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Roshei Kollelim Summoned to Education Ministry

rav sorotzkin and rav shteinmanFour heads of kollelim have been summoned to appear in the Ministry of Education to explain reports that avreichim were ousted due to their political affiliation. They were summoned amid reports that bnei torah who voted for the Degel split off faction in the municipal elections were ousted from kollel if they refused to sign a declaration of loyalty and beg for forgiveness for their treasonous act.

Education Minister Shai Piron announced he will tolerate such behavior and any kollel acting in this fashion will lose its state funding. He feels that discrimination based on political affiliation is intolerable.

Ministry official Amos Zeida is dealing with the matter and he says it appears some of the kollelim have broken the law by their actions, which the ministry views being anti-democratic. The ministry has instructed these kollelim to back down from their demands of pay the price, the loss of state funding. Zeida stated “They have crossed all red lines and we are compelled to intervene.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. and which tzaddikim of avreichim went to the minister of education. Why don’t they simply change Kollel. Guarantee this are not the best learners

  2. I think the names of these Kollelim should be publicized so everyone who wants to donate should know that the money is used to advance personal opinions on others.

  3. All of those that were sent out of the kolel were disturbing the others in the kolel for the past 2 months, always talking about elections. They don’t belong in a kolel.

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