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Belarus President Attacks Jews

Alexander_Lukashenko.jpg“This is a Jewish city, and the Jews are not concerned for the place they live in. They have turned Bobruisk into a pigsty. Look at Israel – I was there,” the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said during a live broadcast on state radio in his country.

On Thursday, he was severely rebuked by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

Last Friday, Lukashenko held a special press conference broadcast on state radio. The president of Belarus made blatant anti-Semitic comments and attacked the State of Israel.

“The role of leaders is to fight anti-Semitism, which is raising its ugly head in various parts of the world, not encourage it. The anti-Semitism reflects first and foremost on the society in which it appears and on its leaders,” the foreign minister said.

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  1. let’s learn to think for ourselves, let’s not just start calling him names before we even had a chance to think, i am not defending him but maybe he has a point

  2. Big shock…the president of a former Soviet Union state attacking Jews….sorry to say I think most if not all non Jews there if not everywhere are anti-semitic….no surprises here…in this case he may be pandering to an element in his country that will help him stay in office.

  3. “A Slav calls others slobs? I don’t know what the streets of Minsk look like, but when one sees the Slavic migrants here, visiting or otherwise, one wonders how could anyone have survived in their home country with the lack of basic hygiene they exhibit yet here. Did I say when one SEES? I am sorry, you can sense a Slav in total darkness by his ethanol evaporate and onion enhanced sweat.”

    Are you serious? Is that for real? You take offence that someone made a disparaging remark about Jewish hygiene, and you respond by saying worse about his nation? Do you not get how wrong that is? And why was this comment complimented?

    If you want to be upset and offended, be upset. If you want to own up to some of it (I’ve heard of cleaning staff at shuls making similar comments after kiddush), do that. But that comment was just inappropriate. Seriously, think a little before you write.

  4. Sigh…

    People who think there are no lines that should ever be drawn, and everything can be defended in the name of “lighten up”, sadden me. (I think chazal term it being a “letz”.)

    There are ways to be funny, and ways not to. Doing to someone else the same thing you’re claiming to take serious offence is, I think, sad and ironic, but not funny. Has nothing to do with having a sense of humor–has to do with a sense of decency.

  5. Even if it were true, announcing it to the world as a problem with jews is anti semitic. He wouldn’t do it to any other race or ethnic group. It saddens me that peoples first reaction is to defend him and not their brethren while telling us not to jump to conclusions in our own defense. Dan lekaf Zechus applies to yidden before goyim.

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