Chareidi Man Severely Beaten In East Jerusalem, Car Set On Fire

Yichya Jardi was badly beaten by an Arab mob.

On the background of numerous Arab attacks on Jews in recent days and a night of clashes between Arabs, Jews and police officers on Thursday night, a Chareidi man accidentally drove into the Wadi Jouz neighborhood in east Jerusalem.

Yichya Jardi, a father of nine who moved to Israel from Yemen 17 years ago and settled in Beit Shemesh, drove children to Jerusalem on Thursday as part of his job as a minibus driver. He was unaware of the riots of the past few days and the delicate security situation in the capital and decided to drive to the Kosel for Maariv.

Arabs began throwing rocks at his car and he tried to escape by foot but a large group of Arabs immediately surrounded him, violently punching and kicking him on every part of his body. His car was set on fire and burned.

Israel Police evacuated him to Hadassah Har HaTzofim Hospital. On Friday, he spoke to Israeli media outlets. “I got stuck in a traffic jam and they began to throw rocks at my car window,” Jardi, 46, told Kan News. “They beat me, they wanted to kill me. I thought I would never go home, I would die. They beat my entire body. I couldn’t breathe.”

The police are searching for the suspects.

Arab rioters also set a bus stop and garbage dumpster on fire.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Common sense says:
    Do not drive your car within 2 kilometers of that jungle. Because maybe maybe maybe you will get too close and make a mistake. Take a taxi and keep in mind that before 9 PM it is Taariff 1, inexpensive. Actually it is good to know that on Motzei Shabbos it is Taariff #3 very expensive.
    Take a taxi it is worth it, the arabs are trying to seriously injure us. Every day another story. TAKE A TAXI OR WALK WITH A FRIEND.
    Wake up we are in the middle of a war of attrition.

  2. Every arab savage who attacked Yichya Jardi and /or set his car on fire, must immediately be set on fire, and burned alive:- Anything less than this, is total lack of justice.