President Peres Full of Praise for PA Chairman Abbas


President Shimon Peres opened the Jewish Media Summit in Jerusalem on Sunday, 24 Sivan 5774. The president was asked about the comments by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). He said, “Abbas is the best partner that Israel has and the best we have had. I’ve known him for twenty years and he’s a man of his words and of courage. What he did in Saudi Arabia, he was clear on peace and clear in his opposition to terror, he expressed an understanding of our problems. It is not a simple position to take and I don’t know of anybody else who would do it. We shouldn’t miss an opportunity to make peace with him.”

During the event President Peres also addressed the terrorist kidnappers of the three yeshiva students, adding, “They are criminals who have no respect for the law and no respect for human life. The kidnapping was a terrible event and we continue to do everything we can to bring them back.”

And when asked to comment on his recent visit with Pope Francis Mr. Peres added, “Pope Francis is the best pope the Jewish people have had for 2000 years. He has returned the Vatican to values. Among the anti-Semitism that we see in Europe he invited Jews and Muslims to the Vatican, he brought us together in a spirit of brotherhood.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Regarding the comments about Abbas, I would have said that Peres is in the throes of severe dementia. The only thing is, he has been saying things like this forever.

  2. Peres is right. It took guts for Abbas to do what he did. He also instructed PA security services to aid in the search for the boys.

    Netanyahu is playing with fire when he uses the kidnapping as a way to crack down on security in the West Bank. These mass arrests which are not all related to the kidnappings can trigger a third intifada r”l.