APPLICATION DENIED: Ezras Nashim Will Not Be Given Ambulance License In Boro Park


The NYC Regional EMS Council denied the application of the Ezras Nashim (aka Chasdei Devorah Inc.) Organization to operate their own ambulance within Boro Park and Kensington.

Three weeks ago there was an open forum where Ezras Nashim officially requested their Certificate of Need (CON).

On Tuesday night a vote was held, and the application was denied:

  • 7 voted in favor
  • 12 votes against
  • 5 Abstentions
  • 2 absent

The chairwoman said Ezras Nashim did not have the 14 vote majority to pass it or fail it. Ezras Nashim is likely to appeal this and take this up to Albany for a fight.

[MAILBAG: Thoughts of a Longtime Hatzolah Member On The Ezras Nashim Fiasco]

[TONIGHT: Neighborhood Rabbonim Come out in Solidarity Against “Ezras Nashim” – NYC REMSCO Hearing]

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  1. I think we need an ambulance for trans people. Why just for ladies? Ruchi Frier is insensitive to the LGBTQ community and should be held accountable. The nerve she has.

    What about the gay community? Where is her sensitivity? Why is she only asking for an ambulance for lesbian people? Why not for the gay community?

    And I think FDNY should also have various options available.

    Thanks judge Frier.

    You are one sick puppy.

  2. The way it should be fought on the regulatory level in Albany or wherever is that they should be denied since they discriminate on the basis of sex by refusing to respond to males (men) who need emergency services, as they only respond to one gender for emergencies. It is against the law to discriminate and refuse to answer and respond to calls from male patients.

    I’d like to see the Ezras Noshim women carrying a 300 pound male patient unto their ambulance.

    Another arguments against their application is that they refuse to accept male members to be emergency responders for Ezras Noshim. This second argument should be presented by someone other than Hatzalah.

  3. This is beyond sickening and all comes down to gayva and politics. Think … what would the Ribbono Shel Olam say and how would He vote if he were on the REMAC board? We are all his children and Hashem must be furious in shamayim with this. Just imagine if these efforts were made to stop a shul or yeshiva in town for these political reasons … we would be up in arms — and rightfully so!

    Everyone in the EMS world knows that Hatzalah is an old boys club. Do they do good work? Of course — all EMTs and medics save lives, just like attorneys win trials and rebbeim teach Torah. But the maysim tovim that are inherent in our jobs do not negate our wrongdoing — I don’t have a free pass to shamayim because I work as a paramedic myself.

    I think the fact that Hatzalah hired attorneys and got involved in this chukos akum matter really speaks to their hypocrisy. Additionally, why under any circumstances would a Hatzalah member actively advocate something that would prevent them from seeing a woman without clothing? Sure, it’s mutar and an emergency is an emergency, but if it can be avoided in the first place, that’s always preferable. To me, it smacks of politics and money, its sad klal yisroel has come to this. We need moshiach more than ever.

    And to the brave members of Ezras Nashim – remember that Pirkei Avos teach us “l’fum tzara agra.” Keep fighting the good fight on behalf of bnos yisroel — Hashem is shepping nachas from your valiant work — your reward awaits you

  4. What I heard is that because neither side got the necessary votes the decision will be made by Albany. EN doesn’t need to file an appeal, despite YWN’s efforts to make them look desperate.
    Joseph, when did it become discriminatory to provide obgyn services to only woman? I didn’t know that you supported trans rights.
    As someone who has worked in EMS I can assure you that women can lift/carry as well. Yes, men are stronger, but that doesn’t mean women can’t lift at all.
    I’d like to see anyone make your last argument, it will only backfire on Hatzola who as you know refuses to accept woman.

  5. Unfortunately yeshiva world news
    Became a very biased news website
    They don’t like Ezra’s nashim
    So they put a picture upside down to make fun

  6. Joseph: Another arguments against their application is that they refuse to accept male members to be emergency responders for Ezras Noshim. This second argument should be presented by someone other than Hatzalah.
    As bk613 said: I’d like to see anyone make your last argument, it will only backfire on Hatzola who as you know refuse to accept women.
    Why do the Hatzalah members desire so badly to deliver their neighbor’s babies? That’s one of the prime reasons for Ezras Nashim’s existence. Women are just not so comfortable with their neighbors and friends’ husbands treating them under such personal situations. Why does this call for such a strong backlash by the men of Hatzalah? Live and let live!

