Three Injured In ATV Accident In Monticello; Child Airlifted To Trauma Center


Three people were injured in an ATV accident in Monticello on Motzei Shabbos Nachamu.

Catskills Hatzolah was on the scene at around 1:30AM at Waverley Gardens located on Waverly Avenue. A total of three people were on an ATV when it overturned.

A 12 year old child was unconscious with a head injury in the incident, and Paramedics decided to have him flown to a Trauma Center. The victim was taken by ground to Catskill Regional Medical Center where a medevac was awaiting their arrival to airlift the child.

The two other victims were transported by ground to other hospitals.

No further information was immediately available.

(Chaim Shapiro – NYC)


  1. I wonder if these kids ever took a class on the safe operation of an ATV, were wearing helmets? People seem to think that driving an ATV is intuitive, it is not. There are numerous benefits to owning an ATV if you live rurally and have some property. I’ve never really considered them recreational vehicles, although many do.

  2. iacisrmma simply because the father was driving doesn’t mean that he knew the rudiments of ATV safety, no less had experience operating one in the dark. I question whether this vehicle was equipped to accommodate more than one person (most are not). An ATV is not a plug and play game. Riding them even with training takes skill and presence. I’ve owned ATVs when I lived rurally, they weren’t toys used for taking kids on midnight rides.

  3. I’d like to add a point of information. The most common ATVs are 3 wheeled trikes suitable for a single person. Individuals operating these vehicles need to understand how to shift their weight when navigating bumps, turns and other obstacles (much like riding a motor cycle). Passengers on single occupant ATVs can inhibit the movement necessary for balancing on turns etc. There are no grips on a single passenger ATV for passengers to hold onto. An unexpected bump hit at 15 mph can eject the most experienced driver. There are larger ATVs with four wheels called quads. The average quad is designed for two people although some are built to accommodate 4. ATVs have minor operating lights and in some instances daylight LEDs can be retrofitted. Riding an ATV in the dark over unknown roads is not the best of ideas. It’s very sad that this accident occurred, but I’m guessing with a bit of training and supervision this was a preventable accident.