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NYC Mayor Calls Terrorist Kidnapping Of Yeshiva Boys ‘Missing Israeli Teenagers’


Around two hours ago, the mayor of the city with the largest Jewish population outside of Israel tweeted about the kidnapping of three Yeshiva boys by Hamas terrorists.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio failed to mention that the boys were kidnapped by terrorists, and instead called them “missing” . This is despite the fact that Secretary of State John Kerry called it a kidnapping in a terrorist act carried out by Hamas.

His tweet @BilldeBlasio reads “My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the three missing Israeli teenagers. May they come home safely—and soon”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

9 Responses

  1. YWN, I think that now you are simply nit-picking.

    The Mayor knows that we know that he knows this is a kidnapping.

    (Kidnapped people are, in fact, “missing”…)

  2. As long as you’re keeping yourself busy analysing everyone’s twitter accounts.
    If there is no news, make peace with the fact.

  3. please would everyone stop picking on our great mayor I worked very closely with him almost on a daily basis when he was our city councilman in Boro Park the Jewish community at large never had a better loyal friend then Mayor Bill DeBlasio so please lets stop picking on every word he said

  4. How about bringing out the point that he didn’t call them settlers?! thats what I saw when I read the post and I thought that the article is positive. (you dont have to publish this, personal message (:

  5. To Rabbi Freilich – you have to be joking! He is a disaster & I am only grateful I did not vote for him before I made aliyah. Which is what you should do if you have any sense. The USA is no longer good for the Jews & it’s getting worse. Every day I read of more overt antisemitism – wake up & smell the dungheap. And currently, Obama & deBlasio are sitting nicely on the top. Watch closely – your buddy will turn on Yidden in a nanosecond. Get your passports in order.

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