  7. BK613: Ezras Noshim has officially proposed to become a full fledged ambulance service for women (only) covering all types of emergencies, not just OBGYN. So they’re proposal to service women only and refuse to respond to medical emergencies of men is discriminatory and against the law.

    Hatzalah, as you well know, responds to emergency calls from both genders; Ezras Noshim has officially proposed to discriminate and refuse service based on gender, a severe violation of many New York State and City laws.

  8. BH. This is the first step. Now the city has to shut down their “first response” which delays the dispatch of an ambulance and a paramedic until one of their inexperienced EMTs “assesses the situation”. At least they should be mandated to notify 911 right away when they receive a call. Mamish retzichah the way they operate as the Hatzulah member wrote.

  9. good now they can go back to making kugel where they belong.

    Could you imagine what chazal would say if they heard of this? Could you imagine women serving as midwives?

    Unheard of, unacceptable

    We are kugel dressers, and if the women tend to child birth (something unheard of in our history, definitely not in the Chumash) who is going to make our kugel?

  10. zeigebentched: The City does not have authority to “shut down their “first response””….
    EN has a CON to operate issued by the State Department of Health.

  11. Joseph, What proof do you have that they would refuse to help a male if called to do so. There website says nothing of the sort. Their primary mission is to help woman who aren’t comfortable with a male provider but that in no way means they would refuse to help a man who asks for help. This is no different than Hatzalahs mission to provide aid to the Jewish community but will help a non-Jew when called upon.
    This is all about money and control and that is shameful.

  12. @zeigebentched “mamish retzicha” seriously???? This is CHILDBIRTH we’re talking about, not a heart attack. And as for the competency of their EMTs, they are getting the same training as Hatzolah. Bash their EMTs and you’re bashing Hatzolah’s EMTs.

    So far I haven’t heard any argument against Ezras Nashim that doesn’t amount to incoherent, whiny male sputtering about “incompetent” EMTs (who in truth are much more competent at, well, BIRTH than their male counterparts) as they ferociously fight for their right to see women in the most vulnerable moments in their lives.

  13. @zaltzvasser Please go on their website before you make such comments. They claim they are good for ALL calls including, you guessed it, heart attacks. They’ve been around for less time and have less calls so yes, they might have same training but they’re less experienced than Hatzulah.

  14. I really don’t understand this whole parsha.
    Why can’t we make this work with a little Achdus?
    Every yiddishe person understands that when a woman is in labor at home she is experiencing a major trauma and her feelings at that moment is an emergency situation.
    She is in no control how to save her life and the baby. She is in an emergency situation.
    So what will happen if she calls Hatzala and Hatzala will dispatch Ezras nushim.
    Now Hatzala is probably gonna be there first but the patient will make the decision to wait for Mrs. EN and once EN delivers the baby and mother and baby are safe for transport to hospital Hatzala takes over with the transport.
    Now is Ezras nushim can’t arrive on time the Mother should make the decision to wait or let Hatzala take the call.
    I believe if both organizations want the best for the mother this proposal should work 100%.

  15. I wasn’t at the hearing when ezras nushim was seeking a license to operate an ambulance service so I really don’t know both sides of the argument so I don’t have an opinion on either side but I am sure the majority who voted against EN under stand the situation and I just hope that Albany will listen to their appeal and rule by seeking the picture in a most true way non political .

  16. If Ezras Noshim will be accepting and responding to “emergency” calls from men, I know some guys who will be making good use of their services to get a female squad responding to their stubbed toe nails, that will be described as an acute emergency to get the girls to come over.

