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WATCH: Self-Hating Jewish Socialist Bernie Sanders Uses Holocaust Victims For His Campaign Ad

Watch the newly-released campaign video [SEE BELOW] from 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, in which the suddenly proud Jew tells Muslims “Love Will Conquer Hate”.

Keep in mind, this is the same Bernie Sanders who just weeks ago refused to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar’s numerous anti-Semitic remarks, and instead came to her defense.

This is the same Bernie Sanders, who in May 2018, after Hamas admitted PAYING terrorists to attack Israel said “Israel should be condemned – innocent people are being killed”.

The self-appointed defender of the innocent then chose to remain silent days later, as thousands of innocent Israelis were targeted by more than 100 rockets fired by Hamas terrorists from Gaza. As reported on YWN, one of the rockets landed in front of a kindergarten, just minutes before the children were due to arrive. Several rockets landed in people’s front yards, just feet from a catastrophe R”L.

This is the same Bernie Sanders who made virtually no mention of his Jewish heritage in the 2016 election. It even prompted the following NY Times headlineBernie Sanders Is Jewish, But He Doesn’t Like to Talk About It

When Sanders thanked supporters for his landslide victory in the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic primary, he wistfully reminisced about his upbringing as “the son of a Polish immigrant who came to this country speaking no English and having no money.”

No mention of his “Jewish” father.

Two days later, in a debate with Hillary Clinton, Mr. Sanders referred to the historic candidacy of “somebody with my background” without overtly saying he was Jewish.

As the Times noted: “He seems more comfortable speaking about Pope Francis, whose views on income inequality he admires, than about his own religious beliefs.”

Rabbi Michael Paley, who worked with Jews in central Vermont when he was a Dartmouth College chaplain, recalled once talking with Mr. Sanders about “non-Jewish Jews,” a term coined by a leftist biographer, Isaac Deutscher, to describe those who express Jewish values through their “solidarity with the persecuted.” Mr. Sanders seemed to acknowledge that the term described him, Rabbi Paley said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

15 Responses

  1. He may be a benighted liberal fool, but he speaks from the heart and that is his strength. Fortunately people are able to see beyond his sincerity and realize his policies are non starters.

  2. ummmm…. who cares if he doesn’t say he’s jewish? Hes not religious nor has any connection to the religion. Why does it shock or matter that he doesn’t mention his religion? I’m more offended when those claim Judaism is their religion and yet do nothing in the religious part.

  3. This and Pelosi’s speech may seem odd, until you remember that they call people “props”. It may seem bizarre until you realize this is normal in academia and politics.

  4. He’s no different than this Shraga Stern in the UK, the anti-Israel chareidi who supposedly had Holocaust survivors sign a letter praising Corbin and proclaiming that he’s no anti-Semite.

  5. Moishe, I can count on you to throw down the ‘self hating Jew’ card to me. But what about the others posting? I guess I’m just special. Have a good day, and a pleasant tomorrow.

  6. Moishe I don’t see Sanders as an ‘enemy’. It’s very simple, not every Jew thinks the way you do. But please continue your insults, they mean little to me.

  7. Amil Zola, of course you don’t see Sanders as an ‘enemy’. Bolsheviks thing alike. Both of you defame Israel and fellow Jews and whitewash Muslim terrorists (Sanders sides with HAMAS in 2014 Gaza war).. You probably will not see anything wrong with hellenist Jewish traitors that sided with our enemies throughout history and others like Leon Trotsky and members of Evsekzia in Bolshevik Russia. You prove my point.

  8. Moishe, I don’t appreciate your lying about me but there is nothing I can do about it. You’ll find it impossible to find a post where I defamed Israel. That’s ok, we’re just anonymous posters on the internet. You really do presume that your dishonesty about my personal beliefs (of which you know zero) impact my real world. But keep it up, I’m sure it makes you feel like a big man. Have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow.

  9. Amil Zola , one of your previous posts where you accuse Israeli Jews of stealing $300 billion from American poor is worthy to be posted on “The Daily Stormer”.
    “Rep Omar’s initial comments were political. She recognized the influence of PAC money. Nothing new, afterall we just gave Israel $300 Billion while at the same time telling our citizens our nation cannot afford Medicare for All.”, Amil Zola.

  10. Actually Moishe I said that $308 billion was a lot of aid to Israel when you consider the needs of the American people. Lets face it the kids in Flint don’t have potable water, flood survivors are getting the minimal help and Americans struggle to find affordable medical care. Many of our landsmen in towns like Monsey and KY depend on public assistance, I think they should be a priority. (FWIW I’m also opposed of our aid to the Saudi’s and selling Saudi’s nuclear weapons.) I did not use the word steal or theft, I don’t believe of foreign aid as an entitlement to any nation. With our growing deficit I think a billion is sufficient financial support.

    Again please don’t lie or misrepresent my position or words. It shows just how shallow your insults are.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  11. Amil Zola , you are proving my point time and again: Only self hating Marxist Jew would refer to fellow Jews as blood sucking leeches who because of them, poor kids in Flint Michigan force to drink poisonous water (Jews poison water-wells: where did we have heard this before?) and taking “affordable medical care” from ordinary Americans. Karl Marx and authors of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion) would be proud of you. I do not understand why are you wasting time commenting on this frum Jewish website. Better take your hateful comments to “The Daily Stormer”.
    Shame on you!

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