HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: Hesped At Sheloshim In Name Of Father Who Killed Son


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The sheloshim of the 14-year-old boy who was killed by his father during a psychotic fit took place on Sunday and for the first time words of preida were read in the name of the father.

The boy’s uncle read the words that the father had expressed from the locked psychiatric ward, to the sound of the profuse weeping of the relatives.

“Shauli, my bechor, my beloved, the boy that I was so close to,” the uncle read in the name of the father. “I know that today you know better than me and I’m sure that you understand better than what I understand…I know you’re now in a high place.”

“I can’t forget the beautiful moments we had together when we would go out together for tefillos, birchas Shachar b’chavrusah, your hasmada in Torah, how much you wanted to give nachas to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.”

“You surely understand the reason why Hakadosh Baruch Hu took away my da’as, and caused a ‘hester panim’ – that despite the fact that I cried out to so many people, who noticed that something was going on with me, but at the same time they didn’t really see, and there was hester panim.”

“But Shauli, it’s like Hakadosh Baruch Hu said: ‘Quiet, so I have decided.’ Shauli, I’m far from you, I’m not next to the kever and I wasn’t zocheh to accompany you at the levaya. But maybe from Shamayim, you and I will be zocheh to go hand in hand with Moshiach, bimheira b’yameinu, and then we’ll understand much more.”

“Shauli, I mamash apologize to you, if during your life, I acted incorrectly with you. I request that you plead before the Borei Olam for the family, for Ima, for your sisters and brothers. They send me letters telling me that they hope I’ll get better and we’ll resume being a happy family like we used to be.”

“Shauli, tell Hakadosh Baruch Hu that despite all the hester panim we find ourselves in, we still love Him and we know everything is for the best.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. words of preida were read in the name of the father. A בזיון like his not going to trial is a בזיון just like this french supreme court letting Halimi’s murderer off the hook is a בזיון

  2. The4 big question is what is going to happen to the charlatan who gave him the drugs that caused him to hallucinate, the charlatan masquerading as a health professional. it is time to stop this attitude of not qualified people in any field claiming they know more than professionals.

  3. MASKIM! YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME FILTER, what to post and what not . not only this specific , but in general.
    not all the news have to get posted on a Jewish website , especially if you call yourself “YESHIVA” world
    Thanks so much

  4. Sick sick sick that someone should even agree to read these cold empty words. Took away my daas and caused a Hester panim? If during your life I acted incorrectly? Is there not one ounce of remorse or anguish?

  5. I agree that there should be a filter, but for all of you saying that he deserves to be treated like scum I ask why do you judge without all of the facts? Post questions, but to say that he has no remorse by when he’s seemingly trying makes no sense to me.