Israel-Hamas Truce Holding For Second Day


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idftA temporary Israel-Hamas truce was hold holding for a second day Tuesday as marathon, indirect negotiations on a lasting cease-fire and a long-term solution for Gaza were set to resume in Cairo.

A similar, three-day truce collapsed on Friday when terrorists resumed rocket fire on Israel after the sides were unable to make any headway in the Egypt-hosted talks. Hamas is seeking an end to an Israeli-Egyptian border blockade of the Gaza Strip while Israel wants Hamas to disarm.

The Israeli military said no incidents between the two sides were registered overnight – neither Hamas rocket fire at Israel nor Israeli strikes in Gaza.



  1. I have a feeling that this ceasefire will simply concede even more to hamas, more international dollars will pour in, stupidity with the un and the hague will resume, and 65 soldiers will have died in vain.
    Oh and hamas gets to choose when to start the next war – of course, with even more capabilities.
    You dont negotiate with a cancer like hamas – if you leave it, it will metastasize into a modern day army and then how many soldiers do we have to lose till the next ceasefire cv”s ?!

  2. While Hamas has a strong reason to break the ceasefire (since there only raison d’etre is to fight Israel, peace would render them irrelevant), Hamas’s main supporters are Turkey, Egypt and the oil-rich countries of the Gulf — and those countries are much more concerned about Islamic State than they are about Israel. Similarly, Israel’s “friends” are more concerned about Islamic State than they are about what amount to nuisance rockets (the tunnels could be more serious, but Israel appears to have them under control).

    For better or worse, Gaza (and the whole Palestinian-Israeli War) are a sideshow and a distraction from the attempts of Islamic State (what Al Queda evolved into) to take over the region.