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Former NYPD Chief To Head NY State Police

A 27-year NYPD veteran will take over the New York State Police once Governor-elect Cuomo takes office.

Chief Joseph D’Amico will be tasked with helping to re-establish the “good reputation of this distinguished force,” Cuomo said in a statement.

D’Amico headed the NYPD’s Real Time Crime Center which helps provide up to date intelligence and research to detectives in the field.  He also helped lead the police department’s operations center as well as detective divisions in Manhattan and Queens.

“The rank and file who are among the nation’s best will have a true leader in Chief D’Amico,” Cuomo said.

In recent years, D’Amico was serving as Chief Investigator under Cuomo in the attorney general’s office.  Police Commissioner Ray Kelly praised the decision to put D’Amico in charge.

“Chief D’Amico’s entire career has been one of absolute integrity, professionalism and a commitment to the safety and security of the people of the city and state of New York,,” Kelly said.

D’Amico will take over the State Police whose reputation was tarnished during the Paterson and Spitzer years.  Questions were raised about Governor Paterson, his aides and members of the state police security detail as to whether they abused their positions to try to silence a woman who filed a domestic violence report against one of Paterson’s aides.  During Spitzer’s years, the Governor was accused of misusing the state police to spy on his rivals including then Senate Majority leader Joe Bruno.

(Source: NBC)

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