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MUST WATCH: Poway Chabad’s Rabbi Goldstein Recounts Shooting Attack; Argues For Return of Prayer to Public Schools

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night, and recalled the horrific moments of the attack on his Chabad House in Poway, California that left him wounded, murdered congregant Lori Kaye HY”D, 60, and shot and wounded an eight-year-old girl and her uncle.

Rabbi Goldstein called for restoring prayer in public schools with a moment of silence for schoolchildren to connect with G-D.

“Why did they take prayer out of the public schools?” Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein asked Anderson Cooper on Monday during an appearance on CNN.

“When Ronald Reagan was shot, a campaign was launched that public schools should introduce a moment of silence. I’m hoping to get legislation to reintroduce that, that children when they start their day should take a moment of silence to think about themselves and to realize that they are children of God, that they have a soul, that they are created in the image of God, to value life, and to value more of life than just the materialism, that there’s a spiritual dimension to life.”


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. With all due respect to Rabbi Goldstein, allowing prayer in public schools will not be good for the Jews. Our stock may be very high now, in America, but if prayer is allowed in public schools, it will not be long before the public schools will be specifying what prayers are acceptable, or required. And if you think that non-Jewish prayers will not be required, sooner or later, I would like to drink your wine.

  2. I read the manifesto of the shooter. Firstly, he was a devout christian, and references G-D many times. He was also a very thinking an introspective person who felt he was sacrificing himself for a greater cause. Also, words bear similarity to the New Zealand’s shooter’s words and those of the Pittsburg shooter, and he references both if them. White people are under constant attack by the media, leftist organizations, etc. Unfortunately, many of the most despicable and prominent leftists happen to be jewish- George Soros, many cnn anchors and their owner, many other leftist nutjobs in media and entertainement, as well as in big tech and in congress. What are these people supposed to think? They don’t know the difference between Jewish factions. We must protest against jews who are anti-american, or risk even more antisemitism. The pittsburg shooter mentioned HIAS on social media, which is a jewish krganization that helps “refugees”. I just got off the f train in Kensington, Brooklyn, where an older man with a cane pointed his fingers at me in the shape if a gun, tried to block me from getting off the train, and said “we don’t want you in this neighborhood. You’re a $&@# phony”. We also need much more arming and more security, as many shuls in the neighborhood foolishly have none. Lets not invite another holocaust.

  3. huju, the Rabbis is right and you are wrong. It is much better to have a prayer in public schools that the perverted filth they are teaching young students today. You can see the results.

  4. Prayer in school was removed due to “separation of church and state”. It’s going to be an uphill battle to re-introduce it into the public school system, especially in a country that so ideologically so divided. All the more so, being that the atheistic liberals have a strong hold on the public school systems.

  5. Huju, he is calling not for prayer but for a moment of silence, which students can use to reflect on whatever is meaningful to them. Their parents will tell them what to think about. Therefore nobody will be able to dictate any specific prayers.

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