israel publicly spits on Hashem and his Torah, do you care?
    To Curiosity: I’m trying to look up your Bais Din – it’s not in any phone book. Do you have Semichah and from whom?
    From the traits of Rabbi Beck’s enemies (Amay Haaretz, Sonay Yirray Shomayim, Ohavay Reshaim, Balay Loshon Horah), we can see who he was. Basically the opposite of them.