13 MILLION NAZI DOCUMENTS RELEASED: Information of 2.2 Million Holocaust Victims Now Searchable Online


An incredible trove of documents have recently been uploaded to the Internet.

The International Tracing Service in Germany uploaded more than 13 million documents from Nazi concentration camps, including prisoner cards and death notices, to help Holocaust researchers and others investigate the fate of victims.

Established by the Western Allies in the final days of World War II and initially run by the Red Cross, the ITS also announced Tuesday it was changing its name to “Arolsen Archives – International Center on Nazi Persecution.”

The archive in Bad Arolsen says with help from Israel’s Yad Vashem, documents with information on more than 2.2 million people are now available online. Work is still being done to improve searchability.

Archive director Floriane Azoulay says with survivors dying out, “it is so important that the original documents can speak to coming generations.”


Among the archives was found the previous Satmar Rebbe, the Beirach Moshe, Hagaon HaRav Moshe Teitelbaum ZATZAL.


(AP / YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. There is absolutely nothing disrespectful about this post!
    I look at it as “wow he lost his wife and 3 children and he was dehumanized by the nazis and still went on to rebuild his life.
    So what that picture shows him sans beard, he didn’t give up , I gain tremendous חיזוק from him and countless others that forged ahead etc.

  2. Thank you for posting this important news. I immediately logged on and so far found the records of one great uncle, who is still alive and well B”H. I’ll have it sent to him. Chilling, to say the least.

  3. Thanks for posting the information about Satmer Rebbe I could not control my tears I have known this giant closely, what they have done to our greatest, it is a kidush Hashem they are gone, we are still here.
    Your are doing fantastic carry on. עם ישראל חי לעולם אמן.

  4. Whoever thinks its a fantastic job should ask to put his/her grandma instead of my Rabbi amd grandfather. Preferably with her hair uncovered by the nazis YSV.

  5. In reply to Orthodox Jewish Woman, I consider this Photo of the Satmer Rebbe ZATZAL to awake Rachmi Sumiem for Klall Yisruel and bring mushiach as soon as possible due to the suffering of Klall Yisruel and it’s great leaders.
    Please do not take this privilege from us whoever you think you are, I wish my grandparent’s details to be published like this let the world and heaven see and help us.

  6. Posting this picture of the Beirach Moshe is an absolute disgrace and lacking taste. I am disappointed that the author did not have enough decency and common sense to understand that while we all know what many individuals, including many of our ancestors, went through in the holocaust, we do not have a right to post pictures of them in their darkest, most shameful times. The Berach Moshe ZTZ”L had thousands of Chassidim and posting this picture is not only disrespectful to the Rebbe but to his chassidim as well. The author should immediately remove it, apologize and probably go to the Beirach Moshe’s tzion. Very inappropriate.