IRAN DEAL REVENGE: Frum Woman Hopes To Defeat Jerry Nadler For Congress In NYC


Jerry Nadler, the only Jewish Democrat from New York that voted for the Iran deal, is finding some resistance from an Orthodox Jewish woman running on the Republican ticket in New York’s 10th congressional district.

Naomi Levin is her name, and she is running for the 10th district seat, which covers the west side of Manhattan and part of Brooklyn, and is one of the most heavily Jewish congressional districts in the country.

Levin is considered a long shot in the heavily Democratic district, but hopes to provide a real alternative to constituents and to rally like-minded candidates nationwide against Democrats who have turned their backs on Israel and jeopardized U.S. national security in general.

Just recently, many Democrats – many of them Jewish – have taken note of Naomi and some have openly stated that will cross party lines and vote for her.

In one video by Mark Appel, we see him say how he is a progressive democrat and has decided to cross party lines.

The video actually got retweeted close to 7,000 times – with many prominent conservatives taking note. One of those was Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who is one of the most frequent guests on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

Many constituents say they will be voting for Naomi as a revenge against Nadler for throwing Israel and his Jewish constituents under the bus when he voted for the Iran deal.

Regarding Iran, on her website it reads the following: “Iran’s recent drive toward domination has caused much destabilization in the Middle East and threatens our National Security. We cannot allow Iran to become a state sponsor of terrorism with nuclear capability. The Iran deal, championed by Congressman Nadler, was deeply flawed. It released over $100B to the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism, guarantees that Iran will become a threshold nuclear power in no more than 10 or 15 years, and has allowed Iran to proceed with its proliferation away from the eyes of inspectors. It also allows Iran to develop ballistic missiles that could deliver a nuclear warhead to the United States, and likely will set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. We need a plan to impose harsh economic sanctions on Iran. I would advocate for a sanctions timeframe and assess the efficacy. I will work with Congress to make sure we have a sound plan of action for Iran so that this problem can be resolved peacefully while we have the time.”

As the daughter of Soviet-Jewish refugees, Levin says she learned early in life to value the freedoms protected by the United States Constitution. Her parents witnessed firsthand the devastation communism wrought in Russia and came to America in the late 1970s to raise their family in a land of opportunity, far from the oppression they experienced.

Naomi is a millennial and a speaker of 4 languages, including Russian and Hebrew, spoken by many in the district. She received a dual degree in Biology and Computer Science from Boston University, and has been working as a Software Engineer. She lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

She is pro-school choice and strongly believes that many of Trump’s actions and polices are “very positive and very beneficial” to America.

“Jerry represents the far-left side of the district,” Levin said in an interview with The West Side Spirit. “He votes no on each and every single bill the Republican majority would support. He’s against lowering the tax burden, against increasing federal funding for charter school programs, against school choice — and he represents the extreme polarization that has have taken control in Washington.”

Levin insurgency is coming at a time when Nadler is poised to become a crucial player in any Democrat-inflicted post-midterm drama involving the Trump administration.

Should he win re-election and the Democrats retake the House in November, Nadler is expected to chair the Judiciary Committee. Nadler has already pledged to open an investigation into the accusations of assault perjury against newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

While Nadler is interested in grandstanding on the national stage, Levin says her focus is on the people in her district, who care most about rising taxes, crumbling infrastructure and education standards.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. I can’t comment on The Who is running but as Alan Dershowitz always said, the election (sometimes) is about who we vote against and not always who we vote for.
    To that I will say excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get the anti American politicians out!!!

  2. GO NAOMI…… Miracles do happen.

    Nadler is a dangerous “resist, radical” Jew…. Parroted J Street positions, such as pro-Iran deal, no recognition by US of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, refused to attend the celebration, and is pro- Women of the Wall against the status-quo Kotel men-women separation. Betcha a roast duck dinner for 8, that he get$$$$ J Street and probably Soros $$$$$$$..
    Not to mention if Dems win midterms, he gets to be Chair of Judiciary.. An avowed Trump hater… Was the 1st person to rudely interrupt Chair Grassley’s hearing on Kavanaugh , on orders from Shnucky Shoo ….

