Terror In J-m: Woman Stabbed In Front Of Her Children Next To Kever Shimon HaTzaddik

United Hatzalah

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A 26-year-old woman was stabbed and seriously injured next to Kever Shimon HaTzaddik in Jerusalem at about 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning as she was taking her children to school while pushing her baby in a stroller.

The female terrorist fled the scene.

Paramedics administered emergency medical aid at the scene and evacuated the woman to Hadassah Har HaTzofim Hospital. B’Chasdei Hashem, doctors at the hospital designated her condition as lightly injured.

MDA deputy spokesperson Nadav Meltzner said that “there was a huge commotion at the scene when the team arrived and the injured woman was in a state of great distress as the knife was still lodged inside the wound.”

The knife was one foot long and the woman was evacuated to the hospital with the knife still lodged inside her back.

The children were Baruch Hashem, unharmed and were supervised by police officers at the scene.

A large number of police forces, aided by a helicopter, began an extensive manhunt immediately after the incident, which was documented on security cameras. A little over an hour after the attack, they located the 14-year-old terrorist in her school, located next to the scene of the incident.

Security officials fear a new wave of terror as the attack comes days after a security guard was seriously injured in a ramming attack and less than a week after a man was stabbed by Sha’ar Shechem.

In the video below, the terrorist can be seen with a school knapsack on her back next to the woman and children seconds before the attack.

Police spokesperson
Image of the terrorist caught on security cameras. (Police spokesperson)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


    Hakadosh Baruch Hu is sending these to us for a REASON

    Chasdei Hashem, she will be okay, but let this be the LAST wake-up call, let this awaken us to do teshuva and bring Moshiach!

    BTW- 15 is YOUNG….

  2. It’s a heads I win, tails you lose situation. We’ll never defeat barbaric murderers by using civilized tactics. But if we meet them at their level, we’ve already lost.

  3. In NY the decrepit wretched terrorist would be home already – BAIL REFORM. In Israel, because she’s arab and her act of terror was against a Jew, give her a couple of days and she’ll be free.