  17. In great neck we have a great volunteer Ambulaunce service for over 100 years. Hatzalah came into the community recently with an ambulance and volunteers to service and already serviced community. You had no concerns and creating confusion and people making mistakes calling the wrong number. You wanted to service the more religious residents in great neck.
    It’s super hypocritical that you fought against and hired lawyers not to allow Ezras Nashim to do the same in boro park. I was at the vote tonight and was furious on what hatzalah present in opposition. You said they have no claim for religious reasons. You claimed you are better and faster. Vigiliant has been the local service in great neck for 100 years. And provides bls and als to the community. Why did you find it necessary to come to great neck at all. Yet you fought orthodox woman who are trying to help orthodox woman in time of emergency need. To defend and protect their privacy as orthodox woman. Why does hatzalah israel allow woman onto their team. Yet you won’t allow woman to join hatzalah in boro park. And you bully them out by lawyering up. Why? What are you afraid of.
    What ever argument you will make.i will make the same argument against you for being in my community of great neck. Plain and simple you are playing a double standard.
    You should all be ashamed of your selves. Huge chilull hashem jews against Jews who are just trying to save lives.

  18. Why all the fuss? Am I missing something? In Eretz Yisrael, Ezras Nashim operates with the support of Gedolei Yisrael. Why is there such an issue in Boro Park? What is the difference between Bnei Brak and Brooklyn?

  19. This is feminism rearing its ugly head again! Women should not be in the forefront. By all means, man the switchboard, and any other job that is not ostentatious. כל כבודה בת מלך פנימה!
    Have our gedolim been consulted?
    I’d love to know.

  20. Zaltz et al….
    It’s only “childbirth ” Ob-gyn issues.
    OK so you admit that if it becomes a true case of פיקוח נפש where you will possibly need speedy transport, …. Males may be the better route.
    So here is the question,
    May a woman in labor call e.n. on shabbos?
    If it’s not פ. נ. Why is she calling anyone
    And if it is she should be calling hatzolah.
    As it is the s.a. clearly states that in cases where you need to be מחלל שבת for פיקוח נפש you should do it “only with “גדולי ישראל ” and not with women children or non Jews.
    Sure there were midwives in the times of חזל, מצרים…… And yes you can call them on shabbos but that is in a standard case where it is not yet פ. נ. Rather it’s childbirth which is a dangerous situation which can lead to פ. נ. But I’m our day and age the equivalent of that is when she is ready to go to the hospital. In which case you should not be calling, neither hatzolah nor e.n.
    You should be calling a taxi. ( “uber בלע”ז)

  21. Silly question: Normally when you call for emergency services, you are asked about the emergency. If it’s someone giving birth, why can’t Hatzalah called in Ezras Nashim to take care of it? Why not work together? (I’m asking this seriously)

  22. Don’t give money to Hatzalah – they spend it on attorneys to prevent people from doing chessed. If we don’t support them, eventually they’ll shut down and we can get normal organizations in our community.

  23. As per quote from EN their response time is 8 min.Hatzolah can get a patient from farthest point of boro park to MMC in about that time..thats the diff bet bnai brak and brooklyn.thats the diff bet new square and brooklyn.And thats why in brooklyn its just feminism rearing its ugly head.In the beg maybe she thought they can work tog but when Hatzolahs rabbonim decided rather not have men and woman work together in PLANNED situation,as constant partners then it was time for EN to fold up their grandoise plans.Instead they keep fighting…Trying to get ambulance rights while proving to the board and Albany what hatzolahs missing is another reason to back down….

  24. Besides as hatzolah members wife let me tell u most members wouldnt respond to their neighbor for such a call.they would let the guy from around the corner be first(still much faster than EN).then if necc they can come asist for the baby.

  25. So upsetting that ywn is making a joke by putting photo upside down as if it was purim. Very childdish! Now that the request will be going to Albany, Ezras Nashim may have a chance of winning being that they will not have bias voting members. Hatzlacha!

    Hatzalah you will be alright, lighten up! Your the best!

  26. @Joseph “female emergencies” likely refer to emergencies that only biological females can experience.
    I think EN’s saying that they would take all calls is not such a threat. People aren’t stupid. They know Hatzalah is bigger and faster. Honestly, @rebyossel is right. If they worked together, women in our community could be spared the shame of knowing that their neighbor has seen them in their most vulnerable moment, and men could be spared the experience (whether they looked forward to it or not) of those moments and the inevitable remembrance of the details every time they run into a woman they treated on the street.

  27. And for heaven’s sake, YWN, turn the picture right side up. It’s childish and disrespectful to a wonderful askanis who is a pillar of her community.