Israel’s 34th Government is Sworn In


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knessetPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday evening the eve of 26 Iyar succeeded in presenting his government, which was sworn into office.
• Binyamin Netanyahu: Prime Minister , Minister of Health, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Communications, Minister of Regional Cooperation
• Silvan Shalom: Vice Prime Minister , Minister of Internal Affairs
• Danny Danon: Minister of Science, Technology, & Space
• Ze`ev Binyamin Begin:
• Ze’ev Elkin: Minister of Immigration & Absorption
• Gila Gamliel: Minister for Senior Citizen Affairs
• Yisrael Katz: Minister of Transportation, Minister of Intelligence & Atomic Energy
• Yariv Levin: Minister of Tourism, Minister of Public Security
• Miri Regev: Minister of Culture & Sport
• Yuval Steinitz: Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, & Water
• Moshe Ya`alon: Minister of Defense
• Chaim Katz: Minister of Welfare & Social Services
• Avi Gabbai: Minister of Environmental Protection (Not an MK)
• Ofir Akunis: Minister-without-portfolio
• Ofir Akunis Minister-without-portfolio

• Moshe Kahlon: Minister of Finance
• Yoav Gallant: Minister of Housing

Bayit Yehudi
• Naftali Bennett: Minister of Education, Minister of Jerusalem & Diaspora Affairs
• Uri Ariel: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
• Ayelet Shaked: Minister of Justice

• Aryeh Deri: Minister of the Economy, Minister of Galil & Negev Development
• David Azoulai: Minister of Religious Services

Yahadut Hatorah
• Yaakov Litzman: Deputy Minister of Health

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. A Gov’t ought to greater than the sum of it’s parts.

    Most Importantly,all changes ought to be embedded into solid ground,to stop a later Gov’t from overturning them

    Ariel Sharon proposed to Ben Gurion in 1959
    to significantly shorten of conscription !!

    Possible Plan:

    2017:Draft will be cut to 2.5 years.


    2019: Draft will be cut to 2 years(equal to the women)

    2020: Draft will be cut 17 months (equal to Hesder)