Bnei Brak Clamping Down on Store Business Hours


closedThe new Bnei Brak administration is taking an active role in enforcing the law compelling the closure of restaurants, cafes and kiosks by 23:00. The law was passed 11 years ago, but not always enforced in the Torah city.

Mayor Avraham Rubinstein feels this is important. Over recent days city inspectors were be seen making the rounds at curfew time to ensure stores including kiosks, are in compliance. The mayor adds that the closure time on Thursday nights will be extended to midnight to accommodate shopping for Shabbos.

The decision was passed unanimously by the city council 11 years ago after checking the legality of ordinance with legal experts and the Ministry of the Interior. The law compels these stores to remain closed from 23:00-06:00.

Yated Neeman points out the decision is an important one towards eliminating hang out spots for teens in addition to eliminating the noise of the stores operating at the late hour, which disturbs residents.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)