    OUTTA HERE NADLER… Enough of you..

    Now lets see which askan comes out to support this Shumer/ Maxine/Hillary/ Gillibrand thug..
    Vote and drive all your tantes & shviggers to the polls..
    Wouldn’t that be awesome to get rid of this awful Rep. Nadler

  3. …. Not to mention hakoras hatov to President Trump for all that he’s fighting for us as Americans, and his courageous stand on Jerusalem, PLO and through Nikki Haley, at the anti-Semitic UN.
    Whatta 6 -Cat hurricane this would be…
    They’ll be watching this district and how a sizable frum Jewish community votes…
    Let’s not listen to the askanim with agendas, especially those who want Jerry for you know what…
    I’ll be monitoring the Yiddish papers and pashkevillin to see what’s up with that.. Throw them out too.

  4. We HAVE TO DUMP NADLER! He has aligned himself with the extreme leftists who want to control us all with mob-like antifa control. Nadler has become a socialist! He said that after the elections (he thinks the dems will gain seats, and he will become the leader!) he will IMPEACH the new Justice Brett K, and who knows what other tzures they want to make in America! Hashem Yerachem. EVERYONE needs to vote STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN and show support for President Trump!
    He obstructed the FBI hearing again and again when a Republican made a valid point.

  5. 1. There is no way that she can be worse than Nadler.
    2. From her statements, she is on the right side of the issues, therefore better than Nadler.
    3. I view Nadler as having become the enemy of the community and all of the moral values we would expect of an elected official.

    BE”H, I plan to support this new candidate, and might even participate in some campaigning for her.

  6. I’m not believing my eye. Yes, Nadler has to go but this is so untzniesdig…how low we have sunk…and these comments supporting her actions?! What happened to tznius?!

  7. Philo:

    Why are you paying attention to that? Who told you to look at the pictures and study them? Since when are you the tznius cop to bring that issue into the forefront? I would not be voting for her because of her appearance or attractiveness. No, I would not invite her to sit at my Shabbos table. If she can play a positive and useful role in politics, that’s fine with me. By supporting her actions, it is unfair and dishonest to claim that I support the tznius compromises.

    There are different standards for tznius according to halacha. You are free to subscribe to whichever system fits you. If that means wearing only a tichel and no shaitel, that’s fine. If that means hemlines and sleeves of particular lengths, fine with me. That is bein odom laMakom, and I have no right to trespass into that territory. If her choice of tznius standard is offensive to me, I can only address that when it pertains to connection with her.

    B”H I have no political connections, and prefer to avoid anyone involved in politics.

  8. The little I know, stop with the political correctness! If she lives in Hawaii it’s between her and Hashem. But this is in a heimishe area and she’s approaching heimishe people…

    It is not Nadler who is compromising Hashem’s protection, it is frum women wearing wigs that are growing longer by the minute and shrinking clothing…and nuch dertzi compaigning on the streets…There’s a reason for laws of tznius and that reason is not just between Hashem and her…

  9. Philo:

    No PC for me. My standards happen to be far stricter than what I see in the pictures. So I don’t stare at the photos any more than gawking at someone in the street. I would not entertain conversing with her in a public arena (and not a private one either). However, I will not make her candidacy into a statement about tznius either. What other women do is not relevant to the discussion. You are correct about the growing wig hair and shrinking clothing. I just consider that a completely separate discussion.

  10. Its not obscure, so no one has to gawk or stare to see the obvious untznius.

    My vote is only reserved for making a Kiddush Hashem, and that excludes voting for immoral politicians, Jewish or not, and that also excludes voting people into office that creates a chillul Hashem. Immodest frum women is a big chillul Hashem and placing them in public eye sends a wrong message to the women, and especially girls, in our community and also sends a distorted view to the general public of what a Jewish woman is all about.